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Positive Reviews of Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

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This is quite light in my collection.
However nice to have something as refreshing as this.
I feel this may work better in the warmer days.
Very powdery, light, and fresh with enough unique qualities.

Worth checking out if you like liquorice.
10th February, 2018
Strong, sweet black licorice opening. Unique in the best way. The drydown is where the vanilla kicks in with that anise note still carrying through.

This feels more dressed up than casual and more mature than young but the sweetness makes it easy to pull off by someone in their 20's.

If you haven't smelled this, you need to at least sample it.

I get very good projection but longevity is not good.
14th January, 2018
Stardate 20170829:

Masculine Oriental - vanilla, anise, sweet ambery powder.
Not bad at all. But I have (and prefer) Arpege PH and that makes Lolita redundant.
29th August, 2017
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Deliciouse licorice scent.
26th March, 2017
Nice and fresh scent. The aniseed (licorice) is definitely prominent in this one, but not in an overwhelming way. Au Masculin contains plenty of other notes - like the vanilla in the base - to smoothen this one out. It lasts a long time on me, and ranks up there as one of my all time favorite oriental fragrances.
24th December, 2016
Like a giant black gumdrop, LLaM has a soft, sweet liquorice interior with a crunchy and textured sugar coating. The violet note also recalls the purple gumdrops of my youth. Likeable and sweet, the ultimate drydown, however, is cheap dryer sheet. I enjoy that it's both yummy and plasticine until then.
14th December, 2016
This fragrance is one of my treasured gems. One of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences I've had wearing a fragrance came with this one. It was the very first time I spritzed this fragrance on me. I was going to a restaurant which was located right next to a beach here in Sri Lanka. The opening primarily had me sniffing a harsh, vibrant and unapologetically in your face anise heavy accord. I enjoyed this opening and still do to this day, although I could see how it could be off putting to some. However, several hours having passed since I arrived at the restaurant, whilst sipping a nice cocktail, with a gentle, cool breeze blowing in my direction, I could feel a scent cloud around me exude with life. I felt as though I was enveloped by a magical aura. An aura of beautiful vanilla with a hint of anise. This lasted several hours, well into the wee hours of the following morning. Magical!

Thus far in my fragrance journey this is the only bottle of which I have purchased a back up bottle. The only negative thing I can say is that at times I get a slight synthetic plasticky note from this fragrance at the tail end of the dry down. Regardless of that minor gripe, I consider this to be one of the very best designer fragrances I've encountered. Unless you have an aversion to anise or vanilla, I can heartily recommend blind buying this fragrance. It's unique and unforgettable.

However, the two bottles I own are with the built in sprayer. I hear that it has recently been reformulated with the newer bottles having an external sprayer. So I'm not certain whether the new formulation (if it has been reformulated at all) is as good as the original formulation. Here's hoping it is.

Longevity: 10+ Hours
Projection & Silage : Scent cloud with atleast 3 feet of projection for 4 to 5 hours.
18th September, 2016
I am not generally a fan of oriental or gourmand scents, but bought this in a gift set at a very cheap price some years ago, primarily as I had read some very positive vibes from one or two members in the Powerhouse group.

My expectations were low, I'm not a fan of liquorice in any form, loathing its taste, but was pleasantly surprised. I should not like this but do, it is truly enchanting, soft, alluring, comforting, re-assuring. The liquorice, ivy, anise and vanilla all come together in a kind of magical, mystical aura that is quite captivating. It also had incredible longevity and sillage, rendering it an absolute steal at the price.

I can see similarities to both JPG Le Male (which I had but outgrew) and Body Kouros (loved but found quite linear) but this is yet quite different although it shares the sweetness of the former and the incense-like quality of the latter. It is a unique scent, miles removed from my usual tastes, yet works so well for me for reasons I cannot quite explain.

This week I bought a new (tester) bottle of this, with some trepidation as I read of reduced strength. The bottle has the new top, and whilst may not quite be as initially powerful as the original, it remains incredibly strong and radiant. Two sprays to the wrist and I could smell it over 12 hours later. A masterpiece, I urge everyone to try.
07th May, 2016
An amazingly original idea, well executed. Points for that alone.

