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I absolutely LOVE this. Reminds me of a mechanic working on his truck out in the country on a moonless dark night at 2:30 a.m., with all the smells of electronics and auto parts surrounding him, listening to the a.m. radio. I suppose there could be an alien spaceship lurking nearby. Yes, electronics, electrical tape, burning metal, etc. A very unique fragrance and weird fragrance--exactly WHY I LOVE IT!!! FYI, if you like Odeur 53 but want something VERY similar with a more gentle floral note, you might try Truth for Women by Calvin Klein. I think they share many of the same elements. What do you think?
26th July, 2017 (last edited: 21st December, 2017)
Smells like my cat after coming inside, from being out in the snow.
03rd July, 2014
Synthetic, minimal, linear, "white", basically the theoretical absence of a perfume. But still, one of the most evocative scents I have ever tried. The first minutes made me feel like sitting in a 24h/24 automatic laundry, a delicate, synthetic, freezing and floral white blend of steel and soap. Then it progressively "humanizes" as it penetrates skin, fading into an ozonic, invigorating, really (really!) light and almost unperceivable but incredibly persistent iodine note of clean skin drying after a bath in Mediterranean sea (apologies for the cliché). I would not wear it - and in fact I don't - but it's still interesting to smell from times to times.

31st January, 2014 (last edited: 05th April, 2014)
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This smells very synthetic but very very fresh. I don't smell all the nasty shizzle that is mentioned in the notes, like burnt rubber and such. For me this is super original and very wearable at the same time. Also the first fragrance that has given me so many compliments from the female sex.Has been my summer leisure fragrance for the past two summer's and will remain so for a couple more.
01st April, 2013
This is a very interesting and pleasant fragrance, certainly unconventional but still a lot less challenging than some of the later releases from this house (like Tea, the Guerillas, the Synthetic Series or even the 2011 Eau de Parfum). The opening is quite fresh and features a very enjoyable vegetal-green peppery note that strikes me vaguely as anise, fennel, licorice, or something like that (I can't say exactly what it is...) and which remains the main theme beneath all the airy framework throughout its later stages. There is nothing jarring or difficult about Odeur 53 and it is really quite softspoken and entirely unisex.
In many ways it reminds me of some of Jean-Claude Ellena's more recent experiments with fresh citrus-free colognes at Hermès (Eau de Gentiane Blanche, Brin de Réglisse) although Odeur 53 has a much more industrial/mechanical feel and relies far less on identifiable "classical" ingredients. It is more conceptually abstract and much less an attempt to reinterpret classical genres. The way I see it, its unconventionality lies primarily in its brilliant use of the ozonic notes so extremely prevalent in late 1990s fragrances to achieve a peculiar and very unique "electrical freshness." Odeur 53 has an abstract, almost reposeful, quality to it that still feels entirely modern, urban, and new. And it is a rare successful example of how a fragrance can be very different and undeniably modern without being either loud or simply disagreeable to most people.
Odeur 53 is very well conceived and executed, extremely versatile and very easy to wear - not to mention excellent value for money in that huge 200ml bottle.
27th November, 2012
lex Show all reviews
United States
i get that after a violent thunderstormlike feel. i like it and it has like a more of a natural smell than a perfumey presence
22nd February, 2009 (last edited: 15th March, 2009)
If ever there was a "clean" scent executed as performance art, this would be IT. A strange/atmospheric/fresh/green anti-perfume. This is Comme des Garcons' pioneering calling card. Don't be deceived by the sillage. It can be quite strong, at least on me, mostly because at first it smells like nothing at all. This is a beautiful/artificial/futuristic/green/fresh scent that is not, mind you, for everyone. Still, this is worth a try simply because it is unique.
22nd September, 2008 (last edited: 14th June, 2011)
Modern, avantgarde and discrete.

This is, for me, a bi-polar scent. There are the flowery notes underneath the dominant smell of photocopier and static electricity from tv-monitors. Somehow these notes do not fit, but then again, that is exactly the point. Provocative in a discrete and quite pleasing way. I love it!
29th August, 2008
loomi Show all reviews
United States
After reading about Odeur 53 perfume on its introduction the list with the note of ozone especially attracted me because who would not enjoy ozone after a lightening shower?
In comparison, Bulgari Black perfume has a burnt note that is in common with Odeur 53. Black does not have electrified head notes as Odeur 53 has, and, unlike Odeur 53, Black has a leather and musk base.
When I picked up Odeur 53, I enjoyed it at home and slowly absorbed the new concept of Comme des Garcons, often smelling samples at my bottle of it. The packaging of Odeur 53 was a revelation as the mylar envelope with the list of the notes was worth the cost of getting this perfume. When I wore Odeur 53 in public, one of the typical ladies of my neighborhood responded with a frown.
I wish that I knew a lady who wore Odeur 53 all of the time because I am sure that I would listen to her ideas. I can not carry the note of finger nail polish though I appreciate the idea of it. After a few years of wearing perfumes since picking up Odeur 53, I think that it might best compliment, in public, the haute couture clothing of Comme des Garcons or a pristine white t-shirt of a toned body. Odeur 53 reminds me of my dream house in the city that is high up in the sky and full of light, metal, glass and air, and I suspect that I would enjoy visiting my dream house better than I would enjoy living in it. I always want Odeur 53 in my wardrobe because of the sense of discovery that it engendered.
31st July, 2008
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United States
Yum- I love the crisp, futuristic, thunderstorm aspects of this scent. There's a good clean sort of metallic facet to it, so its "freshness" is more, well, refreshing than the term might suggest. On my skin it develops a somewhat sweet cast to it once it's worn in a little.
17th July, 2008
my new favorite "fresh" scent
judging from the notes, it may sound crude and harsh but actualyl it is the opposite.
it is light and not "in your face"
the synthetic characteristics, in my opinion, are so overwhelming. and the way the "notes" play create a very natural sweet rubbing alcohol feel
19th April, 2007
I love this! Amazing bottle to start with, and the juice is even better. Odd in a way for sure, but also oh-so-easy-to-wear. Very pleasant smell, actually.

