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I can see why this seems to be probably the most popular JM fragrancce , or if not , it's definitely up there...what's not to like? aromatic/juicy/fresh perfect summer fragrance...the title pretty much gives away the story...exquisitely blended orange/lime -'s there in all it's glory with a generous sprinkling of freshly chopped basil...for a citrus the life on my skin is very 6 hours I can still smell a pretty good close to the skin scent...good stuff...skip the ozony aquatics and try rockin' this instead...
29th May, 2018
Lime Basil & Mandarin is one of the most famous and popular perfumes by niche brand Jo Malone, known for its simple yet striking perfume creations that drew their inspiration from easy to wear, sent-bon perfume compositions like Guerlain’s Aqua Allegorria composition. Despite being based on two essential scent ingredients, the story doesn’t end there but evolves rapidly because Jo Malone perfumes give every scent its own spice and twist. Each of their limes is a special lime and each rose is a special rose and together they make fantastic, quality, characteristic perfumes.

Lime Basil & Mandarin opening is juicy, fresh with a sharp scent of lime that you can almost taste. Ideal for waking up in the mornings instead of a cup of coffee. A fresh blow to wake you up and shake up your senses. But as I said in the intro, each ingredient has a special addition, like a footnote. So in this case, lime has a mild floral subtone. After five minutes, juiciness is replaced by aromatic, mildly citrus chord boosted with pepper, spicy notes, and universal lovable tangerine is one step behind. Despite being categorized as eau de cologne, this perfume is surprisingly lasting and has a projection of its own. The aura of freshness, like grass and Mediterranean orchard after a spring rain, will follow you all day long but it won’t be heavy for another people's noses. That is why I believe this is an ideal perfume for everyday chores, but it is also ideal for men who want to smell fresh, but also sophisticated unlike most of the sports perfume that knows not how to get to the next level and be more refined.

Ladies, despite the fact that through history, mythology and tradition basil was connected with a male principle and some old Jewish tribes used is for strength and courage, while in Rome and India it was used against evil, allow me to rephrase one of the greatest thinkers of the XX century Bela Hamvas and say that there is no one who wouldn’t notice a lady drinking her afternoon tea shrouded with a cloud of basil. Be sure that by wearing this basil in Lime Basil & Mandarin, you will not only repel evil but if Santeria tradition is true, attract new love.
04th November, 2017
Lime Basil & Mandarin smells to me like mostly mandarin aldehydes, which smell like plasticky fake orange. It also throws in a bunch of fake candied lime and some ginger and champagne aldehydes, all built on a support structure of leafy greens. The end result is a sparkling candied concoction that smells like fake citrus encased in plastic and served as a fizzy soda. It should be just terrible, but somehow it all just works and it radiates sparkling joy in a way that makes it almost impossible to dislike. I'd usually never give a thumbs up to something this artificial and candied, but I just can't resist Lime Basil & Mandarin's happy vibe.
14th November, 2016
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Stardate 20161014:

A great modern cologne. One of the few good fragrances from this house.

It lasts a long time (again unlike others from this house) and has great projection.

The basil polishes the traditional cologne accord and makes it a lot more sophisticated.

