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Negative Reviews of Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron

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The opening smells like hospital hallways freshly cleaned. Something very industrial-soapy about this that also puts it into the "old-guy" smell category for me. If a young guy can pull this off, good for him, but it would seem difficult. The drydown isn't half-bad. Sweet, clean and not nearly as abrasive.

This really projects on me and has excellent longevity.
20th January, 2018
I ended up with two bottles of Jaipur Home, one EDT and one EDP, gifts from a friend who had grown tired of them. I tried the EDT first. From the first sniff, I assumed it was a 60's fragrance, a complex old-fashioned butterscotchy amber dusted with cinnamon and nutmeg and some aldehydes for sparkle, all mixed in with a traditional old-world fougere - lavender over coumarin with a touch of vanilla and poop. It's an awful lot going on, and some of it clashes (the pie spices with the lavender and aldehydes come off rather metallic and unbalanced).

Then, I saw that this is actually from 1997 and the Le Male influence immediately fell into place. The weird metallic lavender, the mix of vanilla and spermy coumarin, the whole "strange dirty" vibe. Jaipur Homme essentially puts the ideas of Le Male in a historical context, replacing Gaultier's loud sweet grape with amber elements to class it up. That being said, I still think it smells kind of messy and a bit gross.

Hoping that a different concentration would change things for me, I tried the EDP. It balances the topnotes more, giving more of a bergamot/lavender feel, with hints of fennel. It also changed the feel of the scent - while the EDT followed a natural progression, the higher concentration of the EDP brought the basenotes up in the mix, so the whole thing feels richer and fuller. Unfortunately, it also amplified the poop. With my apologies, there's a certain mix of lavender, powder, plasticky musk, and civet that ALWAYS smells like a diaper to me, and that diaper mix overtook everything else in the EDP and rendered it largely unwearable for me.

So, my verdict? EDT: interesting but flawed. Jumbled and kind of gross, though clearly well thought out. EDP: The same, but stronger and taking place next to a stinky baby.
30th April, 2014
after reformulation, not quite round and rich as before..powdery vanilla and some woods
26th June, 2012 (last edited: 12th August, 2014)
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Ugh. How is this a man's scent? On me it smells powdery and flowery. I was hoping for something with an almond scent somewhere in it, but the powder and flower smell overwhelmed everything else. Smells like the back of an older woman's closet.
28th May, 2011
At first glance, this sweet, exotic powdered scent is befitting royalty... but Jaipur's late stage dry down reveals prominent, raunchy undertones that mimic the fumes emanating from a befouled rug the morning after a swinger's cocktail party.
24th January, 2011 (last edited: 31st January, 2011)
I don't know, why I bought it... It's perfect scent for actor George Hamilton ;)
Too many spices, too powdery and unfortunately it's lasts forever. It's pure Arabian Dream from the past...
I already siold mine and now, I'm really happy...
12th January, 2011
I really hate to say this about the fragrance, but I'm completely underwhelmed with it after a few wearings. It's a liquid baby powder -- the scent dries down into such a light powdery note that still manages to be just obnoxious. This is one I definitely regret buying, since it lacks any masculinity in the top notes and dry-down. That it lasts through the day isn't good either because this is just a scent that, for me, I really wanted to be rid of as quickly as possible. Longevity, therefore is good. Sillage is moderate. But I really don't envy smelling like I just powdered my nose and the obnoxious top of this just doesn't go away enough for me to get past.
29th September, 2010
I tried it too from the suggestion that it was superior then burberry london. This thing doesn't smell anything near as great as burberry london. AVOID. This like a powdery barber's shaving cream. It would suit someone lost in the 1940-1950. Defintely nothing modern about this one. AVOID !!!. Whoever wrote it was better and similar to burberry london should remove their comment.
19th September, 2009
autumn89 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I bought this blind (i know, dim of me) after reading it described as "beautiful". Dont get me wrong, its all down to personal opinion and i totally respect that, but to me this is totally rancid! The strongest cologne i have ever encountered. The first (and only) time i offended a room of seven people to the point where i might as well have called them a bunch of c***s!!

If you like more subtle fragrances, DO NOT buy this... even the smallest amount could give you a really bad head ache.
09th September, 2009
This was just nasty on me, and not "sexy nasty"; it's "Who put the angel food cake down the laundry chute?" nasty. I starts out mild and sweet, a slightly spicy, rather gourmand vanilla; a distant cousin of Habit Rouge, but during the drydown an acrid detergent note takes over entirely.

If the sillage wasn't so weak, this would be a wrist-scrubber...

( I tried this on the suggestion that it's a superior version of Burberry's London. It's nothing alike to my nose. )
25th July, 2009
I sprayed it on my skin and I can't wait for it to go away. Too overbearing, spicy and powdery at the same time. Nothing "modern" about this one.
14th March, 2009
Whom did they have in mind when they created this confection? Boucheron fragrances are very strangely composed. They seem unrefined; too sweet or too sharp. Do not wear this fragrance anywhere around bees, you'd really be asking for it.
22nd September, 2008
To me, this fragrance smells like vagina. I'm not talking about the mysterious lady parts. I'm talking about the ancient vagina flower of the Bahamas. It has the very fragrant aroma of fine diamonds and tonka bean. This is not my kind of scent. I actually prefer the smell of mysterious lady part vaginas to this fragrance.
11th August, 2008
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I loved this at first but then it turned into this ever cloying thing that won't go away. A powdery vanilla, verdant in oriental style perfumery. This gets too much for me.
03rd June, 2008
I saw reference to this on Basenotes several times, and when I saw it sitting there in my friend's bathroom while relieving myself of excess toxins in fluid form, I just had to give it a little geschpritzdt.

Many fragrances which I find unpleasant or offensive, like Dali PH, Joop, Davidoff or Bvlgari Black tend to create sensory experiences which like being in battle or running for one's life, are terrifying, yet at the same time stimulating, interesting and give pause for reflection and thought on what just happened.

Jaipur however, is remarkable in that it is both unpleasant and completely boring.

However, what it does have in common with many unpleasant fragrances it lasts a long time, and is very difficult to wash off.

09th May, 2007
Nacht Show all reviews
Russian Federation
After about a year of tasting and thinking I bought it, especially for it's heliotrope note... But it goes away too fast, leaving a persistent "modern" spice scent, I can't stand... Maybe because of Eau de parfum concentration I got without paid heed to. (It's a taste bottle).
Just a disenchantment.
30th April, 2007
I used to really enjoy Jaipur, but now cannot tolerate it. The heaviness of the Tonka Bean combined with the Helioltrope leaves me gasping for fresh air. Odd how our fragrance preferences change over time. One moment you love it and the next you can't abide it!
21st March, 2007
Stuffy is the perfect word for this cologne. The vanilla is very "clouded" by the Oriental scents in Jaipur, even after the dry down. Poor sillage as a result.
23rd January, 2007
I'm really surprised no one has compared this to Brit yet. I love Brit, but I think Jaipur is a bit more stuffy and cloying. Brit's more subtle, but still does the vanilla/powder thing very nicely. Jaipur is just way too strong, and it never seems to settle down into something likeable.
05th January, 2007
I tried Jaipur the other day, and thought it smelled pretty good. But I tried it again today, and as it dried down, all I could smell was vanilla. If I wanted to smell like pure vanilla, I would try to find "Raw Vanilla" or something much cheaper. Feel free to buy Jaipur is you want an expensive vanilla overdose.
24th September, 2005
Baby powder and licorice. Nasty.
16th May, 2003