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I first discovered Joop! Pour Homme in the early 1990's and I remember being confused as to whether it was for women or men (pink liquid, super sweet, etc). I didn't know the difference between Eau de Toilette or Pour Homme or Parfum. I liked the scent,and two dabs on the neck lasted the entire day. This is one of the most powerful and potent scents you will come across in an EDT concentration. A true 80's and early 90's powerhouse in every sense of the word.

The initial blast is a wonderful blend of vanilla, cherry, amber and tonka bean, which projects extremely well and is quite sexy for a vanilla and cherry based men's fragrance. It is synthetic, and can be somewhat offensive in the first hour as it projects at least ten feet away and is very sweet and syrupy until it settles down.

After the first couple hours, this scent becomes a masterpiece. The amber comes out and balances out the cherry and vanilla notes. It smells very sweet but also very potent and masculine. A base of musk, tonka bean, vanilla, amber carries on throughout the life of this fragrance, and it smells better the longer you wear it.

With a liberal application of about ten sprays to the neck, chest, wrists and shoulders, I usually get a fantastic 15-18+ hours of longevity, with several days and even weeks on clothes and fabrics. After the first ten hours, it calms down but still projects really well, especially in cold weather. Even with a modest six sprays, this will last you easily over 10-12+ hours.

It performs superbly in spring and fall weather, especially outdoors, but is better suited for colder weather as the sweetness can be cloying in high summer heat. Sillage is powerful on this juice. This is a perfect nightclub, night on the town, evening out type of fragrance. And I always get compliments from gorgeous ladies and even guys when I wear this. Women love sweet, gourmand scents and especially amber based fragrances, so Joop! fits perfectly.

All in all, this is a fantastic scent that never fails to get compliments whenever I wear it. This is for a well dressed, clean shaven, muscular, preppy and intelligent man who is confident and comfortable enough to wear a pink polo shirt with club shorts and loafers. Love it or hate it, you either have what it takes to wear this scent or you don't. It is a true classic, and a masterpiece in my opinion. Highly recommended.
20th April, 2018
This fragrance is not for the average nose. That's why there're so many negative reviews about it. It's a very complex fragrance, and you really need to understand about perfumes and have experience in order to truly appreciate it.
First and obviously, you can't spray too much of it, 3 sprays is the maximum. Otherwise it will become overwhelming. Like a poison, where dosing is the key.
Anyway, the drydown is totally killer on this fragrance. Insanely amazing. Shortly after you spray it you don't get the true beauty of it, but after like 3 or 4 hours you get the true amazing effect of this perfume. I have almost 40 fragrances on my personal collection, and I think this must be one of the most sensual fragrances I've ever worn. And it's top 3 on my collection on the sensuality department. I believe only the vintage M7 can rival it on this, among all my personal collection. Xeryus Rouge could try as well, but I believe it would be behind.
The orange blossom is really noticeable on this fragrance, and key on it. It turns into a very deep, warm, sensual and involving smell after the drydown, about 3~4 hours. I keep trying to decipher all of it's notes, this fragrance is that complex. It's a combination of flowers, vanilla, sandalwood, cinnamon that truly is amazing. If you sweat slightly, you will feel the power of it. What is more impressive is that this was made in 1989, a time where the norm was the very manly oak-moss heavy fragrances. It was so much ahead of its time.
Anyway, I am still trying to figure out this fragrance completely, I started wearing it only a few days ago, and had it in my collection for years. Didn't wear it before only because of pre-judgement based on other people's negative opinions. Don't be like me, try this yourself and get your own conclusions, don't bother about what you read on the internet.
Just don't go under the sun with it, I think it's not the best environment for it.
19th January, 2018
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United Kingdom
A very nice and very different smell which cannot be mistaken for anything else ... a real head-turner. I first came across it in 1994 ... It was very strong, lasted for ages, could be smelt from far and received positive remarks.
I bought it a few months ago but either this was a fake or out of date because it was weak and could not smell it after 30 minutes or so... My partner used it up on a daily basis to deodorize the bed cover so we used it all up.
My review is for the original as I remember it
06th January, 2018
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My hubby smells amazing!!! Mmm mmmm!!! Yummy
21st December, 2017
This is quite possibly the most powerful of the powerhouses from the 80's, and it makes perfect sense that it would come right at the very end of that decade, just as aquatics, new-generation "fresh" fougeres, and ozonics were coming into vogue. "Joop!" Took everyone by surprise and shocked as many people who tried it as walked past somebody wearing it, which seems to be the point of the scent; get everyone's attention at all costs. It's very gender-neutral for a masculine scent with it's humongous blast of fruit and flowers, but it has the kind of depth only allowed to mid-century feminines and typical masculine fougères, meaning it could be marketed as either, really. I discovered this stuff pretty much on recommendation of a friend, as it was one of his father's go-to scents, and he swore by anything his father liked (this was how I ended up discovering Drakkar Noir as well). Joop! seemed quite a go-getter with it's loud pink/purple juice and exclamation point on the bottle, and when you "jooped" it onto your skin, there it would stay until next time you washed. The stuff literally does have near-infinite longevity and will need to be laundered from clothes if you apply it there, it's -that strong-. I don't know why they just don't call this stuff Eau de Parfum, but maybe that implies too much femininity, despite masculine parfums appearing not a few years or so later anyway.

