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Weird, yes there is an oregano note in there, and boy is it prominent. It sorta puts me off but at the same time the other notes in there add this great green energy that attracts me. I don't know what the other green or herbal notes are but it is herbal and green for sure.

If you wear it and let it mature or evolve you will probably love it or hate it. I guess it could go either way as in casual or formal event. I got the miniature sized bottle and am not sure if I would purchase another one when it's done but I do like it enough to encourage others to try it.

If you're wondering if it may fall into the citrus, floral, woody or leather I'm gonna tell you it is none of those. Just green, chypre-type.
17th September, 2014
Cutting Green VS Pure Oakmoss.


Lemon. Bergamot. Lavandin. Petitgrain Paraguay. Thyme. Mint.

Rosewood. Sage. Nutmeg.

Labdanum. Oakmoss. Cedar. Patchouly. Musk. Sandalwood. Incense. Tonka. Fir Balsam.

This is the remasterized version of the first 1982s fragrance of Lancetti which was actually more 70s style.. a sort of rose metallic version of yatagan. Than this is a sort of vademecum of three decades of male fragrance. Definitely a wonderful classic with no age and some pungent herbal accents of the 70s, some watery sugary notes of the nineties, made it a great futuristic classic of the middle 80s. By "we meet halfway" i suppose. I love it. One of my favourites. Remind me Enrico Coveri pour homme (1984) and Fougere Royale (version 2010) by Houbigant.

Pros: A Dry Classic.
Cons: A Bit Monsieur.

15th June, 2013
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United States
This starts off smelling very herbal/green, almost like oregano (think pizza), with a minor citrus element. A slight soapiness develops, so perhaps there's some lavender in here, but that then blends into the drydown, which is a softer version of the opening. There may be some wood and moss, but it's mostly a dry herbal fragrance. It's not sweet, floral, spicy, or aquatic (apparently, this was released in 1995). I don't detect any patchouli, leather, or tobacco. Some mind find it slightly powdery. The closest fragrance to this one that I've tried is Baime, but this doesn't have the fruit notes of Baime, and is a softer blend. It seems like few people like these fragrances, but LM is for the aficionado who wants a dry fragrance where herbs are the star of the show. Longevity is very good and projection ("sillage") is just right, IMO.
09th June, 2012
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United States
A rather dry, green, slightly astringent masculine chypre with herbal and spicy notes predominant in the first phase. The development progresses to a woody-spicy vibe with overtones of muscatel wine. The drydown is mostly woods and musks, with coumarin and incense for added interest. Not too easy to find these days. It has decent projection and quite good longevity on my skin. It’s just a tad too bitter to seem elegant to my taste, but quite a well-constructed and interesting scent in its own right. I would say it’s not quite a gem, but rather perhaps a baroque pearl: lustrous, but slightly farouche and irregular — in a good way, of course...
29th January, 2011
Reminds me strongly of Boucheron pour homme, but softer.
Take Boucheron, tone it down, remove some floral and add some spices, et voilà!
25th October, 2010
This is one of the very best of the Lancetti Line, for men. Unfortunately, it's been cancelled. But you can still find it on line now and again. This is a wonderful woody, tabacco, warm fragrance that has great staying power and is never overwhelming. This one is worth a try. Joshaugustt
07th February, 2006