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I had picked up a mini of this that's an original composition. It came in this promotional 'book' from Sears of all places which included 4 other minis. It was a janky coffret meant to resemble a book that was covered in a silk screened white and brown hounds tooth and when you opened it, all of the minis were displayed. It had included a Lanvin for Men, Kouros, Equipage, YSL Pour Homme and this. On the back of the faux cardboard book there was printed a 1982 so bonus for the full Kouros, but this review is all about this masterpiece of a perfume...

I've worn that sample down to smithereens, bought an original formula full flacon and here's me thoughts.

This perfume is awesome, ridiculous awesome to be exact, in fact so awesome that I'm going to state that this is by far one of the most classy perfumes for Men that I've encountered to date. It opens with what it smells like to walk through the Bellagio gardens here in Vegas for the first 10 minutes, with all of those hundreds of thousands of beautiful and freshly picked flowers, man do I wish that lasted, it's that insanely good. Nino Cerruti quickly dies down to a fairly linear scent that consists of an incredibly smoky and resinuous jasmine flower that's just a smidgen dirty but, this scent is all about resins and jasmine and an incense accord that'll blow that mind. It's really difficult to describe this but it's by far the most masculine jasmine perfume I've ever had the pleasure of smelling and wearing, this is a full on dopamine experience. Not once did I ever feel uncomfortable wearing this, I felt like a man.

It's a yellow smelling perfume with close sillage that's within your personal space, intimate, sexy and the best part, professional. There's this waxy texture to this that just smells so damn good. The jasmine in this is muted quite a bit so it's not a piercing jasmine flower. It's being smothered to death in all of these incense resins and oakmoss which in my opinion is the best part by far. This is a very smoky and resinuous perfume.

I've worn this for a whole week straight that included a full wearing today with suit and tie and my conclusion is that this smell is so far beyond 1979 it's ridiculous. It's the epitome of smelling professional and dressed up. It's a perfume with manners that needs to be worn lavishly as this composition is extremely well behaved. This is an absolutely wearable perfume to the fullest extent that's way beyond it's time. It rides close to the skin with minimal sillage which is a huge plus here so spraying a few sprays onto the neck area and wrists is acceptable. The longevity is fantastic at 18 hours. Nino Cerruti Pour Homme is class to the fullest extent of the perfume law. I approve of this 1000%. Bravo to this, what an awesome smell...
08th February, 2018
If you want this sensationeel fragrance back......try Aliage ! Exactly the same !
25th April, 2017
The parallel bewteen Nino Cerruti and Insensè is quite clear in my opinion. They're both aldehyde-prominent green / aromatic fougeres with a remarkable floral pattern but whereas Insensè communicates via hints, looks and smiles, Cerruti curses and rarely washes his armpits.


25th January, 2015
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What a great surprise. Nino Cerruti pour Homme is a really peculiar scent, modern and cozy, with a zesty-green herbal opening, invigorating and aromatic, fresh but dense and rich, floral, sweetened by spices, carnation, rounded with aldehydes and a slight musky creaminess (I mean white musks), almost powdery, with also sandalwood, amber, lavender, balmy notes and a subtle benzoin note providing a darker dusty-resinous base, almost animalic too. At the same time it also manages to smell effortlessly balsamic, almost menthol. The drydown shows more clearly the civet-boisé and ambery sides, always floral and balsamic and slightly talcum too, an unusual juxtaposition between "airy" floral white notes, herbs and musky-dusty hints. Cerruti pour Homme is an ultramodern, clean herbal scent with a lot of surprising accord of nuances going on, from indolic to creamy and floral. Really pleasant, elegant and versatile, sadly quite rare, but it's one of those which are quite worth the chase.

