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Neutral Reviews of Maxim's pour Homme by Maxims

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A scent from yesteryear, with an aromatic-fruity opening leading to warm woods, leather, embellished with carnation and jasmine. It is well executed, but there is a surprising and somewhat bizarre honeyed sweetness that develops from the mid phase. I find this note to be rather jarring, and at odds with the rest of the composition. I do not enjoy it, and unfortunately, as it persists till the dry down, I end up not liking the scent.

Sillage and longevity are appreciable based on a moderate application. It isn't a very aggressive scent, is more approachable and worth trying if you fancy a conventional but well done masculine with a fruity-sweet twist.

20th May, 2018
While this scent is not quite to my taste, I certainly can find many things to appreciate here.
It starts with a *very* sweet opening – the “fruit note” is powerful, sugary, and almost toothache-inducing. Candy and powder are in abundance. As this opening blast settles down, good florals and some light but interesting woods emerge. Gradually the sweetness subsides, and a very genteel, old-school chord of mossy patchouli steps forward. I’m not a bit fan of patchouli, but this is not too heavy, and it has minty and herbal aspects. The patchouli works with the leather to give a soft dry-down.
26th March, 2010
It’s been 8 hours and counting… MAXIMS POUR HOMME does not seem to be in any real hurry to go off, even if what is left on my skin is mostly musk, amber and rather surprisingly, patchouli.

But hours earlier, after a somewhat nose-wrinkling opening, I was treated to a smoky blend of floral leather and mossy woods which is neither smooth nor suave, but radiates authority. Think Grey Flannel on a power trip

And as masculine as this aromatic fougere is, it requires a great deal of maturity - I’d need to add another 10 years to my age before I can swing it with any real credibility. Even then I had my doubts for it’s just the kind of power scent you’d expect on a no-nonsense cigar-chomping son-of-a-gun. J. Jonah Jameson from The Daily Bugle would fit the bill perfectly.

While Maxims pour Homme does not quite match my style nor personality, I can appreciate how it could be a solid option, particularly if you fit the mould.
28th January, 2010
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While I don’t find the leather in Maxims pour Homme dislikeable (in fact, I enjoy it… just as I often enjoy mild leather notes in the older fragrances), the leather dominates my sense of smell over many of the other notes and accords of the fragrance. I can tell four minutes into the opening that this is about all this I am going to get from this fragrance: leather and the indoles from the heart jasmine. To me this is an extremely animalic fragrance. I don’t at all get any fruit note of any sort in the opening: I get a smooth, deep leather and a rather strong indole note from the jasmine… And “sweet”?… in no way does anything smell sweet. The leather and indoles override everything to my nose. No other florals than jasmine from the heart either. Occasionally throughout the long run of Maxims, I think that I can smell a bit of patchouli, then cedar, then amber… but they are gone so fast, I’m not sure I smelled them. I get no moss or musk. This is a linear leather fragrance with a strong jasmine indole note. I like it and I don’t say that often about a leather fragrance. Although I do enjoy it, eventually its linearity becomes more uninteresting than anything else. The age of my sample might also have something to do with the reduction of top and middle notes… Hard to tell…

14th November, 2009