The smell of Joop! opens with fruit fruit fruit fruit and spice like somebody is bashing your skull in with a mallet made of Cheerwine bottles and cherry sours dipped in cinnamon sugar. Orange blossom, jasmine, and honeysuckle makes the transition from that intense spicy fruit blast, carrying you into an abyss of florals until the scent finally dries down somewhat into a mire of practically every common fougère base note known to man: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Amber, Tonka bean, Musk, and Vanilla are all there having a fist fight over who gets to catch you as you fall into a pit of olfactory over-stimulation. In the end, nobody catches you, the trust-fall has failed, and you continue to plummet until you're able to shower later on. The heart and base notes last virtually until you scrub them off yourself or your clothes, as mentioned before, and this stuff is so dense that literally 2 sprays is all most people ever need. Depending on the weather, 2 sprays may still be too much and this is most certainly NOT a humid weather or summer day scent. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR IT UNDER THESE CONDITIONS OR EVERYONE WILL HATE YOU. Every experience I've had with other guys wearing this has always been one where I can smell them coming before I see them, so it goes without saying that you need to take great care in harnessing the awesome power of this one. Think of Uncle Ben talking to Peter Parker about great responsibility, and you get my point.

I think it's quite a unique floral take on the "big 80's" masculine style, presaging a lot of future gourmands with it's candied sweetness. It's a tremendous value if you like it, considering it's price and potency, but I have to knock it down a peg a bit in overall rating because I've just been overexposed and burned out from this scent one too many times. I literally still have the original bottle I bought in the 1990's because I can't bring myself to use this after all the bad run-ins with people wearing this. Joop! is the cologne for cologne guys that want to live their stereotype to the fullest, like being called out for their scent du jour, and don't always care if that is a positive or negative call out at that. It's spawned an entire line of related products and flankers thanks to it's success, and it has become a little less ubiquitous post 2010 than it was for the first 20 years, due to the darker and dustier scents returning to vogue (thanks Tom Ford) but I think this kind of sweet and syrupy scent is moving into "classic" or even "niche" territory is a long way off, as it's reputation is nearly that of Eternity for Men which came out the same year, just with less controversy. If you like lots of fruit and flowers, go for this one, but otherwise, give it a wide berth. You've probably already smelled this somewhere and just didn't know what it was if you've worked retail or spend a lot of time in white-collar middle management, that's where Joop! tends to stalk it's prey.

