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Yes, I can see the similarity between Smalto and Jacomo.
Open smells like a cross between the two. I was hesitant at first, but I think I'll keep this one. Very linear and not as "smoky" as Jacomo, but smoky enough for me. I'll use this one liberally and use Jacomo for special occasions. This fragrance works very well in the winter when it is most noticeable. Actually, I love Open by rogeR&Gallet!!!
09th October, 2017 (last edited: 02nd December, 2017)
Stardate 20170916:
Vintage Version:

A nice powerhouse of the past. Herbs, Lavendar, Pine, Patchouli. Soapy too.
A sophisticated fragrance for less than $20. Can't beat that.
There are similarities with Quorum, Polo, Revillon PH and I guess others from that era. But this is its own beast.
development is good, drydown great with patchouli bringing in some soothing balmy effect.
Great for hot humid days.
17th September, 2017
Masculinity in a is classified as a gorgeous,woody fragrance.the fragrance is a truly fine manly and aromatic blend of woods and spices.this smells classic and very nostalgic like a walk in a woody opens very spicy with a huge lavender note following is a heart filled with sage and the base of the fragrance a blend of patchouli,tobacco and vetiver offer warmth and character and makes you feel harsh and virile. Masculine,Wild,Formal,Soapy,Cheap,Elegant,Potent and Herbal.suitable for all self confident men.with monster sillage and superb longevity at super cheap price this is definitely a awesome fragrance but not for everyone.

24th August, 2016
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WOW A huge POWDER BOMB just went off lol... this is old school for a mature gentleman looking to wear liquid baby powder. All I get is a bunch of powder and a slight headache. This is not for me in the least.
01st August, 2016
A dry, yet warm, ultra sophisticated citrus herbal fougere.

The bergamot/lemon top notes do not disappear as the scent progresses, enveloping a gentle thyme, lavender, sage heart. Patchouli, oak moss and vetiver perfectly intertwine to support the blend

This is worn close to the skin and is in its quiet way, very sexy. Although a product of the powerhouse 80s, it is so toned down as to suggest an earlier time, when men did not have to announce their presence with their scent, but did intend to share it with you once they knew you better.

Pierce Brosnan and Matt Bomer come to mind as visual embodiments of the type of man Open was created for.

Masterful and unique.
08th November, 2014
Used to have this back in the 90's. Just got some more - it's old school and gorgeous. Lasts ages with a lovely sillage.
11th December, 2013

This stuff is lovely. Inexpensive without smelling cheap. I remember being introduced to it back in about 1990 by a co-worker and I've even owned a bottle back in the day. I recently came across a lone bottle of it in a tiny perfume shop in the local mall and bought it again, for the sake of nostalgia.

"Surely it couldn't be as good as I remember", is what I thought as I put the box in my bag and went home. Man, was I in for a shock. This stuff is pure genius. And for the price (about 20 dollars US for a 3.4 ounce / 100 ml bottle), it's truly hard to beat.

About the juice: It opens with a swirl of citrus (Amalfi lemon and bergamot are listed in the official list of notes), some lavender, then some "herbs de Provence" - thyme and sage then moves into a finish of tobacco, patchouli and a touch of vetiver. Rarely has the word "aromatic" been more appropriate. It's truly lovely stuff.... and I've fallen hard again. As often happens in the perfume world, it's been discontinued by Roger and Gallet, so I've bought 5 back-up bottles (on the bay) to store away for future use. Applied sparingly, it's the rare, season-less sort of scent but it will really shine in the cooler weather; the gentle herbs and spice smell amazing in the fall and winter months.

Final words: It's not a scent for the under 30 crowd...they'll deem it 'dated' and old fashioned - and let's face it, they'd be happier with the latest generic 'acqua' thing that their 20 closest friends are wearing anyway. And how boring is that?

Now go find yourself a bottle while you can.

Pros: Not well known, inexpensive.
Cons: None."

08th August, 2013
As has been noted, it has some similarities with Quorum. I also find notes similar to Aramis and some Rive Gauche in the dry down.

First I think this is an amazing value (as is Quorum) and also seem to fly under the radar. Going trigger happy could get you into trouble, but a couple sprays under the shirt leave you with a perfect scent.

This leans more to the above 30 crowd for sure. It portrays a masculine confidence up front, with a clean dry down.

Overall I get vetiver, earthy pepper, woods, some leather, maybe even a hint of tobacco, oak moss, soap. All are blended nicely and play great great on my skin.
28th January, 2013
Love it. Masculine spicy/woody scent. Great longevity and decent projection. I've seen it compared to Dial gold soap, and I do get that a little, although not as strong a resemblance as others have suggested. Great buy for the price.
04th January, 2013 (last edited: 19th January, 2013)
I'm better at comparisons than recognising notes, so, for me, OPEN goes something like this...

1. Odd, very harsh, opening note. As others have said, akin to vulcanised rubber. Super dry, and not at all unpleasant, but very different from today's fragrances. Only lasts 5-10 minutes in any case.