27th July, 2014
Opens with a bayberry, cedar-sap, deliciousness. Turns into an evergreen rosin drydown with a slight, sweet muskiness to it. Equally sweet and dry at the same time. Like some pine needles and some dry vanilla. Old school enough to say “I’m an adult”, but deals enough elan vitale to say “I’m a boisterous young kid looking for adventure”. Great longevity. Good daily wear, year round. Got this as a freebie from a Basenoter. Similar to Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree or Caswell and Massey’s original Greenbriar or their Number Six, minus the citrusy topnotes.
08th March, 2013
One of my best olfactory memories from the childhood, a magnificent floral-oriental herbal, sweet of flowers and finally delicate and boise. The first part of the evolution is citric, earthy-astringent, green aromatic than fruity-floral (jasmine and may be berries), is like to smell a concert of different elements in alternance and motion. In this phase the fragrance is averagely sharp and minty with the aromatic and green-airy touch of lavender. In the second phase of the development the fragrance, while keeping the woodsy feel of the initial part due the notes of fir and moss of the base, becomes ambery and musky in a very smooth way. In this phase the fragrance retains its floral soul and a certain level of drought but goes smoothing towards a mossy-ambery very masculine final outcome. A great, great fragrance very hard to find nowadays.
29th June, 2011 (last edited: 23rd January, 2015)
Nino Cerruti is a very pretty, fragile and gossamer light fragrance. However, these are the same characteristics that make it wonderful and flawed in equal measure. Its beauty is ephemeral, and even at its boldest, it sits very close to the skin. You live with this fragrance expecting the next moment to be its last.

It displays the brightest top notes imaginable, and this phase reminds me greatly of Byredo’s Blanche. They both emit that sun-kissed laundry on the windowsill vibe. Beyond the top notes, the Nino Cerruti libido is already starting to flag. It is barely discernable that the middle phase has become drier and influenced by the cedarwood.

Harsh as it may seem considering the masterful opening, but Nino Cerruti is a bit of a bimbo - gorgeous on the surface, but devoid of any real substance
04th April, 2011 (last edited: 05th April, 2011)
Discovered this in 1988 and have been wearing it ever since.
Remember one day in particular working on a movie set - the fragrance stayed with me the entire day! So fresh and magical in the opening, with the rich woods and musk in the base. Truly a magnificent fragrance!
19th September, 2010
Every time I wear Nino Cerruti, I wonder why I don't choose it more often. It's wonderfully fresh and invigorating at first, becoming warmer and woodier over time, very nicely balanced, neither too overbearing nor too bland, and I've yet to come across another fragrance that smells anything like it.

For all its green freshness, there's something else at work here between the fruit notes and the carnation in the middle (which actually show up right away, but become more prominent over time). A woman in the office I worked in once asked what I was wearing and told me I smelled like fresh baked apple pie. I had never thought of it that way before, but sure enough --- she's right. More specifically, a fresh baked apple pie on a wooden picnic table in a meadow clearing in the midst of a forest, with the table decorated with greens, fruits and a few wildflowers, in the late morning on a warm sunny day.

This is one of my all-time favorite fragrances ---- I really like it a LOT!
08th April, 2010
Opens with an overpowering smell of fresh/green/minty notes that segues into a layer of crushed white florals churned with spices. Marvelous sillage, almost outrageously so! After about an hour, it settles into a bed of musk/benzoin/cedar/amber. Beautiful scent, very 80s and likely to get you noticed very quickly! But be warned -- this frag has that pungent/reeking sweat residue (like in Kouros) that persistently lingers.

