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Neutral Reviews of Madigral by Molinard

Total Reviews: 5
Genre: Fougère

Not what I'd hoped for. Madrigal has a more-or-less standard issue bergamot and lavender opening that veers a little too close to furniture polish for my taste. Once the top notes dissipate I'm left with a powdery wood accord and some sweet vanilla, but the effect is rather thin and undistinguished. A sweet vanillic drydown finishes a scent that's pleasant, but fails to excite me.
19th June, 2014
Treading the floor of a medieval maze, brown and green underfoot, warmed by the autumn sun. And, yes, I think that's music and laughter we hear, drifting over the high hedges. Warm brown scent with green spicy undertones, friendly enough, if maybe a bit ordinary in a classy sort of way.
06th May, 2009
Nice but "soooooo" old scool... Women fragrances at Molinard's are so much interesting.... Try "Ambre" or or "Habanita" (be light when you spray) which are unisex !
15th March, 2007
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I see what vadim means about this one feeling a little 'dated,' but I don't get as much sweetness from Madrigal as I do tart bitterness. I think it would be a welcome addition to anybody who enjoys Caron Pour un Homme, Monsieur Balmain, or some of the men's offerings from MPG (especially Centaure). Definitely a surprise thanks to the sage and tarragon and quite unique, I'd say it's worth a try if only to see how greatly our "noses" have changed over the past forty years. I don't think we'll see a new scent anything like this one again.
07th January, 2007
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Russian Federation
A lush old school musk/lavender/patchouli scent. Solid and cozy, but too sweet and somewhat dated.
31st October, 2006