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Neutral Reviews of Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

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So I was out of my bottle which I got from my friends 11 years ago. So I purchased a 200 ML bottle for 60 euros. Bargain I thought for such an awesome smell, butt (yes, double T f....., thats how I felt)... WTF?!? Why the hell would you REFORMULATE YOUR BEST SELLING PERFUME JPG?!?! WHY?!?

Scent itself is a masterpiece, but this one smells less powdery than my previous bottle and more aqua...


Poor, ok projection for the first 90 minutes then it's bye bye kansas. My previous was a beast projection.


Poor, getting max 5 hours. Used to get 15 hours of longevity. Stays over 24 hours on clothes though.


Less suited for winter.


6.3 overall score

Neutral score cause of the scent and versatile score. I am so disappointed, not gonna buy this anymore. Well, atleast it was cheap, 100 ml for 30 euros. Poor projection and longevity and the whole world owns it now. There are better perfumes than this.

07th March, 2017
Powdery,sweet,gives me a nausea's feeling ,,,,really synthetic probably nice at a distance..Think i prefer it on others as opposed to myself...
If you like this frag and wished it was on another level then go for Amouage Reflection man....Stunning,upperclass,totally well blended scent similar to le male but on another level totally and goes a different direction at points...but yes similar.
26th July, 2015
My nickname for this fragrance is "man in a can" because well, that's what the packaging is.

This is a good fragrance. The combination of mint, lavender, and vanilla has been duplicated many times, but this is still the original and best. However, at least where I live, men overspray this one quite frequently. One of my friends started wearing Le Male once, and he used so much that he could choke a small room.

So go ahead and wear Le Male - but please, don't overspray.
27th March, 2015
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Le Male is one of my few blind buys, and I regret it. It is constructed around a minty lavender opening and heart, and a sweet base of vanilla, musk and amber. I get some faint spices and woods throughout its lifespan on skin, but the trinity of mint, lavender and vanilla dominates everything else. While it scores for being quite original in scope and execution, I don't personally find the overall scent to be very agreeable. Moreover it seems to diffuse this sophomoric vibe and I cannot take it seriously at all. After hearing about all the wonders, I find its performance on my skin to be pretty average.

For some reason I feel this would smell better on a woman. But I'm not recommending it to anyone.
10th March, 2015
sweet,fresh,sometimes annoying i'd say.Average longevity and projection for me
06th December, 2014
Cuba Gold has bad, tacky packaging. JPG took Cuba Gold, found even worse packaging, and raised the price from $3.99 to $64. Le Mâle is God's way of telling you have too much money.
18th February, 2014
Shalimar for Men. Then...... pleasant musk.
08th May, 2013
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United Kingdom
A sweetish, very synthetic scent with a sweet minty start that becomes increasigky flowery -mainly lavender - to be completely dominated by vanilla in the drydown. Overloaded and unbalanced at times, it's main fortes is a splendid longevity of eight hours in cool weather.
11th February, 2013
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United States
This is a very complex fragrance and it does involve into something interesting to say the least. I'll be honest and say it is semi pleasant but it is not my kind of scent and I wouldn't wear it in public. First initial impression is baby powder and vanilla.

Try it before you buy it.
09th January, 2013
This fragrance (Le Male) is in the same category as Chergui and Givenchy Pi: baby wipes.

When reviewing a fragrance, it is best to cast aside personal preference and try to rate the fragrance objectively. The cardamom, caraway, and cinnamon add depth and warmth, while the vanilla and tonka bean turn the whole thing into a delicious baked treat. I’m having a tough time picking up on the mint. The lavender adds a masculine nuance, but in the end it’s all about a baby’s rear end.

