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I have a mini, it's often compared to vtg Drakkar Noir and Duc de Vervin and it can be. But as is often the case for me in perfumery the devil is is the details, it's perfectly balanced, the oakmoss is superlative. It feels very simple and straightforward and you may feel you smelled it a hundred times if like me you were an 80's kid, yet in the genre nothing comes close when you put your nose to it.
Un grand parfum without a doubt
30th April, 2018
This came out in 1988, and Calvin Klein Eternity for Men came out in 1989. They are related. Bright citrus opening, Lavender, Basil, Geranium, vetiver. Very similar pyramid, this is more fougere than Eternity and I don't like it as well, but it is wearable and pleasant but I already have fallen in love with Eternity.
17th July, 2017
Nice green, classy mossy woods / floral oriental outing from Gucci that, sadly, is no longer in production. ;^/

At the very start, Gucci Nobile somewhat reminds me of the old-school Ralph Lauren Polo: Spicy, woody, complex. It parts ways by not being as sharp; instead, Nobile strikes me as a decent vetiver-type formulation accented by many floral notes. Then, it stabilizes into a floral bouquet paired tastefully with the "green notes" and a lingering mace / nutmeg.

It is a scent of its time (1988), and there are plenty of other fragrances from that era that it echoes (remotely: Puig Quorum, Carven Homme (original), Ralph Lauren Polo, Cartier Santos, Guerlain Vetiver, Jacomo Anthracite, Paco Rabanne Tenere, inter alia).

How it stands apart is its understated elegance, reflected in its fancy selection of notes from top to bottom of the triangle. The spice mix is numerous, which buries the individual notes but actually synergizes into a pleasant blend.

Can't fathom the prices that Nobile goes for now online! Overall, I appreciate it for being well made and not brash like other 80's / 90's colognes that are its contemporary.
27th January, 2017
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Beautiful fragrance! It feels kind of classic, without smell dated. Gucci Nobile is elegant, refined and mediterranean, with a fresh vibe. You can feel the citrusy notes at the opening, with some floral base. The drydown is very pleasant with the woods, oakmoss, sandalwood and maybe, as stated in previous reviews, some soft tobacco. I was able to find a very nice offer for gift set that includes 60 ml EDT and a 120 ml stick deodorant. Highly recommended.
02nd January, 2017
This is a nice lavender fragrance, a typical men's grooming smell. Duc de Vervins L'Extreme by Houbigant is similar, from memory. At times this one grabs me, other times it feels almost too familiar and restrained; light and polite to make a nice office fragrance, but perhaps missing a sufficient hook to keep me interested, despite the long list of notes; but definitely a safe option for a formal event to smell clean and refined.

I get good longevity from Nobile, a full day at the office, and the development is nice, becoming more rugged over the day.
23rd October, 2016 (last edited: 15th May, 2017)
This exudes understated class.
It needs not to try, it just is.
The scents are so seamless and smooth that transitions are ever evolving and largely undetected at the time they occur, yet gracefully present themselves in a manner becoming of a classic.
If you have not tried it, you would genuinely be doing yourself a disservice by refraining doing so.

It not only is my signature scent, yet what introduced me to osmology.

