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My wife thinks it smells like hairspray. It has natural amber (Sperm whale fecal matter) at its base, that is generally used in all Creed fragrances and has very natural notes to it. It's something that you'd expect to smell on an older gentleman in an old folks home. Overpriced and overrated in my opinion.

08th February, 2018
One of the most casual summer scents I've had the pleasure of trying many have said ..melon and salt water ..some floral's simular to the ones used in silver mountain water and git. This would make a great day time summer scent but can be used anytime really in summer. This and Virgin island water are extremely thought provoking and would make a great double act for a nice hot vacation. Don't understand how this could offend anyone as it's pretty much the scent of sea air and melon, done extremely accurately, if only this and Virgin island water had a little bit better performance we say but then they would be obnoxious and attention seeking.
25th August, 2017 (last edited: 19th November, 2017)
Love the opening and the first hour. Great summer scent. Unfortunately MI becomes a skin scent on me after the hour mark on me. Strange because this seems to last longer on many others.
06th June, 2017 (last edited: 03rd October, 2017)
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The beautiful melon/fruity opening lasts for about 10 minutes, the mid phase smells like highly saturated salt water with hints of melon or like the watermelon is completely covered with salt.

The dry down after 2-3 hours which is a combination of mild cream/salt/musk/fruit is to die for.

Projection: 8/10
Longevity: 8+ hours on my skin

30th April, 2017 (last edited: 26th September, 2017)

Melbourne man
This one has been a sleeper for me.
First wears i didn't really notice it and thought i'd finish my decant and be done with MI.
But with each time i've worn it, the fragrance has revealed aspects of itself (that or probably my nose has developed ;)). Regardless, for me this is now an essential warm weather fragrance for me. Not for others though, because projection is not strong, but sometimes you want the fragrance to yourself.
Beautiful, exotic fruit blended with the right amount of mediterranean sea water and then thatdrydown. One of the loveliest clean musky drydowns i have in my collection.
My second favourite Creed behind GIT.
19th April, 2017
Doing a complete 360 degree turn on MI having loved it, then found it too cloying and now loving it again. The key is to not overspray. Can be very cloying with the florals, so 2 sprays are enough.

The ambergris (ambroxan) is amazing and why I love it so much. Projects well and lasts all day on me.
31st March, 2017
Seaside holiday affair. Crisp linens, espadrilles, mild sunburn. Slight breeze from the ocean as you sip an overpriced Campari and orange juice whilst listening to the evening combo band playing. Faint aroma of ripe watermelon and sandy beaches. The yacht is ready and waiting, alas it's not your vessel. Until next Summer....
06th February, 2017
23rd January, 2017
A more tolerable, less cloying Royal Copenhagen.
24th December, 2016
Not very excited by this one. The shiny metallic bottle was a prime reason for me to blind buy this scent by a well-renowned fragrance house - as well as anecdotal info about some rich sheikh in the Middle East liking it, LOL!

Anyhow, this fragrance is definitely rife with the Creed accord of ambergris through and through; but its tartness and spice-woods mix didn't seem special to me. Plus, the thing didn't last too long on me...which would really have ticked me off if I DID buy it for its typical hundreds of dollars retail cost! (I got a discounted bottle online.)

Acquired taste, I guess.
17th December, 2016
This one isn't exactly for me. I've tried it a few times and I do enjoy Creed fragrances, but it's an odd sour-salty-sweet fragrance, but more sour and salty than sweet. After the extended sour-fruity top phase fades into the middle, I'm left with the floral/Sandalwood/ambergris middle of Erolfa but a bit more sour and less pleasant. Might as well just stick with Erolfa, which is far more interesting to me, and where that middle phase is truly blissful.

This doesn't smell "like money", that's an illusion that I think must be perpetuated by the cost of the fragrance.

As far as longevity, most Creeds use Ambroxan as part of their ambergris approximation, and it lasts for a very long time but fatigues your nose so that you can't really smell it anymore. This is no exception. Fragrances tend to last forever on me, so I detect MI on my skin for about seven to nine hours (most people seem to experience 4-6), but I can almost bet that when I jump in the shower in the morning I'll smell it again thanks to that chemical base.

