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Sharp green citrus opening. Calms down quickly into a sweeter version of the opening. Also has a green, woody base to it that reminds me of walking through a garden department at the local department store.
Nothing lasts very long with Lemon Sorbet as it all disappears quickly.

Poor projection and longevity on my skin.
02nd March, 2018
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United Kingdom
Pleasant summer scent

As expected, quite a fresh start with lemon and vetiver, but a bit subdued overall. The rosemary in the drydown is nice, and I get a somewhat salty note towards the end that is quite pleasant. Poor silage and projection though, but it lasts overall about three hours. Pleasant.

02nd September, 2013
chapeau. A great citrusy/spicy EdT. The opening is a strong lemon bouquet, with a hint of mint. Then you'll discover other mediterranean aromas, like rosemary. It reminds a sunny day at seaside, salty sails after a regatta, freshness of a summer tide. If you want to enjoy it at its best, I do suggest to hold it in a refrigerator and use it when it's still cold. It will emit all its shades slowly, and at the same time you will feel a fantastic and energetic sensation of freshness.
08th September, 2012
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An ultra-classic association of hesperides, lavender and vetiver with hints of aromatic herbs (a nice rosemary) and measured  patterns of spices. Averagely sharp (not utterly tart), masculine and conservative this lemony, aqueous and vintage  cologne  is evocative of an "old-school" kind of aristocratic man (in the same vein of Eau Savage, Imprinting, Blenheim Bouquet, 4711, Askett&English Essential and others) with its retro combination of elements. The dry down smells like a slightly spicy (spicy orange), aromatic and soft (may be ambery) combination of bergamot and vetiver. Effectively the lasting power  is mediocre. A dive in the past not without a touch of exoticism and charm.
05th July, 2012
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United States
I am somewhat hesitant to give this one a thumbs up, because similar to Trumper's Extract of West Indian Limes, it just disappears after a minute or two on my skin. That said, it is quite the minute, as the lemon blast you get from Etro's Lemon Sorbet is an incredible natural lemon top note that I just love. Then the scent nearly disappears, leaving only the faintest trace of a mild musky herbal base that stays a skin scent for the duration. I definitely like the scent and award it 3 stars out of 5, but due to the longevity issues I can't recommend a buy... Oh do I so wish I could prolong the top notes on this one...
28th January, 2012 (last edited: 22nd December, 2012)
If you want a great fresh and true lemon scent, go for Art of Shaving's Lemon EdT. While it may be punctuated by some white flowers, it is still a very fresh tart and clean, lemon scent that lasts all day long.

I often lean toward being very forgiving when grading Citrus scents, as Lemon/Lemon Blossom, Neroli, Bergamot, Petitgrain, and Orange Blossom tend to be some of my favorite fragrance notes. I really enjoy most predominantly citrus based scents.

However, Lemon Sorbet was a huge disappointment to me after AoS Lemon and others that successfully captured the freshness and clarity of citrus notes. It may have started out ok,though even the initial lemon top note doesn't have the tartness and sharp pop that I want. From there it was a disaster. Not only did it fail to last more than about 2 minutes on my skin, but it dried down to a kind of rancid, rotten woody smell, which, thankfully, could not be detected unless one put their nose directly on my skin.

Not all.
05th December, 2010
A great disappointment after all of these positive reviews. True lemon scent, yes! But after ten minutes it was undetectable to my nose and to the noses of several other people - I always want to fairly rate a scent with not just my personal reaction. This disappeared more quickly than any other scent I have ever tried. I love Etro's VETIVER, although it too has no longetivity, but at least that lasts a few hours. The LEMON SORBET simply disappears on my skin. Three different applications at different times of day revealed no variance in its evaporation rate, so for me I cannot rate this as a positive experience. I am glad for others that this scent treats their noses and skins well.
04th March, 2009
I think of sorbets as intensely fruity and sweet. So I was surprised to find Etro's Lemon Sorbet to lack sweetness. However, I still think it is a good scent. On initial application there is a blast of fresh carrot, which diminishes quickly and the lemon shows through. I like the lemon because it doesn't have that "furniture polish" feel. Rather it is a bold, fresh unsweetened lemon, with a touch of earthiness in the background. With the heart an herbal character emerges, with rosemary dominating. Eventually vetiver comes through. All the while you can get a touch of the lemon. I get 6 decent hours out of this EdC. I like this one, but not enough to buy it.

