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Reviews of Le Roy Soleil Homme by Salvador Dali

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I love this perfume, it combines some floral with fruity notes, which is a unique blend ... Without refreshing citrus scent original, do not think this perfume more in Brazil, unfortunately ... I'm just a little bit, fragrance with unique personality ...
21st October, 2012 (last edited: 24th October, 2012)
I had to register just because of this one. I haven't ever posted a review (this is all new to me) and this won't be much of one, but...

This stuff smells, on the initial spray, to me, like... celery. lol.

Not sure how I feel about it overall. It's not bad, but I think I like Salvador Dali for men better (overwhelming as it can be if not careful)
29th February, 2012
My, what a strange one...
Le Roy Soleil smells mostly of melon and pepper, a common combination of late, but this was a creation of the nineties. There's a bit of orange and lots of underlying musk, but as pepper doesn't appear in the pyramid I suspect it's an accord caused by some of the dry woods used. The overall effect is like allowing fruit juice and lotion to sizzle on a person's sun-heated skin. It sounds strange, but it's pleasant. I'll have to wear this one to the beach to fully appreciate it.
23rd July, 2010
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My first whiff of LE ROY SOLEIL HOMME evoked shores of ivory white sands, opalescently clear blue waters, tanning lotions on sun-kissed skin and chilled pina coladas. But like a true Salvador Dali painting, it turns itself on the head and leaves me with a somewhat synthetic cedar and amber composition, with faintly metallic floral accords weaving in and out of the woods. Surreal indeed.

Yet I found it hard to shake off a niggling sense of familiarity; the topnote reminding me of the 'musk and melon' accord in Paris Hilton for Men. Ripped off? Perhaps. But what is imitation if not a flattering nod to the Dali's marketability?

The sunny bottle is cute enough but it is the intriguing yet refreshing juice that makes this perfect for summer. Add in a hefty discount and we've got ourselves a winner here. Life IS a beach.
28th January, 2010 (last edited: 30th January, 2010)
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United States
For me this was a bitter, geranium nightmare fragrance. Way too "perfumey" for my tastes. The orange does last an incredible length of time, so if you seek a dry/bitter, perfumey orange, this is probably for you. Unlike Foetidus, I didn't find it especially "synthetic," but rather unpleasant. I bought a tester, and after spraying it the first time and not having a cap for it, the entire bedroom was overtaken by this smell ! I'll give it a neutral because it may just not be for me. I can't say that it's terrible, just way out of my personal comfort range.
10th March, 2009
This is a summer fragrance, so don't expect anything deep and complex. But for what it is, it's a real pleasure! Bright, smooth, refreshing and invigorating.
03rd March, 2009
Hmm. I used this lot in few years back; it was one of my stables. I loved it so much, but again, as I got more experience and many new scents I became to thought that it was time for this one to go; and so I sold it away.

Sharp, aromatic and warm citrus-floral-woody hybrid with tobacco-like smell to it. It also has a fresh, kind of metallic edge to it.

I loved the scent, I loved the bottle. Also, it received very positive out coming from the people around me.

I sort of miss this scent, although I doubt I will repurchase the new full-size bottle.
03rd February, 2009
defo hot!
its one of those frags that you would wear around the house on a weekend off. its kinda tangy.
but that just gives it a bit of warm that simmers through out the whole wear of it, which is quite long
07th July, 2008
A bright fruity amber. Nothing remarkable. Plain and simple, easy to wear and good for a casual wear.
29th June, 2008
The sun is usually a pleasant thing to feel. I can’t say that I like it when I am standing on a hot asphalt parking lot in the middle of summer. It feels oppressive as the asphalt radiates its heat. It reminds me of this scent: Le Roy Soliel has a brightness to it, but I find a persistent oppressive bitter element. This ruins it for me. Consequently I cannot recommend it.
19th April, 2008
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United States
Le Roy Soleil must be one of those scents that develops in strikingly dissimilar ways on different people's skin. One me, it offers no hint of flowers or non-citrus fruit (Thank God!). Instead, after the initial loud blast of citrus, it begins to radiate a kind of marvelous olfactory bitterness along with the residual citrus.