26th October, 2017 (last edited: 28th February, 2018)
I was a teenager when Joop! was released and I'm just now discovering it. After wearing it several times, I'm wondering how I ever missed this one in its prime.
Joop! breaks all the rules. From its outlandish pink bottle to its almost sickly sweet scent. However, this is a rebel that really hits the mark in my book.
Many fragrances blend in, smell very similar to other fragrances, never really stand out as their own. Joop! is different. Joop! is absolutely unmistakable. One of the most unique scents I have ever experienced.
I'm not able to analyze individual notes but there is something about Joop! that has me sniffing my own shirt throughout the day. It intrigues me every time I wear it.
Did I mention that this stuff lasts FOREVER and has great sillage. I can see how this scent can be off-putting when it is over used and over applied. It's brilliant if used with care. Joop! certainly has its share of haters but most of the best ones do. Count me in as a big fan.
05th July, 2017
I admit that I bought it without trying it, based on reviews. On first squirt I was worried! Dryer sheets! I thought it smell like dryer sheets...

But, after the carrier wore off it started with a fruity almost candy floral smell. It moves over to cinnamon and blueberry pie and sits around about 3 hours later smelling like leather and fruit strips.

I like it, and I and wear it out at night in the winter. It's strong, but not overly musky, and doesn't have any hairspray smell. Long lasting.
23rd January, 2017 (last edited: 24th January, 2017)
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United States
I expected to hate it based on what I've read, but I actually found it very interesting and appealing.

It's a divisive fragrance that gets a lot of hate for being a sweet, synthetic, clubbing foghorn - like Le Male in that sense. Well, it is sweetish and strangely synthetic - particularly the opening - but unlike the hair/bug spray accord in Le Male that smells bad to me, the synthetic smell of this smells really good and brings back memories of things the smell good that are not healthy to smell and/or are toxic - plastic wire insulation, new PVC shower curtains, rubber cement, Super Elastic Bubble Plastic (that rubbery goo toy that you ball up and put on a little straw to inflate - dead ringer for this), xylene, ethyl ether, Kool Aid powder. . . Mated with that is a discordant, minty/medicinal note. It's one of those "bad-good" smells that you should, but can't, not smell. To the extent that this is less toxic than the above, it's a guilty but healthier pleasure I guess.

The deep dry down becomes more conventional but remains pleasant and interesting. Lots of vanilla and some patchouli resulting in a burnt caramel accord. Sillage and longevity are very strong.
02nd January, 2017
Soft and pleasant, sweet and powdery fresh. You don't need to spray much of Joop to get great performance. Synthetic, yes, but so is Febreeze and dryer sheets, and people like to smell those, so that's not a deterrent for me. Does share similarities with MB Individuel.
08th November, 2016

a bit synthetic opening but after an hour it has a VERY pleasant smell.
the longevity is crazy good, this is a beast.
the projection is also great.
all in all, this is a top fragrance in my book.
if this was a 100 dollar niche perfume from paris , people would praise it.
now since it's 20 dollar commodity available available at walmart since 1995 gets a bit complicated .. but does it make a difference?
not to me.
24th October, 2016
I give Joop the highest rating that I have ever given any man's cologne. A YouTube reviewer recommended Joop Pour Homme as a clubbing fragrance. One that a guy might wear while going out to play pool. This is my recommendation as well. There is nothing like Joop! I recommend it to everyone who likes to collect cologne.

Thank you,

25th September, 2016
If you feel that this is too strong, you are wearing way too much. You would have not liked the version that was sold in Europe that I first started wearing while more mild it had longer staying power. I could launder clothing and the scent would last in the clothing.
I still get compliments when I wear this fragrance. If you do not bathe in the stuff you will not have the issue of it becoming overwhelming. One or two pumps of the atomizer is all that it takes. I would also suggest spreading that one or two pumps over the skin so that it is not concentrated in just one area, that helps dissipate the fragrance. This is why it is hard to purchase good fragrances that last in the U.S. for some of us because they are so watered down for those that are unable to wear products correctly.
I blame this on a society of waste, if a little is good a lot is better! This fragrance is a good example of this not being the case or at least it should not be the case. If you have a good quality product you should only have to use a little for it to work or last!
26th June, 2016
Like an old friend you haven't seen in a while! This was my first special cologne in college almost 20 years ago after moving up from tommy ck be and boss. After college and moving on to less flamboyant scents it sat in my cologne drawer for almost a decade before being rediscovered.
It goes without saying this isn't an everyday cologne but every once in a while on a special occasion it is a must. 1 spray is always enough. In fact I still have my first large bottle from 1999 and it is 2/3 full. It seems to be even better with age more mellow now on opening but still has drydown. Works best on very cold days and just seems to fit with purple or red shirts. Longevity is the best of anything I have ever used at 15 hrs on skin and days on clothes.
Still my wife's favorite even with much more expensive bottles in the lineup but then again it is kind of a nostalgia thing.
22nd December, 2015 (last edited: 06th January, 2016)
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AHHH yes :) VALENTINES DAY. Please sit back, put on your favorite love songs, and read this review.