This is perhaps the most childish scent there is, besides the actual baby/child perfumes. (such as Petit Guerlain)
Evocative, pure and somehow very innocent smelling. Like a breath of a little baby.

Extremely fresh and clean, but also very mysterious. Spacey scent too, and I actually see David Bowman wearing this in A Space Odyssey 2001 as he silently travels in his capsule, towards the birth of a Star Child.
15th October, 2006
I didn´t find it pleasant on me.
At start smell cleanly nice quite like fresh air but wetty, then turn on something pvc-like, not in the way of the fab Soda or Skai, its more like horrid smell of burn rubber plus a smell of polution and dusty dirty stones whased out with bleach or something.
but for my surprise, I find it light transparent and highly clean like pure virgin water, in women skins and non olive skins. CDG antiperfumes in general react quite strongly in dark skins.
I give a thumb up for the idea of the genuine concept and the great smell that capture other´s flesh.
21st September, 2006
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This and 71 may be the two most clean smelling fragrances I've ever had the pleasure of owning...what a great purchase. 53 is an IMMEDIATE pick me up. It's incredibly bright and refreshing with something hidden under all of that. VERY VERY nice!
19th June, 2006
flee Show all reviews
United States
Good 1. When I'm on the last wearing of my sample, it impresses me. From neutral to thumbs up. Still a different approach with this 1, with this house.
21st March, 2006 (last edited: 07th June, 2006)
Smells like everything good in my chilhood. Enough said. Big thumbs up.
25th February, 2006
stop kidding yourselves, this stuff is crap. its made for people who want to be "different" only for the sake of being "different" ie: insecure, and put on 53 and do a little dance and say oooh look at me im so "different". soon enough you guys are gonna start eating plastic :)
22nd February, 2006
Designed by Rei Kawakubo & a robot --This is the perfume that made me change my mind from hating perfume to becoming completly obscessed with perfume. Totally incredible. But I can see why some people wouldn't like it, because it is so different than anything else out there. I, on the other hand, love it.
20th February, 2006
Wow! What an experience it is to wear this fragrance. A complex mix of various familiar synthetic smells that had me wondering where I had smelt many of the notes from.
29th September, 2005
One of my absolute favourites. So fresh and clean and audaciously synthetic. Expansive and unstructured. Smells a bit like a brand new car or even bread dough, but very different on everyone. White noise, airports, bubble wrap. Bizzare, futuristic and innovative. Very subtle - impossible to put too much on.
07th June, 2005
It's a very strange fragrance. Delicate and unusual, better pleasant after half an hour. Best on the dress, in my skyn vanish completely just around one hour...
07th October, 2004
One of my favorite scents! Very different, kind of underwhelming at first sniff from the bottle, it smells like "refrigerated air". But then, when you wear it, you come to detect the notes of sand dunes, flaming rocks, thunderstorms. The scent is very sneaky. It smells great but nobody will think its a cologne. They will just think you smell nice naturally, like a cool breeze. There is nothing in Odeur 53 that you can pin down to an organic source such as grass, citrus, wood etc. It smells like the "weather"! Five Stars all the way!
06th August, 2004
A really cool and unusual scent. Although composed entirely of synthetic notes, this one comes off very smooth and fresh-smelling in a very abstract, unplaceable way. It reminds me mostly of static electricity or other certain unknown environmental-chemical smells that while inorganic, are still very stimulating and nice. It doesn't smell to me like any one thing in particular, but alludes to many scents in my memory. Is great to combine with other scents, as it is very smooth and mellow. Worn by itself, it is just a nice, smooth, clean-smelling scent that is very unusual, but fresh and pleasant, not at all obtrusive or overpowering.
29th April, 2004
The-odor Show all reviews
Russian Federation
That bunch of shaking artificial essences ends up producing aroma of a fresh air in the morning after a night rain in town. The legend is it's "your personal air". Not bad, lasts a good time. It's a nice summer frgrance of an indoor type I think. Just because there's a lot of natural and others' air outside.
18th July, 2003
It smells of nothing. Pure air. Great for mixing with heavier fragrances - it gives your old favorites an unexpected twist.
27th December, 2002