Positive Reviews of Joop! Homme by Joop!

This was the first fragrance that encapsulated me in the 90's, the one. Yes it has been mentioned it has a feminine side, not only with the overall sweet scent but with the pink bottle and demeanor. Joop has a charm that polarizes the senses as its strong sillage can dance in the air and hit you like a field of blossom. The popularity of this fragrance has made it a classic to me however I have smelt it that much I cannot wear it too often anymore without some confidence issues, its like WOW really are you gonna put Joop on and go out?

I would have given this five stars as they surely don't make them like this anymore, its far too out there, far too interesting and unique....just more of a fragrance of yesteryear for me now.
06th March, 2015
Am I the only one that thinks this smells like it belongs on a woman instead of a man? I absolutely love the scent, but to me, it's just not manly. Every time I smell it on a man, my first thought is, "You smell quite feminine". Not dissing it, though! As I said, I love it.
23rd February, 2015 (last edited: 24th February, 2015)
I fell in love with Joop! the first time I bought it. It's just strong enough to wear daily and the notes are pleasant. Please go out and buy this today.
22nd February, 2015
I eat very clean and exercise...drink only green tea. My skin may have different chemistry. OMG, I love JOOP (yope) Yes, it starts off kind of feminine honestly. USE ONE PUMP: wrists, behind ears, neck and finish on chest. About thirty minutes really starts to shine. Sweet, but like a "man" sweet, with dark motives, but there is a very masculine side to it, but I wouldn't know what that "note" is - like woods. For me, this is an intoxicating scent. I wear it every day and in all situations.
01st September, 2014
The initial notes of Joop Homme slightly reminded me for some aspects of Nemo by Cacharel, mostly because of the same kind of "nutty", white-musky creamy accord, more fruity and less woody (although the sandalwood is there). A nice and peculiar blend indeed, really spicy and somehow milky, in a quite modern synthetic way. White, artificial, a sugar candy from the future, fairly ahead of its time in my opinion. It does not evolve that much, though: on the drydown you have the same tonka, cinnamon, cardamom, sandalwood and other spices blend, just more dry and a bit less creamy. Basically a synthetic spicy-woody-creamy scent. A bit cloying for a while and perhaps not that ahead of its time. Kurkdjian must have loved this when he was composing Le Male!

17th July, 2014
I was completely hooked on this fragrance the moment I smelled it. This screams 90's, but there is just something about it that keeps me coming back. I ordered my (lost count) bottle this week. Like others have said, go easy on this one and I would probably stick to wearing on cooler days.
31st March, 2014
synthetic to the scent..really far out! the first formula induced migraines in me and when originally out i hated is innocous and enjoable!
15th October, 2012 (last edited: 18th November, 2014)
Joop! Homme is what I call a "sillage monster", Quite possibly the strongest fragrance for men available. Use sparingly and best worn in cool weather.
06th September, 2012
First of all make sure you have the correct bottle of this juice with 'Homme' written above Joop! on the bottle and package! There are two with this and both are good! The current sold version has 'Homme' written under Joop and is pretty ruined into a sweet mess.

This juice opens very sweet and loud but for its magic you have to wait till the drydown!
Only then Joop! Homme shows its glory and refinement. The candy sweetness has then been mixed with delicious cinnamon and vanilla notes and is very enjoyable for a very long time!
People who say this is way too sweet all the way most probably apply this frag completely wrong or just have the wrong reformulated version! When u spray this like a cheap cologne on your neck with many sprays you smell like a sweet sugar bomb all day and won't receive a single compliment besides the fact it will smell incredible cloying!
The right application is, imo, 1 spray to the chest and a spray to each wrist and rub it a little behind each ear. That's it, no more! then the frag will soon open up and show you all it has to offer. Good for casual use or clubbing during late fall and winter. Sillage is above average and longevity 12+ hrs. Rated: 7/10

01st September, 2012
What an invigorating scent! It is definitely not for everyone. It's more for men who are less masculine. Perfect fit for me, this is in my top 5!