2. Soapy barbershop middle notes, very similar to similar-vintage Paco Rabanne Pour Homme. Nice.

3. EXTREMELY long dry down of dry, spicy, leather. 8-10-12 hours on me, and getting spicier all the time - to the extent it actually makes me salivate. That's not a metaphor. I mean it actually activates my glands, it so strong. Sort of like a slightly cleaner, slightly fresher Quorum.

This is the best - and longest - stage for me. Perhaps more a daytime/office/workhorse fragrance than a party/seduction number.

Very out of tune with today's fashions. And all the better for it. And - if you like it - an absolute bargain.

Considering its unfashionable bottle, zero promotion, and difficulty finding on the shelves, amazed it's still in production. Get a bottle while you can.
28th November, 2012
Yes, the beginning is a bit brutal with a blast of medicinal herbs, lavender, aromatic herbs/spices and lime/bergamot but the olfactory strength soon fades morphing towards something (still hesperidic but kind of "cologny") softer, far less pharmacautical and delicately woodsy with a masculine vetiver/patchouli combo. It may be reminds effectively Equipage but without any suede/leather trace in my opinion, just a sort of soapy amber/tobacco which is really pleasant and balanced. Old-school, clean and "sensible" eau de cologne type of smell.
11th November, 2012
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United States
Open begins with an inky, almost smoky medicinal note, like vulcanized rubber or surgical gloves. The citrus oil/alcohol blast follows a moment later then the soapy background moves very swiftly into position, although I find the soap note less strong than others do. It is there in the background for the first few hours, but I find the spices and moss/wood/leather the true leaders of this pack.

I find this to bear, in the drydown, a resemblance to Equipage, but perhaps a bit bolder. To my nose this registers as a leather note, although others claim there is no leather in this. One of the finest uses of moss occurs in this fragrance; Acqua di Selva, for example, goes almost too far into the moss forest but Open takes it to the exact point at the cliff's edge where the moss waterfall can take one over the precipice and halts, safely admiring the view below.

Open seems to be a quite complex fabrication, a bit like the manner of it's 1985 cohort Boss #1. Both wear a powerhouse costume at the start of the party only to remove it to find a smooth, mohair-clad gentleman with well-manicured hands and a self-assured mien after all.
03rd June, 2012
I have to agree with most reviewers, a strong, dry, kinda harsh opening but soon it transforms in a spicy masculine heart to a beautiful drydown that lasts forever.
I wouldn't have bought it based on the opening, but I am glad I did because the patchouli/vetiver basenotes in a tobacco background is one of the best in the industry.
I guess they call it OPEN because you must disregard how it opens.
13th April, 2012
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United States
I've quickly gotten to like this fragrance, now that I've worn it a couple of times. I like it because it's so spicy and aromatic, and it projects well and lasts all day. I wouldn't call this a powerhouse scent because it's not heavy at all, even though it does make its presence known.

Open is dry and stark, to the point where if you oversprayed it you'd feel like someone was scraping your sinuses with a cheese grater. It smells like a sage and clove-scented bar of soap. It reminds me a lot of fragrances like Equipage, Jacomo de Jacomo and Palais Jamais in its arid feel.

The drydown is excellent. The soap smell is gone by then, and what you get is a nice spicy woody finish, with tobacco and patchouli being the most prominent notes. There's vetiver in the drydown too, but it smells more like clove to me. I like this part of the scent very much.

Don't buy Open if you're looking for an 80s powerhouse, but if you want a dry, peppery aromatic fragrance that is well blended, has good sillage and lasts all day, Open is worth a try.

