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Boozy. More specifically, fruit boozy... plum boozy.

I much prefer over similars Nicole Miller & Carlos Santana (apple boozy), Michael (tobac boozy) all 'for men'. It edges out Frank #2 too, with its ambery as opposed to frank's woody drydown -- otherwise, these two share a whole lotta overlap in the open and heart.

Top hat & tails? The old stuff perhaps, but my re-intro'd silver-capped 100ml bottle doesn't come off as outdated, in contrast with that style of dress and the term 'dandy'.

Nevertheless it's a lark fragrance I'm glad to have found.
18th October, 2017
Tony T Show all reviews
United States

I have the edt version. 50 bucks for 3.4 oz!! anyway it's similar to Casran by Chopard..

A nice quiet plum/rum accord that lingers but does not make a splash..

Very toned down and gentlemen like..

Can be a signature scent and worn year round..

A great comfort scent as well..

Pros: I got a great price
Cons: A bit subtle"

13th September, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The vintage version:
A heady boozy and fruity top notes that soon is complemented with a spicy, mildly woody drydown with an increasing vanilla component. The booziness is scotch-based and surprisingly un-synthetic. A rich, heavy and slightly sweet composition with an unexpectedly poor longevity of two hours on my skin; otherwise nice.
26th April, 2013
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drseid Show all reviews
United States
Le Dandy (edp) opens with a somewhat sweet fruity mixture of plum and peach mixing with an alcoholic champagne-like accord to create what amounts to the smell of a delicious champagne laced fruit punch, complete with fresh fruit slices and peach sherbert on top. The top notes remain into the heart of the scent, combining with traces of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove spice with the fruit still taking the fore using the spice as subtle support now joined by an almost soapy accord. Base notes of sweet sandalwood, patchouli and tonka bean add further sweetness to the already sweet fruity concoction. Projection is minimal and longevity is excellent.

Le Dandy (edp) is a nice mixture of fruit spiked alcohol, mild spice, and tonka laced super-sweet sandalwood. The almost shampoo-like soapy undertone in the scent's heart is most likely a remnant of the alcoholic accord and it is a bit weird smelling, so I could see it turning some folks off, but I kind of find it interesting. One other word of caution is the high level of sweetness from start to finish can get a bit cloying if you are not too careful, so I recommend going easy on the trigger. If applied in the right amount I think Le Dandy can impress, especially if you enjoy really sweet scents. I can't really say it is ground breaking or stunningly wonderful smelling, but it is definitely a cut above the norm and earns a "good" to "very good" rating of 3 to 3.5 stars out of 5.
23rd September, 2012
It opens with a peach schnapps accord and gets sweet with pineapple also coming into the boozy mix. These fruit accords mix in with the rum and whisky to give a alcoholic punch smell on the skin. After a while I can smell a plum note coming to the forefront. A complex scent.

After the topnotes subside I can smell a hint of ginger with woods and cinnamon while retaining the smell of plum on your skin. As we move into the basenotes I'm picking up a spicy sweet tobacco adding to the boatload of notes.

This smells nice and anyone who loves fruity boozy spicy fragrances should check this one out. Though for me it feels like something you would drink rather than wear as I find it a bit over the top. If it was toned down it would be more to my taste. Nice complex smell though.
04th August, 2012
I am sampling a vintage version in a small curvy bottle. Arrggguuhhh. So beautiful! I am partial to this kind of thing, perfumes that are rich, deep, spicy and made with a high portion of authentic ingredients. So this has none of the headache inducing shrill chemical effect of releases of the last 10 years. It doesn't smell like an impression of shampoo, ozone, fruit and whatever. This smells like a understated cherry tobacco (but dark, not sweet) and liquor cabinet. There is a thin dangerous surface of something else as well. Ginger-aldehydes? The impression is intoxicating rather than sombre.
Guys....not sure if many of you would want this. I'm a girl and I love it on me. It would hold me utterly enthralled on your skin though. But as I've mentioned, I like that kind of thing.
27th June, 2012
ive never smelled the old formulation of this' so have nothing to compare it to which might be a good thing. i initially didnt like this scent but having revisited it several weeks later i now find it very pleasant indeed.the more i wear it , the more i like it . it lasts 5-6 hours on me ( better than most creeds) .my skin normally eats scents so i aint complaining about the longevity. thumbs up
12th September, 2011 (last edited: 15th December, 2011)
Le Dandy may not be the equivalent of a fine single malt whisky like Laphroaig or Lagaluvin, but once in a while I will settle for a decent blend. D’Orsay are no longer the purveyors of the finest fragrances, but they can still produce something of reasonable quality. Boozy, smoky and spiced, it might well smell like a night out on the better side of town, but it makes for a very effective autumnal staple.

