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Positive Reviews of Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

I stumbled upon this cheap, yet quality and powerful spice bomb from the eighties by a comment in a thread called: How do you layer?
There was talk there about layering (well, mixing) Aventus with Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford, which was surprisingly nice. Another mixed Aventus with Ted Lapidus Pour Lui, which, according to him was great.
Now: to get to my point: I discovered in this way this gem from the 80's, and noticed it had some notes shared with Aventus.

Aventus fragrance notes:

Top Notes
Blackcurrant, Italian bergamot, French apples, Pineapple
Heart Notes
Rose, Dry birch, Moroccan jasmine, Patchouli
Base notes
Musk, Oak moss, Ambergris, Vanilla

Lapidus pour Homme fragrance notes:

Top Notes
Lemon, Pineapple
Heart Notes
Honey, Rose, Jasmine
Base notes
Sandalwood, Patchouli
You see: Pineapple, Rose, Jasmine and Patchouli they have in common.
So I wanted to mix/layer them, and it works out great.
Just apply Lapidus Pour Homme an hour or more before.
Probably on your hair and chest.
Then, after one hour, apply the Aventus on your arms/wrists/neck maybe.
The work together well.
I also tried using this combo:
-Terre d" Hermes kind as a base note on my chest
-TL Pour Homme as a middle note on my hair
-Aventus as a top note on my arms/wrists/neck
Yes, maybe I am crazy, but sometimes one has to try new things, and maybe, maybe by chance one stumbles onto something.
About TL Pour Homme itself:
Very strong flowery presence at first.
Later, after more than an hour, it is more wearable, and smells nice on you.
27th June, 2015
Allow me to begin this review by saying that Ted Lapidus is the Chuck Norris of masculine fragrances. You don't wear Ted Lapidus. Ted wears you and if you show him some regard, he'll wear you well.

This 1987 release is actually the 2nd incarnation of Lapidus coming approximately a decade after the original. To me, this is a variation of Kouros and Balenciaga, but with a dominant pineapple note that permeates all 3 accords. Even the bottle has similarities.
Lapidus Pour Homme has stratospheric sillage and longevity and opens with a kevlar-like accord of citrus, berry and of course pineapple. This is so dense, you could wear it like a protective vest. It has spice in there as well and tilts slightly green from basil. If you're not expecting this, it will be equivalent to a roundhouse kick to the head, Ted Lapidus style. Ted has standing orders to take no prisoners and those orders come directly from Chuck Norris.

In spite of all this, fear not to wear Ted. Ted only gets really rambunctious when you depress the spray nozzle more than 2 times. You also need to stand back away from the sprayer when applying this volatile brew. When I wear Ted, I have my wife stand on a chair, hold the bottle as high as she can and then spray into the air. I wait 3 seconds and then sprint through the mist. I also have permission from Chuck himself to do this.
The heart accord is so full of heavy hitters that I once heard the mafia tried to use Ted Lapidus to knock off a rival. One of the button men made the mistake of trying it first and woke up 2 days later in I.C.U. There was a vase of flowers and a card there for him from Chuck. They promptly went back to using firearms. It was safer.

The base is just as tough as its opening cronies. There's honey and tobacco, amber and patchouli, tonka and musk, moss, sandal, cedar and Chuck knows what else.

I have no choice but to give a thumbs up for Ted Lapidus because I like my thumbs and need them to do reviews in the future. Someone please send a copy of this to Mr. Norris.
01st March, 2015
I only recently discovered LPH. It has been around all the time I have been wearing fragrances. My nose is not sophisticated enough to dissect the components or make a comparison based upon my encyclopaedic knowledge of fragrance. LPH is what I will call "bluntly masculine" It seems to say "I am masculine, end of conversation" it does not strike me as a complex fragrance, it is classically masculine, but in no way dated. I occasionally pick up the aroma of spent fireworks. If you have ever put on a display for your kids, its up there on the manly scale with teaching the little perishers to swim or ride a bike. There you have it, something for the Dads, gets compliments like nothing else I wear.
14th November, 2014
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One of the most unique scents in my collection. Smells oddly futuristic even though it's getting close to 30 years old. Fruity but still has a brain. The bottle looks like space shuttle debris.
05th May, 2014
23rd April, 2014

Wow after 21 years got it again! and it was again as i remembered ...SOOoooo good!
What a GEM!

This is the 1million of the 80's (sort of)

Im enchanted by its masculine and warm sweet scent.
Its a pleasant smell for others too im confident to say that because i encountered in these past 3 days almost 10 people giving me compliments on my sillage this has never happened to me these days!