Here’s the breakdown:
Le Male: baby wipes + spices 3.5/5
Chergui: baby wipes + hay and tobacco 3/5
Pi: baby wipes + baby wipes + vanilla 2/5
14th October, 2012
Not a bad scent. Just way to sweet for my meat!
02nd August, 2012
it reminds me of the barber shop which i visited with my dad they used a powder which exactly smelled like this
26th July, 2012
This is a nice little fragrance, but sadly underwhelming. Top notes are cinnamon, cardamom, with a hint of lavender/ginger. Middle is clean linen. Once dry it is powdery vanilla. Not that the success of a fragrance should be measured by this, but I can't catch the scent 10 minutes after applying it. Occassionally, I will catch the faint vanilla. It wears close to the skin with absolutely no projection or sillage. Starts of well, but loses stamina and complexity almost immediately. I would not purchase this again.
16th January, 2012
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This fragrance definitely has a nice scent, but if you're like me, and don't like powdery scents, do not go for this. Especially because of the tobacco, sometimes the tobacco overpowers majority of the fragrance and you get a tobacco vanilla powder... think about that... powdery tobacco... sound good? It isn't.
31st December, 2011
The terribly sad thing about this fragrance for me is that it is seldom worn correctly. So, what is the correct way to wear it?


You do not need more than that, I promise you. Just have one spray and it will work magic for you.

Sadly, every time I smell this, the person wearing it is usually a considerable distance away from me as they approach.....and as they pass. It is badly misused by the majority. When it's applied as above, it really is very good.

I do like it but not when it's worn with such ferocity as many seem to do.
31st July, 2011
I saw the sexy ad and took a whiff from the flap. It smelled great and decided to buy a bottle. I bought the bottle, sprayed and instantly felt cheated because it smelled different from the sniff ad. However, it wasn't bad so I continued using it and became fond of it. I got compliments but not from my girlfriend. She hated it. She hated to see me go to work but not because she would miss me but because I would spray the dreaded juice before I left. I used 1/4 of the stuff and gave it away. I want my woman to come to me, not run away. Still, I think it's a decent perfume but not one for me.
04th April, 2011
It is what it is: a minty vanilla bomb. I spray it on my abdomen, let it dry and then put my shirt on. Feels like baby powder. Longevity and sillage not only are things to write home about, they write the letters for you.
28th March, 2011
This begins pleasantly enough and then quickly degenerates into a cloying experience. Essentially, Le Male is a synthetic, melange fragrance with a sweetness that lingers like an unwanted visitor and, ultimately this defines one's experience just shy of a headache, at least. Considered by some to be a fine starting point for young men discovering fragrance, it's a costly introduction especially when one considers the availability of several inexpensive and similar and better creations - indeed, almost anything would do. Used discretely, it mightn't induce a migraine but I would be very cautious by which I mean one quick spray on the socks one is about to wear - obviously, before putting them on - and leave it at that. On second thoughts, don't - put on some other socks. It's not vile, it's just sickly sweet, tediously linear and unsophisticated - essentially, unmemorable
27th March, 2011
I think this fragrance is neither a bold nor a distinguished one. It's definitely too chemical-synthetic and too type of a bath soap one. What I actually prize about this one is its kind of stormy (splashing) strong projection (even if i find some similarities of it with Lempicka Au Masculine and with Body Kouros which i surely prefer) and its unquestionable appeal with the (expecially young/teen) girls. This is a watery-aromatic, milky-mossy-detergent fougere, intoxicating though synthetic at the beginning in its shampoo of creamy lavender full of minty soapiness and almost edible in its evolution. The undeniable sweetness is watered by lavender and soothed by musk which is blended with vanilla and amber in order to express a reasonably mild (rather than a terribly sweet) accord. The final issue is a pleasant though overly linear musky talco, clean and powdery, which stops its run barely before the boundaries of the gourmand territories and projects a remarkable sillage throughout around. Mentholated lavender, spices, balsams and orange blossoms are the key elements of this favorite of many women all over the world. Tonka beans and may be an hint of tobacco provide a mild-bitter (but rounded) trait to this full of contrasts fragrance. A mentholated and hesperidic first spicy blast (like a sort of "volatile" bath foam) is the relaxing shield for a musky, creamy blend of tobacco and woods. The longevity is notable. Many talk about a clubbing scent, i disagree, nothing naughty in this one, anything dangerous or seductive, nothing kind of "after hours juice", just another amazing after shower.
07th February, 2011 (last edited: 09th January, 2014)
I used to own this. I think it is beautiful and girls love it. However, I feel like it's not a very masculine smell, and it is so overplayed that I don't want to smell like everyone else.
12th December, 2010
Vanilla is way too strong. Smells as of you spilled vanilla extract on your self.
01st December, 2010
LE MALE smells at first of sweet lavender talc - it is probably this sugary powder aspect that some women find appealing. But the drydown is pure toothache. And unless your idea of foreplay involves food items, there is nothing remotely sexy about this fragrance. Still, I find it wearably pleasant but ONLY in small callibrated doses; I honestly think anyone found guilty of liberal applications should be charged with misanthropic behavior.

