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Negative Reviews of Maxims pour Homme by Maxims

I am not a 'connoisseur', but I know what I like.
What's with the positive reviews? and probably written people who have a better, more trained nose than I have.
I thought this was a clear one
I looked up Maxims (the last time I checked there weren't any reviews written), just to confirm I wasn't the only poor soul who ever had the misfortune to smells this ghastly EDT.
Yes I was in for a laugh, I love to read bad reviews.
I owned a 30 ml bottle of it , it was sold cheap for 10 guilders (which is about 5 US Dollar) at the time and while everyone liked it, mostly girls and women ("what a sweet scent!") I loathed it and gave it to my mother.

She still had the botle and only recently I took it back, just curious if my taste had changed over the years?
Maxims is probably the most aggressively sweet and sharp scent I ever smelled.
I don't smell any notes, just a splash of sweets and 'fresh'
What kind of "fresh" is it?
Honestly, I cannot come up with anything.

It is discontinued (obviously for a good reason) but anyone who is curious about this scent should try out Boss' Baldessarini, which is almost as nauseating sweet and a true migraine trigger as Maxims is/was.

04th May, 2009
Truly a representative fragrance of the Chypre-laden eighties-style scents. Not bad on occasion, but incredibly heavy with very little development overall.
06th December, 2002