No need to vintage hunt with this one- current version is very good.
A bit pricey but with this one a spray or 2 will suffice so get a small decant.
14th October, 2016
A nice and classy example of floral saltiness in perfumery, a sort of Eau de Rochas Homme's close parent, a juice kind of "dandy", yuppie and "posh". Jo Malone Lime basil&mandarin's opening is quite fizzy-sparkling, minty, aromatic, pungent, orangy-green and fresh, a burst of freshness relatively realistic and definitely mediterranean in vibe. Basil is adamant (minty and penetrating) while affording a quite botanic, almost balsamic culinary feeling, something paired in bright-medicinal-grassy tartness by lime and bergamot. There is just a tad of the classic cologney old-school restrained twist since this juice is actually (basically) modern, sporty, "tennis club like", more oriented towards a floral-aqueous (more contemporary) salty-herbal (vaguely tea-oriented) theme and "splashing". The floral presence is kind of pure, "flat", transparent and "neutral-aseptic". Lilac and iris provide indeed the modern floral-watery ("enchanted forest", quiescent pond-like, transparent) aura. The initial "juicy" herbal/orangy/lemony fizziness progressively fades in to something along the way more vague, earthy (patch and vetiver), severe and opaque (but still floral, aerial and sophisticated). Honestly I appreciate this minimalist but never simplistic take on floral vetiver as embellished by its twist of floral-earthy (salty-virile and ostensibly sweaty-organic) "complicacy". Dry down (because of the saltiness) gives on my "old-school skin" the sultry-sexy illusion of manly (after sport) sweaty acidity as flanked (and tamed) by a sort of floral deodorant undertone. I tend to dislike the Jo Malone's creations but on its complex I quite appreciate this dynamic juice. Not bad at all.
12th October, 2016 (last edited: 11th October, 2016)
It seems like this is one of JM's best known fragrances, but I guess I was late to the party. It is genuinely unisex, due to its true-to-natural-ingredients aroma. I admittedly don't know much about JM's sourcing and materials practices but this is at once juicy (think mandarin supremes), fragrant (think the immediate area around a lime being drawn over a microplane), and green (chopping up purple basil).
It doesn't last all day, but it's like a temporary burst of sunshine that makes a good work day wake-up.
07th August, 2016
This is a very nice fragrance. The lime and mandarin are natural and enjoyable. The patchouli and vetiver develops in the dry down and even though it gets a little powdery towards the end, I still really enjoy the opening and the majority of the dry down very much. This also has very good longevity and sillage for a Jo Malone frag as least it does on me. A great warm weather fragrance.
05th August, 2016
Natural smelling citruses in perfumery are all too rare. Many offerings in this genre sandpaper the nostrils with chemical potency. Lime Basil and Mandarin is an elegant exception.
After a joyous burst of lime at the start that feels like standing under a travel advert’s waterfall, it evolves through a heart phase where the herbal greens show through before sliding effortlessly into a drydown with a moss-and-dried-grass bed above which float that now much more muted citrus and light summery floral notes. It has the quality of some colognes of yesteryear – simplicity built on classical foundations – and is pleasing throughout, with a gentle presence.
10th June, 2016
Had a sample of this put in the bag when I was out picking up some Chanel last year.

It opens with an astonishingly beautiful Lime and a particularly Mandarin truthful. ( No Tangerine here) Top notes dissipate
Drydown into a classic and elegant base of Patch, Vetiver, Basil. Very, very nice EDC for the times in the heat.
This will be a Springtime buy!!
17th February, 2016 (last edited: 09th January, 2017)
By placing the emphasis on the lesser used lime note, Jo Malone has flipped the EdC structure inside out. Instead of being centred on lemon and grapefruit, these now take a supporting role. Bergamot has dropped back, and coumarin and a ionone have been dosed right down to merely add a neutral background.

Because the formula is top weighted it gives LB&M a more spare and streamlined effect accentuated by the use of thin and quite sharp smelling lilac to complement the basil, and the dry agrestic herbal nuance of white thyme which ties into the salty edge found in the lime opening.

The lightly dosed base materials support the acidic citrus and tart herbs by the use of a clean vetyver, possibly vetiveryl acetate, and patchouli. It finally dries down to a bland, mid toned powdery residue.

The overall result is modern and clean, in keeping with the new purity genre that emerged in the nineties. LB&M's bright optimistic construction can be read as a forerunner of CK One which two years later took up a similar motif and ran with it, taking the modern cologne down a more abstract and less naturalistic path, albeit with less conviction.

A modern classic which has deservedly carved out its niche alongside the greats of the EdC genre.

08th August, 2015
Perfect for Summer

Citrusy, bright, crisp, green, herbal, clean, refreshing, fresh, effervescent, light, uplifting, natural, cool, zesty, spring-like, breezy. Add some tonic water and a splash of rum and I think I could drink this stuff.

A bright opening of fresh cut lime trailing very closely to fresh cut basil. Then I detect the mandarin and bergamot which round the lime out nicely. The iris brings a slight scratchiness to the mix and the vetiver adds a smidge of a dry weight to it. The vetiver and iris mesh really well dirtying it up a bit which makes it slightly more masculine. I get a drive-by of spiciness from the caraway. Literally, I smell it and it is gone with the wind. But, mostly you get happy lime and basil.

I absolutely love this stuff and I could keep my nose to my arm all day sniffing away, if it only lasted on me all day. And no question that it is totally unisex.

