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Negative Reviews of Lime, Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone

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And I was so hopeful about this one. To me, it has that screechy, lemon-lime aroma that I tend to run as fast as I can away from. If you find that you also dont liek this, perhaps try Eau de Caron Fraiche for a totally different take on a uplifting citrus....
17th January, 2010
This fragrance makes me wanna puke. I agree with the comment that this smells like Basil waging a war with Lime. Yuck.
22nd September, 2008
If you want to walk around smelling like a "Panini" this is the fragrance for you! i love panini's, but i don't wanna smell like one.
13th May, 2008
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When I smell this is scent, the image that comes to mind is a violent battle between three very respectable and astute gentlemen: Mr. Lime, Mr. Basil, and Mr. Pepper. After a friendly handshake and amiable introduction, the trio sees that they have irreparable differences and begin squabbling. This escalates into an all-out war. Mr. Lime, a likable firebrand thrillseeker, takes the early lead and overtakes his competitors, but he soon becomes tired and frustrated with Basil and Pepper, who are sneaky bastards. They form an alliance and pummel Lime to death, leaving him to rot, which he does, judging by his smell. Pepper and Basil are tortured by guilt, and become harsh and bitter with age.

Everyone loses, including the poor fellow who made this stuff his SotD.
13th December, 2007 (last edited: 31st August, 2009)
I LOOOVE this fragrance when it starts out. Lime, Mandarin with a hint of basil..what a kick!...but after about half an hour...omg..I feel like throwing up.

It smells like moldy old salad, I agree with other posts, all thats left is wilted basil.

This is similar to nutmeg and ginger in that it starts off great..but the dry down is just plain GROSS!!

After about a month I gave it to my cousin because I couldnt stand it. The grapefruit and vetyver by Jo Malone are much better citrus scents that stay the same through out top note to dry down
03rd May, 2007
This started off quite peppery then the basil note quickly turned to smell like cat's urine on me. I quickly washed it off and tried it again later with the same result. Very disappointed as it was the first one I tried in a complimentary gift of four samples.
20th March, 2007
I love this when it starts out, but within an hour--less?--it turns on me. The whole thing fades quickly and I'm left with the smell of wilted basil.
05th May, 2006
The lime starts out very strong and overpowering on my skin. Then, the lime fades then the basil starts to grow. To me, this smells much more like it's for a man, as it is very cologne like. Finally, after the mandarin comes out it's not too bad. Still a bit too masculine for my tastes.
13th January, 2006