Sometimes, I just want to reach, apply and forget.
08th April, 2011 (last edited: 09th April, 2011)
D'Orsay Le Dandy

The metrosexual of the turn of the 17th century was called a Dandy and we have come a long way in the two hundred or so years since that term was popular. Although I imagine two hundred years from now we'll be snickering at metrosexual, too. What both terms are trying to describe are a man of the times current in all things from fashion to politics. Smack dab in the middle, somewhere in the early 1920's, Le Dandy was released by Parfums D'Orsay. In 1998 Dominic Preysass updated Le Dandy and it was re-released. With that update Le Dandy had the opportunity to find its 21st century constituency. Back in the times when the term Dandy was used it was meant to convey a man aspiring to aristocratic values, the same can be said of Le Dandy as the dominant notes give off the sense of a smoking parlor and the men conversing after dinner in those long ago times. The top is dominated with a boozy accord that the note list calls whisky but it comes off more cognac-like to my nose. This is paired with a great anise note that really complements the liquor accord. Tobacco makes its appearance next as this scent lights up its metaphorical after-dinner cigars. The heart is a beautiful mix of spices with ginger being the most predominant of the mix. Ginger is an excellent choice as it carries some sweet and strengthens the sweet present in the tobacco. The base is a mix of woods for which I get some sandalwood and cedar, mostly. Again it is the use of the slightly sweet woods which delicately finish this off in grand style. I haven't had the opportunity to try the original vintage version but M. Preysass has created a scent that would make an 18th century Dandy or this 21st century Metrosexual happy to wear.
19th July, 2009
All historically-incorrect information aside, Le Dandy EDT (the reformulation) is a very elegant, crisp fragrance. It is an EDT but has excellent sillage. The ginger note stands out and mingles well with the deeper tobacco and cognac. This fragrance is not for the shy; it is brazen but not obnoxiously so. It is indeed like a Georgian or early Victorian dandy: opulent, elegant, inviting attention and admiration. It is suitable for both men and women, although marketed as a men's scent. (I understand the original formulation in the 1920s was taken up by "flappers" of the time.)

The name of this scent comes as no surprise for the original launch of the fragrance to promote the company's adopted namesake of Count d'Orsay, whom the company made out to be a parfumeur in a clever marketing campaign. In actuality, the company was formed in 1908 by partners Siegfried, Berg, Fink and Van Dyck. (For more history, see Nigel Groom's, "The Perfume Handbook," second edition, and Ken Leach's "Perfume Presentations.")

I would categorise this scent as unique and unlike much of what is in production.

EDIT: The EDP version of Le Dandy was released in 2010 and has less crispness and sillage. The scent is essentially the same but the oakmoss has been removed.
10th June, 2009 (last edited: 28th March, 2011)
JDBIII Show all reviews
United States
I recently purchased a small vintage bottle of Le Dandy. it looks like it might be from the 40s or 50s. I didn't hold out much hope for the liquid inside, but it turned out to be wonderful. At first, I thought it smelled feminine; not like today's feminines, rich and seductive, lush and secretive. But that was just the beginning. I could not stop sniffing myself. The drydown was even better than the beginning. It lasted about six hours on my skin but much longer on my hair and clothing. Now I am afraid to buy a modern bottle of the stuff; I can't imagine it would be this good after the reformulations.
23rd February, 2009
I am a real sucker for strong, sweet and sticky fruit notes and so it is impossible for me to resist this one.
Le Dandy is all about dried plums and raisins, caramel apples and fresh dates. It is ridiculously sweet and strong, plus it lasts on you around the clock whether you like it or not.

I suspect fans of thick and sweet fruity orientals such as Egoiste will like this one, although I can see it definitely being too sweet for some.