well...when I think of the perfect cologne for the perfect night of love, this comes to mind. The love of your life...a nice cold chilly with clear skies, stars, and a nice moon. The woman you've always dreamed of and a nice outfit on. candles in the background with the lights off. the slowest and the perfect collection of classical love songs on.

this is JOOP HOMME. exactly what i explained.the romantic feeling i get when i smell this fragrance and realize its power is amazing.i noticed a lot of thumbs downs. once again, i think its in part due to not seeing that maybe this particular fragrance was made for that SPECIAL moment and that special time and place. much like veraces "the dreamer" is complex and asks only to be worn duing specific and special scenes, this does the same thing. i happen to own both and i pick this over dreamer on valentines day or any romantic night during the winter.

longevity: wow...eternity!! lmao but no it last...more than 15 hours

projections: here's a story instead...when I graduated Marine Combat Training, I had the audacity to wear this to a formation one night, and, to be frank, i only spayed ONE spray and i could smell myself clear as day and people from over 10 feet away could smell me. THIS THING IS A MONSTER.when i compare it to 1 million, Le MALE, A Men, any of my dior fragrances, and many Chanel fragrances...this far succeeds them in projections with only YSL La nuit even putting up a fight (sometimes le male can compete). this thing is awesome.

10/10 i love a fragrance that projects and last as well as has an abundance of vanilla and can be floral at the same time.
06th December, 2015
S(h)ort of cherries...

Have you ever heard "Cherry Bomb" by The Runaways?

"Hey, street boy, want some style?
Your dead end dreams don't make you smile.
I'll give you something to live for.
Have you and grab you until you're sore."

Lita Ford and Joan Jett (long before start sweating in leather pants) along with Cherie(!) Currie were surely some sort of punk seers back in 1976 when the song was released. For their "Cherry Bomb" finally came. And it absolutely delivered!
Joop! was unleashed in 1989 and blew every oakmoss stronghold and vetiver fortress to smithereens.
To the point that half of the next decade will always be the "Cherry Chronicles" for many of us who were around twenty back then.
I can still remember the way that sometimes by entering a cafe you could swear that everyone inside had just finished smoking a pipe the size of a didgeridoo stuffed with cherry tobacco.
But you know what? No cherries were used in building the damn thing's pyramid!
Since internet with its detailed notes pyramids was not around when Joop! entered the scene, imagine my surprise when I found out about the "no cherries" thing many years later.
So where the hell do all these orchards come from? What kind of olfactory sorcery made them thrive? What spell transmuted three brown spices, vanilla, cinnamon and cardamom, into a claret fruit? Were the acidic citruses the catalyst for bringing this chicanery to life? Help!
Let alone that none of its ingredients could justify its hellish hue, which makes it one of the very few fragrances that its colour tempts me to quaff it.
But the most amazing thing about it was it being a very serious joke in all its potential to apply its suffocating sweetness with a sledgehammer. Very few fragrances since then have equaled its epic sillage and longevity and I don't think that any has surpassed them.
Its bottle had always the strange ability to look like it constantly craved a brawl, assuring you that "Joop!" was the sound that its fist would make when landing on your face. Probably inside a pink balloon, all comics-style and stuff. And patching you up afterwards, since it also had a medical degree, being the first graduate of a yet to be founded academy. The one that would create the medicinal genre in the following years.
But who didn't love any variation of the archetypical toxic-pink, cherry flavoured cough syrup as a kid? It was so yummy that many of us ocassionally pretended a sore throat, in order to slake our addiction.
No wait, this sounded wrong somehow. I'm not talking codeine-laden cough syrups here. No, not that kind of addiction. I'm just talking about the sensuous phantasmagoria that pharmaceutical companies had come with, so that kids would drink their stuff without any Ancient Greek Drama antics. Being Greek, I and my compatriot toddlers were always inherently good in such stuff.
I just can't remember if it was the medicine that made me love the smell of cherries or vice versa. But I guess it doesn't matter anymore. Sweet medicines casting sweet memories, rekindled by sweet scents. Joop! in a nutshell...
Thus being addicted to it was an one-way street, and I'll be eternally thankful to these nice people in Germany who thought that the world was getting boring and decided to do something about it.
Ignore the fact that I always loved to hate it and it hated to love me. Sure thing is that neither of us could live without wrangling a bit every once in a while.