Like some of the earlier reviewers, I too find some similarities to Body Kouros and Jacomo Rouge, both of which are imho better compositions. That Le Male continues to sell better than those two is really not a reflection of the fragrance's inherent superiority but rather the superiority of its marketing machinery.
22nd July, 2010
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United States
Should have been named Le Femâle.
18th July, 2010
I will admit, I think that 'politics' come in to play with this fragrance. I believe that word-of-mouth makes this scent so popular.
I bought it blind (based on reviews), and quite eager to sniff the first smell....
lo and behold.....
Although, there is a slight difference.
Perry's has a little more of the powdery, and Le Male has less and lets the greenery and herbs shine through. Slightly.
Although, for everyday wear, they are very, VERY close. I pretty sure I know what the folks a Perry were doing when they introduced Perry Ellis White.
I feel that this scent could not be worn anywhere at any time.
It seems more evening. Not a hot weather fragrance, I believe this fragrance along with 'natural' musk will totally clash, and you will smell like a ________ (fill in the blank).
I think that Perry's lasts longer on the skin.
01st July, 2010
I was introduced to this when out one night with a friend who recieved compliments from two attractive women on seperate occasions throughout the night. Needless to say, I made a mental note to add as a cologne arrow in my quiver.....

That was many months ago, and while I still like it, I have gotten to favor others over it (and am still waiting for MY first compliment while wearing it!). I think it is a very good winter scent and seems to project well from my skin and had above average longevity for me. Has a very attention grabbing lavendar-powder-vanilla-y scent, but is also unmistakably synthetic smelling as well.

As another drawback it is appearantly a fairly common scent to encounter (although I rarely do) so if you are going for the more unique/novel approach in fragrance, this probably won't be it.

I still keep it in the rotation for winter, but find myself looking for a reason to chose another over it whenever possible.
18th June, 2010
Not a scent to wear in the heat. Obviously a classic, but for me there's an initial impression of something synthetic that's almost akin to burning rubber. This improves a lot with the drydown, but still isn't one of my favourites due to the excessive amounts of vanilla.
11th April, 2010
An indisputable compliment-getter, but at what cost? Le Mâle is many things - tenacious, sweet, strong, powdery, musky - but overtly masculine, it is not. This is the most feminine perfume marketed to men that I've ever worn, topping even the carnation-heavy Old Spice and the candied-fruity 212 Sexy Men. And spicy? Azzaro Pour Homme is spicy. Opium is spicy. Le Mâle has perhaps a light dusting of black pepper in its top notes, but whatever spiciness (or freshness) it posesses soon gets taken over by the talcum powder/lavender bubble bath/old-school shaving foam heart of the fragrance. There's a mintiness in the first few minutes, too, more apparent when sprayed on fabric than skin.

