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Neutral Reviews of Le Roy Soleil Homme by Salvador Dali

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I had to register just because of this one. I haven't ever posted a review (this is all new to me) and this won't be much of one, but...

This stuff smells, on the initial spray, to me, like... celery. lol.

Not sure how I feel about it overall. It's not bad, but I think I like Salvador Dali for men better (overwhelming as it can be if not careful)
29th February, 2012
My, what a strange one...
Le Roy Soleil smells mostly of melon and pepper, a common combination of late, but this was a creation of the nineties. There's a bit of orange and lots of underlying musk, but as pepper doesn't appear in the pyramid I suspect it's an accord caused by some of the dry woods used. The overall effect is like allowing fruit juice and lotion to sizzle on a person's sun-heated skin. It sounds strange, but it's pleasant. I'll have to wear this one to the beach to fully appreciate it.
23rd July, 2010
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United States
For me this was a bitter, geranium nightmare fragrance. Way too "perfumey" for my tastes. The orange does last an incredible length of time, so if you seek a dry/bitter, perfumey orange, this is probably for you. Unlike Foetidus, I didn't find it especially "synthetic," but rather unpleasant. I bought a tester, and after spraying it the first time and not having a cap for it, the entire bedroom was overtaken by this smell ! I'll give it a neutral because it may just not be for me. I can't say that it's terrible, just way out of my personal comfort range.
10th March, 2009
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Hmm. I used this lot in few years back; it was one of my stables. I loved it so much, but again, as I got more experience and many new scents I became to thought that it was time for this one to go; and so I sold it away.

Sharp, aromatic and warm citrus-floral-woody hybrid with tobacco-like smell to it. It also has a fresh, kind of metallic edge to it.

I loved the scent, I loved the bottle. Also, it received very positive out coming from the people around me.

I sort of miss this scent, although I doubt I will repurchase the new full-size bottle.
03rd February, 2009
A bright fruity amber. Nothing remarkable. Plain and simple, easy to wear and good for a casual wear.
29th June, 2008
As an admirer of Salvador Dali’s art, I really wanted to love this one, but I just couldn’t do it. In a certain sense—taken holistically, it is an intriguing scent with wonderfully balanced accords and creative combinations of notes. But on the note-to-note basis, Le Roy Soleil comes across to me way too metallic and synthetic. Its urban ambiance doesn’t allow me to connect with anything on a natural or organic plane, and I just don’t feel comfortable operating within only technological parameters. It is not a disagreeable fragrance by any means, but it just doesn’t do it for me. But I love the bottle and it will always be a star in my collection.
29th October, 2006
I don't smell any of those delicious and exotic notes listed. All I smell is orange, orange and more orange. Smells very much like CK Crave. Nevertheless, it's still alright. 24, Ca, US.
05th May, 2006