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Neutral Reviews of Lemon Sorbet by Etro

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An ultra-classic association of hesperides, lavender and vetiver with hints of aromatic herbs (a nice rosemary) and measured  patterns of spices. Averagely sharp (not utterly tart), masculine and conservative this lemony, aqueous and vintage  cologne  is evocative of an "old-school" kind of aristocratic man (in the same vein of Eau Savage, Imprinting, Blenheim Bouquet, 4711, Askett&English Essential and others) with its retro combination of elements. The dry down smells like a slightly spicy (spicy orange), aromatic and soft (may be ambery) combination of bergamot and vetiver. Effectively the lasting power  is mediocre. A dive in the past not without a touch of exoticism and charm.
05th July, 2012
Oooo, lemon. I like lemon. Sorbet suggests a tart and sweet style however it's more spicy due to a rosemary/basil type note. For a better fresh herbal citrus I recommend Eau Sauvage however this isn't totally passable. I recommend this to try at least once.
29th June, 2008
Etro Lemon Sorbet is a *nice* lemony scent, without any sweetness or "tang." The rosemary makes it a nice, dry, aromatic EdC worth its 7 or 8 minute life-span. If it were longer lasting, I'd be looking at my scent for some future summer... but it doesn't stick around long enough to make an impression. Sigh.
23rd October, 2007
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Lemon Sorbet is a bright, clean lemon accord—this is not a pure citrus, rather a citrus / herbal accord. The rosemary fills out and adds body to the citrus and its extremely attractive while it lasts; this citrus / rosemary accord is disappointingly short lived. I, too, pick up a slight tobacco note in the dry down. It doesn’t smell like a fragrance type tobacco note—it might be a particular version of sandalwood. Lemon Sorbet is a very nice fragrance, but I can see no need for it in my stable of fragrances—it serves a similar purpose as Eau Sauvage, and Eau Sauvage is better.
29th October, 2006
a sour citrus, refreshing, like a quick cold cocktail
04th August, 2005