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i bought this when it first came out, what a wonderful fragrance. lasted forever and projected very very well. now it smells like PLEDGE and does not last at all. i would never get this again. another example of how reformulation has ruined a fragrance. this has happened to many a fragrances. they just dont last or project well anymore. and people keep on buying this stuff? we need to send a message to all perfume houses to bring back the quality stuff again. this is not acceptable. and enough will all the different versions and flankers. this house and ck must have a million of them and all of them are mediocre according to ratings i have seen. just make a couple of really good fragrances that really last and project and get it over with.
04th May, 2018
Starts off with a fresh yuzu and lemon verbana along with some sort of Oriental spices. It's pleasant and deceptively strong. It seems to get stronger the longer I wear it, and for this reason I'd only wear max. 2 sprays at a time. It leans masculine however could be unisex. On drydown more of the spices appear. Base notes have woody notes. Sillage and longevity are both great. So far I've gotten one compliment on this, and was told that sillage travels all the way to metres across the room, although I couldn't smell it that much (probably due to olfactory fatigue). Overall it's a very unique fragrance due to the strong and long-lastung yuzu note; it smells very "Japanese". Bottle design is also amazing and done in this minimalistic Japanese Zen sort of style.

UPDATE: I can only give this a 3.5/5 because the modern reformulation has totally ruined this fragrance - the yuzu is extremely weak while the warm spices are very strong. If you want something in a similar style but far better, go for L'eau d'Issey pour homme Fraiche by Issey Miyake.

03rd May, 2018
First and foremost, this is an extremely inoffensive scent. It's not daring in any way, and that's exactly what some people are looking for. If you're a middle-aged businessman who's relatively happy where's he's at, by all means, try this scent. Your wife will like it. Your kids will like it. Your boss and coworkers and clients will like it.

But no one will love it. No one will smell this and be transported to a fantasy landscape.

Has some mildly spicy, sweet, and floral notes, but smells predominantly of white musk. Good silage, fairly stable. And very little about this suggests it should be classified as an aquatic, even though it often is.

A pleasing scent, but nothing very original.
18th January, 2018
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Ultra fresh yuzu citrus mixed with lily florals in the opening of L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme. Gets much sweeter in the drydown with plenty of florals still coming out.

This is perfect for daytime casual wear and probably a warm weather staple.

Outstanding performance, especially for a citrus fragrance. Lasts all day and has very good projection.
07th January, 2018
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United Kingdom
I first wore this in 2000 and I still wear it today.
The first time I smelt it I was simply blown away as its smell was nothing similar to the market at the time...
I have fond memories wearing this so a bit biased
A timeless classic 8/10
05th January, 2018 (last edited: 06th January, 2018)
L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme is a perplexing scent, from it's composition, to it's bottle shape, all the way down to it's very name. What the scent is becomes very apparent upon first whiff: an ozonic fragrance of epic proportions. It takes the ball first kicked down the alley by Liz Claiborne with their Claiborne for Men (1989), then gives it an injection of unholy strength and power before setting it back out into the world to conquer. I really get why people like this, and I like this too, but it must be made clear that this one really exemplifies the "ozone" characteristic of the ozonic genre. The designer himself has always been known for his technology-assisted fashion designs, his bizarre use of pleats on everything (making dresses look like accordions or lampshades), and the monolithic mock turtle necks the late Steve Jobs wore during all of his summit speeches. It only makes sense that the debut scent from a forward-thinking designer like Issey Miyake would embody that same visual minimalism while containing high-tech construction under the hood, for both sexes. One look at the maddeningly huge list of notes for this and it's clear that N.A.S.A.-grade micrometers are needed for blending it into form.

The scent opens much like the aforementioned Claiborne for Men, as it is a huge cloud of metallic and astringent fruit, spice, and dry herbs right up front. But whereas Claiborne pushes this a tad more gently with bergamot, lavender, lemon and melon, L'Eau d'Issey opens fire with a barrage of Yuzu that's followed by orange, sage, coriander, verbana, and cypress actually used as a top note. From there, it's a ticker tape of heart and base notes which look like a kitchen sink of dry, acerbic, clean, tart and just a bit warm, with that ozone combining in a threesome of smokey tobacco, cypriol, and vetiver at the bottom. The whole thing is just a huge boondoggle when you think of what scent all that stuff produces: a louder, sharper, shrieking ozonic that is otherwise extremely comparable to others in it's class. The yuzu is definitely the most distinctive note in the whole thing, with cypriol being a close second, and many people love it just for that reason, as yuzu had not really made much of an appearance in fragrance until that point, with it's ties to Japanese culture adding a level of authenticity as a scent created by a Japanese designer which men in the western world had not experienced before.