28th August, 2012 (last edited: 30th August, 2012)
well have not smelled this one since I was probably in 9th grade when everone wore it and it made me want to puke. However being priced low and wanting to go back in time I picked up a bottle. Well I wanted to hate it but I couldnt I really enjoy its sweetness and Its projection and the length of time it lasts, I dont know of another fragrence that can come close. This one is either a love it or hate it scent. Everyone who i know or comments on it either says it smells good or they hate it there is no in between with this one. One good point about this is that nobody really wears this scent much anymore so it is almost new again.Im not gonna go over the notes cause its been done in other reviews.
28th August, 2012
Its a sweet powerhouse and should be used sparingly. Less is more and after two sprays it starts smelling very midicinal. When applying this just be sure to hold the bottle farther away so that it kina skips the beginning harshness it has.
17th August, 2012
studer Show all reviews
United States
Nice scent, I really enjoy smelling this on me. The only issue i have with this is that most of the women I come in contact states this smells like a old man or a powder room. I dont agree i really smell alot of honesuckle in this. The lasting power is amazing, dont worry about using this bottle to fast. Can be bought at a reasonable price, but for me i dont wear it out to much because of the negitve comments ive had from women. Im not saying all the women dont like this one just the women that I have been around.
12th August, 2012
I bought this cologne for one reason only. The DRYDOWN. The drydown to this thing is GORGEOUS!!!! Yea the top notes are a bit harsh and hard to handle at times but I am willing to wait so I can experience the vanilla and tonka in the drydown. This is a drydown fragrance lol. Projection and longevity as everyone has stated are amazing. Next time you test this one and discard its harsh top notes just wait for the drydown cause you might be pleasantly surprised.
15th July, 2012
Joop! Homme is insane, which probably explains why it's such a likeable. It's very much an 80s style Power Scent, but with a very fruity twist. It starts off with a very rich berry, and then settles down into a thick and oily patchouli/cinnamon/vanilla, still with a few berries holding on there. Sillage and longevity are both absolutely freakish. I can still smell Joop! Homme on me 24 hours later.

It's one of those fragrances that is easy to overdo. A 4.2oz bottle should last the average man several lifetimes. I also find it's one of those fragrances that I tend to wear with certain clothes. It's not so much seasonal as a certain colour. For example, if I'm wearing a pink or a purple shirt, sweater or tie, Joop! Homme seems to go well. Whereas if my wardrobe is heavily brown, green or orange influenced, then it's just completely the wrong fragrance.

Every man should try Joop! Homme at least once. You'll either love it or hate it, as will the ladies.
09th July, 2012 (last edited: 28th October, 2014)
Potent, sweet, unmistakable. Great oriental!
08th July, 2012
The secret to this powdery sugar bomb is in the application. It is a lovely scent when used in moderation and cold weather. I do one shot to the chest and spritz on the wrist rubbed behind my ear.
When I first tried it it was just too much as it is for most people.
You can either wear it properly and enjoy a sweet/spicy fragrance with great projection and longevity or you can spray too much and pay the price.
Obviously everyone knows how strong this stuff is so heed the warnings and you will be fine.
05th July, 2012 (last edited: 10th July, 2012)
Think of 1980ies "larger than life" attitude, think of Neon lights, fairgrounds with their sweet candy floss and all the action, think red candy glazed toffee apples, think Bazooka Chewing gum flavour and colour that makes your saliva glands ache in over-activity.

Think cinnamon, orange syrup, with a ton of jasmine flowers and that distinctive heliotrope dunked in it, together with those red candied cherries, heated up over burning logs of sandalwood.

That's what you get until the sticky sweet brew mellows out into a rich, warm, woody vanilla.

Probably THE most long-lasting scent there is and certainly value-for-money (as you only need a small bottle that will last you for years)

I would describe it as the male version of YSL's "Opium", just light years sweeter!

It is a very well orchestrated scent with longevity. Lots and lots of strong floral and spicy ingredients. A true floral oriental scent only to be used in the coldest of winters!!!

Use sparingly ONLY in winter on a cold and crisp day, then everyone will love you
Use it in the summer heat generously, then EVERYONE (including yourself) will hate you, lol.