As i have to admit im not a sweet scent lover at all im more a green, darkwoody,spicy

powerhouse kind a guy.

It stays on your body like a hug! if you wear it under your clothes sprayed in your chest and armpits, one spritz one you palm for direct sniffing :-)

Think of
A handsome, confident italian man in his 30's driving along the boulevard on his vespa with a red dressed italian bella donna on his backseat she's holding him tight as they ride towards a nice evening full of joy and making nice memories... now imagine what they will leaving as a sillage/trail when you walk past them... i imagine this scent!
Its also feminine in a masculine way (sounds odd but hey this smell is odd)

I got many compliments these days so im truly confident that this Eau de Toilette does a great thing on others too. (maybe my skin chemistry)
If you are fed up with most common frags these days and if you like scents like Kouros,Opium,Jaipur, Givenchy Pi and Ungaro III try this for sure!
Its good price and even better value.

Great projection and sillage especially in first hour.

After that a warmer drydown with cosy scents ending in a beeswax smell.
Not a green scent!
Its oriental meets italian gangsters and bella donna's

Pros: Very opulent sweet and handsome
Cons: Dont overspray"

28th August, 2013
Blind buy after reading plenty of positive feedback on Basenotes. Great fragrance. Reminiscent of Michael Kors for Men and Sung Homme. Spicy pineapple, tons of rose and honey. Projection and longevity are great. A winner in my books, I'm very glad I purchased! I'm turning 30 this year and do not find this scent to be too mature for someone my age or even younger, however, confidence is required to wear this. If you stop wearing a fragrance because someone makes a negative comment then Lapidus pour Homme is not for you.
18th April, 2013
This fragrance needs no introduction but if I had to give it one it would be MASTERPIECE. All fragrances wish they had the cahoona's of Lapidus Pour Homme.
10+ Projection 10+ Longevity 10+ Overall scent. I'm not kidding it's that good. Now I have to say this is a type of fragrance that grows on you. When I first tested it I was not a huge fan but the more you wear it the more you fall in love with it. It's like going on a first date. At first your checking things out seeing if you really like that person and not quite sure yet but the initial date got you interested in one more then that one more turns into 11 more and then before you know it your walking down the isle. You get the picture. If you tried this once and didn't like it give it acouple more tries cause I believe you will fall in love with it.
10th March, 2013
I just cannot imagine the very existence of a perfume lover (not to mention a collector) who does not appreciate that gem! A truly classic!
Pineapple on top, honey and patchouli for the rest of your day. The 80s gave us good rock music, a happy end in the Cold War and... another very precious juice, nowadays at a ridicolous price! Enjoy with no efforts on the trigger: three shots - neck/left side, chest and wrist - will certainly signal your presence everywhere. (And SHE will smile at you!)
A must have & must try. Overall, a genuine 8,5/10
18th January, 2013
I own the 1987 vintage as well as the new reformulated one. IMO the '87 version is more complex and smells more traditional 80's. If you're a big fan then get the vintage because you will notice the difference straight away. The smell of Lapidus is potent it's full of vibe, character and excitement - that's the kind of positive feedback i normally get from the opposite sex.
01st August, 2012 (last edited: 02nd August, 2012)
Luxorious and lovely fragrance. Honey, patchouli and spices. There's a bit of a "Kouros" note in there too. Lasts ages and sillage is awesome. A classic!
27th February, 2012
Hi there guys. Grandpa is here!
I'm going to die soon and I'm going to give my fragrance formula to you! lol
Just kidding!
This is a very good classic fragrance.
The box and the bottle are completely normal and there is nothing special about them.
The price is very good and cheap. But does it smell cheap too?
Start with strong notes of citrus and patchouli and a bit of pineapple that make it a little sweet.
Dry down appears about an hour later. The citrus is gone, patchouli is much weaker and pineapple and great jasmine and rose dominate here. It's a very good scent. Because of pineapple it's sweet but not too much!
Projection?! Like a nuclear bomb!
Longevity?! Until the end of the world and great battle of Armageddon!
This is a very good fragrance guys. There is nothing ground breaking here but it's a great classic fragrance and I like it.
09th November, 2011
Ladies and gentlemen: the 1980’s. In full effect.

This I would like to call budget avant-garde. Lapidus Pour Homme sure is weird. First of all the opening: it has been suggested this is akin to opening a can of pineapple slices. Not so dramatic or crude. No doubt it is fruity but it is more about an idea of fruit. Also I would call Lapidus Pour Homme metallic at times, but not the grating metallic-amber vibe that 90% of current scents seem to push in everybody’s face but a damp metal overgrown with moss. Disgusting? Not so, since it’s counterbalanced by a very pleasing sweetness.

