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Negative Reviews of Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

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Not getting any fruit in Lapidus pH. It's all powdery rose and patchouli. Similar to Kouros, so if you're a fan, try this.

Impressive performance. Projects and lasts all day.
31st October, 2017
Loud, proud, and definitely old-school.

A time portal back into the days when powerhouse men’s fougere colognes were quite common. Teeming with sweet spice and floral notes, screaming for your attention at the local discotheque!!

Too dated and loud for me.
02nd May, 2017
This is another one of those back in the day frags I wore when I didn't know better. But This stuff is strong and cloying. The longevity is a beast. Too bad the scent isn't!
28th September, 2012
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Every so often, I try a fragrance that is completely incompatible That would aptly describe LpH. I blind-bought it based on BN reviews, and I regret it. From the first spray I knew. There was no gray area. I find it to be repulsive and synthetic. It may be the worst fragrance I have ever bought. I now know that I despise pineapple-based fragrances.
01st January, 2012
This is jarring. I have made several attempts to try and get this fragrance. But no avail. I bought this blind after reading positive reviews and tenacity of this fragrance on the skin. I get rose flavored tobacco along the lines of the olfactory mayhem. That illusion makes me momentarily happy. But apart from that, this is absolutely unwearable. This remains the only power house fragrance which I positively dislike. (I like Salvador Dali PH too) Having said that, I can imagine some people may like this for novelty reasons. It is not a stinker but VERY VERY VERY heady. Aroma is not the word that comes to mind when thinking of Lapidus. Instead, the most perfect word is ASSAULT.

My final words: Blind buyers beware. Sample this first. Seriously!
20th March, 2011
This is awful. This was a blind buy as it is cheap. I tried it several times to no avail. This is a true stinker!
26th September, 2010
Wow-eeee! If I was the target of a home invasion and all I had for defense was my fragrance collection, THIS would be my weapon of choice. Only the most criminally deranged could take three blasts and stay conscious.

Imagine the mutant hybrid of Joop! and Kouros. To call it strange, penetrating, and disturbingly persistent is an understatement. Even if you like the fragrance, a tiny amount seems to radiate forever, so handle this one with extreme care or you will be sorry.
14th January, 2010
The fruity notes in this are really cloying. It has a loud cheap overbearing presence. It smells like an old lady's fragrance; really musty and stale I really regret this purchase.
16th May, 2009
I can not believe that pineapple exists in this fragrance- where? First the bottle design looks like something off a Klingon spaceship set. The scent in itself is just as weird it like all those notes are blending together to create some kind of scent I just can't describe - I do think patchouli is in there trying to fight for the foreground..poor pineapple is lost in the vortex.

I can see why that this is the only fragrance know to have come from this pefumer Jacques Konckier obviously he changed his name after this creation or was driven by the country foke with burning torches out the land.

All I can say is please use with caution this is a powerhouse from the 80's and could clear a room with it's sillage!
22nd March, 2009
Whenever I've smelled this scent, on anyone, it has always been overbearing! Just being near someone wearing it leaves me with the smell & taste of this wretched cologne for hours. Hideous!
13th March, 2006
One of my first fragrance-habit purchases due to its cheap price. Wore it occassionally for a month or two, then couldn't stand it any longer. Ended up using the vast majority of the bottle as air freshener, a task to which it is more suited than that of a cologne spray. Avoid.
18th October, 2005
I have a sample of it for ages, but never had enough strength to force myself to wear it.
09th December, 2002