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Neutral Reviews of Molinard Homme II by Molinard

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gmb Show all reviews
This seems to last well enough on me, but what lasts is a sweet, powdery bit of nothing interesting. I get a bit of mandarin at the opening, but no juniper or cedar. And quickly everything goes pretty much in the direction of baby powder. Not necessarily -cheap- baby powder, but still not particularly interesting.
29th June, 2011
funnyboy Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Not very long lasting ,althiugh pleasant and sweet.I detct a hint of orange blossom.
To me it's a weaker version of Joop the original for men.
Dont think this is one of the best fragrances from Molinard.
I prefer Ambre and Habanita
25th September, 2009
Griff Show all reviews
United States
If only the mandarin or the cedar were a bit more prominent, this could be an interesting, perhaps even outstanding cologne. As it is, the sum of the notes though not unpleasant initially (the juniper is very prominent on the top then disappears), dries down into something like cheap baby powder. Great I suppose if you like baby powder.
07th August, 2005
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