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Negative Reviews of Jovan Musk for Men by Jovan

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This has to be the most disgusting fragrance I hav eever tried, I had great expections after reading online reviews. Very big anti-climax. Absolute vile stuff. What person thought this stuff actually smelt nice is truly bizarre,bleach or a sweaty stench would be better than this. Headache inducing, nauseating crap. Unless you have been born without a sense of smell I would stear clear of this stuff.
12th December, 2015
This must have been better back in the day.

The current version hit me with an intense High School flashback. Not the good kind with clean-yet-lusty teenage boys, but the sickening kind with dingy post-PE changing rooms, baby-powdered hot crotch, peeling off sweaty sports bras and a cloying toxic fog of Impulse 'Merely Musk' body spray. Horrible.
31st October, 2015
Went to Walmart and came by this thing, most horrific fragrance I ever came across. Smells cheap and at best outdated. There's no way a guy can wear this and liking it. Not worth going into detail, when you see this, run and don't even think of punishing the world of wearing this. Wear it on a date, if you don't want to see the person ever again.
26th September, 2012
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Some inexpensive fragrances can be very pleasant. Not Jovan Musk for Men. This drugstore fragrance is cheap and it smells cheap. Back in the mid 70's, synthetic white musk was all the rage. It was everywhere (in deodorants, soaps, shampoos, room fresheners, etc.). I hated it and I still do. As a matter of fact, it think white musk and anything smelling like Johnson's baby powder should be outlawed. JMFM may have other notes but white musk overpowers everything else. Truly repulsive skunk juice. I haven't smelled it lately. Thank God!
30th August, 2012
none of the drugstore musks work for me including this one. i expect musk to kinda stink and this one doesn't. well at least not in the way i want it too. none stinky musk + toothpastey note = room spray for me.
19th August, 2010 (last edited: 03rd February, 2011)
It smells like a cheap, weird soap. It is artificial and reminds me of rubber, mixed with something medicinal.
15th January, 2008
Smells cheap and not sexy at all. There much more to musk than this- musky scents can be much more complex. This one is only animalic, overdone sweet, with a touch of babypowder and sweat, cheap sweets and all sorts of synthetic touches. Maybe this is the way cheap supermarket deodorants must have smelled back then.
03rd December, 2006
This is one musk that doesn't do it for me, and I love musks. It's clean alright, but at the expense of good scent. The first time I wore it I kept waiting for it to evolve, but it didn't. One of the only colognes I've received numerous complaints on. It should be called Musk, Extra Light. The deodorant is mild and long lasting, smelling like the liquid.
The bottle is nothing special and I hate the orange coloring of the cap and label!
30th December, 2002