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Neutral Reviews of Nino Cerruti by Cerruti

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Nino Cerruti is a very pretty, fragile and gossamer light fragrance. However, these are the same characteristics that make it wonderful and flawed in equal measure. Its beauty is ephemeral, and even at its boldest, it sits very close to the skin. You live with this fragrance expecting the next moment to be its last.

It displays the brightest top notes imaginable, and this phase reminds me greatly of Byredo’s Blanche. They both emit that sun-kissed laundry on the windowsill vibe. Beyond the top notes, the Nino Cerruti libido is already starting to flag. It is barely discernable that the middle phase has become drier and influenced by the cedarwood.

Harsh as it may seem considering the masterful opening, but Nino Cerruti is a bit of a bimbo - gorgeous on the surface, but devoid of any real substance
04th April, 2011 (last edited: 05th April, 2011)
Fresh clean herbs and green notes. Been looking for it to sample since all the rave reviews made it compelling. Well, I rather like Cerruti's modern offerings. 1881 is somewhat in the same realm as this original men's scent. Subtle florals in the heart. Inoffensive but for some reason, I can't see the appeal for this discontinued fragrance.
06th June, 2009
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Russian Federation
An agreeable soapy floral period scent that I find similar in some of the notes and overall attitude to Paco Rabanne PH. The major letdown is a treacly blossoming-lilac note.
29th October, 2006 (last edited: 14th January, 2016)
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