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Neutral Reviews of Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

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Au Masculin.

Today, while enjoying a chunk of black licorice 'tween cheek-n-gums like I like, I took out my three bottles of anise-minded fragrances for a spin. First off, if One has a problem with black licorice... One should stay away from these. Here are my other thoughts:

Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin - Powdery synthetic vanilla and anise from the start. There are bothersome sour and floral facets as well. Strong and linear. It all wears this black licorice fan down... much in the same manner this tobbaco fan cannot find the appreciation for The Dreamer. No matter.

Reglisse Noire - Mint and pepper are there up-front with the prominent anise which lasts throughout the rather fleeting heart and is noticeably supportive in the exquisite vanilla drydown. Classy. A very nice evening scent.

Piper Nigrum - Mint and anise are there up-front supporting the prominent pepper. The pepper is there throughout, with clove and other spice, even into the resinous vanilla-incense drydown. Much more pepper than anise, but still.

Sure, there are a ton of other black licorice / anise fragrances. These are my first three and I think I've drilled deep enough. Two outta three ain't bad! They shine bright in early Autumn.
03rd September, 2016
In the notes above, they do not list licorice but licorice is what I get out of this one.

I am not a licorice person and not that big into anise.
This just does not seem like a great masculine scent, sorta feminine and comes across more as a daily, uneventful type of wearer.

It's interesting, when I've been in a group of people and the subject of favorite treat or candy comes up they eventually come around to their least favorite treat.

Licorice is usually number one, they mention the taste and smell of it, I'm right there with them, black licorice has a medicinal smell and taste to it.

This just does not come across as a "special events" or "make an impression" type of cologne for men.

Glad I only purchased a miniature.

04th March, 2015
I was prepared not to like this, having skeptically accepted the advice that even someone that does not care for the taste of black licorice/anise could find a spot in their heart for this juice. That said, I'm sad to report that this is not the case for me. Based on my personal experience -I do not have any reason to believe that someone that doesn't care for the taste of licorice/anise would find this cologne something they could wear.- The licorice note is, as most people agree, very, very pronounced. If you don't like it, don't waste your money, period.

That said, the longer it wears, the more that anise bomb fades to reveal a beautiful, slightly green base where the vanilla and something floral (the violet?) really shines through to me. And boy does this stuff last. Sillage is great to excellent and I could still smell this stuff on my skin twelve hours later when I went to take a shower. I have feeling it could have survived a decent deal longer if I hadn't washed it off too- very nice.

I give this a neutral review because the base underneath all the licorice yuk is quite good and the longevity is really something to write home about for the price category this falls into. If you like anise, I don't see any reason you won't love this stuff.
30th March, 2013
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It's a good, pleasant sweet fragrance. Definitely anise heavy, kinda candyish. Body Kouros is similar to my nose. Idk, it's good, but once you enter the sweet masculine realm, there are choices that blow this out of the water.
However, its price is good, so if you can't afford more expensive sweet fragrances, this one is a great choice.
06th December, 2012
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United States
Very similar to Le Male and Amouage's Reflection Man, but sweeter.
Not bad, but not that great either.
Neutral :D
15th April, 2012
What you get at the beginning its basically anis and vanilla, and you have a good nose you will get the violet also. Its a pleasant smell but imo more a unisex fragrance because of the vanilla. I would probably like that on a woman but not on me. I saw someone mentioning Root Beer and i agree. Worth a try.
09th March, 2012
After blind buying this perfume online i have been somewhat underwhelmed by this fragrance. It is not a raw masculine cologne (a fragrance of this kind would perhaps be more to my taste) but it is a fairly sweet eau - with a the scent of absinthe + jaggermeister coming through for me personally.
However i always do give colognes a chance to see the reaction of other people. After a few days of wearing it i have had several compliments (all from women) which is a higher strike rate than my previous fragrances.
However it does seem that it has a short longevity and needs to be re-applied within 3 hours or so, otherwise it will have faded significantly. Projection is decent yet not overpowering.
25th February, 2012
It's a masculine scent all the way. Profound and deep, woody and all-in-one by timing. It can be worn on a daytime casual basis and by night.

