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Positive Reviews of Mambo for Men by Liz Claiborne

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Huge complement getter. I wear many colognes and this is the only one that draws curiosity from both men and women. They love it. I am very comfortable with this scent and it has become a signature of mine over the years. One or two sprays max for the office or gym as it can get strong. It's fruity yet woody, spicy and musky.
23rd August, 2015
Seeing as how this juice is about $10/ounce, its pretty darn good. Mambo reminds me of TdH because of the orange/amber/musk notes in it; sure, Mambo is spicier and doesn't have as much orange zest, but it reminds me of it just the same.

Mambo opens with some lime and spice and a hint of verbena, and is a punch in the nose initially, but settles down. It becomes a musky wood on the dry down with a ( cinnamon, cumin, and maybe coriander (but that last might be the lime fooling me.)

All-in-all, a great frag to wear on warm evenings (or to feel warm) after the initial blast if you are strapped. Thumbs up for value, maybe a neutral if it was twice the price.
30th October, 2012
For the price range, I think it is excellent. Middle notes are very prominent. This fragrance really shines when it's been on for about half an hour. I use this only at night as it is quite heavy for the day. Good longevity. Get lot's of compliments on it.
15th May, 2012
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This has been a long favored cologne of mine. It has a great, long lasting scent. No disappointments here at all. It was more expensive a few years back, but now is quite the bargain.
30th March, 2012
I don't know why so many thumbs down. This is a very nice scent. Its a woodsy / spicy scent and I would like to see it last a bit longer. But I love the scent and despite some of these other ratings, It does actually get compliments.
23rd March, 2012
Anup Show all reviews
United States
Fresh and citrusy with a deep masculine undertone. Sweet, slightly spicy, tangy and deep.

Doesn't last as long as i would have liked, but overall i would recommend this to anyone.

Wear at night time, or in the fall for an even more sensual experience.
15th April, 2011 (last edited: 16th April, 2011)
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United States
the summer edition-mambo mix is a great spicy fruity scent great longevity too a must have
22nd May, 2009
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United States
SirSlarty talks about a lot of different notes dancing around, and I'd say that is a good way to describe Mambo. I like it! Also, there's nothing unpleasant going on here, and I don't get a "synthetic" vibe from it either. It is a bit musky, so you don't want to overspray with this one, especially in warm weather. I can spray once and I'm set for several hours, at least. A good "cheapo" that's nice if you like a lot of variety, as I do.
09th July, 2008
Everytime I am around someone they always say "You smell so good. What are you wearing?" A must have if you love to smell sexy and seductive. You won't be upset with this.
22nd December, 2007
One of the most underrated scents that is out there. I could care less about what "the ladies" think when I am picking out a scent as I do it for me and only me. But, for all of the men out there who does care what "the ladies" think (by the way, that phrase is annoying), then, this is your fragrance. It has a comforting, musk-like smell to it. Not bad!
08th December, 2007
Good scent. It is very strong, so be careful how much you apply. It smells very "hispanic." Not for everyone, test b4 you buy
05th December, 2007
I first bought this cologne in 2001 and I really liked it. It got old thought after a year and stopped wearing it for awhile. I have since then rediscovered it, and it so happens to be my girlfriends favorite cologne on me. Similiar to Curve.. but alot better in my opinion.
18th January, 2007
I ran into this scent at a local wal-mart. I smelled the tester and I knew I smelled this one before so I smelled it again and I remembered one of my friends wore this and I was hooked. He told me the name but I forgot it. It was Mambo!! I think this is a fantastic scent! The dry down is GREAT. Very musky and seductive. I don't understand why this cologne got so many bad reviews. I love it. Cologne smells different on different people. Some people who review colognes don't take that into consideration. But a great cologne to boot!
09th January, 2007
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The best choice for any condition in this side of south America (sunny or rainy, day or night) full aroma from the start to the end (lavandin and patchouli) ultra long-lasting with regular overpower, the fragrance makes me feel in the 80s, like in a Miami Vice episode
03rd January, 2007
This is a very clean, nice scent, not obnoxious, great for work in the beige cube-farms. If I want to smell fresh & clean, but not advertise at all that I'm wearing PERFUME, I wear this.
If a guy wore this, I'd think he was a classy, subtle guy, who doesn't want to kill people with his cologne.
It's hard to say if it lasts all day, but I do notice that I can smell it on my clothes the next day, in a subtle clean way.
23rd April, 2006
I do not understand the internet reviews on this stuff. This is easily the most underrated cologne that I have tried. Girls go nuts for it and it smells like Miami and Latin Nights. It is perfectly name and cheap. Trust me, this is much better than it gets credited for. This is for the nights, curve is for trendy fools who do not know any better. Get this - readily available and I love it and have tried so many.
14th February, 2006
This was one of those scents that gave way to on the spot purchase when I first sniffed it shortly after its release. Lots of character to this one, though after wearing solely it for a long while I did get a bit bored with it nonetheless. I can certainly appreciate a nice looking bottle, but it's what's inside that really matters and this didn't disappoint me. Am still in a bit of shock after seeing the unconventional notes, but the combined efforts of all result in a smooth, slightly spicy, and sophisticated scent. There definitely is energy and verve here, but soo smooth as not to frazzle your senses. This is one I found quite versatile for pulling double duty of daytime/evening wear. Good harmony among the many bizarre notes from start to finish and the staying power is sufficient. But it's definitely the top and heart notes that make you take notice while the more contemporary base more fully reveals its musky side. If you think the best Claiborne can do is Curve or you like Curve, then this deserves a good whiff. Frankly, I'm both baffled and disappointed that this more interesting and sensual cologne hasn't gotten the same name recognition. I like Curve well enough, but the wife hates it despite it being one of those few scents that most like if not necessarily love. We both like this very much however.
09th August, 2005
This stuff smells amazing. Definitely one of my favorites.
24th January, 2004
I got to try Mambo last night and found it to be much more than I expected. At first, the spicy head notes immediately reminded me of muted Catalyst or Pasha, both of which I like. Yet it wasn't long before the scent took a quick change of tempo: perfect for that fast-paced Latin dance motif.
The fragrance architecture made the mid-notes amazingly different than the top notes and yet they did not conflict or distract from the overall rich aroma. The smooth base notes were the final and lasting essences that prolonged the beauty of this newcomer to the arena.
I quite liked the bottle design as well. The quirky little offset about mid-bottle remained true to the Latin dance as it reminded me of slender fo me of slender foorm of the Spanish dancer, hips slightly cocked. Strangely enough, it also reminded me of the confident stance of the matador--cool and poised with red cape in hand; an air of practiced arrogance in the face of peril. The color scheme was also well thought out as it comprises colors of spice and romance. The center of the bottle depicting the flaming orange, yellow, and red colors of high passion. It is obvious that this product's architecture and design was brilliantly devised.
04th July, 2001
I approve. Warm, intimate and cloying. Perfect for an outdoor party on a summer Evening or fun on the town. The bottle is a trip. Two colors merging together like a sunset....slanting together at odd angles. A keeper.
02nd July, 2001
My first impressions are as follows. Immediately, there is a fresh,clean, musky note that makes me feel comfortable! Its a sexy, soft, velvety smell. It is definately a universal scent in its blend. I keep sniffing myself as its evolving! I thought it would be more spicy!!, and Im glad its not. It has a balanced freshness and warmth!! Can't wait to hear your views:-) Claiborne has another winner!!
29th June, 2001