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Positive Reviews of Le Mâle Summer by Jean Paul Gaultier

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I am reading the reviews on this frag and I have to disagree with some who say it smells like a knock off. I own this and I love how they toned it down to make it wearable for the warm weather. Just to see how much they altered it, I tried my original JPG. The original is very strong compared to this version and would not work in hot temperatures.

It does smell toned down but I know it's not a knock off because I actually got mine from Macy's. JPG has accomplished what they set out to accomplish. They made JPG Le Male wearable in the summer. Thank you. If you like JPG LM, you'll like this. Mine came in a nicely designed limited edition bottle and tin can. Same manly shape with some nice summer artwork that resembles an island in the summer with the ocean in the background.
12th September, 2015
This is a really expert paring down of the original for people that don't have the luxury of seasons or a temperate climate. It's light enough that you can wear it as a body splash and the bottle (2009 edition) is a handsome vanity addition. Highly recommended if you are living in a sweaty climate and want sweetness that isn't cloying or overloaded.
13th April, 2010
A refreshed version of Le Male... a day version of Gaultier's classic.
06th November, 2008
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It's hot (30C + in summer, never below 20C in winter), humid (80% + in summer) where I live. While I do enjoy the power of Le Male (original), the fragrance is too overpowering to wear in my city, even in winter. Le Male Summer is the answer. For sure, it's a pared back version of Le Male, and that's what makes it so enjoyable in my type of climate.
08th December, 2007