17th March, 2012
My wife's favorite scent on a man, so a staple in my wardrobe. Never wore this when it came out and always thought it to be too sweet. It is super sweet upon first spray but settles down into a rich patchouli scent through the middle. I LOVE this part of it. If I could get just that smell in a frag I would for sure. I am not a fan of when the musk overtakes the middle and lasts forever. It is a cheap musk like Jovan and reminds me of dirty clothes. But as long as it's my wife's favorite, I'm stuck for better or worse. If you want Joop but better, go 1 Million by Paco Rabanne. For me, I smell a lot of similarities but none of the off notes of Joop.
14th March, 2012
Human instinct evolves ever so slowly. Observing these instincts are a reflection of years and years of human exposure of elements. Human instincts to Joop! has been the same since its inception.

For example - 15 years back I wore JOOP! to my first jpb. Years later (its been 11 years since I left that gig) women still remember me by my smell (lol...when I "friended" a few of them on my Facebook, thats the first things they said - they miss me and my smell :).

Anyways, I quit JOOP! for a long time and then last week I went shopping and I stumbled upon JOOP! for $14! I was like "what!!" cos generally it cost around $34 - $50 bucks. Anyways, I figured out that it was the splash on cologne - which was absolutely fine by me, so I got it.

I wore it to work today, and as I was walking into work - I was thinking to myself - lets see if any women comment on it. Sure enoughm the moment I walked and settled down, the receptionist and the other person I happen to see told me I smelled good. Now, I always wear some cologne, but this one stands apart - clearly.

However, if you misuse the application you and people around you will hate JOOP!.

Here is what I me on this one -
* if you got a splash on, dribble no more than 2-3 squirts in the palms of your hands and apply to front and back of neck. Avoid cheeks and face. After application to face and neck you may scrub your palms on ur chest or on your sweater (I know it sounds corny but I am trying to help get the effect you seek lol)

* if you got the spray - then no more than 2 sprays - one front neck and the other back neck..thats it. no more.

* a lot will depend on your body chemesrty - but if it clicks you will be set for life. It will do strange things to women (I know cos they tell me :). However, if you body chemestry does not gel well with this cologne then you will know, cos you wont get a reaction from people. Basically, my point is, seek for reaction with cologns - if no one says anything about the particular cologne you are wearing then switch it up.

As long as you dont apply more than what I suggested - JOOP! will make you the King of your Ivory Tower.

06th March, 2012
I like this one a lot. Candy, candy, candy, and candy all the way through. If you like that, then you will love this one. One caution - when the other reviewers call this stuff potent, THEY AIN'T KIDDING. One shot is enough, believe me. As far as sillage is concerned, forget about cruise ships - imagine Nibiru crashing into the Pacific Ocean and you have a good idea of Joop's sillage. If you like candies / gourmands, and are prepared to go VERY lightly on the sprayer, this is your go-to scent.
25th February, 2012
When a stranger wears it, he always gets my attention.. A waiter in an Austrian restaurant, some guy at an exhibition booth in Washington DC, an Australian tourist in Thailand... My attention always become completely focused on the scent : sweet, spicy, heavy, with a strong and powerful presence.

Naturally I bought it for my BF, but it is not his fav (he wears it to get my attention though), his taste is more towards the aromatic-fresh than mine.

I sometimes take the bottle from his side of the table, and spray a little one myself, however on my skin the fresh notes are more dominant, which is a shame...
15th February, 2012
Joop Homme is a very sweet fragrance. This smell is very strong and i find it detectable for up to 2 days on skin after bathing and even a week on clothing, i notice the strength of this fragrance first!
05th February, 2012
It does cloy, but I don't care. Great for long days, cold days, hot days and open spaces - Joop Homme is a sweet love bomb of oranges, bergamot and honeysuckle, and I always seem to get vanilla / tonka in the opening and middle, every time. It projects insanely, and rocks the boat totally - but that's a GOOD thing as despite the opening cloy factor (if you overspray) - the sweetness settles and I have lots of compliments with this. A true classic for me, not an everyday scent, but it kills for certain events / places and moods! I will always have a bottle.
13th January, 2012
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United States
The easy thing to do is give Joop! a ten minute try, turn my nose up, declare "it's too strong and too sweet," and move on. But this fragrance doesn't really make things that easy, not if I stop for each of those ten minutes and really decipher what's going on here. At first it does seem awfully sweet, one-note, aggressive, and cheap. That maraschino cherry accord seems like a lousy aroma chemical that took no artistry to create. The reality, though, is that Joop! is ridiculously well blended, and there are several high fidelity notes playing off each other. Burying my nose in it, I get a sharp cinnamon, an incredibly well-disguised orange blossom, heliotrope, jasmine, vanilla, and sandalwood, brightened by the edges with touches of orange and sweet tonka. Note fidelity is actually, surprisingly, quite good. The longer it stays on skin, the more the notes loosen up, and the scent begins to enter a very good stage of showing its cards and flaunting how well they work together. Later the cardamom and patchouli become more evident, and Joop! becomes a definite masculine oriental, sort of the Cool Water of orientals. It's truly a work of art in that it uses disparate elements to create a harmonious profile. Still very modern, very sexual, and worth more than a spritz at the mall. This is one of the good ones, the kind of stuff you need to take home.
08th January, 2012
As a female... I say "THUMBS WAYYY UP!!!"