Overall, this is essentially an Erolfa flanker to me. I'll stick with the original this time around.
17th September, 2016
A brief fruity melon replaced by the smell of perspiration. That salty aquatic vibe I just don't care for. It's evident in Tom Ford's Mardarino d'Amalfi as well, but in the Tom Ford fragrance, the mandarin works for me with the perspiration smell and comes across more like sweat washed over by salt water on the beach with oranges mixed in. Millesime Imperial smells to me like an antipersperant trying to cover the smell of body odor. That's how most aquatic style fragrances smell to me though. Definitely not one I'll invest in.
17th August, 2016
Future Jason:

One of your very first full-bottle purchases; almost a blind buy, based on a previous review using the words "money" and "melon" in one sentence.

It's more dry "money" and "dry cleaner" for you, with a bit of sweet underneath. It should probably say something that you've got 90+ percent of a bottle left after five or so years.

It's good. A lazy thumbs up. Probably won't buy again when you're done... in 50 years.
13th April, 2016
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Creed - Millesime Imperial

I'm new to this website and I have been reading reviews and I've seen quite a bit of hate towards the creed brand which I don't understand but to each their own. I'm new to fragrances in general and have recently be obsessed by the search for that scent that I could wear for the rest of my life or at very least be my trademark for the next period of my life. Day to day until very recently I've been wearing curve. I'm 31 and it's been a daily driver since I was 17. A generally pleasing sent that has always been quite unique among the common selections in department stores most of which seemed to be bastard brothers fathered by drakkar noir in bathroom stalls during coke benders in 1980's nightclubs. Until very recently I didn't know there were alternatives, just because I thought curve was just a anomaly in a sea of shit and aqua velva. So for years that has been my signature sent and it has served me well. Then it all changed last month. My girlfriend and I took a trip to Las Vegas and we happened upon the creed boutique. The girl at the counter asked me what I was looking for, and all I could say was something "unique" and that Curve is all I wear and I'm getting sick of it and so forth. So she pulls out the scent paper and coffee beans and we begin. Running off Colognes that meant nothing to me at the time. "here try this it is our most popular scent, Aventus", I took one whiff and thought, "meh". Then she goes through a roster with names like tabarome, royal mayfair, spice and wood, and many others with nothing really impressing me. Then she pulled out Creed's millesime Imperial. on the card it brought me right back to the time I used to work at a flower wholesaler. Summer's of cutting and sorting flowers in the heat of July. Hundreds of buckets filled with the likes of delphinium, iris, Asiatic and oriental lilies, purple status, baby's breath, roses, eucalyptus, and countless others. All the scents gathering together into a floral bouquet that filled the room. Millesime imperial reminded me of the scent that my hands had after handling these flowers for 10 hours. My hands would smell spicy with a raw floral smell, and it was intoxicating. Millesime Imperial shared this quality but refined. So I took a spritz on my wrists and on my neck and my girlfriend and I continued wandering Vegas. The scent instantly elevated my mood and I felt like royalty while I wore it. I knew that this was going to replace curve in a big way, and that I would buy a bottle before I left Vegas. Unfortunately that feeling didn't last long. within the next two hours the scent quickly faded and I could only smell it if I put my nose to my wrist. I felt cheated. I felt like I had been brought into this bright new world the closest thing to heaven, but it was just a mirage, and at 300 dollars it was a very expensive mirage.

In conclusion, this scent is amazing. It's short lived but life changing(for me at least). It's like the one that got away. like that woman for whatever reason slipped into then out of your life, but forever changed you and set the standard for the women you look for in the future. That's why I'm here I guess, to find the love of my life in terms of scent, that perfectly compliments me, a scent I can't live without, and sticks around for the long haul.

Overall rating : 7.5/10
11th April, 2016
I loved the sample much better than my bottle. It seemed overly sweet and didn't have the intriguing factor and failed to deliver the notion of regality that I I returned it with no questions asked. It was extremely weak (like Skin @ 1hr and Nonexistent @ 4hr mark weak) and for $385, no thanks. Aventus grew stronger during the first month to the point I need only one spray so perhaps returning was unfair, but the value for MI was terrible if paying full retail. Will make another attempt but super disappointed.

