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The Baron de Charlus once delivered a lecture to the Society of Perfumes in Paris concerning the Mysteries of Kouros. 'Messieurs and mesdames,' he began, 'I am aware that the world is divided into two camps: the lovers and haters of Kouros. In an impressionistic ramble I shall explain why this is so. Kouros is a fragrance of gross richness where a honeyed sweetness joins hands with the blunt smell of semen, where hot Mediterranean suns glisten on bronzed and sweating bodies, fading to sultry nights of passion. It conjoins love and hate; it occupies a domain that unites a lazy sensuality with horny handed toil and where forever lurks the threat of danger and barbaric cruelty. Notice how it achieves its extremes of masculinity without any of the conventional mannerisms of deep leathery reticence - it is too hot blooded for that! Notice too how it is redolent with the ancient mystery of Homeric Greece - warriors, heroes, demigods, fabulous beasts, dreadful wars and mythical voyages. All in all, love it or hate it, messieurs and mesdames, I think you will have to admit that Kouros is one of the most blatantly sexual and poetic fragrances in existence - and truly unique! You do not have to wear it or even like it but I urge you to appreciate it as a true creation of the perfumier's art!
15th November, 2004
Without a doubt, It's a strong fragrance, not for every one. I Particularly wear 2 or 3 sprays and it smells very good! For me It's an evening/night fragrance. Classic, I would even say glamorous!
Just an advice: if you don't like clove don't stay close!!
23rd October, 2004
Ah, the infamous Kouros. How can it be? A consistent sales leader across Europe. Kouros is much bolder than the politely correct fragrances of late which seem to be engineered to avoid offending by not saying much.
But for those times when one does want an aura of the dynamic, rather than either the ubiquitouos soft drink smell or candy and bake goods, Kouros will satisify. And then some. It's not for the fainthearted but for a real fougre experience, and animal appeal, I still like to go for the original.
Kouros starts out brisk and spicy to catch attention even in the most crowded venue, and the lasting incense in the base carries into the cozy wee hours, if you know what I mean, getting better and better.
03rd September, 2004
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Has everyone lost their mind? Kouros is one of the worst fragrances I have ever smelled in my entire life. I am a huge fan of YSL, and I own most of their fragrances. I really wanted to like this one so I could own every YSL fragrance, but this scent is VILE. I can't stop thinking about atrocious this fragrance really is; Its sickningly medicinal and synthetn. I had problems picking out the notes of this fragrance, because my olfactory senses were hit with a big block of stench. I actually had to wash this fragrance off with Alcohol. I really wanted to like this one, but its just beyond awful.
26th March, 2004
I'm 26, but spent a lot of time around my older sisters' boyfriends in the 80's. So all those scents from that era are ingrained in me as favs- Polo, Aramis, Kouros. Kouros is one of my significant other's favorites. She says it smells like dryer sheets, but she likes it anyway, because she likes the smell of dryer sheets!!! :)
At any rate, it is a bit strong on top, but after about an hour or two it warms up, and the warmth is with you all day. Its a very dry fragrance, but warm.
17th October, 2001
I wore it for years in the 80's! It was my signature scent! Now, my signature scent varies from week to week!!lol It is a rich, seductive fragrance that lingers and penetrates the skin! A girl that I knew back then wore it exclusively; because it was Cher's favorite scent!. She was known to wear it, and bathe her boy toys in it as well!! LOL! "If I could turn back time" :-) lol I have to go find the old mini I have of it for a revisit!!:-)
09th June, 2001