Marvelously constructed, but not for the faint of heart.
13th August, 2009 (last edited: 16th November, 2010)
Fresh clean herbs and green notes. Been looking for it to sample since all the rave reviews made it compelling. Well, I rather like Cerruti's modern offerings. 1881 is somewhat in the same realm as this original men's scent. Subtle florals in the heart. Inoffensive but for some reason, I can't see the appeal for this discontinued fragrance.
06th June, 2009
The ecstatic opening sparkle: like rolling down a joyful bank of flowers, grasses, and precious minerals! Then the long, slow, sweet embrace of its development - pure, light, sensuous, wondrous and warm. A magnificent scent, my masters! (de Charlus).
29th April, 2009
Fantastic full STOP!
Very hard to find but the search will be worth the effort
20th December, 2008
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This is a clean, green, soapy machine; and I like it a lot. The floral heart and woody/incense base help this one stay centered and not get lost in a sea of lather and suds. It's got a bit of sweetness and backbone that is really missing in a lot of these clean scents. The oriental notes in the bottom help pull it away from the soapy top, and the green fresh notes help keep it clean and not overtly incense. The floral notes are really the star of this show; we still don't find a plethora of jasmine in masculine perfumery and this note is handled with great discretion in Cerruti.
25th August, 2008
Frumpish, sweet floral and musk relic of the 1970s, whose fifteen minutes of fame ended decades ago.
20th July, 2008
my first edt ever was Drakkar Noir and the second was Nino Cerruti. i used to wear Nino Cerruti when i was in my 12th grade. there were plenty of i can't say beautiful cause its way too low for them i can say Divas and i mean goddesses of beautiful girl in our class and school and i used to be the No 1 Guy in school Sports and in school and class activities and had a GPA of 3.94 so alot of girls were attracted to me. my Girl friend was on the top of all other girls at school. i always thought i mean even other guys at school also did though that my being No1 guy at school was the cause of all that attraction. once my girl friend asked me to change my cologne . i asked her why do you hate its smell , she told me NO BUT THE PROBLEM IS THAT ALL THE GIRLS AT SCHOOL LOVE YOUR FRAGRANCE AND FAINT WHEN YOU PASS BY THEM . THEREFORE I CAN'T STAND IT EITHER YOU CHANGE YOUR FRAGRANCE OR YOU CHANGE YOUR GIRL FRIEND.
well i was forced to change my EDT so i gave it to a friend i still feel more sorry for loosing my Nino Cerruti than loosing my Girl Friend cause i was able to find other girlfriends later and even get married but i was not able to find another Nino Cerruti again!!!!!!
11th May, 2008
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United States
Very green and slightly soapy. I like this one because it keeps a tradition alive that seems almost to have died out. It smells good, fresh and green, and it backs that up with a good, solid construction. The foundation of this in woody oriental notes give it presence and lasting power. The middle notes with jasmine and carnation are sweet and spicy, which makes for a kind of "romantic" feel to this scent. Moss and fir in the base make the drydown a little different from today's usual. This is an older, fresher style of woody-oriental accord.
08th May, 2008
This is truly one of the best compositions ever made for men!!! Toghether with Cartier's Santos Concentree, this has been the backbone of my fragrance wardrobe since the 80's. Since then the Cerruti company have been marching on a steady path to make their fragrances more and more anonymous and blend... If you ever come a cross a fresh bottle...just indulge!!! Double thumbs up!
09th December, 2006
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Russian Federation
An agreeable soapy floral period scent that I find similar in some of the notes and overall attitude to Paco Rabanne PH. The major letdown is a treacly blossoming-lilac note.
29th October, 2006 (last edited: 14th January, 2016)
I sometimes wonder if some perfume company execs somewhere don't have their collective heads up their asses.

Cerruti Original was great stuff, and without the "power notes" that made so many late Seventies and early Eighties fragrances the objects of later laughter.

Very crisp, very green, eminently wearable. A smidgen formal, perhaps, but a great fragrance all around.
13th October, 2006
moon_fish Show all reviews
Russian Federation
I was happy to find this discontinued cologne in some forgotten little perfume store. I`m happy to have it till now.
It`s floral fragrance, beautifully made for men. It means that all flowers are muted (not as fresh and shining as in Knize Ten or Incense Givenchy) and interwoven with woody notes. Special accent onto amber, frankincense and benzoin - all those notes give to this Italian cologne some classic Eastern powdery-incensey-sappy chic and mystery.
The Best Cerruti cologne so far - but very underrated. And it`s a great chance to make it a signature scent!
24th November, 2005 (last edited: 20th January, 2012)
16th October, 2005
This is a wonderful, rich floral fragrance that isn’t leathery or earthy like most fragrances of its time. This is a very crisp and refined floral fragrance, that doesn’t smell at all aged or specific to a certain genre like most 80’s fragrances. This is what Tenere should have smelled like, imho. A great fragrance.
28th September, 2005
A mossy floral in which no one note dominates. Masterfully crafted and of excellent quality, this set a standard that no other Cerutti scent has come close to matching. Be warned, however, that it is not of the current style. The only other fragrance of this style and quality I can think of is Paco Rabanne's criminally discontinued Tenere.
27th September, 2005
Too floral for me... It Reminds me Givenchy Insensé, but more refined and less strong (although It's long lasting)
If you liked Insensé, certainly you will love Nino Cerruti.
24th December, 2004
I remember buying this back when I was in high school, I guess I knew what I was doing back then. I recall this scent to have that wonderful quality of elegant blending...but it's the drydown that will capture the wearer. If you can find it, grab's a classic scent.
05th January, 2003