Research suggests that Kathy Gurevich is the nose behind this, developed by Givaudan, for Gucci.
13th October, 2015
Wow! I went to an estate sale and found the mother lode of mens' fragrances! It was clear that no one knew what they were dealing with, because I got two gift sets of Nobile, unopened for pennies. Both 120ml, one has a deodorant stick and a miniature splash. The other has a 200ml body wash/shampoo tube and a keychain. So this is everything that past reviews say and then some. It's fun to go out wearing this and knowing that no one else is going to smell like you. And yet the compliments and questions flow like water. You can't mess with a classic.
29th September, 2015
Caesars Man, Drakkar Noir, Lomani classic Pour Homme and (to a certain extent Cartier Pasha) are still the fragrances which jump (more easily) immediately on mind while inhaling the aromatic top notes of this notorious Gucci's woodsy-fougere. Anyway Nobile, over its bracing herbal aromatic opening, evolves towards a more subtle, discreet and refined sort of mossy direction which performs in to a superbly classy and distinguished way. Nobile is more restrained than Drakkar Noir, less brash and laundry-soapy, the final evolution is more properly woody, rosey, ambery-spicy (in a sweeter way) and mossy (more properly mossy than brightly musky-aromatic). I detect a subtle suede note in the Nobile's dry down which, combined with spices, resins, sweet tobacco, mossy labdanum and coconutty amber, conjures me vaguely several Moschino Pour Homme's final nuances (of course with a more prominent aromatic twist coming from the top- artemisia, juniper berries, coriander, lavender- and with more oakmoss than amber-tobacco). Another great fragrance jumping on mind while enjoying the Nobile's dry down (and probably the marketed scent closer to Nobile) is the great Enrico Coveri Pour Homme because of the common (among the two scents) fantastic combination of rose-geranium, tonka/tobacco, rosewood, sandalwood, suede, cedar, dark oakmoss, ambergris, patchouli and vetiver. The Nobile's dry down is incredibly dark, smooth, floral (a prominent geranium in this phase imo), and mossy, overall with that sort of moody-melancholic mossy floral twist which I've loved so much in Coveri, Pomellato Uomo, V&A TSAR and Givenchy Xeryus. I just can add that the final wake is so smoothly restrained, nostalgic and romantic to leave the (more conventional) aromatic opening back as a far powerhouse memory. A great gem unfortunately so hard to be retrieved around.
01st March, 2015 (last edited: 03rd March, 2015)

If you are a fan of vintage Polo Green, you will really dig Nobile by Gucci. The dry mossy / patchouli accord is very smooth, masculine and mature. Overall, the scent is fairly "quiet" compared to other aromatic fougere's from the 80's as the blend is exceptional. A 30ml bottle can be found for around $100-$150 and is entirely worth every penny for this vintage "how in the name of tap dancing Jezus" discontinued gem of a fragrance.
18th November, 2014
Gucci Nobile is a, well, noble scent in fact, classic and refined, a herbal-mossy fougère with a dense and dark oak moss and tobacco base, smoky and classy, fairly spicy and completed by a classic masculine chypre accord (lavender, carnation, aldehydes...). Beautiful, understated, everlasting smoky-woody-spicy drydown. So classic it's almost ordinary: the quality and the elegance are out of question, but frankly it does not smell particularly different from several other equally good ones masculine scents of the '70s/'80s. Anyway, comparisons aside, surely a quality and elegant fragrance, still perfectly wearable and modern.

07th July, 2014
Genre: Fougère

What’s most remarkable to me about Nobile is how utterly at odds it is with what the Gucci brand has come to represent: logo-encrusted goods that are loud, graceless, and embarrassingly crass. No wonder they don’t make it any more.

Nicely executed, if conventional lavender and bergamot top notes lead one to expect a well-made traditional fougère. By and large, that’s exactly what you get. For a 1980s fougère, Nobile is actually quite subdued and civilized. It demonstrates little of the testosterone-fueled brawn that oozes from scents like Jules, Kouros, Or Black, or Lauder for Men. With its herbaceous aromatic notes, clean tobacco, and crisp citrus, it gives off a comfortable, sophisticated, yet decidedly conservative gentleman’s club air. It’s neither racy nor dull, but rather poised and polished. While it smells nothing like them, I imagine it will appeal to the same sensibilities that appreciate Chanel pour Monsieur, Eau Sauvage, or a clean vetiver like Guerlain’s or Givenchy’s. Like these, Nobile could have been a timeless classic. Instead it’s gone.
21st June, 2014
Nobile Alright

Somehow acquired a miniature bottle around 1990. Fast forward 23 years and I got..another miniature. Smells exactly like before which is nice (especially nowadays). Don't really understand the thinking of discontinuing such a great fragrance. Could see royalty wearing this..they probably have all of it that's left..except the miniatures of course.

Pros: Smells like a thousand dollar bill in a bottle
Cons: Duh discontinued "

27th October, 2013
Good stuff

I'll keep it short.

Beautiful Italian expression of sweet green soapy manliness.

