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I was quite shocked by the whole concept of Odeur 71 when I first encountered it a decade ago at a local Sephora. It seemed too weird and too risky to try on.

But I gave it a try and was truly surprised at how pleasant and distinct Odeur 71 was to me! I must admit that it was the "dust on a light bulb" note that ultimately grew on me the most, but the other notes seemed to support the electric woody-mossy character of this unique scent experience.

Definitely a scent to test first and not blind buy, given its avant garde composition.
23rd February, 2017
a blast of chemical fruity florals..turning into plastic fruity or hate with this one..compellimg and weird
14th June, 2015
I agree with other reviewers stating there is almost no point in describing "how" Odeur 71 smells. It's basically a non-perfume like Odeur 53, and even if they smell different, I would apply the same review I did for that one – which is generally positive, as I enjoy this concept and the way they expressed it. Odeur 71 smells more pungent, dusty and dark than Odeur 53 with a sour green accord and quite a dry feel all over, but the sort of grey, concrete minimal substance is the same. A rare example of clever, well-executed and creative minimalism – which I wouldn't wear, but I respect it.

03rd October, 2014
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This is Odeur 53 with a dash of incense to it. Makes me think a little of church, but not in a bad way and definitely not as much as CdG Avignon. For me this, this is the winter version of Odeur 53 (although I know friends wearing this for their summer fragrance). Very fresh yet warming. Might take some wearing time for some to fully appreciate the fragrance.
01st April, 2013
I LOVE IT! A lot better than odeur 53 IMO. Has less of an alcoholic, sterile smell. It's greener, more verdant fragrance, yet it still has its weirder artificial notes. Very wearable and quite unisex.
08th January, 2013
I've always been attracted to left of center scents, especially everyday things you smell around the house or in public. I was always the child standing close to the campfire because I liked the way burning leaves smell. I was the art student who enjoyed the smell of oil paint and turpentine. And I'm that weirdo who stands close to the pump because I like the smell of petrol. Mind you, I don't huff paint and/or chemical fumes for some drug-induced mental experience. I just enjoy certain odors and the mental and emotional associations they bring about. And I've always enjoyed colognes and perfumes that feature uncommon notes that offer those sorts of experiences. Those that go beyond "gee, you smell nice."
Having said all that, I have found CdC 71 can be very polarizing. My boyfriend claims that every time I wear it , he thinks there is an electrical fire somewhere in the house, like something has shorted out. My childhood friend Paul says it reminds him of his days in the printing press warehouse. Needless to say the former hates 71 and the latter likes it. And I find that polarization is one of its greatest gifts.
30th July, 2012
When this came out back in 2000 it was totally revolutionary and I'm not talking about the provocative marketing concept behind the fragrance notes, but the scent itself. It was incredibly recognizable, unique and absolutely stunning. I always try to avoid hypes but couldn't resist Odeur 71. In the end, we can spend a lot of words and time talking about really well crafted fragrances, filled with top quality ingredients, and super professionaly balanced aromas but we should never forget that first of all, a perfume has to give you sensations and feelings and whether you'll like CDG's Odeur 71 or not, it won't leave you indifferent. My suggestion would be, just for one time, to try to avoid any description, comment, notes pyramid and and just smell.

A very distinctive mix of clean incense with a minty vibe and a strong xerox-toner note. Abstract and airy. An all time favourite.

Also, this is one of those scent that really needs to be collocated in its historical period to be properly appreciated. It surely belongs to the chemicals fragrances family, modern in a "contrapposition mode" to the classic, provocative and avanguardist, unconventional, but you can appreciate Odeur 71 and at the same time go mad for a Santa Maria Novella's original scent from the early 700. It was one of the first "barrier-braking" scent to (almost) make the cross-over from niche perfumery to the mass market as it became an huge cult for a whole generation.
05th March, 2011 (last edited: 14th October, 2011)
Okay, I get a bit of the electrical short but frankly little else from the list of sci-fi "anti-perfume" notes. To me, this has an opening burst of sharp, tart, herbaceous aromatics and dries down to a cloud of fuzzy musk. This is a combination I just love. Horrors! Is Odeur 71 just another 80's powerhouse men's fragrance? Oh wait, I like 80's powerhouse men's fragrances.
09th February, 2011
I love this. Why? It smells so new, something fresh out of the box. Not a fresh grassy smell no, but that of a person maybe with some robotic parts that have caught fire. Extremely interesting and it's deep on a different kind of deep level.

