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NOTE: Review of the EdT

Jaïpur Homme is a vanillic oriental creation by Annick Menardo. The first few opening seconds are citric, and one could possibly be forgiven for mistaking it to be Boucheron pour Homme. However, in a matter of a few minutes the citric notes all but subside, much in the style and tradition of many classic Guerlains and a few de Nicolaï's, to reveal a spicy cinnamon accord. The spices become progressively softer as the vanilla note takes centrestage. A vague hint of abstract freshness well into the dry down presents another interesting facet of the composition. The overall olfactory impression is formal and distinguished, with a regal touch. Yet, Jaïpur Homme shuns the majestic, and often intimidating, grandeur of the palaces of Rajasthan. It only pays homage to the royal magnificence with subtle but significant flourishes and nuances that hint at majesty. Rather than indulgent opulence, its discreet sophistication conveys the message that it is possible to accentuate everyday life with a deft touch of regal splendour.

Exhibiting good sillage and admirable tenacity, Jaïpur Homme could be an ideal embellishment to carefully chosen attires for afternoon tea parties and upscale evening socials. The somewhat pedestrian price should not obscure the fact that it possesses an abundance of bourgeois elegance, and effortlessly mixes with the cultured high society.

17th April, 2016
Best no nonsense vanilla fragrance I've tried. While I wish it was a little more challenging, maybe that would take away from it's charm. The sillage it leaves behind is actually a little different than close up. You can smell the citrus and cinnamon a little more.
Great value in terms of scent, projection, longevity, and obviously cost.
09th February, 2016 (last edited: 28th February, 2016)
A True Masterpiece Indeed.

I basically hate sweet fragrances. But this one has such a refined sweet accord that it is hard not to like it. The spices and the florals are so well blended that it becomes a truly captivating scent.

Well i Live in India and have visited the city of Jaipur atleast thrice. when i first tried this fragrance i was surprised at the fact that this smell is somehow remniscent of the city of jaipur. Wow the perfumeur has really managed to capture the fragrance of Jaipur City in a bottle.

Bravo Annick Menardo.
14th January, 2016
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Years ago iI walked into Macy's (then Marshall Fields) and gathered my courage to stand in line and ask this extraordinarily exotic Czech women working behind the perfume to help me find a father's day present for myself.

She had smooth skin, wore oversized clunky bangles, a form fitting black top and a wide flowing black tulip skirt. Her hair was brilliant white cut short and moussed in little peaks the way a young boy might.

Her age was impossible to guess, older than thirty younger than fifty. Who cared? She was sensual beyond belief and for a few moments I got to talk to her.

"Please show me something you like," I asked trying to curry favor with the goddess.

She paused, pursed her perfectly formed lips and put a finger to them in thought. She went off and came back with something I’d never seen before. That was easy since I know so little about cologne.

She came out from behind the counter and drew close enough to violate my personal space. I never complained. Inches from my ear she growled in a low voice with a heavy Czech accent, "Tisss is a maaaaannn's cologne. It is earthy, sensual, exotic."

I was made of stone.

She sprayed some on her porcelain wrist and caressed the air under my schnoz. My knees grew weak. My eyes crossed, the blood roared in my ears. She moved even closer, Her warm breath enveloped me. Her tongue just millimeters from my wicked hopeful ear which of it’s own volition arched even closer to her parted lips. She took my hand and turned it exposing my wrist. Now unless a Chicago skunk gets the drop on me I never let anyone spray me with anything. She sprayed my wrist and brought it up to my nose with her long slender fingers.

Breath tiss she commanded. Do you want it?

More than air. More than life I croaked.

My English is not so good. I am Czech. She said looking demurely down at her ballerina black slippers.

Your accent is devastating I replied.

She sold me the gift set with cologne, lotion and maybe something else. She gave me what I’d like to think was a special smile then turned back to the long line of men waiting for her to give them the “Czech Treatment.”

I floated off. Each time I spray on Jaipur I think of my first encounter with this amazing cologne, Libby the Perfume girl and smile for the memory. It smells great and will make you feel like a million bucks. You’ll feel like a maaaaaaannnnn.

05th December, 2015
A very low cost fragrance with complexity and depth in spades. Initially almost confused, but settles down relatively quickly into a perfectly balanced and infectious vanilla spice vibe.
19th October, 2015
After a two-week wait, I could finally open my sealed brand-new bottle; when I sprayed it on my arm, I said to myself, "This is Opium Pour Homme!" However, a few minutes later, it evolved into something really incredible, and then I thought, "Bottled deliciousness!"