I don't know whether something can be categorised under a label that didn't exist when it came out. Thus I don't know if Joop! could qualify as a gourmand. However, what it certainly qualifies for is the title for the one of the loudest entries ever this side of the Big Bang.
30th November, 2015
This is an insanely sensual and sexy scent... when applied correctly. You really have to get the vintage formula to truly enjoy what this beauty is supposed to smell like, unlike the current formula which is a hot synthetic mess. The sticker on the bottom of the flacon should read 'Lancaster Group USA' and have the cornflower emblem embossed above HOMME. Also, this perfume needs to be dabbed onto your pulsepoints, not sprayed, in very minute amounts, like literally a drop to be enjoyed correctly. Even better, and please investigate to the max and go forward with this, there is a concentrated perfume oil, or CPO from Al Haramain named 'Tajibni' that's marketed as for Women but smells unabashedly Masculine and is a Heliotrope, Suede and Leather bomb, in fact the best Leather and Heliotrope scent that I've ever experienced in my life and has a ridiculously amazing Amber accord in its base notes that smells like purple suede and is unnecessarily strong to boot, well, this perfume shares Heliotrope, Vanilla, Patchouli and Cardamom with Joop! Homme and is strikingly similar with it's scent pyramid to Joop's, so guess what? The layering of these 2 is an olfactory masterpiece! Check it out. One of the best perfume combos, ever!
19th November, 2015
I had read about it awhile before finding a decent deal on a small bottle at a big department store and going for it. It definitely lives up to being a flamboyant loud scent that will last through the day or night. I think the name is funny and love the design of the package and bottle.

As for those that say one spray will do you are absolutely right, and that is a selling point for me. Its got a classic bite and nightcluby party feel to it. Apparently this was a hit smell in the 90s, I'll see what it does for me today.
07th October, 2015
The only issue I had with night clubs in the nineties Jpg a clubbing scent for pulling, nauseating on the dance floor.... ...for a period in the nineties in clubs you had two types of men..the joop man and the cool water man, I wore kouros and ysl jazz (both in their original formulations potent) and then the new kid in his equally nauseating scent Jpg ...all these men including me were then replaced by the Issey miyake brigade (citric and woody) and the club's began to breath again. Recently tried joop 2017 and although synthetic it's become a bit lighter and more wearable for me, I actually enjoyed wearing it and received a compliment oh what a merry go round.
09th June, 2015 (last edited: 15th March, 2017)
This was the first fragrance that encapsulated me in the 90's, the one. Yes it has been mentioned it has a feminine side, not only with the overall sweet scent but with the pink bottle and demeanor. Joop has a charm that polarizes the senses as its strong sillage can dance in the air and hit you like a field of blossom. The popularity of this fragrance has made it a classic to me however I have smelt it that much I cannot wear it too often anymore without some confidence issues, its like WOW really are you gonna put Joop on and go out?