Perfumer Jacques Cavallier would later go on to make Acqua di Giò (1996) for Armani two years after this, and unsurprisingly, it too is very clean, ozonic, and fresh, even if it is definitely softer than this and pulls closer to an aquatic in terms of overall feel. L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme is a rarity in it's class, as it is a light and fresh fragrance that is anything but subtle. It's the closest that we would get to a "powerhouse" variant of the new fresh style that dominated the 90's, and the only thing close to it able to ring out such plumes of sillage would be the later Ralph Lauren Polo Blue (2002), which is an aquatic with a shocking amount of brawn in it's delivery. The love-it-or-hate-it scream of L'Eau d"Issey pour Homme has been much debated by fragrance fans over the years, but often is such a popular scent fraught with controversy, especially one that is uncompromisingly noticeable when worn (we're talking chemical burns on your nose hairs here folks). If I had to pick just one ozonic to wear, it certainly wouldn't be this one, but my absolute favorite thing about it is that it's the only scent of it's kind that can be worn outside in winter air and still be perceived on skin or clothing, which speaks volumes for why I give it a thumbs up, monolithic bottle and all. There are a lot of really nice flankers for this too, and it may be worth your while to check them out if this one is to your liking.
18th December, 2017 (last edited: 28th July, 2018)
What killed this one was it's popularity. It almost became a victim of its own success. Putting that aside, this is lovely stuff. Very fresh and a massive compliment getter for sure. I was blown away the first time I got a blast of this. I felt like a million dollars. My tastes have changed over the years but this is one of the best fragrances that I used back in the mid - late 90's.
29th November, 2017
Yuzu illusions
Cool fresh water and dry wood
In heat that's not there.
05th October, 2017
Sometimes I appreciate this fragrance, sometimes I don't.
At times I think it's merely scent-of-lemonade, other times I find it refreshing and its cotton ball soft dry down is very clean and not at all cloying or rough.

For me, it's like a slightly lesser Acqua di Gio. I think it's a quality fragrance, it doesn't smell at all cheap or crass, and I always feel fresh and clean when wearing it.

I'll put it like this though: If I was to pay retail price for a designer cologne, I don't think I'd choose L'eau D'Issey. But at a discount I would swoop this up very quickly. On a scale of 1-10 I'd probably gives this a 7.

I think the Fraiche flanker might be the "grown up" version of this fragrance. I'll probably do a review of that one down the road.
01st September, 2017 (last edited: 12th September, 2017)
A great scent. I was wearing this for 12 years. Then I stopped liking it overnight, which was, of course, my own problem, not a problem of the perfume.
10th June, 2017
I bought this and really wanted to like it as I generally love fresh and citrus scents. It just has a sour and synthetic quality to it that I can't get past. Actually gave me a head ache.
Some love this, but not me. All I can say - the bottle is really attractive.
17th May, 2017
I tend not to wear this very much but that doesn't diminish the quality of this scent. With Dior's Cologne and Allure Homme Sport Cologne being recent additions to my wardrobe, L'Eau D'Issey has moved down in the rotation. Though every time I put it on I am reminded at how unique it is and the performance is way above average for a freshie.
24th March, 2017
If you love citrus, this may be the cologne for you. It's like getting hit with a citrus truck. It smells the way eating a citrus fruit rind tastes. The experience of spraying this is actually very comparable to biting into an unpeeled grapefruit like you'd bite into an apple or pear. Harsh and sharp, but either the harshness fades or I just get used to it. Despite its harshness, I don't hate it. It's not pleasant or unpleasant, the way dish soap is usually not pleasant or unpleasant. On someone else's skin it could work. But it strikes me as an opening a lot of people would have a negative reaction to, and it's at least a little overbearing on bare skin (it's pleasant enough under your shirt or if you do the mist-walk through method).