Very little does this oriental elixir resemble Opium Pour Homme, and I'm glad it's so different!--actually, it resembles more Fahrenheit Absolute (or even Cacharel Pour Homme) than it resembles Jacques Cavallier's fragrance. Jaïpur Homme is far nicer, softer, and more versatile. After five minutes of applying, it gives off a strong cinnamon smell combined with a creamy balm composed of cardamom, flowers, and vanilla; it's certainly sweet yet not overpowering. This juice resembles Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male, but Jaïpur Homme is so well blended and balanced that the combination of ingredients conveys harmony, class, and beauty; even though it can suit women well, I don't agree that it's a little bit too feminine. Sillage and longevity on my skin are average, and I think it can be used on a daily basis (even in warmer days), without overapplying.

This is one of my best blind-buys ever. You get great quality stuff for a good price. By the way, the bottle is gorgeous!

Fragrance: 10
Sillage: 7
Longevity: 7
Versatility: 9
Average: 8.25
28th June, 2015
Living in Florida, oriental fragrances have been a challenge for me except for in the coolest months of the year. Even then, I proceed with a degree of caution because the spices often become choking on my skin. Jaipur is the best exception to that rule, as the fragrance is rounded and settles fairly soft after an hour. It still maintains a good scent, but never get as smothering as other fragrances from this scent grouping. I like wearing Jaipur out to dinner and especially if we are dining Asian. Just sets my mood and makes me very happy. Thumbs up.
14th May, 2015
This perfume has the ability to transport me to far and exotic lands.
In my opinion it captures the spices and flavors of Northern India, where the city of Jaipur is located. Although I have never been in there, wearing this makes me wish I was there. Maybe some day, who knows, but in the meanwhile I just have to be content and satisfied with the feeling I get with this beautiful perfume.
Longevity and sillage are very good indeed.
04th April, 2015
I have the EdT and get a light cream and bergamot opening followed by cinnamon and nutmeg, as time goes by I notice the cardamom. After a while I can detect some light floral's within the light talcum powder scent, everything is balanced just right. As I said very nice indeed.

The scent is light and soft and spicy and a little powdery in a light talcum powder way. Now the amazing thing about this fragrance is when it changes from the midnotes to the drydown the scent goes from very nice to totally MAGNIFICENT.

And this is all down to the wonderful captivating vanilla scent that smells quite regal. That change from a soft spicy scent to the amazing vanilla is quite dramatic. And the reason is it almost makes it smell like a different scent, almost.

A big thumbs up from me and I am going to have to get the Edp as well.
20th January, 2015
I will try and find time to write a more detailed review later, but I just want to thanks the Basenotes reviewers who contributed to make me decide to get this great timeless classical fragrance!

I blind bought it recently (EDP) and I am so glad I did! It is already one of my prefered fragrances and I would not be surprised if it becomes my prefered one.

I like its floral accords well blended with earthy, green, incense and woody ones. Maybe its unisex quality and very discrete sweetness contribute to make it so mystical to me? The fragrance reminds me of the incense smells we sometimes encounter in yoga and meditation centers and in New Age little boutiques.

I hope that I will find time later to better review this great classical and mystical fragrance!
31st December, 2014
I own the Eau de Parfum version of Jaipur. It is a classical beauty and deserves to be classified as ELEGANT and MASCULINE. It's Oriental notes are absolutely magnificent. Jaipur lasts a long time on my skin and I love that. I usually wear it for special occasions. I love it that much!
18th November, 2014
A few years ago this was my all time favorite oriental - warm, spicy, amber/vanilla. It even had beaten out Opium as my top ranker.

Then, its chemistry with my skin totally fell apart. Suddenly, all I got was a sharp and bitter aldehydic bergamot blast that was most unpleasant. It's not my nose, because on my spouse, it still smells as wonderful as it used to on me. (I passed the remaining 2/3 of the bottle on to him and it's one of his all time favorites now.)

Odd how that self perception of the scent on my own skin changed, so that I can no longer wear it. This situation bears no relation to my still objective opinion of its superiority in the male oriental family.

The gorgeous bottle is a classic and a keeper.

