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Neutral Reviews of Lime, Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone

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Not bad at all as I was expecting less from a unisex JM frag. Projects well and lasted all day on my skin, a pleasant surprise. The lime and mandarin give the sweetness and fresh-kick but that basil is what makes it unique. Its clean and refreshing so summer seems like the best time to wear.
22nd August, 2016
A citrus-dominated fougere that is quite simple and for me linear.

The mandarin and lime float over a base that is present from the start. That base is somewhat synthetic with a vibe that is not familiar to me, so this must be the costus, an ingredient also unfamiliar to me.

I don't get the basil at all. It doesn't impress me as a whole. A nice scent, but unremarkable and not memorable.
24th March, 2016
Nice citrus (lime, lemon or grapefruit)in this one. A very light herbal note (basil I presume)which is a nice pick-me-up on the intial spray. Perfect for warmer weather. 6.5/10
03rd November, 2015
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The opening of Lime Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone reminded me a bit of L’homme de Grès; that similar sort of really pungent, decidedly “virile”, kind of old-school and really bitter lime-green note supported by a woody, somber, almost chypre (in a really subtle way) base. At first the mandarin is not really there and neither is basil to my nose, but in a matter of minutes the bitter and fresh “head of the head notes” vanishes off and the fragrance starts to warm on skin – at that point you surely get a slightly sweeter, more aromatic-floral blend which seems comprising also something like neroli. Still no basil to my nose, weirdly enough I get thyme and sage more clearly; overall, basically a sort of aromatic green fougère centered on lime-orange with a subtle and to me, quite masculine woody-herbal-musky base smelling quite dark, slightly waxy and also slightly camphorous. And kind of “humid” too.

Also, I think I clearly get here the sort of aftershave vibe I get from many British fragrances based on classic structures (like those countless “West Indian Limes” colognes by Truefitt & Hill, Taylors of Old Bond Street and similar “gentleman’s grooming” brands) – although it may be just pure suggestion. Surely anyway something way less fresh than one may assume by reading the name. Overall, in my opinion Lime Basil & Mandarin isn’t bad at all, almost quite good actually; the only negative thing for me is that I get a whiff of something annoyingly and persistently synthetic that somehow “ruins the magic”. For me, citrus-green scents – more than others – need to be as much natural as possible to smell pleasant, fulfilling and compelling, to avoid smelling like floor detergents or cheap soaps. This doesn’t really make it for me, at least not entirely; it smells decently good, but I feel it would have been way better if part of the efforts was also financial - I mean in raising the budget and picking better materials. Still quite nice overall, just don’t expect something neither fresh nor particularly solid or refined.

21st May, 2015
Genre: Citrus

Pretty much run-of-the-mill lime opening, with some sweet herbal notes surfacing after a few minutes' time. The accord that results reminds me of fruit salad. Commonplace I think, and ultimately undistinguished in an already overcrowded field. I'll pass in favor of Heeley's Verveine, Eau de Guerlain or Cologne Bigarage.
19th June, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A decent bit of lime and mandarin, little basil, nice, very subdued and casting less than an hour on me. Not getting me excited.
20th September, 2012
Lime, basil, and mandarin is along the same lines as many other of the higher quality citrus fragrances. There's a candied aspect to the citrus that makes this more of a novelty than an actual fragrance. Another problem with this fragrance is the longevity which is the major issue with many of Jo Malone's fragrances. It's actually better than most of her fragrances, but there are better examples on the market. Enjoyable, but not bottle worthy.
24th July, 2012
Benj Show all reviews
United States
I'm torn with this one. This is one of Malone's first perfumes and the one I liked best at first. The basil gives an interesting and lovely note, and the fresh citrus is exceptionally well done. All three notes in the name really do come through. Overall this is an excellent citrus-basil accord that becomes more floral and slightly garrigue-ish with time. Hurrah! A Jo Malone perfume that evolves! Oh, wait, what's that? Oh dear, the basil is rotting on my skin. ARGH, now it's starting to smell more and more like week-old salad. Lovely at first, but it doesn't end well for this pretty little perfume.
16th January, 2011 (last edited: 28th January, 2011)
I bought it for me, but ended up passing it on to my bf. Too manly for me. It's ok, seems good for a man's office scent.
14th December, 2010
A straight forward scent - a very lovely beginning though definitely more a man's scent - and as it says it is - lime basil and mandarin. I get mostly lime and basil - tart ,strong .It goes downhill on my skin and I still get little mandarin. A slight BO note seems to emerge and then I begin to feel claustrophobic. Not for me.
21st June, 2010
I sprinkled this Jo Malone's scent on my wrist and liked it immediately. It lasted about five hours on me so for the cologne I think is wonderful. I didn't notice any wilted basil there, but after some time I realised why this scent seemed so familiar to me: on my skin it is very similar to Cabotine from Gres that I used to wear in university.
The shoplady gave me a body lotion sample "for better effect" when combining it with the cologne. And I slightly smeared the cleavage and neck with it. OMG!!!! It was awful. I almost choked with it, and couldn't get it off me. This one has huge staying power! So I'm thinking what to do next - Should I try the cologne again? I think I will after some time, but I would never buy a Lime, Basil and Mandarin body lotion.
13th January, 2010
For some reason, I like this fragrance when I am having my period. It's one of the only fragrances I can stand at that time of the month. Otherwise, (at other times of the month) I don't like it!!! Weird, eh?
22nd August, 2008
An earlier incarnation of Nouveau Bowery but with more herbs (basil). Not bad but I'd rather have the Bond.
31st July, 2008
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