I prefer weaker, less invasive scents like MI, but it didn't do it for me. Maybe batch issues? Easy to accuse the ol' batch but...
03rd March, 2016
Man what an amazing fragrance but yet so disappointing. So fruity and fresh with that classic melon note. After 15min, on my skin this produces such a wonderful half an arms length scent aura. After 2-3hours it just gets stuck on my skin. For the performance the price cant be justified and doesn't deserve a thumbs up. IMO
12th February, 2016
Smells like watermelon and fruit bowl on the beach. In the most positive way.

One of my summer favourites!
13th December, 2015
Most people seem to like this fragrance, but there's some that will knock this for a few different reasons. They're certainly not wrong, but I think it's important to keep things in perspective.

First, the most common complaint about MI is the performance. I have to agree that performance is rather poor, but you have to remember that most fresh scents with bright openings tend to fizzle out pretty quickly. However, what I like about this fragrance is that the "freshness" lasts throughout the length of projection where most other generic fresh scents will turn woody and dull. That feat is commendable. Also, I think performance issues are a bit exaggerated because I wore 3 sprays of this to work the other day, and a coworker said I was wearing too much cologne. So there's that.

Now, coinciding with the previous complaint, another common knock is the price. Lots of people will argue that $200+ for a fresh scent that only lasts a few hours is not worth it, but this is completely subjective because not everyone has the same budget for fragrances. You have to decide for yourself if this is worth a purchase. Keep in mind that you can find this heavily discounted. I got my 2.5oz for just $117 from a reputable online retailer.

Lastly, I'll talk about the scent. While this is definitely not a daring scent, I don't find it to be generic like some will say. I guess I would categorize this as an aquatic, but it's far superior to any aquatic I've smelled. It's brighter than Acqua di Gio with more interesting fruity top notes, and the marine base never comes across as dirty or synthetic like Bulgari Acqua or Marine. There's also this cool, metallic feel that makes it feel more luxurious and mature than purely casual.

Based on scent alone, this is a perfect fragrance for me. It's fresh, likable, and versatile without coming off as cheap or generic, and it garners lots of compliments (even from the girl who thought I was wearing too much). The performance and price are not ideal, but, in the world of niche fragrance, I believe there are very few that are worth their hefty price tag. I happen to think this was money well spent.

Star Rating: 5/5
Bottom Line: One of the most beautiful, well-crafted scents I've ever smelled that only suffers from performance
02nd November, 2015
I'll give it a thumbs up, but it deserves a thumbs down for the price and what you get. This is good for a date night or some close quarters love making, but that's about it. Outside of intertwining your body with your significant other and hugging someone, nobody even knows you are wearing it. I have asked many people their opinion of the scent by having them smell me because you can't smell it from even a foot away, and nobody was particularly impressed except my girlfriend.

The scent leaves a lot to desire at $330. It really is heavenly, for about 10 minutes, and only to you and your significant other.
20th September, 2015
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is about the fifth time I have tried this. I thought I might stumble into a wonderful batch.
MI just doesn't work for me. The opening accord tanks imo -- sweet and saline jut means hissy in my book.

The drydown is ok and lasts a fair while on me, but this overriding salty screechiness just won't go away and it comes across as just too synthetic.
01st September, 2015
Millesime Imperial is not the champion of the fresh Creeds to me, but its popularity certainly gives it more consideration than I might give other fragrances. While it smells overwhelmingly orange on me, I admit that it's grown on me, and I've come around to agree that it rightfully has a place in the Creed pantheon, I nonetheless wouldn't opt to purchase a bottle, as I prefer the citrus in Himalaya and Aventus much more, and even the top notes of Green Irish Tweed, Silver Mountain Water, and even Original Santal are more on point with what I like, and with what I believe is flattering on me. That said, I can understand why MI is a staple for many, as I imagine the citrus is more pleasant on many others than it is on me.

More objectively, MI is at least an interesting composition, with orange (the dominant note of my experience) and lemon in the heart, a mix of notes on top, and musk and woodsiness (cedar always seems like a safe guess when it's slightly sweet). Its projection is probably more limited than its fresh Creed brethren, and longevity is about the same (medium range, 6-8 hours). Surely an entry worthy of trying with the all the hype, if you haven't already. Many swear by it, and while I'm not one, fresh input is always welcome.