If you're looking to get the most bang out of your fragrance buck, you can't do much better than Le Mâle. I don't know what kind of nuclear vanilla Gaultier uses in his fragrances, but 11 hours after spraying Le Mâle I can still smell the vanilla on my arm, along with a ghost of the lavender and orange blossom. My skin's stubborn refusal to hold fragrances for much longer than 4 hours crumbles in the presence of Le Mâle. It's also a sillage monster - a lot of fragrances get stuck with the "no more than two sprays" rap, but seriously, this one does not kid around. Two sprays and then STOP. Put the bottle down. Read a book, go outside, cook some lunch, whatever. Your family, friends, and innocent passersby on the sidewalk or morning commute with thank you.

As previously stated, Le Mâle is a compliment magnet - women love the stuff, and I've gotten more "ooh, you smell good!"s with it than any other in my collection. But to be honest, I feel just the slightest less masculine wearing it (and I'm a gay man). My favorite men's fragrances, much like my favorite men, have a touch of the raw, the dirty, the sharp, the edgy. Le Mâle is all powdery sweetness, the kind that you smell after a good shave and a shower with a floral soap. Le Mâle is also heavy and synthetic-smelling with no breathing room - absolutely not a summer scent. But more than anything else, it lacks complexity. The aforementioned Azzaro Pour Homme, for example, smells slightly different depending on the time of day, the mood you're in, the amount of skin oil you've accumulated before spraying, and so on - it's always recognizably itself, but its hue and texture can fluctuate and catch you pleasantly off guard. Le Mâle smells like Le Mâle from all angles, and from every stage of its development. Linearity isn't always a bad thing, and a fragrance free of complexity yet full of fun can be a joy to wear. But Le Male isn't fun and fresh-faced, it's fake-friendly with a pound of makeup on. I wore it frequently this past winter, in the early stages of my fragrance education. But having discovered scents that possess slightly earthier personalities and a lot more quirks, I suspect I may have outgrown Le Mâle, to be worn only when I'm feeling camp or in need of soft, powdery comfort. Your mileage may vary.
22nd March, 2010
UPDATE: One thing to say: Jacomo De Jacomo Rouge does it all better.

Former Review: Yesterday I finally rounded out sampling several "classics". Le Male had me guessing for a good long time to locate some recall. It's almost like a dry down of other colognes. There's something leathery and sheer to it. I still have a hard time pin pointing because of the subtlety involved which gets to be downright frustrating. But I suppose that's some of the allure of Le Male - it keeps you guessing and invites to come in close for discovery, but ultimately just turns into a skin scent to me.

With all that ambiguity aside, what I am reminded of the most is Dior Fahrenheit without octane, Santa Maria Novella Nostalgia without the gasoline rocket leather electronic top blast, and finally, Polo Double Black in mid progression to dry down. I'm also reminded of Ange ou Demon by Givenchy with more citrus and far more subtle.

Ultimately, Le Male is just too ambiguous for me to care. I feel that my other ambiguous find - Six Scents 4 Gareth Pugh: Diagonal - is more intriguing in an anti-perfume way.

And Polo Double Black is far more satisfying to me in its ability to actually say something. And of course, Nostalgia is in a bizarre class of its own - you really have to wait an hour or so to get the resemblance to Le Male.
15th March, 2010 (last edited: 23rd March, 2010)
I think of this one as a modern classic that's time has passed. I found it to one of the more powerful EdTs, and a little bit went a long way.

I loved the smell, but I tend to think it was a fairly polarizing scent...some loved it and some hated it. There wasn't a lot of middle ground.

Since I discovered Basenotes, and have tried a variety of high end colognes, it smells a bit artificial to me now.

I have and use plenty of frags that could be considered "out" but this one's best days are likely gone.
09th August, 2009
I remember when i first caught a whiff(sp) of this on someone in school (some years ago) I was like, "I gotta get that!", and now I'm not too sure about this one. This smells like mint scented baby powder that has been mixed with water to an almost muddy plaster like texture and then left out, uncovered, at room temperature. With that said I cant suggest that the fragrance is as horrible as my description my appear, however, its just not that interesting. On me, Im not too fond of the longevity
07th August, 2009