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Citrusy, bitter, but soft. Not something I would bother buying at all.
28th February, 2018
Dark citrus with a touch of florals.
After a regular cologne, the moss in Ô makes it feel like sunglasses on a bright day.
25th May, 2015 (last edited: 05th August, 2015)
Citrus chypres are rather common in the world of scent, stretching from the 1920s (R&G's LE JADE) through the 1990s (Gres' HOMME DE GRES).

O DE LANCOME is one of these with a light citrus burst that calms down to an oak moss, vetiver and labdanum chypre.

They are all perfectly likable and very much like each other. One of the simplest formulas in the perfume world, but done well, the best type of summer scent imaginable.

This one is as competent as the others. Thumbs up on its own merits, as it would be unfair to take it down a notch because of its lack of originality.

Turin gives it three stars and names it a "fresh citrus," while Herman praises its "tart, green, herbal dry down."
08th July, 2014
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I cannot bear to give Ô de Lancôme anything but a thumbs up, but that is for the old one, the vintage, the pre-reformulation fragrance. Ô de Lancôme used to be one of my favourite scents for summer and sports – refreshing citrus with the most gorgeous, soft and sexy sandalwood drydown. The wave of reformulations round about 2010 hit Ô de Lancôme as well, and left what is an insult to both the old fragrance and those who loved it. Its new version is a sharp, charmless, lemony washing-up liquid, not to be recommended. Best not dwell on that though, but to remember the dreaminess of the Ô de Lancôme that used to be...
30th May, 2014
sfmedusa Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is for the pre-2000 formulation.

This is a summer staple and is just wonderful when the weather is making everybody a bit torpid and droopy. A very smart pick me up for the nose which then drifts off gently into oakmoss, musk and wood.

The longevity isn't as long as I'd like, but this comes in such large bottles that it's no problem to reapply during the day and give your nose and brain that sharp sting of green and citrus again on a warm afternoon.
19th April, 2014
I've had this bottle now for about ten years. It's hardly been used and has been kept in dark places so hasn't lost any of its character.

To be honest, it was bought for me and I initially did find it overpowering, which is why I didn't throw myself into using it. Glad I kept it though as it's actually growing on me now and I'm finding I'm using it more often.

Going to stick with it and enjoy rediscovering i!t
28th March, 2013
Ummm.... has anyone stopped at the Lancome counter recently?? They reissued this with a new bottle and it says right on the tester that the bottle is new but the juice is the same..... NOT! it is not nearly as green and now where near as strong.... even the SA said it is not the same...??? TYPICAL!!!
24th July, 2011 (last edited: 02nd August, 2011)
This fragrance is absolutely wonderful. Superb in fact.

I had chosen the perfect day to test O de Lancome. A rather humid Summer day in the centre of a busy and steamy city.

I must say that at first the citrus notes came on quite strongly. It was very green and lemony. Although not entirely unpleasant, I was expecting the worst seeming that these fragrances don't seem to agree with my chemistry or my nose very often. I was about to write this scent off the list when I brought my wrist up to my nose for another sniff.

I was met with a delightful, fresh and cheerful blend of honeysuckle, various herbs/spices, jasmine and mild citrus notes. On my skin the heart and drydown was soft, slightly soapy, musky and feminine.

I can't say that I understand the masculine references here. To me O de Lancome is girly and somewhat sweet, in other words something I can't imagine a man wearing.

I had no idea that this was a fragrance from the 70's, it is very modern and could easily pass as something being produced today. The lasting power is average, around 7 hours. I do recommend this.

26th June, 2011
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United States
Well, O de Lancome has been hanging around, quietly, for 40 years plus. There is a reason for that. It is not loud, it is not trendy, it is not controversial. It is, quite simply, a classic chypre style fragrance that is bright and fresh.

It is a little bit of a tart bomb in the opening. Bergamot green with a dose of lemon sets the stage. This slowly transitions into an herbal melody that stays green and fresh. Some may not enjoy this sour/tart phase, but it is unquestionably a heat beater. The drydown brings a mossy, green woody closure to this little green gem.

Wearable by male or female, easy on the wallet and a green blast of cooling tartness make this an oh! Never out of style, and never quite the trend, it still serves it's purpose with an ease that is to be commended.
09th June, 2011 (last edited: 11th December, 2011)
Ô de Lancôme is absolutely one of the most delightful citrus fragrances I've ever smelled. It smells natural and uplifting and lasts longer than most other classic citrus chypres. It's very green and "balmy", with a kind of herbal face-lotion feel (which many Lancôme fragrances have), but if you want a green citrus fragrance, there's not much out there better than Ô de Lancôme.

My mom actually wore this one for years, and then I started wearing it when I was a senior in high school. Like all citrus fragrances, it is a bit fleeting, however the mileage is still impressive for a fragrance of its type - I get 4 hours out of Ô de Lancôme before it finally dissipates. Besides, with a giant 4.2 oz bottle like I have, I can douse myself in the stuff!