This is my favorite scent to smell on a man. I can smell it from a mile away, and my nose says "JOOP!", and always tries to follow it.

It is very masculine, and last for a long time on the skin. I made my boyfriend buy it for himself a few years ago, and he fell in love with it too. And, sometimes I will spray a bit on myself, which also smells nice on me. Love this stuff....
05th December, 2011
Apparently this is the type of fragrance that you either love or hate. Personally, I love this fragrance. Joop is a prime example of a scent that reminds me of days long gone by. I first tried this at a PX at Ft. Sill during my AIT back in 99 after I had graduated high school. Don't get me wrong, I love the aroma (not to mention the girls that loved it then too) - I love the sweetness of Joop and it's incredible longevity. I loved it the first time I smelled it. It's a young man's fragrance, someone who's running around and whatnot. Even though that era is gone, I'll still wear this as an 'old man.'
04th December, 2011
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United Kingdom
Love Joop Homme. It's akin to Jean Paul Gaultier 2 although not as easy to live with. More unisex than a strictly male fragrance. Smells particularly good on redheads male or female... Possibly due to the dry skin chemistry the redheads tend towards. Both my son and I wear it
03rd December, 2011
Warning: More than 4 sprays will make you lightheaded.

I know from experience, as a fragrance buddy dared me to put on 8 sprays. So I did 4 on each arm, and began to stumble. A*Men can do this as well, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love them both. Joop's pink juice should be fair warning, this is more than something clear, this doesn't just go on and come off. It lasts forever, it projects like a monster, and is daring.

Sweet, sweet, sweet, and some spice. Gourmand? Arguably.. I would label this as a fruity gourmand. Blood orange, juniper, cherry, strawberry, citrus and cinnamon all blast through in the opening. Once they calm down, I get some soft floral notes in the heart (guys who hate floral notes, you need not worry, they are very soft) -- It more or less stays this way for a good 8 hours.. so if ya don't like the fragrance 30 minutes into it, you're not gonna like it 8 hours later. By about the 7-8 hour point, I get some patchouli, vanilla, musk and woods; yet it still maintains that strong powerful dose of JOOP! that I get from the top notes, only much much calmer.

Take it for what it's worth, Joop! is a revolutionary fragrance. Whether ya love it or hate it, it's gone where no fragrance has gone before. The only differences between this and A*Men, is the overall smell; and the fact that 100 other houses, and perfumers, jumped on the A*Men bandwagon, and tried to recreate it. While Mr pink passion Joop! here got off the hook. Ya like fruity, ya like sweet, ya like power, projection, longevity, and just flat out different? Give Joop! a try.. but never, ever, evvvvvveeeerr, even THINK, about.... buying this one blind. This is one of those that IS love or hate. For me, it's love. Go easy on the trigger, and you'll be fine.
02nd October, 2011
Immediately after spraying this on, it had a very prominent sweet smell of cherry.
After less than a minute, it turned into a little less sweet and more dark cherry.
The dry-down is a lot smoother. The cherry remains.

I have sprayed on very little, so I can't say anything about the longevity and projection, really.
But the smell is good. Unless, of course, you really hate cherries.

Ocassions I think this scent is well suited for: clubbing, dating (cinema, restaurant, the like)
It's a very seductive fragrance.

You might even be able to wear it to school (college), and maybe even to work.
But I wouldn't really wear it when you're over 45 or something like that.
21st August, 2011