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Negative Reviews of L'Anarchiste by Caron

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Finally picked up a sample of L'Anarchiste and had optimistic expectations for it, but sadly it's quite short of what I had hoped for. Basically, this smells like the potpourri isle from your local World Market store. It's a clash of odd orange, citrus and mandarin notes supported by cheap smelling cedar and a dash of stale spices. It brings to mind a repressed memory of a canceled flight home and the scent of a worn out hotel room near Newark airport. I can't recommend this one.
04th January, 2016
I'm always trying to get hold of some niche, extraordinary and unusual fragrances, but the Anarchist delivered more than I bargained for.

The name is pretty well justified. It's definitely anti-establishment and unorthodox. But I'd give it yet another name - freakin Steam-Punk Goth.

Imagine a warm but gloomy evening in a XIX century London. A man comes out of a barber shop. He's kind of well-dressed and obviously just got groomed, but upon closer examination you find out that the barber shop looks quite dodgy. And what's this shady, littered alley btw? Oh, f.... that wasn't your friendly neighbourhood gay barber - that's Sweeney Todd's shop.

And the man - he lives somewhere under the London street, in a place neither sun nor wind ever reach. He's a mad engineer dwelling in the shadows of some abandoned tube station. His suit isn't dirty, but it hasn't actually been washed in years.It's just that its sociopathic owner barely ever puts it on. Most of the time it's just hanging there, deep under ground, soaking in some coppery fumes and the smell of grease that covers all the gears and clockwork monstrosities around.

That's how it smells to me. Intriguing it is, but I would never wear it in public. No way I am doing any office test with it. Damn, I couldn't even bear it on my wrist for more than half an hour - had to scrub it away.

If you want and dare to smell it, I'll bring the sample vial to you. Otherwise, it's been locked and hidden away, in a dark damp place where it belongs.
08th June, 2014
L'Anarchiste gets a lot of buzz, so I was very eager to try it. I'm glad that I traded for a sample and didn't do a blind buy. I agree with all comments about spiced apples and cheap potpourri. I also imagine one of those inexpensive scented candles that you can buy at any dollar store in the U.S. Maybe this one would be called "Christmas Celebration" or "Holiday Spice". Surprisingly generic and fairly linear on my skin.
23rd June, 2010
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Smells like ...nothing? Cake where the baker forgot the salt? The bottle is unique, copper, very original.
20th March, 2010
very spicy and sharp, it's been on my arm for probably 20 mins now.... it was awful until now, i think it's getting a little bit better. I would still never buy this, it's a very odd fragrance. I can't see anyone in their 20's wearing this. Not recommended.
14th November, 2008
I've completely revised my review and now give this a gentle thumbs down. It isn't a wretched scent, but in essence here's the problem as I see it: good wood burns off too quickly, fresh musk arrives too quickly.
The orange notes are so fleeting as to be undetectable. The wood notes are good, woody and even spicy. But, very quickly it seems, the scent becomes cool, metallic and minty-fresh. As long as this mingles with the woods it is a rather intriguing combination. But the woods burn off very quickly and all I'm left with is a minty musk, which gets somewhat sweet in the dry-down.
Smells like a generic "fresh" scent to me. And that is not a style I care for.
21st April, 2008 (last edited: 27th December, 2012)
ARGH!!! What a weird scent...
It's without a doubt, an original smell but really annoying. Starts smoky and spicy(like cigarrette smoke)and than dries down to a disgusting sweet orangey accord. After breathing L'anarchiste I had to take some fresh air to avoid choking!
14th July, 2007
What a bizarre scent. It opens with a mosquito repellant accord that's almost interesting, a little spicy, and not entirely unpleasant. Next is soap and schampoo, so much so that I can taste it in the back of my throat. Then it quickly mellows to a dull, fruity schampoo scent. The hygiene product vibe is what makes it "masculine", other than that it's mostly sweet and fruity. In this stage it's not unlike other sweet/fresh generic men's scents so the only anarchist part of it is the topnote. Meh.
20th June, 2007
Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,
My reason to open this review in such high-flown manner, is that NO scent ever has ever caused me to react as much as the Anarchist! This scent puts all your senses on alert in a way that is almost incomprehensible. I recently bought a large bottle at Ebay after reading the reviews, and I do agree with many of the scentiments (thank you kindly Marian Bendeth for giving me an addition to my crude vocabulary in English), but was NOT prepared for this!
Yes the notes are all there, the menthol, the orange blossom and some peculiar notion of metal and on their own they sound quite harmless (see the pyramid) - but not this brew!
The first notions are close to gasoline or some kind of slightly hazardous chemical compound, and next it is the menthol that hits you.
I was so hit by the top notes that I grinned. Somewhere deeper in the register are some flickering orange blossoms, but hid behind the menthol and the metal presence that by now starts to make its omnipresence. After this stage it does not change a lot in character, and stays on till it fades off some 2-3 hours later.
! I don’t know how it is possible, but this do smell like blood (probably the metallic agent) and creates notions close to what can be associated with;: e.g. the dying dandy bleeding to death scented in Hermes Orange Verte and taking his last breathe and a gash of menthol sips out of his recently cleaned teeth… The very chemical top note is also reminiscent to an un-named illicit drug that also creates much the same alertness when whiffing it.
Honestly, if someone dares to test this fragrance after my review, or if you are intrigued and want to try it out, you are welcome to trade in my bottle.
The presentation including the box, is gorgeous, but the only connection the scent has with the name Anarchist, is that in my mind it creates chaos! Another and very suitable name for it, would be Antichrist, since it smells like the antechamber of hell!
Three thumbs down for the scent and one thumb up for the originality and the fact that some weirdo actually managed to get this scent in production!
28th April, 2007

Basically I should love this fragrance : It has a lot of irresistible charisma, most marvellous bottle, and completely unique fragrance which really doesn’t remind me of anything else.

I have had a sample of this and I’ve had a few test runs with it, giving it a chance after another.
Last one was yesterday, and I’m afraid the game is now over…Have to admit at last that this scent is not for me. I let myself hate it now, and believe me I DO!!!

What has actually always stricken me most in this fragrance, is that it has always smelled very “ill” to me. That menthol-metal combo reminds me very much of that taste which I have when I’m having a high fever with the very general feeling of being totally weak and helpless. Also, I guess that mintyness gives an impression of Vicks Vaporub – gives me reminder of not so happy childhood times.

It is an impressive scent. Everyone who has smelled it can say the same – there’s really nothing like it. And, I understand the people who love it due to it’s odd and compelling nature…Even with me it’s somehow very close to being brilliant. Remember, love and hate are close oftenly here in the fragrance world, too.

This scent indeed has got me scratching my head more than any other scent. It forced me to come back to it all over again. But now I’ve finally made up my mind for good. (I think...)

L`Anarchiste makes me literally sick. I can imagine with this juice after my regular 4-6 sprays I would feel myself stumbling at the death’s door. In the arms of a deadly cancer, with infected blood and paralyzing pneumonia, waiting for the time to end..

No thank you, Mr Fraysse!!

Sickening, absolutely sickening juice.
12th October, 2006
Ugggh! What is this? Smells like a dumpster laced with rotten orange peels.
24th April, 2006
I bought it purely on the good reviews, smells like nutmeg and orange to me in a base of typical crappy mens cologne (think CK). do not buy this blindly unless you have bad taste ;)
18th February, 2006
Much less interesting than I had expected. Kind of smells like a holiday potpourii.
12th November, 2005
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