This cologne is, in a word, opinionated. It's loud and unapologetic, a lot like that one friend everyone has who is only tolerable in small doses. Then again, that friend doesn't overwhelm *everyone*, so I guess this scent is like that. It's definitely interesting, and I get the feeling that it's one that can grow on you.

If you're neutral on citrus like I am, DEFINITELY give this one a miss.
17th February, 2017 (last edited: 18th February, 2017)
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Vile artificial headache in a bottle. One of only three fragrances that have ever induced immediate nauseous reactions on me. More power to you if you can pull this one off, but alas I'll admire the bottle from afar.
08th February, 2017
Was okay in the nineties when I was a student, but would only consider it as bathroom freshener (a poor performing synthetic smell). Don't wear if you are looking for compliments there are so many better alternatives for the money.
14th January, 2017
This smells like rotten tacos. Do you enjoy industrial fumes? Burning plastic? Riding behind a trash truck on a hot summer day in a convertible, a sebring convertible? If so or your a mad scientiest this is your cologne. It reeks like overbearing chemical smell just plain terrible.
02nd January, 2017
L'Eau d'Issey has grown on me over the past decade. At first, it used to give me headaches! I discounted it outright.

But I have come to appreciate this living legend's well-crafted composition. Even with so MANY notes in the fragrance triangle, L'Eau d'Issey comes across as simple, clean, fresh, energetic, and comforting. But there are individual notes that I love that play a strong supporting role in the overall effect: Yuzu, verbena, cinnamon, amber, coriander, saffron....such a well-choreographed dance of wonderful elements!

BIG thumbs up! ;^>
28th December, 2016
I had high hopes for this. Hopes. This is listed as a high-ranking aquatic in said genre, but all I smell is hot garbage.
Wear this if you plan on attending a funeral- with all the flowers, senior relatives, and the deceased of course, you will fit right in. Not good and not for sharing.
15th December, 2016
When I first sprayed the cologne on my wrists it smelled like burning plastic. It stayed that way for an hour. The fragrance after an hour was okay. But in a way it was too heavy. Have not had a pleasant experience with this cologne. My co-workers like it though. Everyone has a different opinion.

Thank you,
24th August, 2016
Holiday scents #4 - l'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme

I tried this at the same point (i.e. on holiday) last year to no good effect, due to zero performance and lack of discernible notes. The scentsamples web site, after a certain spend, will send you a free sample of something they think you will like given your purchase history. Good for them, but I wonder how they could possibly abstract LDPH from Black Aoud, Interlude, and l'Air du Desert Marocain? Anyway, this is what they sent, so I took the summer holiday as an opportunity to re-test.

This time it does better - but not by much. Bare skin evidences fly-repellant, hidden body areas something more akin to stale sweat. The attractiveness of the scent improves over time to an acceptable form of citrus, but by the four-hour mark, just as there is the hint of redemption, it's more or less gone. To emphasise, this is not a generic problem; it's just that there are legions of scents out there that fulfil LDPH's aims better, and at any price point you care to name. Apart from the solid Nuit d'Issey, I find the line's popularity unaccountable.
08th August, 2016
This is an interesting fragrance- the difference between smelling it on the scent strip vs. on my skin.

On a scent strip:
Initially it is a very tart citrus. This scent remains the same throughout the 3 hour mark and well into 6-10 hours.

On my skin:
When I spray it on me it becomes more of a sweet citrus (orange scent). The scent is between an orange peel and the scent inside an orange.

The frag changes slightly after 30-45 minutes. It smells the same as before but adds a slight orange tart scent. That overall scent is pretty linear throughout the entire lifespan of the fragrance.

This scent is best for summer days and projects within arms length and lasts roughly 6 hours. That is with 2 sprays. For me it is at arms length for about 1-2 hours and then it retreats back to my skin. After that I can only smell it. I can see if you over spray- it can get a little intense for others.
07th August, 2016
There was AdG and then there was Issey Miyake Pour Homme. These were the two heavy hitters at the time and still to this day people love them. IMPH is known for the combination of Yuzu and florals combined with an aquatic element. Still one of the best summer fragrances ever made and should be at least worn a few times by anyone that calls themselves a fragrance lover.
01st June, 2016
I still find this scent to be spectacular. Well constructed and balanced. This juice has good longevity and projection. Spring and summer wear. This was my first Yuzu scent and it does not disappoint. Now that prices have come down considerably I would strongly suggest buying a bottle. I have noticed that there has been a slight reformulation in my current bottle but it is still amazing. Enjoy!
23rd May, 2016
it is what it is. Like One Million and Joop! before it, you know a scent is iconic when its equally hated and adored. I didnt know until I started reading negative posts about it, on blogs many yrs ago, that ANYONE with two brain cells, disliked this stuff, lol.