I would have given this five stars as they surely don't make them like this anymore, its far too out there, far too interesting and unique....just more of a fragrance of yesteryear for me now.
06th March, 2015
Am I the only one that thinks this smells like it belongs on a woman instead of a man? I absolutely love the scent, but to me, it's just not manly. Every time I smell it on a man, my first thought is, "You smell quite feminine". Not dissing it, though! As I said, I love it.
23rd February, 2015 (last edited: 24th February, 2015)
I fell in love with Joop! the first time I bought it. It's just strong enough to wear daily and the notes are pleasant. Please go out and buy this today.
22nd February, 2015
I eat very clean and exercise...drink only green tea. My skin may have different chemistry. OMG, I love JOOP (yope) Yes, it starts off kind of feminine honestly. USE ONE PUMP: wrists, behind ears, neck and finish on chest. About thirty minutes really starts to shine. Sweet, but like a "man" sweet, with dark motives, but there is a very masculine side to it, but I wouldn't know what that "note" is - like woods. For me, this is an intoxicating scent. I wear it every day and in all situations.
01st September, 2014
The initial notes of Joop Homme slightly reminded me for some aspects of Nemo by Cacharel, mostly because of the same kind of "nutty", white-musky creamy accord, more fruity and less woody (although the sandalwood is there). A nice and peculiar blend indeed, really spicy and somehow milky, in a quite modern synthetic way. White, artificial, a sugar candy from the future, fairly ahead of its time in my opinion. It does not evolve that much, though: on the drydown you have the same tonka, cinnamon, cardamom, sandalwood and other spices blend, just more dry and a bit less creamy. Basically a synthetic spicy-woody-creamy scent. A bit cloying for a while. Kurkdjian must have loved this when he was composing Le Male!

17th July, 2014 (last edited: 19th March, 2017)
I was completely hooked on this fragrance the moment I smelled it. This screams 90's, but there is just something about it that keeps me coming back. I ordered my (lost count) bottle this week. Like others have said, go easy on this one and I would probably stick to wearing on cooler days.
31st March, 2014
synthetic to the scent..really far out! the first formula induced migraines in me and when originally out i hated is innocous and enjoable!
15th October, 2012 (last edited: 18th November, 2014)
Joop! Homme is what I call a "sillage monster", Quite possibly the strongest fragrance for men available. Use sparingly and best worn in cool weather.
06th September, 2012
First of all make sure you have the correct bottle of this juice with 'Homme' written above Joop! on the bottle and package! There are two with this and both are good! The current sold version has 'Homme' written under Joop and is pretty ruined into a sweet mess.

This juice opens very sweet and loud but for its magic you have to wait till the drydown!
Only then Joop! Homme shows its glory and refinement. The candy sweetness has then been mixed with delicious cinnamon and vanilla notes and is very enjoyable for a very long time!
People who say this is way too sweet all the way most probably apply this frag completely wrong or just have the wrong reformulated version! When u spray this like a cheap cologne on your neck with many sprays you smell like a sweet sugar bomb all day and won't receive a single compliment besides the fact it will smell incredible cloying!
The right application is, imo, 1 spray to the chest and a spray to each wrist and rub it a little behind each ear. That's it, no more! then the frag will soon open up and show you all it has to offer. Good for casual use or clubbing during late fall and winter. Sillage is above average and longevity 12+ hrs. Rated: 7/10

01st September, 2012
What an invigorating scent! It is definitely not for everyone. It's more for men who are less masculine. Perfect fit for me, this is in my top 5!

28th August, 2012 (last edited: 30th August, 2012)
well have not smelled this one since I was probably in 9th grade when everone wore it and it made me want to puke. However being priced low and wanting to go back in time I picked up a bottle. Well I wanted to hate it but I couldnt I really enjoy its sweetness and Its projection and the length of time it lasts, I dont know of another fragrence that can come close. This one is either a love it or hate it scent. Everyone who i know or comments on it either says it smells good or they hate it there is no in between with this one. One good point about this is that nobody really wears this scent much anymore so it is almost new again.Im not gonna go over the notes cause its been done in other reviews.
28th August, 2012
Its a sweet powerhouse and should be used sparingly. Less is more and after two sprays it starts smelling very midicinal. When applying this just be sure to hold the bottle farther away so that it kina skips the beginning harshness it has.
17th August, 2012