Notes, per the Etro website are:

Top: Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Petitgrain (Citrus)
Heart: Lavender, Rosemary (Spicy)
Base: Sandalwood, Vetiver (Woody)
19th August, 2008
Oooo, lemon. I like lemon. Sorbet suggests a tart and sweet style however it's more spicy due to a rosemary/basil type note. For a better fresh herbal citrus I recommend Eau Sauvage however this isn't totally passable. I recommend this to try at least once.
29th June, 2008
This is just my kind of citrus fragrance: lemony, zesty, dry, spicy with a hint of rosemary. As Racheal Ray would say on her TV show, “Yum-o!” The only thing that bothers me though about Lemon Sorbet is its woeful lack of sillage and the way it leaves my skin after 30-40 minutes. I just want to yell, “Hey, come back, Lemon Sorbet. I really liked you!”

Here are Lemon Sorbet's notes, as gleaned from various perfume websites: lemon, rosemary, vetiver, bergamot, orange, lavender.
07th May, 2008
Etro Lemon Sorbet is a *nice* lemony scent, without any sweetness or "tang." The rosemary makes it a nice, dry, aromatic EdC worth its 7 or 8 minute life-span. If it were longer lasting, I'd be looking at my scent for some future summer... but it doesn't stick around long enough to make an impression. Sigh.
23rd October, 2007
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United States
I love how fragrances can run the gamut, from bloody melodramatic to stiffly austere. LS surely resides on Bare Bones Boulevard. It's wet note -- available only for one inhalation and even preceding its real top notes--comes close to a scent I've dreamed of finding: fresh carrot. It's cool, wet, slightly sweet and vegetal. With a second breath, the lemon and rosemary are kicking in, but I can't locate these notes more than a few millimeters away from the skin. A bitterness lasts for sheer minutes, and then the real fragrance is locked in, dry, reserved, and perfect for a professional environment--ideal for a modern architect like Frank Gehry. The only similar scent I've tried is Aromafit (d/c by Lancome), which was a dilute carrot and orange juice blend.

Lemon Sorbet, isn't as desserty as its name implies, and its lack of sillage and longevity are the reason most aren't investing in a bottle. I, too, don't find this even quite decant worthy. It's clearly test worthy. Additionally, given a recent queasiness with smells, it's one of the few scents that I can wear with impunity.
16th October, 2007
Lemon Sorbet is a bright, clean lemon accord—this is not a pure citrus, rather a citrus / herbal accord. The rosemary fills out and adds body to the citrus and its extremely attractive while it lasts; this citrus / rosemary accord is disappointingly short lived. I, too, pick up a slight tobacco note in the dry down. It doesn’t smell like a fragrance type tobacco note—it might be a particular version of sandalwood. Lemon Sorbet is a very nice fragrance, but I can see no need for it in my stable of fragrances—it serves a similar purpose as Eau Sauvage, and Eau Sauvage is better.
29th October, 2006
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I don't usually go for lemon scents, they are supposed to be fresh but have a tendency to go stale.

But I do like Lemon Sorbet a lot, I guess it's the rosemary and vetiver notes that make it so special. Very uplifting and energizing scent, guaranteed Etro quality.
09th August, 2006
Awful - though I was hoping for something tangy, creamy and sweet, I got soemthing more akin to a cheap bottle of gin served in a smokey cafe.
15th January, 2006
It’s no secret that I hate lemon. This was better than many lemon based fragrances I have come across (Read: DG Masculine), but it was still a little too harsh for my liking. Also, its lasting power is abysmal. Way south of an hour of life on the skin. Not worth it.
29th September, 2005
a sour citrus, refreshing, like a quick cold cocktail
04th August, 2005
Peace to the previous reviewer but no cigarette smoke in evidence here, so far as I can tell. Instead, a fairly conventional citrus opening leads to a quite wonderful and unique development of subtle spices. Special stuff and hard to put one's finger on. Could be longer lasting.
21st July, 2005