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Negative Reviews of Maxim's pour Homme by Maxims

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I normally hate to bash on reformulations but I feel I must here. That's the only explanation for my bottle's lack of longevity and thinness.
Smell's good for the 30 minutes it lasts. The scent from my bottle isn't deep and dark like others have posted. To be honest, I get a vibe similar to a less fresh Coolwater. I also get more florals than many other notes. Guess I will need to hunt down vintage juice in order to experience what most reviewers enjoy about this fragrance.
Scent: 7/10
Longevity: 1/10
Projection: good for 30 minutes and then nothing
25th February, 2016
I am not a 'connoisseur', but I know what I like.
What's with the positive reviews? and probably written people who have a better, more trained nose than I have.
I thought this was a clear one
I looked up Maxims (the last time I checked there weren't any reviews written), just to confirm I wasn't the only poor soul who ever had the misfortune to smells this ghastly EDT.
Yes I was in for a laugh, I love to read bad reviews.
I owned a 30 ml bottle of it , it was sold cheap for 10 guilders (which is about 5 US Dollar) at the time and while everyone liked it, mostly girls and women ("what a sweet scent!") I loathed it and gave it to my mother.

She still had the botle and only recently I took it back, just curious if my taste had changed over the years?
Maxims is probably the most aggressively sweet and sharp scent I ever smelled.
I don't smell any notes, just a splash of sweets and 'fresh'
What kind of "fresh" is it?
Honestly, I cannot come up with anything.

It is discontinued (obviously for a good reason) but anyone who is curious about this scent should try out Boss' Baldessarini, which is almost as nauseating sweet and a true migraine trigger as Maxims is/was.

04th May, 2009
Truly a representative fragrance of the Chypre-laden eighties-style scents. Not bad on occasion, but incredibly heavy with very little development overall.
06th December, 2002
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