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Not something I would wear nowadays as it reminds me of being a very young man up to no good.

Still a great scent and remember when I sampled it for the first time. It smelt so damn good. Really different and unique. Girls went crazy fro the stuff!!

Oh...........Those were the days!
15th November, 2017
I tried this when I first started getting into fragrance. I almost bought it on a blind buy because I thought the bottle looked cool. Luckily I tried it at the mall before doing so. I didn't like it and went with Versace Eros instead. That was about a year and a half ago.

This past weekend, I saw 1.7 ounce bottles for about $25 and went for it. I'm glad I did. The scent grew on me.

I'm getting a combination of vanilla and lavender from this one, and maybe tonka bean. It's a pleasant scent for this time of year. I would recommend it whenever it's chilly out, but it probably won't do so well in warmer weather.

Unfortunately, it doesn't have adequate projection or longevity. It smells nice, but the performance is lacking. Maybe it would make a nice date fragrance since proximity matters, but that's about it.
04th October, 2017
Classic. But I think a bit played out so no longer in my rotation.
20th March, 2017
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A legendary, polarizing and ever popular oriental scent that will always be my favorite. I've seen several attempts by different fragrance houses to recreate Le Mâle (sometimes convincingly, other times even improving on it); but THIS is the defining sensual experience that, after all these years, still delights (and annoys) many.

For me, the lavender, mint, vanilla, cumin, and sandalwood are well formulated. There is that Clubman Pinaud vibe here (that pleasant powder in the green bottle used in barbershops after a haircut). The bottle is always a shocker to behold, and the tin can is unique, too!

The flankers that have come (and gone) all take the Le Mâle mystique and enhance specific notes. In the case of the "La Cologne Tonique" set, the fragrance serves the role of a bracing, tastefully muted body spray. But for me, it's hard to dislike the retakes on this one (save for Ultra Male, a radical remake that is its own scent). A dependable, always pleasant experience...Le Mâle will remain in my top favorites of all time.
10th December, 2016
This is beyond a classis. Of all scents that I have owned, and still own, this is the only one that I have purchased and gone through numerous bottle, plus also the after shave balm.

From bottles that are over $1,000 to mid range to low end... This one has always stood out. The scent brings up good memories, good times in my life, and I have never not enjoyed this scent.

I do not wear it out often as it is not a unique scent, however I do use it before bed. Such a happy and calming scent for me.
16th September, 2016
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United Kingdom
Not much more, if anything can be said about this one. This was the first designer fragrance that I was really exposed to and absolutely loved the smell of. It will get hate due to its popularity as much as people who genuinely dislike it's scent. I had a friend who picked out ginger in this one which was probably the cinnamon/orange/cumin I guess. Can't say I get ginger... or lavender for that matter which seems to be a very dominant note quoted by the majority. All I know is I get a very pleasant smell that for me is the same now as it was in the late 90s. Above average sillage and longevity and a real classic for any wardrobe.
21st February, 2016
Review and Ratings based on the original formulation.

Years ago I watched the commercial, where guys are changing from their stripes shirts to formal suits. As soon as i watched that commercial (I believe was aired from the year 1995), I knew I had to get it. I had to wait some more time, and after possessing 2 fragrances (In which were given to be as gifts), I had to buy my very fragrance ever. It had to be Le Male.

All I can say is, that this fragrance is a memory. Yeah, Memory in a Bottle. Enough Said.

31st October, 2015
Lavender. Lavender. Lavender. But in a good way :)
24th September, 2015
Judging from the positive reviews and love this fragrance gets, I made a blind buy ( actually 90% of my scents are)..

It smells pretty nice as it projects. Smelt directly from the skin I gets a rough, synthetic after-smell.. Lots of vanilla in this one.

Maybe it's because it was re formulated, I don't get the beast mode longevity and projection everybody talks about.. I even wore 4-5 sprays on a hot day, barely got notices..

Still happy it's in my small collection.. Barely escaped a neutral..