Pros: Happy and refreshing
Cons: lacks longevity"

08th September, 2013
I never wear this one out, but I do enjoy the vibe that I get off it around the house. It is a very uplifting scent and I like the bite of the basil that I get off the top.
24th April, 2013
Should be renamed Basil Basil and Basil on my skin. When i first tried this from a tester bottle in a Jo Malone store, It thought the juice had gone off. It was hard work. It has however over the last year or two grown on me. This is a fragrence I am very fond of now and makes me think. It also bucks my Jo Malone trend in that I am aware of it maybe 12 hours after application. Good stuff!
09th April, 2013
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Tony T Show all reviews
United States
the top note of basil is a bit much and was not what i was expecting. then maybe an hour later this became manly and endurable through the cold winter day.6 hours later it is still going very strong and i could see it lasting 10 hours. this is frommy sample!!!the basil is much more subdued and the base note of thyme is kicking in providing a great earthy feel. this is a great comfort scent. will be buying a bottle come spring/summer..
11th February, 2013
Jo Malone's Lime, Basil and Mandarin has a beautiful, bracing, citrus opening with a very pronunced lime note swimming just ahead of the mandarin orange and bergamot notes. This opening lasts about one-half hour before slipping behind the basil that bursts through the citrus accord and welcomes all who are near to the emerging herb garden. While I'm not a huge fan of basil, I find LBM's basil note to be acceptable. It its what the name says. The mid notes in LBM remind me somewhat of the mid notes in Polo Modern Reserve, a fragrance that is light years away from LBM in character and temperament. The emergence of patchouli really sells LBM. The basil becomes restrained which helps avoid a complete herbal takeover. I can easily see LBM in my summer rotation. A perfect fit for trips to my favorite Thai restaurant.
11th December, 2011 (last edited: 12th December, 2011)
I only smelled this for the first time recently. It has such a pretty opening and it seems like it might simply be a long-lasting take on the eau de cologne. The heart turns out to be fairly short-lived, but the basenotes, while quiet, are quite durable. The base hints at vetiver, patchouli and iris, having a dry, dusty feel. It seems a bit like dried citrus rind, the perfect ending to the citrus-dominant start.
05th November, 2011
The mandarin just glows and the lime-basil lends interest. This is an incredible mood-lifter for me.

On a humid, muggy day, for about 15 minutes I feel like a Thai yum tofu salad but then it passes. For some reason I don't register this aspect when it's not humid. So yes, the basil is very prominent here. It's not vaguely herbal, it's unmistakably basil.

I had halfway-decent longevity and it was much better than other Jo Malones I've tried with seem to disappear almost instantly. For me this lasts about three hours and then leaves a faint shadow of itself for the rest of the day.
07th May, 2011
LaNose Show all reviews
United States
On me, after the citris departs, it's strictly coriander. I like its green, warm and woody aura --- it's a fond reminder of Coriandre by Jean Couturier.

I think the lime, basil and orange herald the top notes and envelope the margins of the middle notes, but the basenotes are pure...coriander. Amazing that it's not list on the pyramid.
31st December, 2010
Andromed Show all reviews
Russian Federation
Very interesting cologne. Brilliant balance and simplicity, if a lot of nuances and listen ottenkov.Potryasayuschaya game - "Elementary, Watson. With my indifference to the citrus - bravo! Lasts just long enough so as not to tire. Of those things which give rise to poetic images. It seems commoner, but this gentleman. Many can learn from JM, how to work with citrus and herbs.
13th July, 2010
This is what I wear when my co-workers are going to be away and I will be alone with the boss. It is fresh and crisp but absolutely uninviting or sexy - it gives just the right message! This is the only Jo Malone I really like or need.
10th May, 2010
I know the name says Lime, Basil & Mandarin, but this scent is all about Lime & Cilantro. I'm sampling this fragrance for the first time today and have had it on for about 45 minutes now & so far the lime and cilantro dominates. This will be a good Summer scent and it's quite pleasant & uncomplicated, but in an unexpected way. Very nice.
16th March, 2010
It is what it says on the bottle. Intense lime and basil. An interesting scent; I get good longevity out of it. Easier to wear than Jo Malone’s Sweet Lime and Cedar, with its allusion to Thai cuisine.

I am surprised to see such a high proportion of negative reviews on this one.
14th March, 2010
This was the scent that first woke me up to Jo Malone. It was love at first sniff. I was then too ignorant to know that you could get fragrances that were so unashamedly clean and focussed so uninhibitedly on the orchard and the herb garden. I was astounded at its bracing freshness and verve and worshipped its unaffected purity.

I find it very easy to wear. In our mediterranean climate it is refreshing in summer and nostalgic in winter. It lasts well enough for me but happily is also hard to overdo thanks to the way it settles into calm citrus and herb notes. (At the JM shop at LHR they use this to spritz onto the black tissue paper when they wrap your purchases. Not sure what that says about it... but I'm too in love to care.)

The lime is without doubt the leader of the band here and I have sought the mandarin in vain. That is until I sprayed this over JM's Sweet Lime & Cedar and, voila!, there is the mandarin and it keeps on coming through. Delightful!