On the downside, it has a damn small longevity. 1 hour - 1 hour and a half on my skin.
22nd November, 2011
As Shakespeare said, a Bulgari Black by any other name would smell as sweet...or was that Annick Menardo? There is an overwhelming similarity between Lolita Lempicka au Masculin and Bulgari Black! They have the same cedar-vanilla dynamic going on in the heart and base, and once those top notes are gone, that's what you're left with--a powdery gourmand, just daring you to get sick of it. I liked both BB and LLaM more the first time I sampled them, and now that I own bottles of both, I find them a little overwhelming and a little cloying in the drydown. If only that green ivy note could hang around for longer--it does a lot to balance the fragrance out, and makes it smell less like my grandma's baking supplies cupboard. I *do* think that LLaM can be worn by women, contrary to what some reviewers have said, even if the rum in the top notes gives it a masculine feel at first.
15th June, 2011
I decided to "face" Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin as many people made a lot of rumor out of it. I tried it first on paper and totally got impressed by the amazing opening. Anise, Liquorice and some undetected aromachemical that was really fashinating to my nose. I immediately decided to spry it on my skin to check longevity and sillage and how it worked with my chemistry...Oh My God what a big mistake I made. After the opening, Au Masculine, turns to a super sweet, loud, vulgar and bizarre (in a bad way) everlasting vanilla gourmand. So loud and long-lived that I started to worry. I rushed to the bathroom to scrub it but I realized that the only option I had was to graze my arm. It's like having a big (big) dog keep barking at your window for twelve hours nonstop. You got tired, stressed, dazed, exasperated....and you could kill.

Someone says Au Masculin may be good for girls too and I hope I'll never meet one wearing it. So disappointed as I really wanted to Like it. I rate it neutral instead of negative as the opening is quite captivating and, for sure, AM is unique. Fortunately.
26th March, 2011 (last edited: 04th April, 2011)
Well, an atomic, intoxicating dust of stars with an inebrious splash of licorice based and mentholated liquor, a gourmand base and an undertone of violets. Psychedelic, phosphorescent bleu-violet is the color of the ambience around. This is a "diluted" woody-oriental, a watery "bath foam type" brash gourmand which starts with an interesting anice-absinthe-rum mentholated sparkling accord and gradually, while keeps fading the initial turmoil, ends to become a more common powdery, talky choccolate-vanilla woody bath soap aroma, close to many others out there. Dry woods infuse a bit of basic structure in order to understate the creamy general "unstructured" un-solid consistency of the scent itself. I hardly perceive a rosey touch. The projection and the longevity are almost nuclear.
20th February, 2011 (last edited: 22nd June, 2014)
Hmmm...smells like a watered-down clone of YSL Body Kouros. Up close, the anise and violet accord could take some getting use to but in sillage it is actually quite smooth and rounder, sweeter than it is bitter. Projection is average but longevity is poor, lasting no more than 4 hours even with a generous application. 8 hours you say? Well, not on my skin.

Anyway here's the bottomline: skip this, get Body Kouros. Or better yet, go with the EDP-strength smooth operator, 1725 Casanova by Histoires de Parfums. If you find the Lolita enjoyable, 1725 would probably put you in anise heaven.

Notes from
absinthe, rum, ivy, violet, anise, barley water, cedar, vetiver, cistus, vanilla, musk

18th July, 2010
There's a lot to like here, although to me it ultimately seems both cloying and tooth-achingly sweet. This strikes me as being in very similar territory to A*Men, but my tolerance for that one is pretty low as well; my limited exposure renders me unable to make fine distinctions.

The anisic/herbal cast on LLaM gives it a freshness that I found lacking in A*Men, but the base is still an impenetrable chocolate/vanilla firewall.
29th November, 2009
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United States
I got this as a sample for my husband when purchasing my botttle of Loita Lempicka. Au Masculin smells so much like the female version, I kept it for myself! Nice scent only slightly muskier. Lolita Lempicka is one of my favourite scents, I'm just not sure if this version would be too sweet for men. It hits me as a sexy woman scent. Two thumbs up for a female fragrance. Neutral for men's fragrance.
15th July, 2009 (last edited: 03rd August, 2009)
I love the smell but it's too weak. Even if you pour a lot, the smell remains very faint. And if you apply a ton of it, you will just start sneezing. It doesn't have great sillage and has decent longevity. It smells of a spicy aniseed.
15th July, 2008
I sampled this scent at Perfume Pizzaz and I was hoping that I would find it to be sweet as many as others but I didn't. When I first smelled it, all I could smell was mint. So I sat it down and went back to it 5 minutes later and seen no difference (maybe because I had smelled so many scents and forgot to sniff the coffee beans). So I went back a week later and resampled it again and found the same smell, Mint. Maybe it was a bad bottle? I really wanted to but it but was thrown off from that smell. I may still purchase if I can get the sweet smell out of it.
27th April, 2008
This is a fragrance of contrasts. I absolutely cannot stand the weird opening of aniseed, absinthe and more aniseed. But be patient and this turns into the most beautiful drydown of any men's perfume. Now where's that chemistry set so I can separate the topnotes from the basenotes...??
01st November, 2007
Overly licorice/anise version of Le Male in my opinion. Nothing special. Really suprised by some of the glowing remarks. Hypnose for men is in the same vein and I think it does better. So is 212 Men Sexy and Couduroy by ZIHR.
17th July, 2007
it's the signature scent of my boyfriend. i didn't liked it from the first sniff, i felt something rather harsh in it, but now i like it for its uniqueness.
i also recently discovered that anise scent soothes my stomach pain, making this fragrance very useful sometimes ;)
21st May, 2007
Anise, anise anise, anise, anise.
Thats all I get I'm afraid.
Well there asre otehr notes in there but there is also Anise (did I mention that already?)
16th May, 2007
very unique. The absinthe presents a very strong anise note and its rounded out a little by mainly green woods and a fair amount of vanilla. Great for a cool autumn day. Or everyday if your reclusive.
28th March, 2007
Too much anise for my tastes. I hear others talk about how it works on them, but I for one can't stomach it. Neutral on this one for that alone.
27th September, 2006