17th July, 2015

Yes LE MALE!This one is really great.elegant is the perfect way to describe.strong and definitely FRENCH style.masculine,beautiful,like a dream.

In my opinion Le MALE is clearly not for either love or hate spray is enough for long hours.well balanced and the base it very lovely for me.

One of the best fragrances in winter nights for me.perfect for smart stylish man.and one of the word is magical.

Thank You JPG.

23rd April, 2015
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United Kingdom
It is a fresh, cool and modern perfume.
The scent is soapy and lavendery.
It is an oriental-fougere type of perfume.

It is a very popular perfume.
I liked it so much, I bought it even though it is a man's perfume. So defiantly thumbs up for it.
17th October, 2014
Thats a monster!!! but a good monster so good that it has became so common that I could not wear it any more.
Vanilla mixed with candy sweetness cinnamon and pepper with monster longevity and projection.
the bottle is just....bad!
04th October, 2014
I really enjoy this scent especially the dry down. I would say it's quite unique to other colognes on the market. all the notes fit together perfectly. I would only wear this scent in the winter as its quite gourmand like. In my opinion le male is one of the best gourmand fragrance out there. I would defiantly recommend this but I would say test before you buy because it might not be for everyone.
05th August, 2014
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I am surprised I have never smelled this on anyone where I live besides myself. I love this notes in this one. One would think that mint, lavender, and vanilla would not work well together but they combine so well together to form a truly unforgettable scent. I always receive compliments in this scent and my wife is madly in love with this scent. A great fall and winter time fragrance.
24th February, 2014 (last edited: 01st October, 2015)
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United States
an excellent fragrance overall excellent projection and longevity. i use this one for fall and winter. for school or office wear only wear one spray but for dates or going out 2-3. no more than 3 sprays. its just that mine came with a defective pump :(. but i will exchange it.
28th January, 2014
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United Kingdom
The opening is on another level to anything I've worn before. Powerful, juicy and mouthwatering. The projection before it dries is a force to be reckoned with. The drydown is also nice and this stuff lingers on the skin for a good amount of time.

Not completely masculine, but then again not perfumey at all.

The bottle is impressive, a real quality item. I have the 75 ml and it just feels great in the hand, the glass has a really smooth feel.

However, Le Male is of course a victim of it's own popularity. The first time I wore it on a night out, it was recognised and named by the first person I came across. For this reason I would never wear it regularly.

Also if someone is wearing other than yourself, it it can be a bit cloying.

4/5 - Shame about the fame!
24th January, 2014
jpg le male is a true classic in my eyes. Vanilla lavender combo one of the best in the business. This projects forever and lasts a long time. Its stood the test of time so you can get this one cheap. Im not sure how you could hate this other than the fact that you prob smelled it on someone before but who cares. I definitely get compliments with this one. The dry down is strong and i like that! you can get this one cheap!
smell 7/10 not bad i love vanilla
longevity 10/10 beastmode
projection 8/10 this might have been reformulated???? i remember it projecting better but idk..
15th January, 2014
Very nice lavender/vanilla fragrance with a slightly herbal minty opening.
Great longevity and sillage.
05th January, 2014
Hated. Loved. Adored. Loathed.

No matter where you stand with this masterpiece (if you don't have an opinion do yourself a favor) this is a fragrance that is undeniable. When I wear this I am usually asked what it is...just the pronunciation of the maker and cologne does something to people. Of course those in the know either roll their eyes or smile. I don't usually go into the ingredients of colognes as one only needs to look that up- but the minty vanilla of Le Male is glorious and was a game changer when it appeared. Instantly recognizable both by scent and sight, a definite legend in its own time and in my mind.
15th December, 2013
Very very sensual barbershop smell. The trick: easy on the trigger.
02nd October, 2013 (last edited: 15th September, 2014)
Very sweet.

One of my first purchases of cologne. Very sweet smelling. Has a vanilla-powdery drydown.

