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Based on its history and all the good reviews, I really wanted to try Knize Ten.

The opening is pretty harsh for me. A whole lot of Orris and Cinnamon. These coupled with a healthy punch of white floral powder were a bit overwhelming. Think of it as a powdery Lonesome Rider. I didn't get any of the citrus listed in the notes. The drydown settled into a Roja Creation E Homme type of spicy and smoky ashtray leather, which is pleasant, but didn't completely sell me.

That being said, I still found it interesting and a whole lot less $$$ than Roja, so there's that.

I have been searching for a great leather dominated fragrance which is not an oud nor an orris bomb and is not powdery nor overberried. Unfortunately, this isn't it. Current contender...Papillon's Anubis.
22nd August, 2017
Knize Ten stands alone -- I haven't come across anything else remotely like it. Most people seem to slot this into the "leather" category but I perceive nothing leather-like about it. In fact, if I were posed the question "does this smell more like leather or vinyl?" I'd probably have to go with the latter. There's something mildly industrial about it. For me, this clearly wasn't a case of love at first sniff. But I have to say I didn't give up and each time I go back to it (and I do keep going back) I find something that is at least interesting. Maybe some day that will turn into "compelling." I can't tell whether the intrigue has peaked or temporarily plateaued, so I remain neutral for now. One thing seems certain: wearing this will draw very mixed reactions from those in the immediate vicinity. When I apply it I do so sparingly.
09th September, 2016
Leather Aplenty

Why this costs so much and is relatively hard to find I'm not sure. Supposedly worn by James Dean was enough reason to buy a decant, but never more than that. Linear leather...picture a barber shop in the 30's basically.

Pros: James Dean
Cons: Overpriced & Dated"

27th October, 2013
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Imagine a truckstop washroom that has been cleaned a few hours ago. As you sniff the air you can smell the oil from the fumes of the trucks just outside mixing in with the florals from the cleaning.

A few bikers come in wearing their leather jackets which they take off to wash their oily hands. The smell of the truckstop washroom is now one of oily leather and powdery soapy florals from the soap and the cleaning a few hours earlier.

A few hours later the manager of the truckstop wearing a suit pops into the washroom to freshen up and his cologne of amber and sandalwood is quite strong and is mixing in with the leathery oily soapy floral of the washroom. This is Knize ten for me.

I can see why this is a love it or hate it scent. The opening florals mixed in with the oily leather do give it that truckstop washroom vibe. But at the sametime the worn in leather can be quite compelling as well as the complex drydown.

This scent is complex and chaotic with notes that you can love and hate at the same time. It's worth trying just for the experience and to see if you love it or hate it. Or both.
11th February, 2013 (last edited: 13th February, 2013)
Neutral for it's ability to be in production for nearly a hundred years. Otherwise it would have been a negative. The leather is so drenched in tar and creosote that it is nearly unbearable. Nearly...In small amounts, it smells ok. This would be a fragrance that I would spray one spritz in the air, then walk very fast underneath. to get just a hint on me.
30th October, 2012
Hopelessly outdated. It's not about the leather. It's knowing when to call it a day. If you love fragrance history, wear it. If you're on a nostalgia trip, wear it. If you're pretending you're James Dean, wear it. Retro Night at the Slo Bar, wear it. If you're some kind of hipster, wear it. Your sense of irony is enormous? Wear it. Put my allotment in the Perfume Museum just outside Brno and I'll visit when I find the time.
03rd March, 2012 (last edited: 30th May, 2012)
smells like the tire department at sears
18th January, 2012
I was so preoccupied with whether or not I could, I didn't stop to think if I should...

smell like leather, that is.

I searched high and low for THE leather scent, and now that I've found it, I don't really think I want to smell like it. It's not bad, but it's just so damn "leather."

It doesn't have the polarizing opening of Royal English Leather, so that could be seen as a plus. It also isn't quite as good in terms of the actual leather, but only by a hair; it just has this hint of rubber in it that some could find to be "meh."

It isn't dark, or uber-masculine.

It's just leather.
27th November, 2011
Fantastic (unmistakable, fine leather) opening but the drydown is prohibitively old-fashioned, to my nose.
01st May, 2011
I could see why some would consider this a classic, but I'm far more likely to lean toward "out-dated". Any fan of leathers should certainly check this out. To be honest, I was a little underwhelmed by this one, considering the hype I had heard. Not sure what I expected but my feeling is "pass" on ever picking this up. On the plus side, it is overty masculine, if you are more inclined to powerhouse-type fragrances.
07th January, 2011
This leather is a bit harsh and rough in my opinion. I prefer leathers that have a touch of softness or sweetness to them. Perhaps it may work for others.
21st May, 2010
Weird. So many reviews warn not to over-apply this, and I was expecting a powerhouse. Maybe I got a bad sample? I smell a little bit of astringent green and a little bit of soft leather, and something tart and powdery that makes me think of Sweet Tarts candy. Within minutes on my skin, it's all gone. My fleeting impression is of something well-mannered and melancholy, but really -- there's nothing there!

19th January, 2010
This was once my favorite fragrance, but over time, my tastes have changed, and it isn't down to reformulation.