The name can be very misleading, depending on how you see the term “dandy”. But Le Dandy is no refined fragrance in a slightest bit, it is flamboyant and extremely offensive.
03rd February, 2009
Aiona Show all reviews
United States
At first it was all pineapple-y! But that only lasts seconds. Then it becomes a very sweet, vegetable (carrot?), rum, caramel scent. I'd almost liken it to a caramel sweetness. But again, that doesn't last long either! Maybe 3 hours of sweetness. Then it dries down to a musky, cinnamon-y smell, with a musky vanilla base that reminds me of Le Male. After the top-notes of pineapple subside, it's really a lot like Femme de Dandy (for women). Femme de Dandy is a bit more floral, whereas Le Dandy is definitely FOODY. It's a foody-fragrance. Yum!
17th August, 2008
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A very sweet, boozy, and pot-pourrit like smell. Very high longevity and good sillage but you will still find yourself bringing your wrist to your nose often to smell it. It is hard to resist. It smells very sweet but not feminine.
15th July, 2008
HDS1963 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Quite simply, this is one of the most beautiful fragrances ever created for men.

This is sweet, alcoholic in its whisky accord, spicy like the most exotic of dusky maidens and with an itch-you-cannot-scratch addictive nose to skin appeal that most design houses would kill to achieve.

This is so unique and beautiful a fragrance it almost seems a travesty to recommend it to others.

It lasts for ages, it has good sillage, but it gives so, so much more. Its evolution is complex and teasingly long lasting. The final drydown lasts the eons of time it takes stars to devolve.

This is a beautiful fragrance, achingly so.

Top note surfers may miss the point completely. They are the kind of people for whom a Crazy Larry car advert is too demanding on their attention span.

Le Dandy is quite simply a masterpiece.
30th May, 2008
Absolutely intoxicating, it makes my eyes roll whenever I take a big whiff. Like warm brandied figs with cinnamon. Strong and long lasting. This is perfect for a romantic evening at a bar/restaurant in some tucked away private corner.
16th January, 2006
Incredibly unique. The tobacco, whiskey, and fruits combine to create a mixture that smells surprisingly like apple cider. Reminds me of a warm home during late fall or early winter. Lasts a long time, spectacular projection, not ridiculously expensive when compared to similar quality fragrances. Simply a winner in every category.
12th December, 2005
If Le Dandy is an indication, they were not the “good old days”: they were the GREAT old days. They certainly did things right in 1923—what a fantastic fragrance! Warm and effervescent, spicy and comforting, woody and rich fruity. Its plum, tobacco, and whiskey accords are dangerously addictive. It has great sillage and fantastic longevity. I bought it for evenings and holidays, and, when I mist discreetly, it’s great for the office. Phenomenal!
10th December, 2005
It's very hard to write a review of this scent without gushing like a maniac. It's one of my signature scents, a glowing warm mix of liquor, tobacco, and creamy woods. This is one of the fragrances that never fails to elevate my mood when I apply it, and it lasts over eight hours on my skin. Rare, but all the better that way!
07th November, 2005
baron Show all reviews
United States
Boozy tobacco and spices with a powdery wood base. It reminds me of Egoiste transported to a speakeasy.
30th October, 2005
Anyone whom knows me, is aware that I'm a HUGE D'Orsay fan. The tobacco, whiskey, spices (armagnac, ginger) and wood combination create a VERY different experience. Not a shy one, it will announce the wearer. In an extremely pleasant way. Perfect for an evening out.
30th October, 2002
This is one scent that I have a lot of fun wearing. It seems to be what I classify as a "fun" fragrance with all the depth and character of a sophistated scent. The top notes are strong with tobacco and whisky, while also giving place to a fruity accord that lends cheer to the typical "dark"-ness of the aforementioned notes. The middle is a surprisingly long-lasting spice, dominated by ginger, which blends masterfully with the other levels of the fragrance. Finally, the scent is rounded out by some rich woods and balsam, which lend a strong base of longevity to the scent. Wear this scent if you feel unpredictable and playfully impulsive as it could function well within the range of a casual, office, evening, or meditative scent. A wondeful and classic addition to anyone's collection.
27th November, 2001