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Neutral Reviews of L'Eau par Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo

Total Reviews: 24
Resembles fragrances by Gendarme and the Clean series, which I love, as well as Givenchy Insense Ultramarine: Fresh, watery and soapy, though it just doesn't last too long on me.

Probably would require a second layer of application, but that’d risk it becoming too loud and cloying to me and others. Wouldn’t be the first or second such scent I’d wear if I’d owned it, but a nice one overall.
17th March, 2017
Arguably, almost all of Kenzo's perfumes end up on the synthetic end of the olfactive spectrum. I would guess that for most of them though, the synthetic side is a calculated formula rather than using ultra-cheap ingredients or simply not giving a damn about the scent itself.
Unfortunately, L'eau Par Kenzo seems to have grasped the deep end of the synthetic stick, resulting in a cheap shower of Calone and musty aquatic cliche's.
Starts with a tart and watery combo of minty yuzu, which after around 20 minutes fades into a calone-rich aura of cheap musks and indistinct chemicals.
I wouldn't say it's horrible though. I got a fair amount of compliments when I used it in hot weather and it never smelled cloying to the point of becoming a burden but I could have gladly spent a whole lot less on a lemon scented soap and smelled more or less the same.
One of the more casual and hit-and-miss offerings of the Kenzo house. Judging by this, I wouldn't personally touch its flankers with a ten foot pole.

Longevity: ~1 hours
Sillage: Moderate at first but fades VERY quickly to skin scent after the initial moments.
01st August, 2016 (last edited: 13th September, 2016)
What a strange fragrance.

Sniffing L'Eau par Kenzo from the bottle without application, it smells like pure lemon juice.

Once it's on the skin it opens with lemon juice mixed with equal parts soda water; airy lemon. It doesn't surprise me that a lot of people think "cleaning product", but I find it pleasant and see it as fitting nicely with the "summer sport" cologne vibe that I assumed L'EK was going for.

After a minute or so the lemon-water becomes a minty-water with a nice lemon peel undertone. The mint is enjoyable, but quickly the water and lemon notes dissipate while the green note emerges and ramps up.

The green note is okay, like taking a leaf and cutting it in two. It works with the mint and makes me think of Lacoste Essential if it contained mint...

Eventually synthetic plastic notes start to take over the green-mint. It's unpleasant and doesn't match up at all with L'EK's opening.

The killer for L'EK is what happens next.

After about an hour, L'EK becomes a women's perfume. Some reviewers have compared the smell to lightly perfumed sanitary products, but in my mind it is vanilla and cookies.

Why on Earth Cresp decided to turn a pleasant, fresh citrus into a gourmand fragrance boggles my mind, but there it is. Vanilla and cookies- in what could have been a wearable summer/ sports fragrance for men.

I may give L'EK2 a chance, but I'm not holding out any hopes for it after this one.

Edit: I've been giving it a fair chance, and have decided that the early/middle notes last long enough that I can give this one a Neutral. Green and minty, it's a shame that the vanilla comes in at the end.
18th January, 2014 (last edited: 12th February, 2014)
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Received a sample thanks to a fellow basenoter. This aquatic citrus frag is perfect for the summer. Don't let the mildness of this one fool ya. It can be cloying if oversparyed. Overall, a nice frag which mildly comes at ya with a nice mint and green vibe.
13th May, 2013
L'Eau par Kenzo pour Homme is like a bomb. Upon initial spray, once is treated with a blast of minty ice cool freshness. It reminds me of menthol toothpaste, wherein after brushing, your teeth feels clean and fresh. That is how I felt when I wore this today. However, sad to say that the icy freshness last only for a short while. After 1 - 2 hours you cannot smell anything anymore, but that short blast lingered in my mind for awhile as I recall the cool feeling it brought me at first.
26th October, 2012
It started off with a strong citrus notes which I love it very much. After 30mins, the fragrance is so light u cant smell it anymore.
14th September, 2012
Not more to add further the other reviews, at the opening the aroma is "lemonated" and a bit energizing by the mint note, than goes down smooth and musky without losing the citrusy temperament. The lemon is not acid or harsh but fluidy and delicate, though fresh, as an oriental kind of lemonated and spicy tea. The scent is aquatic but in an oriental (in the sense of "conceptually easter-asiatic") way. The synthetic kind of invigorating tea is mentholated and medially sweet because of some floral aquatic note. Longevity is in the average. A bit modest.
11th March, 2011 (last edited: 18th January, 2014)
beautiful bottle, nice aquatic, sweet and lemony scent. i love it every time i give it a sniff, though on me it's just a little too linear and, eventually, boring.
27th June, 2009
I'm on my 3rd day of sampling this.Reminds me of clinique happy for men, but a little lighter and more orange.