But I understand folks have opinions. I totally get it. And the negative opinions about this scent, actually motivated me to do some research on which notes were responsible for the MANY dislikes. Some people, like me, LOVE citrus focused scents. And some do not. It really is that simple.

even tho' Miyake's people have thrown a million notes in it, its fundamentally a well structured, albeit, EXTREMELY synthetic creation. But Im a firm believer, that was completely by design. I think Miyake tried very hard to make us understand, not every single thing needs to smell organic, to smell very nice.

And he proved it. This is one of the more versatile scents out there...a number of well known celebs and athletes, happen to love it. And there are just as many professonial everyday people, who swear by it, too. This is that scent that you will smell more than anything else in your work environment.

No, its not groundbreaking. And the Earth didnt move when I first wore it. But while many are running around looking for a very affordable citrus juice that lasts all day (as I have, in the past), my search came to a very abrupt end, when I settled on this, Eau De New York, Boucheron Pour Homme and a more recent purchase, Yuzu Fou/Parfum d`Empire.

Safe to say, I dont need another citrus frag' for the remainder of my life, on this planet.
26th April, 2016
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United States
Right away, I got a smack of citrus with a hint of green, which, as cheesy as it sounds, caught me off guard. It was my first time properly smelling this, and I exclaimed "wow!" I let it sit for a little bit, and then reassessed. I can sort of understand where some of the strong negative commentary comes from. If I let my mind wander while smelling this fragrance, I can eventually end up thinking about the blue water in those nasty port-a-potties. Gross. However, after ruminating on this fragrance for a little bit longer, I decided that I like it. It seems different enough from other fragrances today to make it noticeable in a good way. I got compliments from my friends on it, and it had a nice amount of sillage; not too much, not too little. It's been a few hours since I've sprayed, and it has settled into a nice blue aquatic scent, keeping it's fresh character all the way through the dry down. Worth the buy? I think so.

26th December, 2015
My god, this is one putrid sweet/sharp smell of cat urine in a disturbing bottle.

Absolutely the worst fragrance I have ever tested.
30th October, 2015
Reminds me of ADG but with more depth.
24th September, 2015
Not as horrible as the woman version but in the same veine.

An old fashioned stink bomb.

Stay away from me!

15th August, 2015
This is a true masterpiece.this is a cologne that is purely springtime summertime.this cold is a benchmark is clean fresh and crisp this particular fragrance would go excellent with a cotten linen crepe suit.
17th June, 2015
Here we are in front of a concept of perfumery. Perhaps many people do not understand what I mean to say, but surely if the reader had the ability to use his nose as his ears he would understand this mystery.

There is a perfume, Eau Dynamisante (1987), whose Nose has created without any market scheme, and this one is a great work of Jacques Courtin.

Currently I can consider this scent more creative than 90% of Niche fragrances.

This fragrance introduces a new concept of unisex elegance! Magnificent, considering when it was launched, a link between past and future.
If this perfume were music it would play as the Elegy of Rachmaninov!

Using the same elegance accord after 7 years we have another masterpiece, L'Eau D'Issey pour Homme (1994) whose Nose, Jacques Cavallier, created with Japanese citron and mandarin playing with geranium and vetiver.

There are three ingredients really interesting, the ones which give originality to this perfume: cinnamon, verbena and sandalwood!

The character of this fragrance is certainly less pompous than the Clarins one, abandoning all connections with the past giving up the power of flowers.

If this fragrance were music would be a topic of Turandot by Giacomo Puccini shooting from Elegy of Rachmaninov.

Now we have a perfume by Hermes, ten years later! In this one we have only elegance without originality,Terre d'Hermès (2006). Here Jean-Claude Ellena used grapefruit and orange playing with geranium and vetiver.

There are three ingredients really interesting which trivialize this perfume: pepper, patchouli and benzoin.

If this perfume were music? It would be a child who is learning to play!

This reviewer may have conflicts of interest

07th June, 2015