6 out of 10
24th August, 2015
Very good scent just a masterpiece,but not that longlasting and for the price hmmmm,too bad cause if it was better in sillage and projection a must buy so i am doubting to buy it....
19th July, 2015 (last edited: 13th August, 2015)
This is a pleasant, distinctive scent. It successfully achieves a sea-side note, while avoiding the overly-fresh "aquatic" or marine notes typical of this genre.
The beginning is a bold citrus fruit note with a background of salty tang. It is pleasing, conveying an image of a refreshing green breeze.
The lemon notes deepen. The bergamot gets a bit plummy and one wonders if the scent will "go south". Thankfully, it remains on the side of good decorum. Dusky iris and a light musk provide a cool backdrop. Not much wood. The marine note at this point is just OK -- acceptable and not harsh or synthetic.
The dry-down several hours later is attractive, cool, briny and low-key.
07th June, 2015
A fresh, slightly-citrus, slightly-salty, slightly-musky generic fragrance.
I would imagine those who like Bleu de Chanel or Bond No. 9 Wall Street would like this. They don't smell alike, but they're made in the same spirit.

My wife HATES this on me (as well as Himalaya and GIT).

I would have never purchased a bottle of this at the regular retail price.
Luckily, I got a tester bottle at a discount from a store.

I find that when I wear this, I either spray too much or not enough.
Also, if I don't spray enough, the smell goes by in waves (today, for instance).
If I spray too much, it's overwhelming for a while.

I like seeing the bottle on the shelf, but I'm not going to strain any muscle reaching for it.
17th April, 2015
Subtle and inviting, Millesime Imperial is simply fantastic. The opening is perhaps the most pleasant I've ever smelled, and the dry down is a very pleasant and sweet floral musk with a hint of airiness complimented by undertones of regality. You owe it to yourself to wear this fragrance.
28th March, 2015 (last edited: 07th April, 2015)
As I’ve stated with Virgin Island Water, Millesime Imperial is one my favorite go to Creed fragrances for the spring and summer. Upon application, I got notes of fresh fruit and sea salt. In terms of other fruit notes listed: Sicilian lemons, bergamot, and Mandarin orange they were all blended in so well that it was hard to pinpoint each of them specifically in the opening. The opening doesn’t last long as the fruity notes will begin to fade away into the background allowing for the sea salt and marine notes to dominate in the heart of the scent. At this stage the scent develops into a nice aquatic scent. In the drydown the ambergris and musk joins the marine and salt notes enhancing the overall scent with the traditional Creed drydown. In the notes breakdown, there are also notes of Florentine Iris, and wood notes but I wasn’t able to detect these.

Similar to VIW, longevity and silage for Millesime Imperial is better in the warmer months. I got approximately 4-6 hours of longevity and silage was moderate for the first few hours before staying closer to the skin. In the warmer months, MI could be worn on many indoor and outdoor occasions both day and night. In my experience, most people that I’ve encountered ended up liking MI. Most considered it very pleasing and uplifting. I would consider MI unisex but I think more men would be inclined to wear this then women. Overall, MI is a fresh fruity aquatic that was well made and is one my all-time favorites from the Creed line.
15th March, 2015
"My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife...and I am wearing Millesime Imperial!"
11th March, 2015
I had a sample of MI several years ago and although I liked the fragrance a lot, I didn't purchase a bottle because it just didn't perform well on my skin. I was given another small sample by a friend and since I had a nice spring day at the beach house, I gave it another try.

Again, I really enjoy this fragrance. It's got wonderful melon top notes and a slight salty accord over the trademark Creed ambergris and woods base that performs well for about an hour, then I get about three more hours of skin scent before it disappears all together. Wish it would perform better.

It is close in class to several other fragrances I own and get better performance from, including several other Creed's, so I can't recommend MI. However it's worth sampling as others have no problem with it.
09th March, 2015 (last edited: 06th March, 2016)
Smells great, but its projection to me was not enough to cut through the cold air.
23rd February, 2015
Notes: crisp fruit notes, sea salts, Sicilian lemon, bergamot, mandarin, Florentine iris, musk, woody and marine notes.

Imperial Millesime was originally created for King Faisal of Saudi Arabia — for himself and members of his court. A salty watermelon aquatic over Creeds trademark Millesime ambergris base. Smells expensive, garners compliments and is extremely versatile, yet poor longevity has always stopped me from procuring a bottle. I’ll also add that to me personally it resembles a watered down Green Irish Tweed, making it somewhat redundant.

Rating: 6/10
22nd December, 2014