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Reviews of Axe Inca / Lynx Inca by Axe / Lynx

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I always envisage the scene of a picturesque stone temple in the midst of a jungle teeming with wildlife when sampling this excellent offering from Lynx... and the name gets it spot on! Inca really excels in providing a unique summer fragrance that I've yet to discover in any other scent. And at such a cheap price?? Awesome!

I do recall wearing this a lot during the late 90s and the ladies must have liked it as I never had any complaints!
13th June, 2009
Inspite of the cheap, affordable price, this one truly smells unforgettably unique and creative. From the fisrt moment i was enthralled by this one. Fine woody notes with a balanced touch of vetyver and tonka. Finally a scent with the proper quantity of tonka bean, this indgredient being properly highlighted without excessive sweetness.
02nd February, 2006