Nobile Royalty by Alexander da Costa is close, Lomani pour homme same, Drakkar Noir has some similarities but is vulgar (in a bad way) at best; Duc de Vervins by Houbigant is the French version, Jivago Connect tries but...not quite.

There are others that try and come close, Duc de Vervins is closest.

One shot Versace Green Jeans plus one shot Lomani pour Homme gets you in the same vicinato.

Women love this stuff.

Pros: Beautiful
Cons: Out of production

21st June, 2013
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I miss this fragrance a lot in 1988 I purchased it at marshall fields in Chicago it was my signature fragrance for many years to come later I seen a bottle on ebay and picked it up . But now It's near impossible to find this fragrance please bring this one back ....
10th May, 2013 (last edited: 14th May, 2013)
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United States
Nobile opens with an aromatic blend of bergamot citrus and lavender with a lime-like tarragon and rosemary herbal undertone. As Nobile enters the heart phase of its development, the early bergamot citrus recedes but the aromatic herb-laced lavender remains, coupling with a tremendous oakmoss note rising from the base joining balsam fir as co-stars with an additional rose and carnation floral supporting duo joining the lavender. In the late heart, the aromatic lavender slowly dissipates but the oakmoss and fir still remain through the dry-down now in support, as a relatively dry amber and non-smoky vetiver duo takes the fore to finish off the scent's development. Projection and longevity are both excellent, with the scent lasting 10-12 hours on skin.

Nobile is one of those rare aromatic fougere scents from the past that just can't be released today due to oakmoss restrictions. The very green herb-laced oakmoss and fir combo with floral support is absolutely captivating and dominates for most of Nobile's key development before turning to resinous amber late during the dry-down. The official note list is very long and quite frankly I am sure I missed a whole bunch of them, but Nobile just smells great, plain and simple. It unfortunately commands a price just as high as how good it smells nowadays due to its discontinuance long ago and the scarcity of remaining bottles on the after-market. That said, those looking for a reference aromatic fougere should look no further than this 4 to 4.5 star out of 5 classic by Gucci.
26th January, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
In Nobile the opening is the archetypical supreme-quality chypre. With a bright and sharp lemon-lavender blast that is penetrated by amazing oakmoss, which is followed by vetiver and rosemary. The drydown develops into a wood base, with a distinct pine note with a bit of non-sweet tonka added. At that stage silage and projection are excellent, but after the first ninety minutes this shining glory implodes and the wood notes dominate albeit close to my skin. Nonetheless, the fougère begin is supreme and deserves a thumbs-up. Overall longevity on me is about four hours.
05th December, 2012
Absolutely loved this from the first time I smelled it in the store back in the late 80's. I couldn't afford the four ounce bottle at that time, but I went through at least three of the one ounce original bottles that came without a cap, just a huge spray top, and a couple of the next generation one's as well. When they discontinued it I had about 3/4 ounce left that I parsed out over the next ten years or so whenever I got too desperate to resist. Luckily, a few years ago I found a reputable dealer on ebay that was selling Nobile bottles still wrapped in the original cellophane. I managed to land several one and two ounce bottles for reasonable prices. Even found one of the original bottles. It's still right at the top of my list of green fragrances. The lavender and vetiver/moss notes are nothing short of divine. I give it two thumbs up, five stars and a sheet full of gold stars.
06th March, 2012 (last edited: 08th November, 2014)
Yes, I'll take this one please. Gucci Nobile is a fantastic green fougere. The crisp, citrus/lavender/green opening of Gucci Nobile is very similar to Bowling Green, although I also detect a hint of Tsar and Jazz clamoring around in there. And yes, Drakkar Noir hovers ever so close but dares not enter Nobile's air space. The mid notes are wonderful, with a predominant floral/green accord. The fir note helps balance the entire mid note composition. The basenotes are green/woodsy, mossy with a touch of smoke. Nobile is a classic fougere that has sadly passed on to the Isle of Souls of Discontinued Fragrances. Makes me want to slap some Rachmaninoff in the CD player.

30th November, 2011 (last edited: 01st December, 2011)
You are running through the wild fields, interlaced with rows and rows of pine trees, there is a light dusting of snow on the ground, the air is cold, and a strong smell of balsam fir lingers in the air. You are an excited child searching for the perfect Christmas tree just a couple weeks before the magical date.