Familiarity breeds contempt sometimes. I liked this at first, but luckily, I purchased only a mini of it. After three years, the mini is three-quarters full. I never realized how quickly that synthetic anise note would wear me out – faster even than the synthetic ginger note in Bulgari Blu for Men. Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin opens with a genuine gourmand accord — I can smell the violet, the praline, the anise and licorice. Sweet, sweet, sweet: It’s very sweet, and the sweetness is simplistic… except for the anise tang, it has no depth to it. The middle notes, too, are gourmand-like notes of anise and praline with an echo of the opening violet and a rum note that doesn’t really fit in except that it does encourage a masculine interpretation. The vanilla moves in with the base, and an acceptable vanilla it is; it melds with the green notes in the base to form a long-lasting green (vetiver?) / anise accord. The base is supposed to have cedar, and barley water in it, but all I get is the anise-contaminated green non-conifer accord. The synthetics of the fragrance are not at all annoying to me, and the sweet doesn’t bother me too much – I could live with it. It’s that anise note that has made me yell, “Surrender!” I can no longer handle it, but I remember enjoying it very much. It’s a very nice fragrance for someone who can enjoy several hours of anise. (Edit of May 3, 2006 review. Changed from thumbs up)

03rd May, 2006 (last edited: 18th June, 2009)
Yikes. I had to spray this one when I finally saw it in a boutique, if for no other reason than it seemed so different than anything else I've sampled before. I think my expectation was the understatement of the year. In the opening I was captivated, enchanted, amused, and then about 10 minutes later I was simply sick. The notes seem to run in opposite directions from one another very quickly, creating a sickening contrast of heavy cotton candy and nutty woods. I wish I could give a better description than that, but the notes simply homogenized on my skin into a monster I didn't want to deal with. I waited for it to settle before really judging it, and I do think it gets less irritating as time goes on, but by that time I'm sick of the whole concept of the frag. Very bold, interesting, and unique, so for those reasons I give it a neutral, but otherwise I simply cannot tolerate this scent.
19th February, 2006
I love it - similar to B*Men, but find B*Men easier to wear...the Lempicka has just a bit too much licorice for me and has an almost bitter edge to it. But incredible longevity and sillage and now that Yohji Homme has disappeared, this comes pretty darn close (though missing the coffee note).
16th January, 2006
The top notes are very intense and disturbing: strong anise (like medicine), a flower and something like liquor, but fortunately it lasts about five minutes or less. The base note is more stable, with a gourmet vanilla note (not the classic oriental vanilla one) and a wood, that remembrances a bit of Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male, without the orange notes. A gourmand style parfum.
24th November, 2005
This is a pleasant fragrance. A sweet fragrance with a nice anise touch. I find it to be somewhat synthetic smelling. It’s great for casual wear, and won’t easily offend. I much prefer Yohji Homme and Douce Amere, which are similar, but worlds better.
19th September, 2005
I like it better than the woman's fragrance for sure, its a little stronger and drier, but has the same problem - ie, its way too faint! Suprisingly, it was lot closer to the women's scent than I had imagined that it would be, and without being really cloying. Maybe thats just because I could barely smell it! Too bad, it could be really intersting. Also - neat bottle.
05th August, 2005