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I agree that this is related to Eau de Guerlain, which apparently came later. Lovely crisp unsweetened herbal lime opening, followed by maybe an hour of mild floral musk. There are long-lasting citrus fragrances, so I don't see much of a point in traditional EdC's like this, pleasant as it is.
01st June, 2012
Trying to recall the other English lime scents as best I can while doing this, the Floris is probably closest to Trumpers. It's right away the driest, dustiest of these old-style EdCs, and has a bit of the sharp herbs of Wellington or Blenheim, though it's admittedly a bit hard to tell where the fresh lime rind sharpness ends and the herbal sharpness begins. I also think there's a trace of the florals that I associate with the less "barbershoppy" English houses (i.e. Floris and Penhaligons), which sometimes feminizes them a tiny bit. I don't think it maintains its lime identity very well, though. Trumpers dies off quickly but remains pure, and Truefitt is sweetened up a bit and strengthened with synthetics but is still clearly lime. The Floris dies off and degenerates into dust, with a bit of popcorny-smelling wood at the very end.
15th December, 2011
I just love the Lemon Lime opening an zesty beginning dries lovely to an delicate watery scent of Lily of the Vally
hidden among the rocks with it's gentile
scent and the subtle musk dry down.

it's more of a pleasant and Diluted Version of Eau de Guerlian which it's a very power citrus aromatic fragrance
that uses to much on mint and smelled like Mint Tooth Paste.

12th February, 2011
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I’ve always loved the smell of limes. This is no exception. It’s a robust and refreshing lime fragrance. It lasts about 5-10 minutes on the skin, though.
22nd September, 2005