I must confess that over the years I have occasionally entertained heretical thoughts that there may be a lack of depth to the fragrance. But now I sometimes layer it with heavier scents and that way it still keeps its fascination both solo and in combination.
25th January, 2010
Asha Show all reviews
United States
Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin EDC

Notes: lime, mandarin, basil, white thyme (from

Upon first application of Lime Basil & Mandarine, surprise of surprises, I smell lime, basil and mandarin. The mandarin is very subtle, bowing to the more prominent lime citrus note, which is tangy and bitter, more like lime rind than the fruit. The herbal component is obviously more than just basil, although the basil note is very minty, leafy and somewhat juicy. Along with the basil is something I was not expecting--cilantro, a.k.a. coriander leaf. Once LBM develops past the initial opening accord, the mandarin fades to almost nothing, and I feel as if I am covered in Cuban Mojo marinade sauce. (For those who are interested, my Mojo recipe includes lime juice, orange juice, olive oil, fresh cilantro, salt, pepper and garlic.) I was wondering where the garlic might be in LBM. I never encountered any, but I did notice a curious fenugreek funk in the mid notes. I was wavering between loving and hating the fragrance because of its obvious foody connotations. In the end decided that LBM is a thoroughly enjoyable herbal cologne, with a lovely creamy, woody amber-musk drydown and some kind of mossy ingredient that keeps the base from being too sweet. For an EDC, the longevity has been very good, around five hours. Sillage is moderate. Lime Basil & Mandarin is wearable for both men and women, but edges more toward the masculine.
17th October, 2009
I remember loud colognes from the seventies that smelled like cheap lime candy. This cologne comes perilously close to that extreme, but it is redeemed by quality ingredients and masterful blending. Its initial application is a shock, but it evolves into an assertive, but attractive, citrus wallow. I would wear this to a summer evening concert, classy barbecue, or a nice club. It is definitely unisex, but intended for a boldly self-assured or effusively outgoing person.
24th February, 2009 (last edited: 21st March, 2010)
Very, very lime, about as true to the real thing as one can get without rolling in a basket of them. But it's lime without the sourness, and mellowed with a herbal note that I'm assuming is the basil. Sillage is minimal, longevity is not that great, but despite the fact that this smells like a drink I'd order at the bar, it is very appealing. Fresh and clean without being "fresh" and "clean", if that makes sense.
07th February, 2009
This is Jo Malone's signature scent. It's the first Jo Malone I purchased, and I have had several bottles since then. I also have the shower gel and body cream, and I layer all three together for wonderful sillage. I'd also like to buy the soap, hair shampoo, hair conditioner and bath oil! It's a distinctive fragrance which (to me at least) is is uplifting and vibrant, and perfect for the warm weather. It especially appeals to people who like citrus and herb notes, but it's not for everyone. So try it on your skin before you purchase!
24th October, 2008
Mad4WDW Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Opens with a strong Lime then it moves to a herby, grassy aroma. I really like it, its a nice one for the summer. Smells very natural to me.

I've had compliments while I've been wearing it which I haven't had for others I wear that get rave reviews here.Don't write it off before you try it I'd say.

It also layers nicely with another Jo Malone I have in my collection, Pomegranate Noir, another good one from this house.

Above average sillage and longevity for a cologne.
06th July, 2008
An enjoyable scent, one that I associate with relaxation and leisure, probably mostly because of when I was exposed to this initially in my younger years studying in the summertime. The bright lime opening fades into a green, herbal accord (which I agree is more aromatic than fresh basil), and dries down to what others call a vetiver/costus/patchouli base. It lasts very well for an eau de cologne, 6-8 hours. The only other one I can compare its longevity to is Habit Rouge EDC, which is an oriental and therefore in another league. It does have a sourness to it, but I like it and I've gotten lots of compliments on it.
19th April, 2008 (last edited: 29th April, 2016)
Repulsive yet intriguing, like a car accident. I wouldn't wear this on its own, but it might work layered with another citrus to tame that 500-pound gorilla of a basil note.

EDIT: I gave this a second chance and my feelings have taken a complete 90-degree turn from neutral to positive. The opening lime-basil accord is fresh, brilliant, distinctive, and absolutely perfect for warm weather. Yes, it does smell vaguely like some kind of Thai salad, but Thai salad smells delicious, making this a sort of gourmand fragrance, though one quite different from the usual chocolate and vanilla suspects. It softens and warms considerably during the dry down, where the high quality ingredients get to reveal themselves fully. Surprisingly good longevity, moderate sillage.

I am reminded yet again that one truly needs to live with a fragrance for a while to appreciate its quality (or lack thereof).
15th April, 2008 (last edited: 28th May, 2008)