Love it.
13th February, 2011 (last edited: 12th May, 2011)
Given my latest kick for citrus, I retested this. It's citrus green mania and it's wonderful . Really bright citrus aromatic top . Then it becomes greener and greener on my skin with really just a little touch of sweet floral before it becomes woodier. Light character but seems tenacious .Well done fragrance and I would get a bottle if I were not in love with so many other similar citrus scents.
21st June, 2010
Nostagia for scents I wore in my youth prompted me to purchase a vintage bottle of this online. It was an "Eau Fraiche" in brown packaging, and unfortunately it smelled like a vintage aftershave. Puzzled, I went to a department store and tried the tester. Oh gorgeous smell - as fizzy and lime green as the new frosted bottle! Reasoning that my first bottle was simply 'off', I purchased a new bottle. Spritz, spritz. A few minutes of lemon sherbet heaven was followed by that aftershave smell again. Brut? Eau Sauvage? Not exactly unpleasant (might be nice on a guy) - but I don't want to smell like I'm wearing aftershave. What a shame. I sold both bottles to a friend whose husband will probably wear it.
21st May, 2010
I think this fragrance is like a lighter and more citrus version of No19. A lovely mix of green and citrus notes, definitely suitable for men to wear. Perfect for hot weather
29th March, 2010
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very cool and refreshing, drying into an old fashioned soapy scent, love it :)
27th March, 2010
First tried this juice while in Memphis, Tennessee, in a Goldsmith's store in 1979. I was looking around for a nice summer fragrance to wear (Memphis' summers are quite warm and humid). I didn't want to wear out my bottle of Eau Sauvage too quickly and wanted to have something to alternate it with. The ladies at the counter politely led me over to their women's fragrances and pulled this beauty of a gem out for me. I admit to being a tad embarrassed standing at the women's counter deliberating about what was being sold as a feminine fragrance for myself. But, one spritz was all it took....I returned to the same counter the next day and bought it. Definitely a unisex will have no problem with this. BTW, upon returning to Atlanta, I noticed the stores there had this fragrance stocked up in the MEN's counters as well as the women's at the same time back then. A wonderful frag.
24th February, 2010
On my skin, Ô goes through four distinct phases. Firstly, a very intense galbanum and bergamot accord, juicy and sharply astringent, and deep, deep green. Secondly, it swerves into more of a citrus, lemon and lime becoming prominent on my skin, with the green flowing through as well - lime cordial in the woods, if you will. Thirdly, there is a smoothly mossy quality with a background of muted florals; something in the vicinity of a soft jasmine note. Lastly, the woodier elements come into play and lead to a quiet but enoyably mossy drydown. The whole progression takes an hour or two at most on my skin, but the drydown lingers on much longer, albeit as a quiet skin scent. While It'll never be an all-time favorite of mine, I can easily imagine wearing this in the summer months.

Ô is a likable, classical fragrance hiding in plain sight. I'm surprised it's not more popular.
19th February, 2010
This is an engaging unisex fragrance that has the principle virtues of being both simple and effective. The opening is a blend of predominantly citric elements, sufficiently restrained to create a bracing beginning. Once this initially astringent tide begins to ebb, the second phase of O de Lancome becomes discernable, and it is much dirtier. Any sweetness that the honeysuckle and jasmine may have offered is overpowered by the earthy triumvirate of rosemary, basil and coriander. There is little subtlety here, but the herbal nature of the middle phase ensures that the fragrance loses none of its momentum. A dry and supportive base, which includes a fine vetiver note, ensures that the whole experience remains stimulating until the very end.
28th October, 2009
A green chypre: top femenine hesperidic notes leading to masculine mossy base notes. Ô's top notes do not feel as femenine as the ones found in many EdT's targeted to women, so men can wear this with confidence in the case they would be afraid of smelling girly. As a matter of fact, I find resemblances with Trophee's base notes (which, BTW, I find very similar to Homme de Grès): I'd rather wear Trophee, but being so difficult to find and so expensive, Ô makes a good alternative.

24th October, 2009
The citrus and green are quite upfront at first, but they only stick around to support and lift the florals to a freshness. You won't smell like a rose, you'll just smell clean, scented and refreshing. It's similar to Eau de Rochas and to L'Eau de Bonheur in that it manages to be truly unisex in its freshness and depth. When it's hot and sticky, you can't go better than to wear this!
17th October, 2009
Basic citrus "eau de" something or other but the floral heart really plays a huge role in this. Really wonderful drydown. Floral and refreshing with a soft yet deep green base.
01st October, 2009
Asha Show all reviews
United States
O de Lancome

