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Neutral Reviews of Miracle Homme by Lancôme

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Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A light oriental with a nice coffee note, something vaguely peppery, and a sweetish woody base. A goofy aquatic note provides a mildly arresting amuse-nez, akin to seeing a fat man in a pair of red slacks.
The only 'Miracle' is the price this discontinued juice now commands. No masterpiece, but a cut above the standard treacly designer horrors of more recent issue.
22nd July, 2015
a very pleasant but ultimately completely forgettable scent with lots of tea in it that lasts for about 10 minutes on my skin before disappearing into nothingness
09th October, 2012 (last edited: 16th April, 2014)
Miracle Homme is just okay. My mother has been a make-up artist for Lancôme for 30+ years and has gotten me samples of everything and anything since I was a teenager, this included. The opening is fresh and slightly green/spicy from what I noticed. Eventually dries down to an inoffensive, slightly sweet woods - I can faintly smell the coffee.
03rd October, 2010 (last edited: 28th December, 2010)
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Never let your mother give you a fragrance as a gift...

There's nothing about this one that really stands out, IMO. I was hoping to smell the coffee note more, as it's one of my favorite beverages, but I didn't really notice it.
07th January, 2009
NICE FRAG, some people told me it´s similar to XS, may be, but the point is the sillage, in to 2 hs. it flew away!! at least it happens on my skin, à pity
21st November, 2008
Nice and casual. Like Lanvin's Oxygene pour Homme but less spicy and more aromatic. Inoffensive and average, great for daytime and office wear.
01st July, 2008
This is pleasant office wear. ' Not bad' about covers it.
04th April, 2007 (last edited: 19th June, 2009)
I so want to like this as I am a French house fan. I spray it, smell the initial second of scent and then am reminded of the main note: maple. It is too sweet, edible smelling and not sexy, sophisticated or manly. Maple shouldn't be in a fragrance, not a man's anyway. Would be a negative if it weren't Lancome...
19th December, 2006
zztopp Show all reviews
United States
A bit too sweet/floral for my taste - but overall, an ok fragrance.
10th April, 2006
First a little too floral yet gradually more masculine after several minutes.
28th January, 2006
The red pepper (as in bell or sweet, not hot), with a little support from the oakmoss dominates the opening—it provides an understated, clean, aquatic introduction and continuing note to this semi gourmand scent. This opening provides little sillage but it holds on the skin for about an hour. The movement to the mid notes is extremely subtle but the coffee (more like a “cup of” than the roasted beans) finally begins skulking in the background along with a reluctant cedar and an obscure wood note, (you find them when you learn to look hard enough). Subtlety is one thing, “barely there” is another: The mid notes are extremely creative and interesting, and it’s sad that they have not been given more strength and presence. The dry down is also subtle with a definite but tamed vetiver slightly dominating a sharp but hushed wood note. There is also a quiet sweetness there whose origins I don’t recognize. The total presence of Miracle Homme is understated and delicate, even so it manages to retain its masculinity. It is way too underbearing for me, but it’s a high quality fragrance and would be excellent for those who would appreciate its subtlety and vegetable gourmandism.
10th January, 2006
quite a good scent, maybe a bit too sweet
17th October, 2005