As the book I read says "Smells like a fresh clean shaven guy who came out of the shower and is chewing gum to hide the smell of tobacco"

10th December, 2010
Electronic smoke. Blown speaker. "Oakmoss".
26th August, 2010
Like Odeur 53, this is very ozonic atmospheric and light but 71 is more edgy, more electronic. Drys down to something slightly fern like. Very modern, cool, avante. As a guy, I prefer this over 53. Ultimately I chose to get a decant of Cumming instead. Additionally, Nostalgia by Santa Maria Novella has a similar electronic chemical opening, but it's all about fresh leather which I prefer. If you want to really freak people out, wear both!
05th March, 2010
Candle wax falling onto an electric heater that has been switched on for the first time since summer, a tube station in London with a whiff of incense. The initial synthetic cocktail gives way to something very wearable with a trace of something a little odd.
30th September, 2009
what a complicated and shifty little mess this baby is... i'm trying my best to conjure up the proper vocabulary to describe this one... first blast out of the bottle places me in a gargantuan room stacked to the ceiling with whizzing whirring buzzing electrical equipment... this smells hot... not hot in a spicy or cinnamon way, more like standing alone in the middle of the desert with 120 degree temperatures, and out of the blue sky lightning strikes right next to me, filling the air with frenzied electrons while the sand morphs directly into glass... the drydown never fully escapes this unique yet somewhat pleasing aroma, but what drives me nuts is that no more than an hour after application i can no longer smell it on my skin, yet every couple of minutes i get a gentle wafting of scorched silicone mixed with artificial butter... it is not entirely unpleasant just absolutely strange... i totally agree with moltening's review in that wearing this makes me feel utterly alone amongst armies of futuristic machinery, even when i'm in a crowded elevator with the unwashed masses... i would never feel comfortable wearing this outside, but i'll always keep a sample around for the times i want to feel like like a machine... thumbs up but for ingenuity and "what the f@ck is this"
12th March, 2009
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Heh, first I must say that its sort of nice to see Foetidus mentioning my “grilled sausage with shampoo gravy” description on his review….And I actually remember the time when I said that, although it was many years ago.

This is a great scent and exactly the kind of stuff CdG is most known for.

Odeur 71 shares lot similarities with its older brother, O 53, and yet they are so very different. It’s almost a head-spinning riddle to do side by side test with the two.

Odeur 71 smells soapy, smoky, shiny metallic, sweet and salty, plastically flowery, mysteriously exotic. It smells like it’s not from this planet.

How ridiculous the concept may sound to some, this is genuinely an odd yet very pleasant and wearable fragrance.

