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Positive Reviews of OP Juice by Ocean Pacific

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This is my favorite cologne of all time! Whenever I go to the beach I wear this cologne. During the long winters of OH I will wear this cologne and poof I'm back on the beach. A girl I dated said it smelled like a doll she had when she was little and she loved it. Buy some of this cologne for your next beach vacation and you will love it! It's very sweet and very juicy and very beachy.
06th May, 2008
Fresh, distinctively aquatic and floral. A real tropical fruit cocktail; someone could think it's a fragrance for young men but it works very well for grown men too. I'm 31 and sometimes I wear it, both girls and guys like it a lot.
I findd the bottle very practical even when it looks cheap; the real purpose of its shape and look is to prevent accidental breakages that can occur with glass bottles; it happened to me with my new YSL's M7, I was vacationing and when I was unpacking my suitcase the bottle fell down and broke in pieces. Since then I'm more careful when handling my fragrances glass bottles.
06th January, 2007
despite of my disappointment with Ocean Pacific(just 'cause is not loooong-Lasting...I would like to stay with me for 4 hours)
(but I love it) I'LL continue using it. I can say
about OP juice that is a nice fragance that indicated the previous mistake...the drydown of this perfume reminds me of other fragance
(but for women) "Mariel by H2O" is very all-time-fragrance in all conditions (summer,fall,spring, morning, evening,etc...) besides it's cheaper, I recommended. It highly.
05th May, 2006
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I recieved this scent for Christmas and didn't think of it much, I sprayed it every so often for events and such. But everybody I knew liked it, one my cousins came into my room just to spray it on him. It's light, it's fresh and citrusy. Now that I'm running out, I'm beginning to appreciate just how cool it is!
29th August, 2005
This is a very heady tropical fruity scent. It is very long lasting and puting too much on can be overwhelming to you and others around you. I do find the sprayer on the bottle to be the most enoying thing ever invented.
01st November, 2003
The fragrance is great, but the name and bottle is not. Don't be fooled into thinking that this is an 18-24 year old cologne just because the the name portrays it that way. The smell is clean, fresh and it has good staying power. Any man can wear it and smell good. Buy it....just hide the bottle!
28th October, 2003