On my skin and to my nose, this begins like Mugler's Angel, the greatest of gourmand scents. The anise, vanilla and violet balance each other beautifully, going through a stage akin to root beer, then calming down to a sweetly wood base.

Turin gave it four stars and dubbed it "licorice cologne."

I didn't think I would like it, but it has won me over with its balance, warmth and originality.

Hats off!
11th October, 2015
Very good overall sent. It definitely has a black licorice note that you get when you first spray the fragrance. I hate black licorice and this fragrance is not over powered by the Black licorice note. Good fall winter scent
27th May, 2015
At a first sniff, Au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka hangs precariously on the thin fence between a great fragrance and a tacky mess: luckily, for me it quickly and brilliantly manages to fall on the right side - so yes, that was to say it’s a really good fragrance. Among the very few solid gourmands for men, tightly connected to Yohji Homme and Rochas Man, completing this ideal sacred trio with a decidedly anisic-balsamic blend infused with a beautifully “azure”, playful, juvenile pastel mood – kind of cheesy, but fun. I always admire fragrance willing to play something different than usual masculine clichés, both scent-wise and marketing storytelling-wise and Au Masculin surely wins it. Besides aniseed and licorice, which is surely the bolder top accord, I also get a totally pleasant whiff of green fresh notes, perfectly enhancing the cheesy “sexually blurry fairy forest” theme of the advertising campaign (again, something this close to look completely pathetic, but instead it looks oddly intriguing to me). The smell is way more refined and masculine that it may seem from the packaging and the advertising; it’s sweet but also musky, mannered, even slightly smoky while smelling at the same time delightfully bright and graceful – a dry, dusty, “virile” kind of grace – and breezy. That’s it: aniseed, herbs, a subtle fougère bone-structure, with a beautiful and bold Oriental accord of tonka and woods slowly arising on the drydown, echoing other renowned resinous-powdery scents for men (a sweeter and breezier Body Kouros, like other reviewers noted; or also, a drier, brighter Jaipur Homme). I admit the quality isn’t really comparable to either Yohji or Rochas, though; the notes smell somehow flat and synthetic, but nothing overly annoying. I guess the budget wasn’t stellar, and Annick Menardo did a really great job with the materials here. I am really glad they picked such a talented nose for this fragrance – many others would have probably made a disgrace, while Au Masculin is on the contrary a really pleasant sweet scent with a (cleverly engineered) crisp and light sillage, a decent evolution and a decent persistence. Recommended.

11th May, 2015
This is a beautiful fragrance. I was looking for something with a liquorice note and this was recommended so I bought a small sample bottle. It wasn't what I was looking for, but it was wonderful nevertheless. It is a fairly sweet smelling frag. The aniseed gives it a beautiful liquorice note, and then the vanilla, and sandalwood give it a sweetness. But, it's not cloyingly sweet, like, for example, Le Male. So, although it wasn't the scent I had wanted originally, I ended up buying a full bottle and it is now a regular member of my rotation.
25th April, 2015

A precious sensual contemporary fragrance.LOLITA LEMPICKA AU MASCULIN captivates the attention of others due to the distinct fragrance given.Excellent aroma that can be used during the day as well as at night.It is a lovely fragrance,that becomes warm and comforting and is never overbearing. Romantic, Delicious,Sweet,Erotic,Sensual,Vanillic, Woody,Warm and Addictive.

It has a beautiful mixture of vanilla,licorice,rum and anise mould in unison to form a sensual second skin.After a fresh top notes due licorice,the heart is exquisitely evocative,to vibrating with the timeless elegance and charm.The dry down are deliciously addictive and supremely romantic.It smells not quite masculine and can be so nice on ladies and totally suitable for everyone looking for a tasty unisex scent.

This beautiful creation is good to wear for casual and formal events because it makes a sensual statement.I recommend it for romantic walks yet it captivates women that walk near you and leaves a unique lasting impression.It will also do wonders for your love life as makes your lover to hug and cuddle you. A new must have for my collection and a must have romantic wear scent for every man.


Longevity?Perfect on my skin.

