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One land or two sea
As six turned out to be one
I can smell like me.
23rd June, 2017
One of the great colognes of all time and CM's top seller for almost 230 years.

The classic combination of neroli, bergamot, lime and rosemary that went into most "eau de colognes" is enhanced by a generous dose of jasmine, making this a citrus floral and rather unique in my experience. CM's advertising for this boasted 127 different ingredients, which may or not be true, but seems rather wasteful as our noses can only detect at most a dozen during its drydown.

Of note, the scent that is used for the other products in that line (soap, talc, lotions, etc) is markedly different, much drier, less sparkling, than that used for the cologne itself.

Do try it. Whether you like it or not, it must be part of every Basenoter's olfactory training.
25th February, 2017
I list this item as a thumbs up even though it is a mere shadow of what it once was.(much like Caswell-Massey itself). Back in the early 70's CM products were available as EDT as well as cologne and after shave. They were also available in 8 oz. glass stoppered bottles. As you can imagine, the scents were much more robust and longevity was not the issue it is with a lot of present day reviewers. Unfortunately, over the years as with many other products, strength has been compromised and ingredients substituted. There are CM products now discontinued that are not even listed on Basenotes. Also, there are products listed as "in production" that have been discontinued for years. I wish CM could return the offerings of the 60's and 70's but when that happens I will have to look up to see if a squadron of pigs are flying overhead.
18th March, 2015
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Thee classic?

Personally I peel off the label because the bottles looks so simplistic and classy, but let's get to the important part.

This is George Washingtons favored cologned, around since 1789. You're splashing a part of history there on your neck bub. To do any less would be un-American.

Old Spice for the seasoned fume hound. At 20 bucks it's a staple in my wardrobe.
15th February, 2015
This has been around for some time. It smells like history in a good way. Starting with the citrus and rosemary it dries down to a spicy muskiness. Stays close to the skin and I get 6 or more hours out of this. A good old fashioned original cologne suitable for every occasion.
02nd March, 2012
This is a nice scent, I like it.
It starts with very notes of orange zest and blossom, and lemon zest. These are very pleasant and lively. They are quickly joined by aromatic and herbal notes: slightly soapy anise, herbal-minty rosemary, warmly spicy clove and nutmeg. The scent is old-school and masculine in style, but it is restrained and classy (not a powerhouse). There is an interesting note which I can't quite identify. It is creamy, toasted-nutty, slightly sweet -- perhaps it is almond blossom. The dry-down is genteel and wears well.
08th August, 2011
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United States
I must begin by saying that Number Six is a nice spicy eau de cologne for everyday use. It is not as decadent as the Guerlain Eaux or Lorenzo Villoresi, but it certainly holds its own in the cologne arena. Six opens with a burst of bergamot, lime, lemon, rosemary, and possibly orange. The heart is a musty floral as others have mentioned with spice--likely clove. I find this as cross between the vaunted Berdoues no. 444 Extra Vieille and Roger & Gallet Extra Vieille though it is not as good as either of them. For the price, this is a GOOD cologne evocative of small 18th Century middle class--Farina catered to the upperclasses unfortunately for Caswell-Massey.
06th February, 2011
This one is my signature cologne - very formal and very wearable. Longevity is not an issue if you use enough of it - I use about six ounces a month - and its aroma is very calming and centering. Women could wear this as well, but only with short hair and khakis. Great frag for the money, and one I would totally recommend.
12th July, 2009
Correct and masculine, this is a scent that can safely be worn by a distinguished City sort of gentleman who by constitution would pass up scent altogether. A good Waspy reliable that America can rightly be proud of. Years later I first encountered Jicky and there was a certain affinity there - even though I always regarded as a women's scent (then I learned that Jicky was Proust's favorite, but maybe that doesn't change all that much, ehh?)
16th February, 2009
Spicey for its time. If you like traditional E.d.C, this will be intense. A little raw, but overall good manly scent. Prance around in a little history:)
15th August, 2008
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United States
Don't be fooled into thinking that this is anything like a contemporary citrus fragrance - its' not. The initial burst of citrus is balanced with rosemary and floral notes that keeps the citrus from being too sharp or bright. In fact, when I first put this on my skin I thought it was a spicy fragrance (the initial spice subsides a few minutes later). As mentioned below, the entire life of the fragrance is about an hour, but this is to be expected from what is titled 'cologne water'. Certainly worth a try!

from CM website: "Fragrance Note(s): Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Rosemary, Narcissus, and 27 other notes"
06th August, 2008
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United States
I'm no fan of citrus based scents. Number Six, however appeals to me as not only because Washington wore this, but kind of puts me on a porch at a farmhouse in a rocking chair, just enjoying a cool breeze. This has a country feel to it. Poor longevity, but it's cheap so reapply.
23rd October, 2007
Beautiful bright and sparkly citrus opening. The touch of rosemary blends in perfectly with the clean citrus notes. The heart florals stay quite discreet and excellently blended to retain the energy of the opening. I’m one who gets vetiver—subtle, very distinguished—in the mid and base notes. The musk, to my nose, is even less obvious than the vetiver. Whatever, it is a wonderfully clean continuance of the opening citrus / rosemary accord. The drydown as a sillage maker lasts only about a half hour. There is the ghost of the drydown vapor that remains close to the skin for an hour or two, but it is just too subtle to be called a drydown. When I first applied this my thought was, “Great citrus opening—this one is not going to last long.” I was right—it’s gone in forty-five minutes, but what an excellent forty-five minutes they are. Number Six is an enticingly refreshing summer scent that can be had for a very reasonable price—definitely worth a testing.
18th January, 2007
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United States
One of my favorite scents for summer. Citrus topnotes, which are mellowed out with musk in the midnotes, and a hint of colonial spices comes out in the drydown. I don't get vetiver out of this one, either. Unfortunately, this one has poor longevity but it's inexpensive so you can refresh when you need to.
28th August, 2006
Wonderful stuff; elegant without being snooty. It's a most comfortable fragrance that suggests gracious living. Perfect for semi-formal country outings or cocktails on the fantail. Caswell-Massey's best.
09th March, 2006
A masterfully blended mix of several different citrus oils and musk. Quite aromatic and long lasting for a summer scent, it stays close to the skin and doesn't project much. Others have commented on the vetiver but my nose doesn't pick this up. If you are searching for a citrus that is not overtly "fresh" in the current style, you could do a lot worse than this one.
27th September, 2005
I just received a set of mini's in a nice flip-up box. Five of C-M's most popular mens selections. Number Six is the hands down Favorite. One of the best citrus scents available for men. Don't deny yourself this reasonably priced luxury.
18th February, 2003