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Neutral Reviews of Odeur 53 by Comme des Garçons

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The juice in the bottle that I bought recently is very similar to Odeur 71. I smell here a large dose of cheap hairspray right after applying and a cellulosic musky drydown. The smell is quite pleasant and wearable.
It was a blind buy, as usually. I'm not disappointed, used to love all the strange concoctions from CdG, I just wish there were a bigger difference between 53 and 71's modern versions. As was mentioned before, should be sprayed on clothes only.
09th June, 2015 (last edited: 18th June, 2015)
I find it quite pleasant but every now and then I get an egg-like smell which turns me off.
17th September, 2010
This actually does not smell like nothing. It has a slight floral and very atmospheric vibe to it. It actually has a floral accord similar to Black Cashmere, but without the spicy funkiness. That being said, it leans towards feminine. Overall, Odeur 53 is non-committal, barely making a statement beyond minimalism, however perfect for a burst of freshness, and leaves a lot open to interpretation as seen from all these creative reviews. Ultimately for me, it's just too passive. If I want to be subtle and leaning towards ambiguity, I found my rare gem - Six Scents 4 Gareth Pugh: Diagonal - another barely-there scent that's uplifting but more comforting to me.
05th March, 2010
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Aiona Show all reviews
United States
To me, this smelled like honeysuckle oh so briefly, then that was gone in seconds, to be replaced by pond algae mixed with milk. That lasted for about an hour and a half, and then became a light herbal green drydown that was actually quite nice and lasted all day. Not a lot of sillage on me. Strange stuff.
26th July, 2008
Yes it smells like nothing at first. I believe one has to let this sit for a few hours to get all "53" notes in this. Comes off as fresh and clean... definitely synthetic but not abrasive. As a perfume, I'd never wear this unless I was attending some modern art exhibition.
11th July, 2008
Here's my original review, that I found to be quite pretentious but actually not that bad:

"A comfort scent of sitting in a garden of pixelized leaves and sunshine that's right next to a pool of soapy water that is filled with sentient robotic fish while being blown on the face by gusts of sweet refrigerated air."

WARNING: Initially, it smells like nothing, but try over-spraying or over-applying and you might find yourself running to the sink with a headache to wash it off. Even when applied lightly, the sillage and longevity is surprisingly monstrous for such a clean scent. There is a sharp synthetic note in Odeur 53 that I believe to tell the wearer's brain that "Hey! There's something that smells chemically dangerous around you! Here, have a nice headache. This should make you take care of the smell!" However, after a while, your brain gets used to it -- then you can start spraying that 200ml bottle of yours like there's no tomorrow.

I have sampled both 53 and 71 and I at first have found both to be pretty underwhelming. Initially, I thought that 71 was more interesting/challenging and that 53 was too overly subtle. (note: boring oblivious nothingness) However, a few days ago, I sprayed some GPHII on my body and applied a very little bit of 53 on my hands from my sample vial then went outside. It was very windy that day. I walked around then suddenly I wondered what smelled so nice. I knew that it wasn't the GPHII. Then I realized it was the 53! The combination of the evening breeze with Odeur 53 was in my opinion, strangely amazing.

I was also surprised at the sillage that was given off. When sniffed up close, it's nothing much to get excited about -- pleasant, but nothing too exciting. Kinda like "my skin but better." When I smell 53, I think of "refrigerated chlorophyll, cellulose, and air." For me, it's a very "green" and transparent frag. A good frag for a windy day. Overall, it's pretty unique and easy to wear.

Here's my review today:

Soapy woods with a plastic tinge. Wears lightly. Pass!
05th June, 2008 (last edited: 29th July, 2009)
Personally, I find this stuff weird, and not in a good way. Maybe I need to give it more time to work its magic smell on me, but all I got for the 1.5 hrs it was on my skin was smoldering plastic; pretty much the antithesis of fresh. If my laundry smelled like this after a wash, I'd have to suspect a fried drivebelt in the dryer. When i tried to wash it off though, it changed up into a smell that reminded me of like, instant pina colada mix or something... It's some crazy juice, I'll give it that.
18th July, 2007
vadim Show all reviews
Russian Federation
Quite a mess as perfumes go but then, it's an "anti-perfume". Fun once a month for a change in the way crossword puzzles are fun. Worth having just for the heck of it.
06th September, 2006
I'd love to be able to affirm that Odeur 53 is even near as strange as it presents itself, but the reality is that this is the olfactory equivalent of a Rorschach test – a vaguely defined shape, crucially accompanied by the expectation of all manner of bric-a-brac. It's fresh, lightly soapy, floral in an abstract sort of way, with a bit of mineral saltiness; a gentle, comfortable, and frustratingly familiar smell that recalls fabric softeners and the nice, unassuming handsoaps that your grandmother likes. All in all, fascinating as an experiment in suggestion and perception.
11th August, 2006
Odeur 53 was certainly interesting at first. The first few times I wore it, I had a good time picking out the different “notes”: nail varnish, sand dunes, burnt rubber… But once that was accomplished, the intrigue was gone. It was a fun exercise, but the “odors” that the fragrance presented weren’t enough to continually hold my interest. I suppose Odeur 53 is way too abstract—and subtle—for me. Also, although the notes are unique, they are not what I would call beautiful or enjoyable. I guess I just don’t get it, and I no longer find it interesting... it’s a quick learn.
03rd June, 2006 (last edited: 10th April, 2008)
The mystery of the modern metropolis. The soul of office blocks. The spirit of plastic. The essence of industrial process. The ghost of electricity. (Thanks, Bob). Intriguing, impersonal, alive and dead, detached and strange. The Andy Warhol of the Scent World? Or William Burroughs Comes to Town?
20th May, 2006
It's so unique that i can't give it a thumbs down, but I just don't think its good for much other than spraying on your wrist and sniffing for fun. It reminds me mainly of a dentist's office...very plasticy and sterile. I can also see how people smell drying laundry. Maybe if laudry was drying in a dentist office it would be something like this. Anyway, it's unique, but I don't know many people that could pull this off.
13th April, 2006
Bizarre, interesting and unique, but not something I want to wear. A transparent clean scent, that smells like the air after a thunderstorm.
15th January, 2006
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It's odd, fresh, synthy, obscure, cleanish and subtle, but not necessarily indulging. Your brain searches for something tangible, but you get left with dry cleaning, plastic, ozone, vinyl, silicone and other industrial images of colorless sterility, like avant garde square, white, stark architecture. That's part of the originality of this scent, but makes it more art than cologne. In the end, you have to just smell it and decide if you like it, not try to locate notes you know work for you - theyre not there! If you would rather stroll in the forest, smell the rainbow of blossoms, grasses, green shrubs and moss, and come home to a warm home full of earthtones, books, paintings, pillows and wooden furniture, 53 is not for you. But if youre dressed up in the latest stylish trend, and headed for and afternoon at the Modern Art museum, get with it!, and douse yourself in Odeur's 53 synthetic ingredients.
29th October, 2005
Avant-garde and probably the most abstract fragrance ever created. I guess that that in itself deserves some credit. CdG did push the limits with this and the other one (71), and seen as little pieces of art or installations they are very cool. One of the best looking bottles for sure. However I find them completely unwearable. Maybe I can't "think outside the box" sufficiently, I don't care, I really don't want to smell like dust on a lightbulb when I'm riding the metro.
22nd September, 2005