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Delightful though not long lasting

I purchased this at Fortnum and Mason's in London while vacationing. It's easy to get overtaken by the moment in a place such as F&M (one true to the Crown would never shop at Harrod's with all those Arabs) and I was no exception!

Why? Oh, Why didn't I purchase Floris No. 89, which Ian Flemming said James Bond wore, instead of Limes? I kick myself every time I think about it, but would suppose that because it was a lovely spring day in London, I felt that Limes was the order of the day, and so I dutifully carried my overly expensive fragrance, which consists almost exclusively of just Limes - not many notes here, and frankly those familiar with Loyall Lime will probably like that Lime better than this one - I know that I do.

So, why own this? Well, if you like a bitter lime fragrance that is truly reminiscent of what a London barbershop must have smelled like on a hot summer day in the 1920's, then this would be the one for you.

I will say that the bottle is really beautiful and the packaging is some of the best you will encounter, but I wish I had gotten Floris No. 89, instead of this one.

Pros: Beautiful packaging and Bottle
Cons: not particularly long lasting.

10th June, 2013
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United Kingdom
Classic bone-dry lime, pure uncompromising lime that is refreshing, with a gentle lily note added in the drydown. What remains after an hour or so with a very pleasant light white musk that is very close to my skin. For a lime cologne is has a respectable longevity of nearly three hours.

Nothing super-exciting, a traditional classic lime summer creation. 3/5
03rd August, 2012 (last edited: 15th December, 2015)
Top: lemon, petitgrain
Mid: lily of the valley, lime blossom, neroli
Base: musk

This starts with lovely citrus-green notes. These are quite tart, bracing, and refreshing. These top notes have good longevity for citrus, lasting several minutes. The citrus notes burn off and a classy floral-musk appears. It is not sweet or heavy; rather it is it kind of airy and has echoes of the citrus. The scent overall is clean and classic. No faux notes here. It lasts about half an hour on me. Splash it on and enjoy!
04th August, 2010
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This is about as simple as a fragrance can get. Lime anyone? I use this in high temperatures, or straight after a hot bath , and it is freshness personified. It's brevity suggests that it will have limited use amongst mainstream users, but at what it sets out to do, it is very good.
16th February, 2009
as a Floris representative just recently told me, this is the same juice as that "Summer Limes". Which i adore!

if you do NOT want a woody base under the zesty citrus (like with so many other citrus/lime scents out there), then get a bottle of this wonderful creation. i am rally astonished that it is said to be nearly 200 years old :-0 it smells NOTHING like dated ... a very modern composition i would say.

thumbs up all the way!

26th July, 2008
If like subtle "citruos notes" this is the one, very soft for male and female.
remainds me of a very,very expensive cup of tea or a walk by the sea side.
18th July, 2004