If you love orientals, you owe it to yourself to at least try this.
09th November, 2014
Another one of those 'much better than it should be' relatively inexpensive fragrances, this is a really rather excellent masculine oriental. The only disappointing thing is that opening notes vanish so quickly that you barely have time to notice them, but then a long-lasting amber-cinnamon-vanilla centre takes over. I'm not a huge vanilla fan and so I prefer how balanced the vanilla is with the spice, unlike many recent niche compositions which can leave one smelling like a teenage girl. Despite the spice the scent isn't too forward and stays pretty close to the skin. The clove basenote takes time to come through and isn't as prominent as in say, Dunhill Edition. This one is a regular for me.
15th September, 2014
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With all the "artistic perfumery" expensive niche scents that I test every week, it's been a while the only surprises that still amaze and wow me regularly come from inexpensive, solid cheapos. Jaipur Homme is another example of this. I wore it quite a lot of times recently to make sure it was really that good as I thought almost instantly after the very first application: it is, indeed. Jaipur Homme is a magnificent, insanely refined scent, which really moves the boundaries of class and sophisticacy. Unique, elegant, addictive. Basically, it's a soft and radiant cloud of Oriental soapiness with sweet vanilla-almond hints, shades of talc, a lively and light bergamot/citrus accord at the very opening, and a beautiful heliotrope breeze providing a breath of nature, pollen, of spring warmth. The soapiness is not the "usual", synthetic soapiness many scents provide; it's true, foamy, opulent and rich soap, cozy and warm as a bath tub in winter time. Clean, rich, dandy, powdery and luscious, with a slight tobacco aftertaste. There's cleanliness and innocence, but view it from another perspective, and it's pure decadent dandiness, deceptively "white" and clean. A refined and relaxed marvel, perhaps too sweet for someone: to me it's one of the most sophisticated male perfumes ever made, which finally moves outside the usual territories of "austere virile masculinity". Boucheron and Annick Menardo did a great job in thinking other new ways to portrait modern masculine elegance – luminous and feminine, but also shady and eccentric. It quickly became my favourite "home fragrance" (which is the highest reward a fragrance can get from me). A must try for niche fans which identify quality with elitism and high prices.

19th August, 2014
ohhhh my my.... what a fragrance it is ... Beautiful Oriental... why ... i mean why i got this gem after discontinuation............Awesome work of a woman who knows what a man wants...............Bravo.
13th July, 2014
Genre: Woody Oriental

This suave, soft-textured oriental has long been one of my favorite designer fragrances. I enjoy the way it flirts with the licorice gourmand vibe of Body Kouros and Lolita Lempicka au Masculin without ever stumbling onto the dessert tray. I also love Annick Menardo’s bold use of heliotrope in Jaïpur Homme. Commandeering this traditionally “feminine” note in a scent for men is clever and quietly subversive, though only in its eau de parfum version does Jaïpur Homme pack enough spicy punch to fully offset the heliotrope’s fluffy texture. Some will find it too sweet, but for me Jaïpur Homme EdP is a gratifying embodiment of olfactory elegance.
18th June, 2014
I ended up with two bottles of Jaipur Home, one EDT and one EDP, gifts from a friend who had grown tired of them. I tried the EDT first. From the first sniff, I assumed it was a 60's fragrance, a complex old-fashioned butterscotchy amber dusted with cinnamon and nutmeg and some aldehydes for sparkle, all mixed in with a traditional old-world fougere - lavender over coumarin with a touch of vanilla and poop. It's an awful lot going on, and some of it clashes (the pie spices with the lavender and aldehydes come off rather metallic and unbalanced).

Then, I saw that this is actually from 1997 and the Le Male influence immediately fell into place. The weird metallic lavender, the mix of vanilla and spermy coumarin, the whole "strange dirty" vibe. Jaipur Homme essentially puts the ideas of Le Male in a historical context, replacing Gaultier's loud sweet grape with amber elements to class it up. That being said, I still think it smells kind of messy and a bit gross.

Hoping that a different concentration would change things for me, I tried the EDP. It balances the topnotes more, giving more of a bergamot/lavender feel, with hints of fennel. It also changed the feel of the scent - while the EDT followed a natural progression, the higher concentration of the EDP brought the basenotes up in the mix, so the whole thing feels richer and fuller. Unfortunately, it also amplified the poop. With my apologies, there's a certain mix of lavender, powder, plasticky musk, and civet that ALWAYS smells like a diaper to me, and that diaper mix overtook everything else in the EDP and rendered it largely unwearable for me.

So, my verdict? EDT: interesting but flawed. Jumbled and kind of gross, though clearly well thought out. EDP: The same, but stronger and taking place next to a stinky baby.
30th April, 2014
Boucheron Jaïpur Homme edp.