Next I am warped to a hot, sunny, mid-summer day drinking a freshly squeezed and oh-so sweet glass of lemonade after a hard day’s work.

These are the first memories this scent teleports me back to. It ignites memories in my mind of sweet ecstasy and longing in my childhood.

Within an instant, after this first experience, my mind goes through a rabbit hole of a journey, all the while echoing sounds of Motley Crue’s “Kick Start My Heart”, until these words are uttered: sophistication, confidence, class, and utter sexiness.

In my mind this is a scent that the likes of Gregory Peck, Sean Connery, John F. Kennedy Jr., Marlon Brando (think a Streetcar Named Desire), and Humphrey Bogart would wear. And on top of all this, with all of these strong emotions and memories rattling inside my brain, in the fringe of my mind I constantly get this dark and mysterious vibe that really gives this scent even more of an edge. There is a reason why this is rated so highly, even more so by women that I know. If you could put a good (or bad depending on your take) romance novel into a bottle, this would be it.

My signature scent.

A couple caveats to warning this fragrance:

1. Strictly for men...I couldn't picture a woman wear this
2. Age must be 25+, this fragrance says you’re a man, if you’re not of age you would look foolish to wear it, a non-congruent fragrance with a younger physicality.
3. Those in the temperate locations may appreciate this scent more than those in tropical locations, due to the memories associated with the scent.

Scent: 10/10 (An absolute masterpiece that starts of with a pine/lemon/tobacco opening and mid notes then settles down to a nice amber dry down)
Longevity: 9/10 (4 sprays, 2 wrist, 2 neck will last you 8-10+ hours)
Sillage: 7/10 (4 sprays and others will notice when standing a couple feet away from you)
Versatility: 10/10 (can be worn with friends, when hanging out with the guys and, with your s/o, great in winter/fall, even better in summer!)
Uniqueness: 10/10 (smells very unique unlike anything else I've smelled before)
16th October, 2011
I had Gucci Nobile as a gift from a good friend on Fragrantica and what a surprise! It's rapidly becoming one of my favourite non-powerhouse fragrances from the past together with Insensè, Givenchy's Vetiver and Le Troisieme Homme. AMAZING!

Gucci Nobile is a great alternative to the vulgar ostentation of opulence and to the "straight in the face" attitude of pretty popular and pretentious niche brands I won't name here. In this world dominated by "Greed" and ignorance, GN is the perfect fragrance for the laidback guy who doesn't need to shout out loud his charisma and elegance. He's self confident, cultured, mannered but not affected, generous, traditionalist but not a pharisee, aknowledged, discreet...and noble.

A CLASSIC fougère with herbaceous notes, tobacco, citruses and a slight touch of lavander that's incredibly delightful. Gucci Nobile surely deserves a place in the "classic fragrances olympus" . Sadly discontinued. I guess Frida Giannini won't hear us...

Absolutely recommended!
23rd May, 2011
The robust and unsentimental nature of Nobile is at variance with Gucci's modern day output. It has more in common with the original Gucci Pour Homme from 1976. Although different structurally, they are clearly kindred spirits. Both are unashamedly masculine, and uncompromising in their pursuit of what represents a dominant and confident fragrance.

It performs very much like an old-fashioned fougere, and shades of some old favourites can be discerned at various stages.Although it is fairly linear, it does dry considerably as it evolves, and the strident cedar note ensures a wonderful ride home.