21st April, 2015
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It is lovely scent pressing all the right buttons on my fragrance criteria; it didn't last too long so I had to spray too often. I read some review saying it was long-lasting with enormous sillage which didn't happen to me.
I finished a bottle but I didn't repurchase for that reason alone. I kept buying a bottle after a bottle of my other Lolita Lempick (original, for ladies') since it had a strong character of licorice gourmand with tenacity to last a day and more. This one smells fantastic with all the notes I enjoy but it didn't deliver longevity/projection part.
02nd April, 2015
Finally got my hands on this gem after procrastinating over getting it for some time now. Well, right from the start this fragrance bawls masculinity, it is certainly the epitome of macho, it's sweet and spicy in a very macho composition. It has certainly lived up to its hype I must say but I feel it is quite very similar to Le Male... it gives me that Le Male feel to say the least and I very much prefer this than Le Male.
27th February, 2015
If only there was not so intense this Aniseed note from opening until drydown....
Its an great gourmand that opens up quit fresh with this anise note and dries down to a sweet gourmand that IMO has some common notes with body Kouros which is also excellent scent.
It has good longevity and projects well ,I think none would have problem about that.
06th October, 2014
The licorice blast in the top notes is huge, lovely licorice of smoky and herbal sort. After a while the licorice fades away and the smokiness starts to resemble burnt wood and rubber. There's always some sweetness and a good amount of spices in the background. In a few hours the vanilla-scented woody base comes forward. Sillage and longevity are good. All in all this reminds me of Bulgari Black in a way. I'm not surprised because they both are composed by Annick Ménardo who is a real smasher! It has to be the burnt rubber note, but Au Masculin has spices and sweetness where Black has flowery notes. A very, very good fragrance, indeed.
28th August, 2014
A crossbreed of JPG Le Male and YSL Body Kouros, however much lighter and more wearable than the former mentioned. Strong note of licorice, that is aniseed note and rum Indeed it smells like some sweet candy that would give its best during milder weather seasons, such as spring or autumn, maybe even winter but not the summer. Two main reasons why I bought Au Masculine is that I wanted to try it + I got it quite cheap. Now that I have it, considering the extent of my collection, I find it to be somewhat redundant, but something makes me smell my forearm every then and so, thus it'll get its chance. I am looking forward to autumn when temperatures and occasions will be in favour of this well blended fragrance.
08th August, 2014
Unique, playful, sexy, childish, and almost edible bitter-sweet!

One of the most interesting perfumes I've come across. This is like walking through a fairy tale storybook. Think Hansel & Gretel, think a Midsummer Night's Dream, think Peter Pan, even Tim Burton. The marketing matches this very well I think.

This is centred on Liquorice, it has that sweet, herbal smell, as the liquorice is joined with Ivy and Basil and Anise and violet leaf, then soaked in rum, drying down to a chocolate and vanilla praline-like, almost nutty type smell. This really is unlike anything I've come across (especially for a man)!

I find it sweet, but not in that creamy cloying gourmand kind of way. To me, it's quite dark. The liquorice is paired with rum and has a kind of herbal, almost borderline medicinal smell. To me it's the opposite of creamy, it's like dry liquorice and anise flavoured alcohol. But don't let that put you off, it's done in a very nice way with the nutty, praline-like drydown. It's quite addictive.

I can see a lot of women liking this one. It plays on the mentality that women like sweet smells on a man (read: an edible quality). I can see this being great for clubbing as it will really cut through the atmosphere and is unlike ANY other smell out there. Annick Menardo is known for taking risks with male fragrances, she's known for being different, and this one certainly is unique. She also did Body Kouros for Yves Saint-Laurent and Bvlgari Black. I would say that this fragrance is a more playful, flirting version of Body Kouros, the other being more seriously seductive, this gives off a romantic and almost childishly playful-type vibe.

With that in mind, I could probably see this on a younger crowd, it would work really well there, but it's dry enough to work even on an older guy who wants something really different and unique that he won't smell anywhere else. For application I think using less sprays would be preferable, as not everyone would like the sweet quality this has to offer, and mainly for only night time use in the summer, but can be used anytime during the cooler seasons, just never on a very warm or exceedingly hot day.

Lolita Lempicka au Masculin is completely unique for a male fragrance! It's playful, sweet, flirtatious, and unlike anything out there for men. It really does feel magical... In a word, enchanting!
19th June, 2014
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United States
Au Masculin is sweet in the way Brit for Men is sweet, which is to say that I don't find them of the dessert variety. Neither strikes me as overly gourmand, mercifully, since I tire quickly of cookie dough note breakdowns.