Quite the vanilla++ powdery oriental. Heliotrope in spades. Nutmeg, cinnamon, and the other notes support the vanilla rendering it quite a comfort and not a bit annoying, as it so often goes off and does with other vanilla-centric mixes. Jaïpur sits alongside my bottles of Opium pH edp, Envy, Heritage, and Carven Homme to give an idea of what I consider similar scents relative to weight, feel, and/or simply its general vibe. Jaïpur has above average longevity/sillage and can be cloying, so watch it. A couple sprays to the chest does me well unless I'm off to one of dem black tie affairs; then a couple to the neck or other exposed skin works just fine. Like many orientals, this is such a good comfort scent. I enjoy it mostly in the dry, deep winter months and it does a wonderful job of reminding me of my once-a-year jug of Oberweis egg nog... so rich, creamy, smooth, and yet not to be overdone. All serious hobbyists should get a nose on Jaipur. Perfect on a lady as well.

I'm 51, for reference. A few years back, my 50ml bottle cost around $35/oz.

Fin 2/11/14
12th February, 2014

Less girly than 'Eau Premiere' and way less feminine than 'Teint de Neige'. I sold my bottle of 'Eau Premiere' because I caught myself smelling like a chicken. I don't know why, but 'Eau Premiere' reminds me of chickens for some reason. On the other hand 'Teint de Neige' is so simplified that all I really get is loads and loads of powder. I was also in love with Etro's Heliotrope, but got bored of it fairly quickly.

Hence, Jaipur was the answer to my prayers. It meanders between powdery notes, floral notes and spices. I loathe the smell of spices and gourmands all together, so it came to me as a surprise how much I immediately liked it. Cinnamon is very prominent throughout the composition, but it does not bother me at all. As long as it is not vanilla. I like pure vanilla, but paradoxically can't stand it as a base note. Using vanilla as a base is a cheap trick to make the composition last longer. I much prefer the sandalwood or heliotrope as a support column.

I used two bottles of EdP ten years ago, then definitely switched to EdT, then we spent some time apart from each other, but now Jaipur EdT and I are finally reunited. It is without a doubt my favourite masculine fragrance and it looks like it is going to topple my beloved Fracas (W, EdP) from the throne.

I went to work this morning wearing four sprays and I can still smell it all around me, twelve hours later. It's amazingly soft and delicate, yet so persistent and tenacious.

At last I am happy.

Pros: I love everything about it
Cons: Kind of smells like semi raw potatoes"

23rd October, 2013

One of the best Cinnamon perfume

09th October, 2013
Jaipur homme

If I should give you an image for Jaïpur: it would be an Indian barbershop. It opens with lemons then come cinnamon,benzoin, vanilla. The overall smells like a sweet and spicy cream shave. The fragrance is warm, elegant, classy and manish. I don't see teenagers wearing this. I think it suits fine to an elegant and classy man.

29th August, 2013
Every time I saw the word Oriental in a fragrance, didn't get any oriental thing until I smelled this wonderful and exquisite fragrance.
22nd June, 2013 (last edited: 15th September, 2014)
If I know something which can be called a barbershop experience,this is the product ,you should try.Good,stays long but not a bang for the buck.Rather try way cheap Old Spice,almost same.Seems it may also create skin problems,as it aways gives a burning sansation to my skin,whenever I apply.Try before you actually buy .
14th May, 2013
Awesome fragrance. Great spicy vanilla, a little bit powdery but perfectly balanced. Great lasting power and beautiful sillage.
14th May, 2013
I own the edp. This one is a great sweet oriental fragrance, and if you are a little bit interested in perfumers and their works, it is impossible to miss that this is from Menardo in a few sniffs.

Get easy on the trigger since this is quite strong.

25th February, 2013
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United Kingdom
A spicy vanilla. Imagine garam masala added to crème brûlée. Sounds awful? Well it isn't! It avoids smelling like an Indian dessert as it isn't overly sweet. Moreover, it lasts all day and has good sillage. It fair spanks the pimply botty of all those overpriced girly niche vanillas. {Review of EdP}
19th February, 2013
Smells amazing this, have to spray a lot on me to get a cloud around me. Smell your shirt the next day its even better.
26th January, 2013
One of the best oriental entire market! Its output can be very dusty and feminine, but if you give him time, enjoy a glorious drying. That's when I like and when I can not stop smelling it.
22nd December, 2012
Fantastic oriental vanilla based fragrance. Not very complex and quite linear; the initial notes are the whole journey, but thankfully vanilla is the best available at this price point while the longevity of both concentrations is very good. Gives an aura of warmth and opulence. Obvious similarities to the classic Givenchy Pi are there, but the Boucheron is the superior potion.
12th November, 2012
Classic. Classic french oriental. Sweet and elegant, that's a must have for oriental lovers. Suitable for colder days or nights. It remembers YSL Opium but not as spicy.
Great lasting power and projection.
30th October, 2012