Lapidus Pour Homme is super strong and the atomizer sprays a large amount resulting in true sillage. The “just one spray for me” crowd will faint just by being in the same room as a bottle of Lapidus Pour Homme. This is the quintessential powerhouse: extravert, adventurous and complex. Perfect for occasions when you want radiate a certain stylish, slightly vulgar “I don’t care” attitude. And because Ted Lapidus never has been a flashy house, specializing in well-made affordable scents, they never had to reformulate/weaken it. Consequently Lapidus Pour Homme remains a monument to this extravagant and brilliant period of male fragrance.
07th April, 2011
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I do not get the pineapple opening at all, a fruity opening yes, but pineapple?, no way.
The pyramid here is obvioously incomplete, right at the opening the bitter herbal artemisia makes a strong appearance that lasts all the way to the heart, not as strong as the artemisia in Sashka Black, but probably the second strongest artemisia perfume in my book, and artemisia been my favorite note, I do not complain. Hints of patchouli are detected at the opening and it becomes stronger and stronger as the perfume develops.
At the heart, pine comes to the forefront, pine and artemisia would knock your socks off, but it is masterly balanced with a strong, sweet honey note wonderfully escorted by flowery rose, jasmine and lilly of the valley and a more agressive patchouli. At drydown it becomes powdery and woodier and definitely a patchouli dominated fragrance.
This is IMO a herbal/grassy scent in which artemisia gets it going, pine plays a nice supporting role, and patchouli does the grand finale going from a fruity opening to a sweet floral heart to end in a sweet woody drydown (sandalwood, cedar, oakmoss sweetened with amber, musk and coumarin) with a dominant patchouli note beautifully backed by tobacco flower.
If this is not a masterpiece, I do not know what a masterpiece is. It is perfectly balanced perfume, it is a play in the herbaceous theme accompanied by a symphony of notes that keeps changing throughout the whole composition.
I do not have enough thumbs to give credit to this beauty, so 2 thumbs up is all it gets.
20th March, 2011
Fragrance very well done, very masculine. One of the best entries among the fragrance I tested. On the effervescent entry I can feel perfectly pineapple. After a few minutes the fragrance begins to show his more masculine and sensual, like a scented pheromones adding for your aura. Excellent value for money. Great sillage and longevity.
12th February, 2011
MOONB Show all reviews
United States
Budget fragrances of 2011 are generally crumby. You've got your Cool Water flankers, your Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B. celeb nothings, your Claiborne disasters, your latest Curve in the road, all synthetic-smelling, aquatic, chemical florals and musks. We can't do cheapies with any dignity these days.

It seems that back in the '80s, even lower-shelf offerings had quality, character, and panache. Take Lapidus pour Homme, for instance. From 1987, this fragrance can be had for $12 online, and back in the day wasn't all that pricey, either. Today it's not only a cheapie, but it's out of style and almost entirely forgotten by men of a certain age. Which is a shame, because it's a masterpiece of perfumery.

Lapidus opens with a smooth but forceful burst of sugary pineapple and not much else. It's an opening I've never encountered before, and what is surprising here isn't just the choice of fruit, but how realistic it smells. It doesn't have a chemical opacity to it. Instead, it feels like I opened a can of Mott's pineapple juice and splashed it on my chest. It is transparent, light, and sweet. It settles on skin with a hint of lemon/orange, and seems to recede for a few minutes before letting the heart open up. Once the top subsides, the honey, backed by a not-so-subtle incense and rose, emerges with startling clarity. The pineapple never actually disappears, but hangs on in the periphery, complimenting the darkness of the honey and rose. Gradually, the rose becomes stronger, and is edged by a deep, spiced jasmine that reaches a breathtaking apex, and Lapidus is suddenly a full-fledged floral, albeit a very masculine one. Note separation is effortless here; for a downmarket offering, Lapidus never lets me forget that it's a Parisian perfume with a solid track record. I get each note with ease. Yet the fragrance as a whole maintains a congruence and beauty that I have yet to see in many pricier perfumes.

