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Negative Reviews of Jean Marie Farina by Roger & Gallet

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It's sort of pushing it calling it a unisex frag, is it not?

Initially, for a short while I can see the 4711 comparison or calling it a barbershop "opening".

For me though very soon after spraying on this "perfume water" as the bottle label is titled, it was all roses from there on. I am not talking "all is coming up roses" happy-go-positive type of attitude though.

I mean it comes across to me as a matronly type of rose note. A lot, like that year when I helped plant my neighbors 40 rose bushes in his yard, in-your-face rose scent!

Sorry guys, I pass on this and at time of writing this review, am preparing the bottle for shipment to my parents back home, maybe one of them will like it, probably my mother more so than pops.
17th May, 2010
At first whiff, this stuff completely knocks you back. The good news is that the strength of this fragrance dies down after a few minutes. The bad news is that it smells like your everyday, cheap, unoriginal cologne. The only thing that sets it apart from other colognes is its emphasis on a "lemony" scent, but it just doesn't do the trick. There are worse, but there are also a whole better.
24th November, 2003