Although for most of the summer I much prefer de Nicolaï's Balle de Match, when the temperature reaches the mid-nineties (~35 °C) even the de Nicolai can begin to cloy. Under these conditions Le Roy Soleil shines, and honestly is about the only frag I can stand to wear.
14th February, 2007
As an admirer of Salvador Dali’s art, I really wanted to love this one, but I just couldn’t do it. In a certain sense—taken holistically, it is an intriguing scent with wonderfully balanced accords and creative combinations of notes. But on the note-to-note basis, Le Roy Soleil comes across to me way too metallic and synthetic. Its urban ambiance doesn’t allow me to connect with anything on a natural or organic plane, and I just don’t feel comfortable operating within only technological parameters. It is not a disagreeable fragrance by any means, but it just doesn’t do it for me. But I love the bottle and it will always be a star in my collection.
29th October, 2006
This is one of those scents that is deceptive as hell. Spray it on and -- true enough -- it smells very, very like the perennially boring Crave. But wait a few minutes and the "dry down" begins. That's when the wood and crisp notes start to dominate and mellow out the orange notes.

I have to admit that this one grew on me considerably, and it was a good buy, to boot. I'll probably save this one until spring (it's October now), or perhaps for an exceptionally gloomy winter's day. Very bright, very crisp, very pleasant scent. -- that honor belong's to Desprez's lamentably discontinued scent by the same name. But, hey, for the price, maybe Les Tuileries.

This is also one of those scents that'll be far more wearable for most than the far darker Dali Pour Homme.
17th October, 2006
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I don't smell any of those delicious and exotic notes listed. All I smell is orange, orange and more orange. Smells very much like CK Crave. Nevertheless, it's still alright. 24, Ca, US.
05th May, 2006
I have just read the review of Ken Russel, which makes so little room for me... Anyway, the scent tastes well, very well in fact, and is "easy to wear", as noted before. Dynamic. Not to be well defined... My favourite notes in it are the warm and floral ones. Is it, however, warm and floral scent? Far more than that!
25th February, 2006
The Sun King indeed! Aristocracy incarnate. No, not ill-fitting tuxedos from middle class suburbia, but blue jeans and raw silk shirts as one lounges in style, languidly holding court . . .
24th February, 2006
Opulence in a bottle. One male scent different from the frequent leathery-citrus recipe, it includes notes wich seem more appealing to the taste rather than to the smell. Floral and fruity notes, subtle sweetness almost up to the point of being feminine yet remaining masculine down the line. After these lightful, solar notes folllws a hint of Orient and spice, something like vanilla without being vanilla, however a very soft, very subtle version of the otherwise mostly heavy notes of Orient and vanilla-centered spice. The name matches the scent perfectly, as this one exhales luxury, giving the sensation of ending up at an elaborate formal gathering in the palace of Versailles during the time of The Sun King at the peak of his absolute power and brilliance. This extravagant masterpiece is certainly the center of attraction at very elaborate social calls if combined with evening/romantic/vintage wear.
Vibrant fruity and solar fragrance not dissimilar to some lush, sweet-spicy creations by Hugo Boss like Bottled and Baldessarini( both exhaling refined touches of exotic fruits, vanilla, tonka and bitter-sweet spices).
19th February, 2006
I get a lot of compliments when wearing this one. A bright citrus inspired by ozonic marine scents. Excellent longevity, though not terribly unique. Reminds me of Sexual by Germain without the warmer wood notes.
15th January, 2006
I like this one a lot.. it's very 'juicy' because of the strong synthetic citrus aroma. It's light and comfortable though, very enjoyable to wear in warm weather. Cheerful. Energetic and bright.
20th September, 2005
Doctor, if I may, what is [i]THAT[/i]?, my valet asked me this morning, eyes wide open. I replied, "This, my good man, is a classic in the making, and we shall ensure a steady provision of this scent for a long time to come; for it is none other than sparkling sun rays from our quirky friend, Senor Dali, infused with aromatic citrus and fragrant woods. It is a long-lasting Guerlain Imperial crossed with Cartier's Declaration."

08th September, 2005
Scent reminds me of Creed, with it's depth and character. High quality stuff.
23rd January, 2005
A beautiful creation. Unique. Brilliant. Enticing. Long lasting, great sillage. Quite possibly one of the most pleasing visually and and olfactorily (is that a word? it should be)of any ever created.
This scent is sunlight falling through a cedar forest. Rich, brown, woody, deep, earthy, full, with a surprising silery topnote, reminiscent of many Etros.
25th October, 2004
Sexy, classy, easy-to-wear, dynamic, bright, expressive, attractive and long-lasting scent. Not common at all. Possibly the best of all Dali fragrances (another good one is Laguna). A winner!
08th December, 2002