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Negative Reviews of Limes by Floris

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Limes by FLORIS sounded too good to be true. And that exactly what it was. On my skin the initial fantastic burst of citrus lasted 5-10 minutes. After that delightful opening Limes is a total let down because it becomes a fainting skin scent that lasts about an hour and then oblivion. I can understand that some people like to keep old traditions alive. If they are rich enough sure go ahead. If you value your hard earned money and like citrus fragrances try Limes a few times to see if it is worth the price asked. And for a while maybe forget the fancy box and bottle and concentrate on the juice. On me Limes started great but soon turned into the fragrance of a somewhat good quality dish washing liquid... and the obscurity of it all as a fragrance makes it purposeless.
09th May, 2013
jdnba Show all reviews
United States
terrrrible. do not waste your time...try truefitt and hill or trumper instead.
01st June, 2007
vadim Show all reviews
Russian Federation
A rather un-limey take on the lime theme, this one could easily pass for a Contitental niche scent. A brisk but faint lime in the opening is all too quickly replaced by a Comme des Garcons-ish thin and dry base. If you are looking for limes proper or for something clean, fresh, manly and British, look elsewhere.
08th December, 2006
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