Plenty of others have captured the flavor (and aroma) of this one. As someone who does not like black licorice, I surprisingly find this lovely and wearable. Nicely done, LL.
01st May, 2013
An acquired taste. Especially if you don't live anywhere near South America and haven't been exposed to some of the ingredients before.
This perfume oozes pure sexiness.
06th April, 2013
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United States
sillage and projection monster. heavy on aniss and vanilla. top notes could have been more projectable but otherwise a great sweet cheap scent..
09th February, 2013
I'm one of those guys who wears the original Lolita Lempicka when I want to make an impact - most likely a wintery clubbing night, where the herbal fruit floral cuts through the air like a very pleasant machete. Because of this, I was a little worried that the Au Masculin would be a similar bombastic experience, but with a bunch of out-of-place oakmoss shoved in for weight and seriousness.

Thank goodness this wasn't the case! This is definitely a more masculine take on the LL franchise, and would even be suitable for a day in the office, but it thankfully retains all of the whimsy that makes this line special.

Compared to the original fragrance, Au Masculin is the slightly more responsible, yet just as poetic older brother to the iconic apple-bottled scent. This fragrance is a lighter, more airy take on a similar woody and herbal theme - sweet and dry at just the right places.

Au Masculin opens with a cool blast of anise overtop a slightly sweet vegetal aura, the drier, woody base faintly in the distance, but still grounding the work with its presence. As the fragrance develops over the next hour or two, it takes on a more sweet, foody tone - like fresh baked cookies or freshly made candy, but with the sweetness tuned down just enough to make the violets legible -- almost like a sepia-toned photograph of licorice flavored items on a silvery filigreed plate.

As the scent dries down, it becomes rather dry and sexy, effortlessly masculine. The magical thing is that it always retains that initial sparkle of bright anise, even as it smoothes and fades into the background, it is still present.

Overall, this is an entirely bewitching and enchanting scent, good for day wear or on a night when you're almost sure someone will be nestling their head near your waiting for a contented sigh either way.
14th January, 2013
This is heavy and powerful. Actually it's extremely sweet with huge projection, lasting power and sillage. It may be cloying. I pick mostly anise and vanilla notes. If you like sweet fragrances, this is a must have. I like it, but sometimes turns my stomach.
04th January, 2013
This is a perfect gourmand fragrance for me,its is no beast when it comes to projection but it has a decent longevity,keep it for those special occasions when you have to get close to someone,an intimate dating fragrance to be specific.
trust me your girl would love this fragrance on you,what i get out of it is a tiny punch of tobacco definitely not overpowering,lots of violet and the dry down of vanilla,the bottom notes resemble JPG's Le Male just the similar dry down just a bit sexier.
If you love gourmands then this is a definite buy
11th September, 2012
Its a thumbs up for me but i can see why it wouldnt work for someone else.You have to be open minded to like this one. Nice bottle if you care about presentation...
10th June, 2012
I like this one, spicey anise and absinthe notes, i also get that faint root beer as well. Real Absintheur here and i like root beer, so win win. After a couple hours I get something quite close to Gaiac 10. Longevity lacks for sure, but just reapply and your good. Projection is balanced, not overwhelming. Thumbs up!!
07th June, 2012
I recently discovered Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin. It smells like root beer to me. I absolutely love it (and have no problem smelling like root beer). It has become my winter scent of choice. It's the kind of fragrance that is definitely unique and memorable. I just wish it had longer staying power. After about four hours I feel like I need to re-apply.
30th January, 2012
Great fragrance. Strong licorice followed by a dry and linear vanilla note. A must try, careful that it can get powdery for some. Lovely projection and sillage. Thumbs up !
15th January, 2012
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United States
One of my favorite fragrances. Opens up with a very strong licorice with a dry vanilla note in the background. The licorice(aniseed)remains at the forefront for about a half an hour and then the dry vanilla comes to the front and remains the dominant note for the remainder of the fragrance with the aniseed never completely exiting the lineup but still fulfulling a very necessary role to hold the composition together. One of the best drydowns I have every smelled. One of the few designer fragrances I would easily pay double retail to own.(Thankfully I dont have to :))
29th October, 2011