After a couple hours, Lapidus brightens - the hints of clove, the darkness of the honey, and the dankness of the rose grow lighter and airier, becoming a bit soapy and free. The sweetness, initially introduced by pineapple, continues, and cements this particular fragrance as categorically sweet in its entire evolution. I can't help but feel similarities to Kouros here, but without the civet, and with a patchouli and rose heart. Both Kouros and Lapidus share a honey accord, although in the former the sweetness brings darkness, while in the latter it offers levity. To anyone who believes that price is directly correlative to quality, let Lapidus stand as a conscientious objector - it is brilliantly conceived and executed, utterly wearable, and truly invaluable to any perfume lover's collection.
29th January, 2011
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United States
One spray to the chest and the panther was uncaged, hissing, running around the room and almost unrecognizably frenzied. This lasted for over an hour. I thought I might have to call Animal Services for a tranquilizer dart.

Eventually this beast brought down its heart rate and I could see its form more clearly. The only fragrance that I even remotely think of when wearing this is JPG Fleur Du Male and only in the powdery floral commonality. Lapidus is a powerhouse without peer for sure and a very weird one at that. Those niche lovers who prefer the uniqueness and avant-garde possibilities in fragrance would do well to check this out. This is a love-or-hate scent, and for the first hour I can understand both sides of the aisle. Several hours in, though, and this turns into a masculine masterpiece.

If you are tired of weak, thin and transparent designer fragrances and are searching for strip-the-chrome-from-a-trailer-hitch power and sillage, beat a quick path to Lapidus Pour Homme. Just don't leave the house for an hour and you'll be fine.
14th October, 2010
I went to shop to buy a perfume and the shopkeeper showed me this..I liked it but the price was quite cheap and I was worried about how long it would last. The shopkeeper told me to trust him and go for it. I also thought to give it a try. After five hours I entered a room and a beautiful lady asked me what did put on because it smells really nice.
I loving it too. I was shocked to find that it stays more than 24 hours on clothes.
18th September, 2010 (last edited: 19th September, 2010)
My brother gave me his bottle back in '95 along w/ Balenciaga pour homme. I couldn't tell the 2 apart by smell. I will buy again. Go easy on the stuff or you'll clear the room.
11th May, 2010
Agree with the Gentlemen who said strong opening. The drydown is unreal, very powerfull and faceted. Best frangrance for a cold day. Best frangrance for smokers.Lasting-power is about 5 hours on my skin, 24 hours on clothes.
18th March, 2010
Sweet and fruity (...pineapple? OK, I'll go along with that) opening salvo that quickly gives way to strong chypre notes and a wonderfully lasting and potent patchouli and moss drydown. The really nice thing about LpH is the lingering sweetness of the opening blast that remains well past the point in other fragrances when top- and middle-notes have faded to memory. I can't stop smelling my wrist, even five hours after moderate application. Great endurance and sillage.
15th March, 2010
lapidus pour homme is a good & lasting scent. it's a strong fresh off the shower scent so it's best to use it in moderation. otherwise, you & your companion will get a headache.
10th January, 2010
LpH has the strongest opening of all the scents I ever tried in my life, to such a point that I felt upon application that I doused in it unvoluntarily, with the added disgrace that I find the inital notes offputting. Of course, the first time I tried it I simply rejected it without much ado, but retrial made me discover a unique scent in this era of raquitic, squalid and characterless scents.

Top notes are descirbed as pinapple. Albeit listed in the pyramid, I cannot identify these first accords with this note, unless we are dealing with a very sharp, synthetic kind of aromachemical resembling it: to my nose, this feels like a mixture between aniseed and lemon. From then on, it evolves in a flowery way along the top notes, these playing the role of a leitmotiv - jasmine and roses accords are clearly perceptible, soothing LpH's initial boldness and turning it into a scent along the lines of classical accords I found in what used to be femenine scents dating from mid XX century. As a point in case, I recall analogies in this sense betwee TLpH, YSL's Kouros and Balenciaga pour Homme: even thought present time masculines, there are flowery notes mixed with animalic accords I had the chance of identifying in some women's forgotten classics - to be more precise, Schiaparelli's Shocking and Pucci's Vivara.

Of course, for many this would mean Ted Lapidus is dated and "old - lady" like. Not for me, I enjoy this boldness and complexity, so rare to find among contemporary designer and drugstores scents. So, if unsure about this one, play safely: test before buying, not once, but many times.
14th December, 2009
Wow! This is good stuff, if you like rose and patchouli and honey that is. It reminds me of Acteur from Azzaro though they are not similar at all: they both transport me to India almost instantly. What it is similar to is Calvin by Calvin Klein, another awesome oldie though pricey and hard to find. Calvin is decidedly cleaner and a bit blue, while Lapidus is red, dark red. Lapidus is very strong, manly and deep, perfect for a winter fragrance thats different from the usual fall/winter spice and pine sort.