Notes: lemon, mandarin, jasmine, honeysuckle, sandalwood, wild rosemary (from

O de Lancome is immediately refreshing, with a burst of lemon, lime, bergamot, and green notes which have grassy, slightly bitter overtones. The citrus phase of OdL is mercilessly short, and on skin, plays itself out within 20 minutes. During this time, oakmoss, galbanum and orris come to the front, giving a more earthy feel to the composition. The moss and orris are a bit grungy at first, and along with the galbanum, are probably are the main contributors to the bitterness detected earlier. In the heart, there are some faint florals, and to my nose smells a bit like dried rose petals mixed into orris root powder. The late development is dominated by the moss and orris which give a bit of a leathery impression. The deep drydown is mostly a slightly sweet amber musk. OdL is classically beautiful citrus-green chypre which is very light, but wonderfully orchestrated. The bright citrus start is not so long as to be irritating, and is perfect for a quick lift. The mellow heart and base are a soothing counterpoint to the citrus "punch", and brings the pitch down gently into a cloud of diaphanous green powder. Lovely.
06th September, 2009
One of my most trusted companions in summer. In Taiwan summer usually gets so very hot, nearly burning. People's skins are all sweaty and clammy, and i honestly don't appreaciate smelling Chanel Chance or Lancome Miracle on passers-by... I think the air quality is a main reason -- the air is not fresh and usually mixed with other smells like foods from street venders, dust, car pollution... so really, in summer here i can only wear scents that are straight-forward, herbal, and either very minty or very citrusy.

O de Lancome always lifts my spirit with it sharp citrus and stylish woody notes underneath. Very clean but not usual, having this wonderful unisex character, and how i just love the old ad poster... the girl smiling, standing on a grassy ground when wind blowing her skirt high. That's probably how i feel about this perfume as well. Free-spirited, elegant, and old style.

ps. it has some similar qualities with Clarins Eau Dynamisante. But Clarins is more herbal and is like a pick-me-up therapy spray (very natural ingredients but doesn't last), while Lancome is more perfumey. I love both.
28th August, 2009
A Japanese's version of Eau Sauvage but only half as good. A fine citrus all-around but nothing special.
20th March, 2009
I LOVE that Alitalia stocked its trans-Atlantic flights with this way back when. I read somewhere else that O de Lancome has been a perenniel bestseller in Parisian apothecaries for like years--which I have to hope is true, feeling the way I do about Paris and French style. Yes, this is a daytime scent suitable for anywhere at all. It is one of the very few scents, other than soap, that I feel I can get away with at the office. The citrus is subtle yet present, the aromatics distinguish it, and the vetiver-like drydown is dignified. I have worn this off and on for decades and while I may give it a rest now and then I always come back to it and it never disappoints me. I'd have to say this might be my longest running fragrance that I continue to wear and enjoy.
08th March, 2009 (last edited: 20th December, 2009)
A very nice 'eau' in the classic sense. I myself am much more fond of Eau de Rochas, which takes the classic 'eau' to the next level.
A great scent for those who want to feel 'clean' and refreshed all day.
27th January, 2009
Pleasantly surprised to see this is unisex. I bought this for my wife cuase I thought it was for women only. Upon testing it a few times, I came to the conclusion that I can wear it as well.
The labdanum sticks out in the drydown, giving this that 70s aura, but it is well contrasted with the lemony opening. I would still say this is for older folks...35 or even 40 plus. Works best in the summer, not bad in the winter. Thumbs up becuase of the unisex nature, which was somewhat rare in the 70s.
21st December, 2008
One of my all time favorites, the classic that is always there. Very unprepossessing, a rather straight forward citrus, but with a certain je ne sais quoi, a subtle sexiness below the surfuce. Every time I wear it my husband tells me: ”You smell wonderful – what is that?” So it isn’t as obvious and easy to recognize as you might think…
09th September, 2008
tanto Show all reviews
United States
This fragrance was in all of the lavatories on an Alitalia 747 flight to Rome in March, 1975. All of the woman (and men, too) were refreshing themselves with it. To this very day, I find this fragrance to be very pleasant and so European. It's clean, light, and reminds me so much of summer in the Mediteranean countries. I think that this fragrance is also ideal for a career woman to wear to the office. It's never "overbearing". Ladies, try it !
27th July, 2008
is not "fresh" like modern citrusy/green/aquatic scents are fresh. It's "fresh" like an extremely watered down version of a classic green chypre - that is, not very fresh at all. The topnotes of citrus and cut grass are agreeable enough, but the development on my skin is in the direction of musty, powdery, stale, sour, sharp, anything but "fresh". This is like the evil twin of some great chypre of yesteryear, the pale, skinny, crooked, whiny evil twin, the Gollum of chypres. It smells like "old perfume" and flowers that didn't smell very good to begin with rottening in a vase. It gets a neutral rateness for classic style and originality and because it might work with someone else's skin chemistry than mine.
21st May, 2008
I'm disappointed in this scent. It is ok, but given the list of notes I expect more. I found a fairly monolithic, somewhat sweet and dense citrus - green scent. Seemed fairly soapy. Perhaps the florals dominate at the expense of the herbs. And I don't find any woody notes.
16th October, 2007 (last edited: 20th February, 2011)