Anyways, it starts off very light and refreshing. I get a hit of orange. Think of your hands after you peel an orange and get juice over your hands and just wiped it off. That same smell lingers. However, linger is all it does. After an hour at most the scent is gone.

As with most light citrus scents longevity is pretty poor. Try it on your own skin first before buying.
11th March, 2009
This is a very light-weight citrus aquatic. It is pleasant and very easy to wear casually, but that's about it. There isn't an edge or punch in this that will wow. If one is looking for a scent for freshening up after sports, this will work perfectly, apart from that, I don't see myself ever using this on any other occasion.
20th September, 2008 (last edited: 25th July, 2009)
Lots of people mention lemons, I get oranges, with a little peel. Then it gets bitter (still sweet) over time and fainter. Its linear, does not change much. Hot days are incomplete without this.
27th July, 2008
Lemonaded perfume. Too tart and needs little sugar added but some people don't like sweetness. Either way, it's still a good scent.
19th June, 2008 (last edited: 23rd June, 2008)
On paper, and for the first few minutes on skin, this smells extremely refreshing like freshly squeezed lemon juice. No, not pure juice, rather lemon water. No rind in sight. Briefly, I wanted to own it to bathe in it on hot days. Sadly, after those few minutes all the lemon freshness is gone and it smells vaguely and faintly like some kind of perfumed sanitary product...
21st May, 2008
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Gourmet Pool Chlorine.
15th November, 2007
Starts off with a really wonderful citrus accord, but somehow ends roughly (maybe it’s just me). I wish it ended just as well as it started! It’s one thing knowing how to take off…it’s another thing knowing how to land the sucker!
06th June, 2007
Really great fragrance, but it does not last long.approximately 2 hours, then you can not smell it again.
09th March, 2007
well..i love the Yuzu is delicious actually, this perfume had already in my hand just now, an hour before i write this comment, and the first time i smell it..the first time i melt on it!!
30th January, 2007
Nice frangrance but not masculine.Lemony Yuzu notes and flowers makes o good smeell but I think it is more suitable for girls.
Also not very strong.
07th October, 2006
From spraying to drydown it's steady smell is stable in my nose.
it is proved for me L'Eau Par is the only consedirable perfume by Kenzo.
it's very simple and this simplicity is not bad.
overall it was not surprise for me.
16th September, 2006
I liked it at first but now I am starting to feel that the "candy" sweet accord in the tops is sickening and cloying. I will have to do more testing.
18th April, 2006
Very tough to review for me. I like Acqua di Gio, and I like the smell of this, it's just that the citrus in here seems too strong, the whole thing is somehow out of balance. This and the hint of soapiness in here reminds me too much of dish liquid, and the somewhat low longevity makes this almost a "down"-verdict. The other reviews are overall pretty good, but I would still suggest to check out other aquatics, like maybe Sun Men by Jil Sander, there are a number of fragrances to choose from in this category.
22nd February, 2006
L’Eau par Kenzo comes on with a gentle sweet / sharp citric opening featuring a beautifully refined and clear yuzu and a soft slightly minty green note. It is delicate but quite sweet—a sweetness that fooled me because of the fragrance’s lack of strong notes. The lightness of the fragrance can be misleading. Over spraying can lead to becoming Mr. Cologne Guy just as much as over spraying more notorious fragrances. The fragrance is well constructed: The water pepper provides a water note and there are ozonic notes—more ozonics than watery notes, I would say, and those ozonics are kept from the all-too-common synthetic ambiance. The green notes are too sweet and unsharp for my taste, I would rather have some of that inherent bitterness that comes from leaves and stems. Until a half hour after application, the notes project a slight feminine feel because of the extra sweetness IMO. The dry down is green / aquatic combined with white musk. The dry down, too, continues the soft ambiance and lasts longer on my skin than many white musk accords that I’ve worn. The longevity is good for a citrus fragrance. L’Eau par Kenzo is a tiny bit Zen; it is genteel and calming. It works for hot summer days, but don’t let its seeming mildness fool you: it can cloy if too much is sprayed. (Edit of 28 October 2005 review. Changed from a thumb's up.)
28th October, 2005 (last edited: 31st October, 2009)
An aquatic scent that is different from all the other aquatics which are uninspired mishmashes of various citrus and aquatic notes. L'eau par Kenzo has titrated doses of citrus, fruitiness and aquatic notes to be the best of its kind.
14th December, 2004 (last edited: 29th September, 2005)
Fresh, but soapy and doesn't last too long. I don't know if the lady's would go for it, IMO.
03rd December, 2004