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Negative Reviews of KL Homme by Lagerfeld

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Sweet and sour geranium rosewood and orange balsam. Stifling and monotonous. */*
06th November, 2017 (last edited: 13th November, 2017)

The first time I wore this fragrance I loved it. Since then I have developed a strong reaction against many leather notes, and KL Homme was the first one whose leather note turned on me and became destructively repugnant. I still remember how rich and vibrant it was when I first tried it. I should have paid more attention to the interference with my breathing that I had experienced - it was sending me a message. (Edit of May 6, 2006 review. Changed from a thumb’s up.)

ORIGINAL REVIEW: An unmitigated rosewood in the top notes accounts for most of the massiveness. It is rather easy to determine the heavier individual notes in this—rosewood, definitely; cedar wood, most assuredly; sandalwood, uh-huh; civet, loeather, oh yes—for sure; rose, probably. All these dense notes are so apparent. As to the lighter notes, there’s probably some citrus in the beginning (rosewood always overpowers citrus to my nose), some aldehydes show up after fifteen minutes or so. And after that a few florals begin to fade in—not to forget some patchouli and musk. This is the heaviest designer fragrance I’ve encountered. The first ten minutes are so oppressive I almost have trouble breathing, and I really love this juice. 06 May 2006

06th May, 2006 (last edited: 16th June, 2009)