Wonderful, although I prefer 53 over this.
03rd February, 2009
First it's a bold metallic and technological, I can even smell electronic components in flame for a second and it shift to airy and something untraceable. Just only in an hour, Odeur 71 hits its heart with warm light leather-spice notes. I think there's leather, a very light one. I was blown away!
15th January, 2009 (last edited: 22nd January, 2009)
I have been an almost daily wearer of Odeur 71 for approximately a year and I find it an amazing scent. As a sister fragrance to Odeur 53, I believe Odeur 71 is more 'friendly' as it is a mix of synthetics and florals ... and lettuce juice! Out of the bottle and when it is freshly sprayed, the synthetic side is more pronounced with the often mentioned burnt rubber tone being more dominant as well as what I think is a warm plastic smell (like a busy photocopier or hot computer). As it dries down however, there is a slight sweetness to the scent and it morphs into a more floral kind of scent. It is not a strong scent overall and you won't be leaving a trail of it as you walk down the street or hallway which is why I like CDG. The people that can smell it are the people you have closer contact with which I think is nice. Having said that however, I recall someone saying that you wear Odeur 71 for your own enjoyment and no one else's which sums me up totally!
12th December, 2008
Different. Very, very different. In a few words without going pretentious artsy: a wet woody metallic. However, if you read the crazy fragrance notes list, you can almost imagine them from this scent. They are not discernible immediately but they can be found. "Dust on a lightbulb" is my faavorite "note" in the wacky bunch. A definite try before you buy both historically and odorifically.
12th August, 2008
This is an "outsider" perfume. Lonely, melancholy, nostalgic, cynical and self-searching. Wear it for your own enjoyment and not for others. The notes don't evolve over time, but depending on your state of mind evoke bizarre unconcious associations. A perfume homage to the music of Ligeti, Stockhausen, Xenakis... Fantastic!!!
22nd December, 2007
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United States
Well, it *is* different, we can give it that. My question always about Comme des Garcons is, if I didn't know what was going on here would my opinion of it change? There is something detatched and oddly lonely about this. It's like walking in an industrial landscape or a sterile corporate megaplex in the middle of nowhere, picking up some of the grass coming from the riding lawnmower that is making the only sound in the pristinely vacant scene.

Odeur 71 is the sweetness we all smell when we smell things we feel silly about smelling. The inside of a glossy brochure, the funny sweet smell of duct tape, the smell of a hot computer or TV and their warm plastic and whirring inner parts. This is funny... I was thinking pen ink and looked up to see, and sure enough, it was in the listed ingredients! If I could try to "get in there" and figure out what natural ingredients are creating this effect, I'd assume something grassy, something rubbery, something lightly smokey (especially in the opening moments), something like light clean soil. But the end result really is "office" or "vacant modern space", totally gray, clean, like the standard plastics used to cover office equipment, and I don't even want to aesthetically strip it of its vision by trying to figure that out.

