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Neutral Reviews of LP No.9 for Men by Penhaligon's

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A splashing and literally aqueous burst of citrus/lavender plus some aromatic herbs is the prelude to a huge concert of spices (mastered by a starring orangy cinnamon, providing the right level of sweetness, and nutmeg) before a sort of vaguely creamy but fresh vetiver, complemented by sharp floral patterns, locks the round. Well balanced and masculine with a really well dosed mildness. The final implementation of amber and balsams is really well appointed. There is an abiding aqueous/sparkling aromatic feel appointed in order to jet in the air the spicy/orangy amber-vanilla. LP n.9 For Men reminds me the more floral and less spicy Spazio di Krizia Uomo because of its splashing/aqueous powerful creaminess. A modern concoction with a powerful sillage and a daring temperament. I find it a bit too spicy for its level of fresh sharpness but the scent is pleasant and well made.
21st January, 2013 (last edited: 16th September, 2014)
There is nothing wrong with this fragrance, it starts off Bergamot pepper, some green notes. It dries down to a spicy warmth. I never detected the amber, sandalwood balsam unfortunately. It just didn't float my boat. Nothing wrong, just sort of generic. Longevity on me 5 hours, but projection only fair.
09th August, 2012
I get the citrus and bergamot opening that lasts for about an hour before it starts to morph into a spicy oriental. To this point it is wearing quite nice, but then the clove note starts to come through. I can handle clove in small amounts, but this is a bit much. After awhile the clove mixes with vanilla, which I think turns this one even more for the worse. This is quite strong stuff so you don’t need much, but ultimately is not something for me.
09th February, 2012
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This is exactly one of those perfumes I really love to smell but don't feel comfortable to wear. It's tremendously spicy and quite distinctive with a camphoraceous opening surrounded by citrus that's absolutely captivating but a bit too rich for my nose. It has an old-fashion feeling I appreciate and at the same time is quite modern introducing a well working vanilla note in the drydown together with a strong amber. I also get a lot of pepper. I guess on the right person LP9 can be really interesting, arrogant and elegant at the same time. Maybe a bit too loud. Something I love to smell once in a while but I wouldn't wear for the whole day. If I'd really have to choose whether to like it or not I'd say yes, anyway.
11th March, 2011 (last edited: 02nd November, 2011)
I find two stages here. The first is masculine and dark. It has dark flowers and deep spices which are brightened by a citrus edge. This strikes a romantic note and I like it. The second phase is a spicy, animalic musk. It is too rich for my blood. It reminds me of Kiehl’s musk oil. It is OK until the vanilla and patchouli kick in. A sweet vanilla note is the death-knell for a scent on my skin. I will give it a neutral rating because I recognize my prejudice against vanilla and because (even for me) it has flashes of brilliance.
16th February, 2010 (last edited: 31st March, 2010)
A variation on Chanel's Platnum Egoiste. It's a minty, medicinal, vaporubby, spicy, woody oriental. I don't particulary care for it, but it's not vile either. I can see myself wearing this once or twice a year.
30th November, 2009
A spicy oriental fragrance with vanilla and patchouli in the base. The clove in this really kicks.

Is Opium pour Homme too strong for you? Try LP no. 9.

Is LP no. 9 too costly for you? Seek out a bottle of Everlast Original 1910. It's about ten bucks.
22nd May, 2009
Very surprised that no one has mentioned the utter similarity between LP No.9 and Yves Saint Laurent's Opium Pour Homme... This is clearly a blatant rip off, neither improving or belittleing the french original. Unfortunately many of Penhaligon's recent launches follow the "Creed-trend" of plagiarism. Too bad since the mighty boquets Blenheim and Hammam & the brilliant English Fern surely stand on their own with plenty of history as well.
Go for Opium PH instead, which ironically is cheaper as well.
21st April, 2006