03rd June, 2011 (last edited: 07th June, 2011)
Very simillar to Quorum by Antonio Puig. Clean, masculine, strong.
24th July, 2010
I wore this quite a bit when it first came out. It reminds me of Fendi Uomo, but Fendi is more sophisticated, and not as bright as this. I still like Open, but it seems dated and a little pungent.
24th April, 2010
For my taste, Open is simply a wonderful, unconventional cologne. It is a powerful, clean, soapy fragrance which I would describe as linear, but that's A-OK because I love the opening blast. So why wouldn’t I love that same clean odor throughout the rest of the day? Lasts all day and into the night. Not for everyone, but for those who love soapy smells, this is a masculine fragrance definitely for you.
23rd March, 2010
Like everyone else says, it's too "soapy" and the beginning is too strong (but is pleasant). However, when it settled down, I did not like the synthetic smell. This isn't a particularly bad cologne, but you should not buy this one without trying!
19th January, 2010
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South Africa
How many squirts of this fragrance would you guys recommend ? Is just one sufficient - it is pretty strong. Thanx! :)
07th December, 2009
Way too strong, heavy and unpleasant. Prepared for the days of smoky bars in the Sixties in Europe when full ashtrays were everywhere. It even lists 'tobacco' as an ingredient. I wouldn't recommend it. I gave my bottle away.
25th January, 2009
ever bathed with the DIAL GOLD - well it smells exactly like that- albiet much stronger though with a refined presence....awesome staying power and about hangs around you - like the halo around Jesus ...
10th September, 2008
soap lovers rejoice!
Open starts out with a massive blast of soapiness, not altogether unlike Gendarme, but there is something ever so slightly synthetic about this soap smell... I won't say that it is unpleasant, but it is rather astringent. Like Ivory soap on steroids.
That, however, doesn't last very long, and what remains for an almost insanely long time is a mossy, woodsy, vetivery scent that I, myself, have come to refer to as "barbershop" in the vein of Rive Gauche Pour Homme.
I got this in a trade and I do wear it and love it. When it comes time to replace the bottle I'll most likely get another. That opening accord is one I actually look forward to for its short duration when I reach for this strangely-shaped bottle. Then of course the drydown is one that lasts so long you should be prepared to make an all day commitment.
Now one hopes that the powers at R & G don't bungle up and discontinue it.
25th August, 2008
Open: The soapiness is the main characteristic that I notice at first, and, at first, it seems too soapy for me. It is so soapy (maybe because of the aldehydes) that it seems almost slimy-leathery, but it appears that there is no leather in the fragrance. The fragrance settles down quickly to something my nose can appreciate, and what’s left is a very smooth green, citrus, and lavender accord, the lavender being mercifully held back. The result is that I quite enjoy the opening accord – eventually. The heart level is a smooth, refined floral / green / herbal accord: Very well done, enjoyable, and quite unique for both the time it was created and now. There is something mysterious in the accord, and the mystery adds an unexpected depth to the fragrance. By the drydown I think that I can identify what had been the soapy culprit: moss. It’s the moss that gave that initial feel that threw me a little. The moss has retreated to an excellently acceptable note in the base, and the base is balanced and warm with its amber, moss, musk, and vetiver. I had a good feeling about this fragrance when I ordered it blind. When I first smelled the annoyingly soapy opening, I quickly doubted my ordinarily nicely working precognition abilities. I am happy to report that my ESP abilities are in good shape – after the first eight minutes it is a wonderful fragrance.
23rd August, 2008
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United States
For me it was more floral than woody, but that might be what some call "soapy" in this fragrance. I do get the peppery/smoky qualities too. It's quite mossy, similar to Francesco Smalto in that way. I no longer find these fragrances very appealing, but this is certainly a quality one, especially for the prices I've seen it sell for.
16th August, 2008
R&G L’Homme and Open start off as very similar scents. My initial notes didn’t distinguish enough between them, so I have resorted to the tried-and-true ‘two wrists, two fragrances’ strategy. L’H is a woody spice, Open is a very spicy wood. Open is a bigger scent, with more sillage. L’H is more subtle and stays close to the skin. The wood in L’H is cedar (dry, a bit resinous), the wood in Open is sandalwood (brisk, soapy).
Open is interesting, powerful scent . The R&G site speaks of mandarin orange, sage, cardomom, and aromatic wood. A squirt of freshly-peeled orange starts the show. Pepper and lots of cloves give it a brisk ‘kick’ of energy. There are also woody spices (cardamom, perhaps nutmeg). Those qualities are good, because they give balance to this rich aromatic scent. A soapy aspect emerges from sandalwood, a minty-creamy aspect. This compliments the spices very well. A slightly sweet, ethereal dry-down follows. Normally I’m not a fan of that sort of thing, but it works here. Everything is generous and yet it has classy restraint if it is not overapplled! It is very masculine, with pepper, wood, leather notes... but it is not obnoxious. It is more peppery and woody than Equipage. This really shines in cool temperatures, it might be a bit heavy in warm weather.
06th June, 2007 (last edited: 02nd March, 2011)
when you love a fragrance and it loves you back (gets you noticed), you get that nice warm feeling (Good morning sir, you smell good)...and she wasn't even an admirer!..come to think of it do you really know your admirers?.. Now if that is not love returned, then i dont know what is..a real power scent dosen't oppose the user it stays with you like a halo confirming your presence and your quality..i hope i don't sound like a commercial R&G OPEN is subtlety and agression sizing each other up, freshness and leathery muskiness all rolled up in one. All rise Lovers of BOSS NO.1, FENDI UOMO GIVENCHY GENTLEMAN, ARAMIS, this is definitely one for you.
25th May, 2007
A distinguished, masculine, soapy smell, distinct but reserved, enveloping but understated. a very acceptable, carefully crafted scent. A sort of 'Essence of Gentleman's Bathroom' aroma? Short on citrus, long on clean, quiet spice. It has, perhaps, something in common with Caron's Third Man in a toned down sort of way.
15th February, 2006 (last edited: 03rd April, 2006)
This one is really cool. Subtle fragrance very very charming and enticing. You get noticed and how!
11th September, 2005
The opening notes seem to remind me of Francesco Smalto pour Homme, not exactly, but very similar with that almost germicidal or disinfectant smell at the start. It then dries down to a much deeper and heavy scent. A very masculine 70’s and 80’s style scent. Seems more of a cold/cool weather style of fragrance.
14th August, 2005