If you are into sillage and presence, and want something somewhat unique considering current offerings, Lapidus is your frag. The price is very attractive as well.
17th October, 2009
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
The saying that one should never judge a book by its cover applies equally to fragrances: never judge a perfume by its top notes. If I were to judge every scent by its opening accord, I'd be missing out on gems like Lapidus Pour Homme - the somewhat annoying and misplaced pineapple note in the opening of LPH does not prepare you for the macho Powerhouse Assault that comes later on. If your experience in the world of fragrance is limited mainly to what has been popular for the past ten or fifteen years, Lapidus Pour Homme is going to smell like it's from the planet Saturn. This one is different for sure.

First off, this is superstrong, with sillage and longevity possibly exceeding Kouros'. Though I love this scent, this could be a hard one to wear as a signature scent. You'd have olfactory fatigue all the time if you did.

Most importantly, LpH just smells strange, mysterious, dark and dusky. Chypres typically have a mossy, green-smelling base, but LpH is no typical chypre. Sure, it has a green, mossy base, but this base is a cold, dark green moss, with plenty of earthy patchouli and what smells like dark leather to make the whole effect even duskier. The whole feel of this fragrance is stark, brooding and earthy. I found this fragrance absolutely fascinating.

I give Lapidus Pour Homme two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

MY RATING: 8.5/10

09th September, 2009 (last edited: 08th July, 2010)
I'm so glad that I finally mustered up the courage to order a sample of this. I am delighted to have sampled it, and I'm planning to get a bottle soon. This fragrance is absolutely enchanting! From my first sniff from the edge of the sample vial lip, I knew I was going to like this fragrance. The pineapple and lemon are immediately recognizable in the opening. If you are not experiencing this, then you're missing a big part of the scent's presentation; I strongly urge you to sniff again! But despite the pineapple and lemon, you can also smell the underlying warmth of flowers with a certain sweetness - the honey! What a beautiful note to add to a fragrance when used judiciously. Its such a familiar and natural way to add sweetness without being synthetic or unimaginative like adding vanilla. Finally, it dries down to a deep, damp, woody base of patchouli and sandalwood. I read that one must love patchouli to enjoy this fragrance. Well, I didn't know that I love patchouli but I guess I do now! This dry-down gives the fragrance an air of sophistication and prestige that relegates it to those instances when you want to walk around like you own the place. This fragrance makes me feel like I'm destined for royalty!!! I love it!
26th August, 2009
I've tried two Ted Lapidus fragrances, this and "Ted". Ted is still my favorite everyday fragrance. I'm a younger guy and like the lighter sweeter scents more than the typical 80's strong manly ones. Lapidus was a blind purchace, and at first I was pretty dissapointed. I saw the top notes of Lime and Pineapple and was hoping they would be more prevalent. As soon as I sprayed it I thought "I'll never wear this". It smelt too strong and spicy, and I didn't picture anyone else liking it. But I've worn it to work for a week now, and I got a bunch of compliments from some girls and a couple of ladies saying they liked it which was great. since then (a week ago) I started really liking the smell myself, maybe I just got used to it or the strong start, but either way I like it a lot now. It smells great after an hour or so. It has decent lasting power too. This has got me interested in trying out some more "classic" mens 80's frags. I probably won't buy this again, it's nice, but I'd rather try some other fragrances in this style. if I find nothing similar to be better I'd come back to this though
30th June, 2009
dreese Show all reviews
United States
Very big and loud frag with many elements present at the same time. There seems to be more going on in this than is listed in the notes. The overall mix is a different take on men's scents; a strong mix of old-fashioned masculine sandalwood and leather trying to burst out of a very large garden. Prominent notes seem to balance between lemon/pineapple and sandalwood/leather. Difficult scent to pull off; I think the determining factor in whether this scent works for someone lies in how it mixes with one's body chemistry. Received both compliments and wrinkled noses in response to wearing it.
03rd June, 2009

A powerhouse 80s frag that wows me over. Having read all the reviews, I expected this one to be loud, obnoxious and overbearing. Yes, it's loud especially in the complex opening but it turns out to be an outstanding and timeless scent, and never overbearing like a lots of 80s frags tend to be. This one puts many, many recent men releases into shame.
25th February, 2009
Fruity and spicy in the opening. I like this up front. Outstanding complex: the honey and rose heart notes smooths everything down but the other notes just want to come out and play especially the patchouli. I'd wear this during the spring.
29th June, 2008