Knize Ten opens with a strong leather, somewhat tarry and rooty at the same time. The top notes are brief, quickly morphing into a fragrance that's much cleaner, fairly soapy, and heavily powdery, the leather note backed up by an ambery-floral accord. It's quite rich, tenacious, and powerful.

I probably could have written volumes on this fragrance when I loved it, but I feel indifferent to it now that I've smelled - in my opinion - more fragrances and much better leathers.
16th September, 2009
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A really dark leather scent, which is primarily accompanied by an interesting floral (rose) and a rich amber note.
Like Trebor and Squirt I notice a whiff of petroleum/turpentine right from the start, too. This might be due to the
combination of the extraordinarily high amount of amber and leather notes in combination with the bitter petitgrain.
The opening is very harsh and aggressive, which is typical for this genre I think. I prefer the softer version like in Dzing! as
an example. But the real leather rooter can't ignore KT.
12th July, 2009
i was sincerely hoping this odd mix would work. and appreciate it though i do, it made my stomach turn ever so slightly. i gave it a few days, though, and tried again. and again, my stomach held fast to what my mind didn't want to accept. it just doesn't work for me.
27th June, 2009
Unlike R.E.L. which I could envision wearing while sitting on a leather chair at that exclusive, old fashioned, gentlemen's club to which we often allude to here in BN, or Miller Harris Cuir d'Oranger, another masterpiece best suited for speeding on one's Harley; I envision people wearing Knize Ten back during prohibition at a jazz club while swilling Champagne.
James Dean in "Giant " when he strikes oil, however, must not be ignored. Yes, the petroleum note does take some time to get used to. A brilliant composition I admire but can't really wear except very sparingly and in very cold weather.
08th March, 2009 (last edited: 07th December, 2009)
Squirt Show all reviews
United States
I tend to like dry power house scents that are dark but from the beginning to the end all I got was baby powder and something similar to turpentine and band aids. I didn't get any leather. Has great staying power, consistent, strong and lasts over 24 hours. If you want to smell like detergent then get Knize Ten, however it's not for me...definitely sample before you buy.
19th February, 2009
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United Kingdom
Wore this some years ago now and it nearly blew my head off. Hey, come on, I am not going to 'mist' it and hope some droplets fall on my skin -- it will outlive me. KT is a lovely leather and would be even lovelier without the petroly note. It's too potent though -- I don't want to be scared to spray. Similar in power to Tabac Blond, which I also can't wear, but less harsh. REL by Creed and Cuiron are preferable. Won't thumbs down though.
30th December, 2008
Crack the whip, feel the bite of sharp bitter leather. This is a policeman’s shiny, black, leather shoes. Decidedly manly. I could see this as rugged and sexy on a man, but on a woman, it’s going to come across as kinky. High marks for being unique in this day and age, but a neutral rating because I’m not sure how it would wear in reality. I have no volunteers to demonstrate, and it’s a bit harsh on me.
15th October, 2008
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United States

Released in 1924, Knize Ten certainly has a lot of history behind it. Its a leather powerhouse with a few caveats.

The opening accord is a burst of assorted citrus notes which resemble the smooth mandarin-dominated accord of another leather classic, Creed Royal English Leather, except not as smooth or rich. Despite what the notes pyramid indicates, the leather makes its presence felt almost immediately. Its a powerful pungent leather note which unfortunately does smells quite a bit like turpentine. Its not the most appealing leather note, and it actually distracts from the overall construction which is extremely well blended. The supporting citrus, wood and floral notes do a good job of toning down the intense acerbic leather, but I think it will bother quite a lot of people. Some may wonder, why bother? The same effect can be had by spending time in a crusty car garage meddling with various motor oils and tools.

The trick to enjoying Knize Ten is to:

1) Wear it in cool weather
2) Mist instead of spraying

If you follow those two rules, you will enjoy the depth and complexity that this leather classic has to offer. Longevity is excellent. But can people look past its brash and corrosive leather note? Knize Ten has an attractive exterior with a heart of stone.
07th February, 2007
Not a great fan of this one. I do appreciate the status of it as well as the unique character, but I simply find it very unwearable.
The connection to Tabac Blond is obvious. They both are filled up with castoreum, having that extremely rugged leather aroma. And, I can`t help myself to see some resemblance to some sort of chemichals; glue or perhaps paint thinner. Really, smells like some stiff and old leather jacket wasdipped into a bucket full of turpentine!
Drydown softens this quite a bit, developing even some (herbal) soapy accords. Lasting power is good, no doubt.

Admirable in way yes, but for me not even close to be wearable.
15th October, 2006
I'm conflicted on this scent. It's powerful, and it lasts all day - which for me, is a minor miracle since my skin doesn't tend to hold a scent very long. Its also a scent that is uncommon. That's great because I'm unique and want a fragrance that isn't just like what everybody else is wearing.
Now for the downside. I don't get that great smell of smooth leather that so many of the reviewers report. For me, the smell that predominates reminds of bandaids, linament, and burning rubber, with some powder overtones. As the day goes on, the powder becomes the dominant note, which is OK. The scent isn't bad per se, but it has enough negative notes to turn me off of it a bit. I'm not sure how people around me percieve the scent. I don't get comments on it. This is both good and bad I guess.
06th October, 2006