07th April, 2011
I realize the classic status of this fragrance and as such, it would have been considerably easier for me to give a positive rating, but I just can't do it. To do so, I would have compromised my true assessment and would have betrayed the spirit of user reviews here on basenotes. Nobile is OK and yes, I do own it -- but it is not all that unique and even to my old nose, it smells very old-fashioned. One or two other reviewers mentioned that Nobile has a lingering essence of a dirty ashtray and I completely agree. The other notes (mainly green and woody notes) just aren't forceful enough to push that lingering ashtray odor aside. I'm wearing Nobile at this very moment and in my mind, I can picture someone's grandfather sitting in the den with that smelly ashtray nearby. The room smells like a blend of grandfather's flowery after-shave, smoldering embers in the fireplace, and....that ashtray. Better yet, make that SEVERAL ashtrays.
12th January, 2011
Nobile is so green and verdant it puts Bowling Green to shame. And Bowling Green is very dear to me. Fresh, classic and modern at once, powerful and lasting... There aren't enough stars here to give this. It smells alive, it's so fresh! Nobile will be in my room as long as I can find it. It is my paradigm of 'green fougere.'
29th April, 2010
My first impression of Nobile was that it was a subtler, more refined version of Drakkar Noir. Over time, I've come to appreciate other things about it too --- in the drydown there's a hint of smokiness to the leafy green notes, and the woods appear and disappear as if dancing with the spices. The top notes leave a lingering freshness even after they fade, and the overall effect reminds me of a walk in the woods just after an autumn rain.

And what is it with Gucci discontinuing their best fragrances, anyway?
07th March, 2010
This is my all time favorite male scent. I have bought this for every guy I went out with until I couldn't find it anymore. GUCCI as a brand was basically synonymous with crass and vulgar in my snooty old town, so I was surprized to love it. I'll never forget the first time I sniffed it. I was with my mother, and we tried two separate Gucci's, Noble and one for women which I forgot what it was. She loved the female one and hated this one. I expected to hate it, naturally. Instead, when my nose grazed the sample, I felt instant longing, loneliness and sexual frustration. Can't really describe the scent much better than that, can't even remember what the notes were. I just really wanted the guy who wears it - BAD.
21st November, 2009
MOONB Show all reviews
United States
It's a shame this is discontinued. The only time I wore this was when I was over my friend's place - he had an almost-empty bottle of it - and I'd give it a spritz every now and again. Never regretted it, either. This is a very pleasant, deep cologne, a good dive into all kinds of greens and beautiful wood notes. Nobile is a man's cologne, without succumbing to the stereo-typical musky/leathery/spicy formula of other scents from its era. This definitely would be appealing to women who happen to be in your zone. Nice longevity, nice packaging, and just nice all around.
05th November, 2009
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
Should have been called Gucci Woods. The opening is an aromatic fougere with a generous helping of spices that reminds me of the soapy opening of Safari for Men, but after this, it quickly digresses to a mélange of woods particularly cedar, sandalwood, and pine from which there is no return. The sillage and longevity is immense, which is Nobile’s only positive quality. If only the top notes never faded…
17th October, 2009 (last edited: 10th November, 2009)
Crisp green scent with great transparency. Transcends all era and is timeless. For a change, it’s not a green scent which reminds one of Chanel PM. Nobile has to be the inspiration for scents like Malle’s French Lover…not in the use of civet, but the juicy, fresh feel of tender, light green colored leaves. It turns a bit floral by mids but still retains it’s green character. The base is a luxurious blend on musk, vetiver and sandalwood. Musk adds to the bite, keeps it fresh, vetiver keeps it green and sandalwood adds to the soapiness, keeping this a fresh scent all the way. A lovely scent for daily wear and a kind which with each wear reveals one secret after other. Incredibly well blended and a top notch composition
13th August, 2009 (last edited: 18th August, 2009)
kbe Show all reviews
United States
If you are looking for a Tobacco (ashtray tobacco ash, in a good way) fragrance look no further. Tobacco ash is dominant from early Top Notes and right through Middle Notes and into and through the Basenotes, with a smattering of mashed green tree leaf and spice for good measure along the way. This bold fragrance slowly winds down to a moderately sweet patchouli-amber-tobacco finish . As the old song says: "a cigarette bearing lipstick traces.."
13th August, 2009
Its really difficult to fathom how and why Nobile was discontinued. As much as I like Envy for men, Nobile would have an edge to be Gucci's signature Classic. There are similarities between this and Envy for men, other than having an 80's feel, they have quite similar herbal notes. But Nobile offers so much more. The blend of mild citrus, prominent herbs and woods, coupled with a touch of florals, is a perfect mash. Has great longevity and sillage to boot. This should be brought back into production for their good name's sake.
21st June, 2009