Pros: decent projection
Cons: doesn't last as long as the original "

26th September, 2013
Best fragrance if u are looking for sweetness.

Well I was looking for it and finally found it last night...i just wanted to check how its is coz i asked someone to get it for me...when i smelled it I was completely in love with it...that sweetness and the dry down is excellent..cant wait for it :D

Pros: Long Lasting, Projects Good
Cons: Expensive :P"

30th August, 2013
Fun and Lively

Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the better lavender and vanilla based fragrance offered to this date. This scent can have a mysterious aphrodisiacal effect at times. Just remember to put this scent on mildly. It's quite potent so please consider others and the occasion in which this will be worn. Overall, a beautiful scent that gives undivided female attention to its wearer.

31st July, 2013
Pleasant, sweet, great longevity

I enjoy this scent very much. Most fragrances wear very close to my skin so even something with the reputation Le Male has, I don't smother people or invade their nostrils. The vanilla is very nice and the powder is something new for me but it is also quite pleasant to me. I think this is a fragrance that is just predominantly going to be popular with the younger crowd more so than the older crowd, and once you've smelled it you can see why. I really enjoy it and plan on continuing to use it. To each his own. Some people can spray once and get a headache from the sweetness. I can spray 2-3 on and you won't know I'm wearing it until you get relatively close to me.

Pros: Sweet, long lasting, projects well
Cons: Can be too sweet for some people"

31st July, 2013
I love this stuff, and it gets me noticed more than just about anything else that I own. It is another scent that seems to suffer from extreme popularity, but nobody else in my inner circle even seems to know what it is. It is a very pungent, sweet smell that follows me around wherever I go. It is strong stuff, so I try to go light on the trigger. Awesome for the middle of winter, it cuts through the cold, dry air in my area and has a good festive smell.
23rd April, 2013
I dont really like sweet fragrancies but this one, wow. The top notes are very clean and fresh but as it dries down it gets very very sweet, mainly vanilla and cinammon. It smells so damn god, i'd like to feel this scent even when i go to sleep :D.

I think this is one of those frags that you either love or hate but if you love its love at first sight. Projection is good, just as longetivity, but it doesnt last any longer than 5-6 hours on my skin (its still very good, compared to other frags).

absolutely favourite
30th March, 2013
I know this is a very popular fragrance. And like all things as popular as this there will be some backlash. But this is a top notch fragrance. Very original and very good quality. You spray this on and it seems like it would last forever. Definitely a winter time scent. This should not even be sold in tropical countries. However this is one of my all time favorite fragrances. A++.
27th March, 2013
A very exquisite and expensive smelling fragrance. It is instantly noticable and recognised. I have had countless 'you smell nice' comments and it is without doubt a smell for the modern guy and the fragrance lasts for many hours. It is very well packaged and marketed and really goes down a treat with the ladies.
11th March, 2013
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United Kingdom
I smelt this today after reading alot of reviews about it and..

I was delighted :D

As its got alot of vanilla (I LOVE VANILLA) i did adore the smell; but it did come of as abit sweet, maybe abit too sweet?

Also, i got abit of cherry from this? Anyone else get that or is this just me? cos i was getting some cherry and alot of vanilla on the dry down?

Anyway, even tho it is quite sweet, i am pretty sure i will pick up a bottle of this soon.
19th February, 2013
It took me a while to warm up to this fragrance but it is the fragrance that made me realize that you actually have to wear a particular scent before you can decide whether you like, love or hate it. The opening of Le Male is what initially turned me off about the fragrance. I got a peppery cardamom scent at the beginning that I didn't particularly care for. That is what made write off this scent initially that was until I smelled Le Male on co-worker of mine that had gone into the dry down. It made me actually test Le Male on my skin... well long story short is I got to experience the wonderful mint-lavender-cinnamon middle and the vanilla-tonka-amber finish. Im still not a huge fan of the opening but still an overall great scent. Projection is good while the longevity on my skin holds for 14+ hours.
27th January, 2013