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Neutral Reviews of Mambo for Men by Liz Claiborne

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I've been a fan of Liz Claiborne's 'Mambo' for over a decade now, and I can't for the life of me understand why this fragrance is so hot or miss with people. Of course, I've bought it several times and went through bottles very quickly each time, hosing myself down with it and loving and hating it the whole time. Love it for the smell, hate is for the performance.

This is basically a softer, more mature version of 'Curve', with this being bit more natural and less synthetic. Yes, its subtle, not offensive and very safe for the office and professional occasions.

However, it suffers in this department, because it is such a sexy, musky natural scent that I want it to be more powerful and project better although that is obviously not the purpose of this scent.

Initial notes are lavender, greens, a touch of bergamot along with spices and musk. Not a old man greens, more of an ethnic, exotic green and not an oriental spice, more of a Mediterranean note. Even from layering yourself with over a dozen sprays, the fragrance remains subtle and soft, never offensive or cloying.

After it settles down, it becomes a very sexy, dark musk that quickly becomes a skin scent after a couple hours, but it lingers very well for several hours afterwards. I catch whiffs of its beauty and it is amazing that this scent becomes you and really gives off a very natural tone.

Longevity is fairly short as its not an EDT, just a cologne like most if not all Claiborne fragrances. With a very liberal dozen sprays of the neck, wrists, shoulders and chest I am getting a maximum of 3-5 hours out of this depending on the weather.

It works well and smells great in summer months, especially at night. For longer wear use it in the winter months, keep a spare bottle with you or just buy 'Curve' which is very similar but stronger, projects much better and lasts a good six hours or more depending on application.

For the price, its a very decent, safe and sexy scent that women seem to enjoy, not as much as 'Curve', but it will get you some compliments. And its so cheap that you can pick up several bottles and take a bath in this stuff to get more sillage and longevity.

I use it more for work, the bedroom, running errands and on the weekend than anything else. If you enjoy this, you will like 'Bora Bora' which is extremely similar, and especially 'Curve'.
12th August, 2016 (last edited: 23rd August, 2016)
Smells like Mont Blanc's Individuel.
17th October, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening is quite nice, a bergamot-lemon-Verbena mix that very soon has a woody-floral note added to it. A bit of patchouli and a very light musk is added too. That sounds complicated and as such could be very nice, but there is surprisingly little development in it and it is very artificial. Initially silage and projection are good, but after the first hour it is close to my skin. Decent overall longevity of about three hours. Overall a neutral score, but if one would take into consideration its
keen pricing, a thumbs up would be justified.
19th November, 2012
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I wore this when I was younger, as it was my night-time, warm weather scent. Mambo also worked for me in the cold, if you wanted to "smell" warmer. Took a test of it after many years and found its not that bad. I don't hate it, but it is not really my cup of tea anymore, as I've gone from nightclubs to local bars or dives. I still appreciate the warmth, spiciness and masculinity of it, but it is slightly too sweet and jumbled for me now. I think of nightclubs in Miami when I smell this (probably because I wore it then). The olfactory equivalent to the young man's "going out shirt" (black button up). Of course I've replaced my G.O.S. with a jacket, and so too this cologne. Still not bad for what it is, not a shameful option for a hot weather/nightclub scent.
29th February, 2012
A sadly misnamed scent. Mambo is one of the strongest and most disctinctive rhythms in Afro-Caribbean music, but this scent barely makes it past bland --- much more Muzak than Mambo. It's pleasantly citrusy with a touch of green, mellowing into an indistinct ambery background. The whole composition fades rather quickly, leaving only an indistinct memory of a rather generic warm citrusy glow. Pleasant enough, but highly forgettable.
07th May, 2011
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
yes it is synthetic but also different. in the same club as magnetism imo.a bit heavy so it's great for colder weather!!!
05th January, 2011
bbBD Show all reviews
United States
This is the perfect fragrance for those guys who drive limos, then stand around in the hall of your employer's workplace sleeping or being cranky. Also, Mambo is for you If you're an short, older gentlemen who likes to visit strip clubs and who thinks that you receive attention from the girls because of your sparkly personality instead of your influential boss. Make sure you think you're funny before slapping on enough to create a 7-foot bubble of Mambo around you, and don't forget to stock at least 10 boxes in your fridge so you can douse yourself in this juice every day for the remaining few years of your life.

Thumbs up for Ronnie - thumbs down for everyone else (thus a neutral rating)
03rd November, 2008
Mambo is a nice fragrance. When I first smelled it I fell in love with it. Altho not one of the fragrances I normally wear.. But it is seductive & its great. It can be overpowering at first but the dry down is much MUCH better! I ended up giving my bottle to my little cousins bcause for some reason I just got tired of it. So I will give it a neutral rating!
12th April, 2008
Disgusting. So glad I only bought the 1oz thing from -walmart-. It's trying so hard to be Black from Kenneth Cole but it fails miserably. As with most Liz Claiborne fragrances, I couldn't get into this one try as I may.
11th April, 2008