A lot of things that aren't typically fragrant have a smell, and we know those smells are there, and Comme des Garcons has bottled many of them into a fascinating fragrance that seems more appropriate for study than for wear. Of course that's up to the individual as it is certainly far less repellent than many of the more standard fragrance offerings available today from large designer houses in department stores. Thumbs up for uniqueness and artistic integrity.
19th October, 2007
First tried this frag on march 07, the 15ml's one. The lady on the counter didnt want to spray it, so I only sniff the sprayhead. I dont like it because the only things I can detect was only burnt rubber. Yesterday I went to mall near to my house n found a small perfume shop, I was very supprised that they have Odeur 71 200 ml since this perfume is very hard-to-find in my country, I've got a one full spray in my arm. The opening's still a burnt rubber but after 5 minutes it transformed into something transparent-fresh-woody fragrance, a really well blended one. My wife also like it very much. My body chemistry never compromise with any fresh kind of frag, but this one is the first fresh frag that I can use. I also found that this is very complex, you can almost find anything inside.
01st May, 2007
GREAT ! No hesitation if you want to smell "different " : this is definitely an anti perfume and you won't smell like if you had used an eau de toilette... You will smell (it is very difficult to describe 'cose this frag is very abstract) "fresh" and "clean" but also... dusty ! I didn't like it at all when I first sprayed it (smells too much like a burnt tire ; luckily this frag goes away pretty fast) but 1 hour after, when it has warmed and developped... !
26th March, 2007
This one I got by requesting it to a friend that traveled to Paris this Christmas...(plus another CDG scent as a gift...) I found it at first very similar to Odeur 53, but as it developed on my skin I found out that all they have in common is that they are both synthetics, but then the notes change quite a bit. I think that in the sampling process CDG uses, the identity of the sample, all it's personality, is lost (i.e. I have to try VERY HARD to conjure up dust on a lightbulb while smelling this one, photocopier is much easier though..) but on the other hand this is a very sexy perfume in a kinky sort of way...This is the olfactory equivalent of a sex only requires a little imagination to turn it from something inanimated and lifeless into an accessory to pleasure.
31st January, 2006
Now I know what they mean when they call it an Anti-perfume, a very bold and daring blend...unplaceble and yet oddly familiar, it's deffinately a departure from the scent counter at your local department store...when I first sprayed it on...I really didnt like it...I was overwhelmed with the smell of ozone and somehting that smelled a bit like vacuum bands...but as it dried down, a sort of botanical scent began to creep through...not floral, but deffinately green...very refreshing...the ozone is still present, but much more subdued, and fresh smelling...there's a slight unplaceable sweetness mixed with a tinge of saltyness which seems to get a bit more prevalent as time goes can deffinately smell a bit of "copy machine" but it comes through a just a whisp of something mysterious rather than easily identifiable as a copy machine.. as the day progresses, you'll pick up on different things...the lettuce juice really comes through about an hour or so after spraying it...very fresh smelling, but not so much like a fresh smelling cologne...more like fresh in the sense of a produce market early in the morning, or a rainforest after a storm...upon smelling this scent on you...nobody will say you stink...but I doubt they'll ask you what cologne you are wearing...perhaps they'll just think you smell like this smells good, but deffinately not like your typical cologne (see what I mean??? Anti-perfume)...I'd deffinately recommend this for the avant guarde lover of non-traditional scents...
09th November, 2005
Interesting!! At first, I was quite hesitant to try this one out, given its eclectic notes (and a bad impression of CdG2). However, despite the funky unconventional notes, this one is a pleasant, warm, woody scent that is full of complexity and character. It does resemble that ozone smell one smells as the rain first hits the ground; how did they figure that out? :-) Highly recommended among the experimental scents out there.
05th October, 2005
Pretty much as advertised, though I was surprised by how pleasant and non-artifical it actually smelled. At first it had an ephermeral piney note which gave way to a strong burnt rubber smell, developing into a pleasant ozone, sweet rubber and beef jerkey smell. Fortunately the beef jerkey was short lived, as the fragrance wore on it became a little less airy and more 'solid'with a dry citrus and smoke quality, then suddenly switching to an almost floral lemon water - complicated and "chaotic" as one reviewer put it - but very pleasant indeed.
07th August, 2005
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Russian Federation
Antiperfume legend (burnt dust on bulb etc.) doesn't have any effect on me so I feel it as fresh air-floral-woody fragrance with just a bit of synthetics to it. Small garden of cultivated flowers. High temps can easily beat some polymeric plastic and ozone notes out of it. Lasts a very good time. Definitely, it has no structure and develops chaotically on skin. But I like it!
18th July, 2003
When I recently started collecting fragrances, I read a good deal of reviews on Basenotes as well as elsewhere online. At one point, I read a lady's review on UseNet which stated that she wanted to rip her boyfriend's clothes off whenever he wore Odeur 71. Needless to say, my interest was immediately sparked. When I found the list of very unusual fragrance notes, I was fascinated and extremely curious. I even told some of the fellows at work and we began humourously referring to the fragrance as "Dust on a Hot Lightbulb."
I made an substantial investment/gamble and ordered a bottle of Odeur 71 online. It does indeed smell unlike most fragrances, and I have to spray on a bit more than usual because it's a bit faint and tends to disappear quickly on my skin. The responses from others have ranged from mediocre to favourable, and nobody has said that they disliked it. When I visited my parents, my mum said it smelled like sewing machine oil (and then admitted that she actually LIKED the smell of sewing machine oil). Personally, when I smell it on me, I am reminded of the times I spent in libraries and bookstores when I was a young child. Odeur 71 has the same musty yet pleasant atmosphere.
It doesn't seem like an incredibly romantic fragrance; it's more of an odd, industrial scent. When I've worn it on dates, the ladies have said that it wasn't bad, but they weren't racing to rip my clothes off either. Overall, I'm glad that I added this unusual fragance to my arsenal, and I give it a "thumbs-up" for the high-quality, novel approach to create a strangely "modern" and "urban" fragrance.
14th March, 2003